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Lambada - YAMAHA PSR E443

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Amatérské video z vlastní hudební tvorby. Přeji příjemný poslech.
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Text Comments (48)
Fabio Gutierrez (30 days ago)
SpicyMusicPiano (1 month ago)
2:03 What are You doing? :D Use registration memory ;) And add some reverb or horus effects ;)
congdongdientu. com (10 months ago)
Can you share me the style
Виталий Роман (10 months ago)
а где аккорд F
David Terceros (11 months ago)
Buenísimo!! Con que grabas crack?
Rene Bartenstein (1 year ago)
Diogo Sousa Alves (1 year ago)
Muito bom Brother
Moi the Music (1 year ago)
Sublime tu fait sans partition tu joue a l'oreille
Marian Werner (1 year ago)
Spicy741 (1 year ago)
Lepiej by brzmiało gdybyś dodała chociaż minimalne efekty do brzmień. Jakieś najprostsze echo np. I nie wiem dlaczego nie używasz pamięci registracyjnej tylko z numerkami się motasz ;) Ale zagrane bardzo fajnie.
You are missing some chords !!!
Mateus Vieira (1 year ago)
Mano dá impressão que vc gravou lento e dps aumentou a velocidade
Ну и лажа.
Edge Point (2 years ago)
chorando se foi... :)
jean-pierre souvereyns (2 years ago)
What library do you mean?I can t' figure out where
Juan Amador (2 years ago)
wath is the number the style plis.
Juan Amador (2 years ago)
hey frey iam mexico. no much, inglis, wath is the style plis. tanku
Ana lópez (2 years ago)
Do you know mode karaoke? If you know can you say me? thanks you
SomeoneCool2 (2 years ago)
Fun fun fun!!!
Anderson dos Anjos (1 year ago)
pa pa pa!!!
Diaz W (2 years ago)
Под таковой темп нужно резвее резаться
okavodez (3 years ago)
И не постыдно такую фигню сюда выкладывать?
okavodez согласен
Gennadiy Krichilskiy (2 years ago)
Зроби ти каще, та й виложи, ну-ка а ми вже послухаєм.
Tang Briu (3 years ago)
pawel k (3 years ago)
sam refren a gdzie reszta?
la falto algo metio un menor y era un natural pero bien
SpicyMusicPiano (3 years ago)
Why don't You use the registration memory choosing the voice? :p
TeK Nik (3 years ago)
Can you play styles directly from usb or you need to load them in to the keyboard
Pazi11111 (3 years ago)
+TeK Nik I used styles from library. I never downloaded any style from external devices.
Storm (3 years ago)
hi, what the number this style ? thanks
Storm (3 years ago)
+Pazi11111 thanks alot , very nice playing !
Pazi11111 (3 years ago)
Marcin Łapiński (3 years ago)
coś mi się zdaje że to demo :)
dariomusicstudio (3 years ago)
Hello. Excuse me .With this keyboard you can send the autoaccompagnamento to a PC program ? I mean if these sound agreements are sent to them also you change ? viao midi.tutte transmit via midi from 1 > 16 but the autoaccompagnamento ..... thanks Good evening. Dario .
Excelente trabajo.. Great work...
