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What to do if a car dealer sells you a lemon

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There are ways to fight back and win.
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joe smith (21 days ago)
The problem is go knows the cost of courts and lawyers. You will go broke before the case even starts
Sarasdad91 Tim (4 months ago)
WTF. Most people want to know what to do if they get a pre owned lemon. Not a new one. Most people cant afford a new one.
Perich29 (7 months ago)
should have bought a CRV, Rogue, Rav4, or a Tiguan.
Allen Attoni (8 months ago)
Japanese cars are the best. After owning American cars only i switched to Japanese and I HAVE NEVER HAD AN ISSUE WITH THEM (TOYOTAS/ LEXUS). American cars break down ALL THE TIME. Its a shame for America to be making shitty cars.
xtc1957 (10 months ago)
Some of you people are NOT helping this buyer with your bullshit dissing and abuse. American cars are, by nature, inferior in build quality when compared to their foreign counterparts. It's very sad when we cannot trust our own automakers here in the states. More pay, less work. That about sums it up. The best thing one can do when they are screwed over by a dealership or manufacturer is to NOT buy their product any longer. Additionally, make sure you tell the world about it. All that said, I had a 2007 Toyota that brought us trnasmission and engine-related problems for the entire duration. We traded in 2016. That's a LONG time to have a bum vehicle. And it was a foreign make; one of seven Toyotas that we have owned. We were very surprised and quite aggravated by the bullshit we had to endure.
Technoclastic (10 months ago)
Just buy a Toyota and no problem
Allen Attoni (8 months ago)
I'm a loyal toyota/ lexus owner for life !!! Amazing cars and will never let you down !
erich (1 year ago)
Chevy Equijunk??? LOL
Karl Beerman (1 year ago)
I had a problem with my Ford Escape 2008, transmission kept going. They fixed it at the dealerships mechanic shop, fucked up in only a few months. New one fucked up again, but now is great. It was good the failures happened while under warranty otherwise I'd have to walk an hour each day to work.
Agent Smith (1 year ago)
go to a diffrent chevy dealer they threw parts at it meaning the tech didnt know what he was doing.. request a master lead tech.. not some 2 year graduate or oil changer that went on the line.. you want a min 10 year tech.... 3 times they cant repair it california lemon law you can sue
Toyota Corolla (1 year ago)
America garbage
andrewps84 (1 year ago)
Had a Pontiac Montana once with the 3.4 Chevy engine. It was indeed the epitome of lemonade.
Jeffrey Cheng (1 year ago)
This why I own a '13 Kia Optima SXL, and not a Detroit Rothschild automotive shitbox. After an '84 Cadillac Seville and a '95 Dodge Neon spending more time in the shop than they do on the road, I say burn Detroit, I'll never buy one of your pieces of crap again!
Jack Daniel Vithal (1 year ago)
Chevy should come with a shovel to dig a pit to park it. Great publicity wouldnt want one free.
Dr. Doobage (1 year ago)
When else would the car stall when it's parked in your garage
ferkemall (1 year ago)
A reasonable amount is usually is classed as 50% of what you paid for it !
Gigi Picasso (5 months ago)
Under lemon law your entitled to 100% of what you paid
DuhGreaT (2 years ago)
Why she crying
Murice Robinson (9 months ago)
DuhGreaT 😂😂
Chevys the best I have a Silverado
Jeffrey Nowak (2 years ago)
I went along with my dad to test drive a 2017 Malibu and the check engine light came on during the test drive. Anything from the Big 3 Detroit automakers is mediocre at best when it comes to overall quality. The Fed's should of let GM and Chrysler die. After my lemon 2010 Ford Fusion I sued Ford under the lemon law and returned to an import. I am very happy now.
adriangs-t parada (2 years ago)
bottom line don't buy garbage motor corporation vehicles,i rather buy japanese or korean and if i buy american stick to ford,gmc have is having a hard time making reliable cars..
LeadUR Subconscious (3 years ago)
I heard bad things about the equinox, explains why it is cheap, not reliable car, bad
peddongom (3 years ago)
Chevy = Trash I hate having to buy an import, but peace of mind out ways loyalty in buying GM home made crud!
Jorge Ybarra (11 months ago)
I bought back in 1994 a 1992 Chevy cavalier station wagon after all this year's and 235000 in the odometer. Still runs like a champ never have any major problems​ with the engine or transmission I haven't stop doing all services​ need it to the car turn out this engine 2.2 litters is one of the Best from GM ever build.
shoua Thao (3 years ago)
If you don't want your vehicle to stall again, buy an import.
Donald Thompson (3 years ago)
My mother had a similiar problem on her 1999 Chrysler Town & Country LXI minivan with the transmission. You would be driving along and all of a sudden the digital odometer would go blank and read error and the transmission wouldnt come out of 2nd gear. The minivan went back to the Chrysler dealer 3 times for the problem and they kept replacing the transmission shift selenoids and it would be fine for a few weeks maybe a month before it happened again. After the 3rd time my dad took the minivan to an independent transmission shop who fixed it and it never did it again. Come to find out the Chrysler factory transmission shift selenoids were junk, the aftermarkets worked great.
Nibelung Valesti (3 years ago)
You buy a Chevy, and you expect anything other than constant failure?
Andy Fetzer (1 year ago)
Yeah right, constant issues on my 2017 Ford, and 2018's reported the same
I'm Zoid (1 year ago)
Nibelung Valesti Chevrolet Constantly Having Every Vehicle Recalled Over Lousy Engineering Techniques
andrewps84 (1 year ago)
Took the words right out of my mouth.
adriangs-t parada (2 years ago)
buy ford instead..
Mason Methot (3 years ago)
That mother made me cringe. Why start crying? A stall doesn't mean it's gonna crash into something or explode. And, with all these lemon car news stories I see, it seems like the husband has actually no idea whats wrong or what could be wrong. If my moms SUV stalled on the highway my dad would be crawling in the engine bay the moment he heard the news! Find out what part the dealer "replaced" and see if it's something else other than that part, or don't even bring it to a dealer, cause they rip you off, bring it to a garage, they do it right. They actually listen to you!
Mason Methot (3 years ago)
@tlv156 I understand what your getting at, I was kinda sorta tying to possibly refer to the same idea.
tlv156 (3 years ago)
@mason methot I was kind of referring to making a left turn like pulling into a business or driveway from a stop after waiting for the oncoming traffic to pass and then going when you have an opening...  But no, you could still steer the car but you wouldn't necessarily have enough speed to coast across the street in that situation.  I was just being hypothetical of course. 
Mason Methot (3 years ago)
@tlv156 Well maybe when turning into oncoming traffic, but you wouldn't lose all steering, just power steering, ya? Nothing a little elbow grease can't handle.
tlv156 (3 years ago)
+mason methot Well if it stalled when you were turning in front of oncoming traffic when you weren't prepared for it, that could cause a dangerous situation...  But generally, no.  Not something worth crying over for sure.
EverythingUPLD (3 years ago)
I know this car is not a manual transmission but I'd laugh my @$$ off if every time it stalled they just dropped the clutch, lol get it 👌😃😌✌
Ivietu Jay (3 years ago)
Garbage domestics
Terrence Gold (4 years ago)
The Man (4 years ago)
they call them lemons because it was a sour deal but that really gives lemons a bad name. i love lemons. who doesnt like a house that has fresh lemony scent. and lemon stuff tastes awesome. not to mention their scurvy fighting abilities and lemon oil used appropriately is gold for wood. 
ferkemall (1 year ago)
The man / thank you from a limey ! /UK
Nibelung Valesti (5 years ago)
No different from any other chevy.
xtc1957 (10 months ago)
Nonsense. There are exceptons to every rule; I know, I have seen it. A 2007 Camry that was riddled with issues from day one.
J S (6 years ago)
prolly the throttle body. fix it for 150 dollars lol
Joe Ochoa (7 years ago)
Buy Toyota, Subaru, and Nissan. They make a better car.

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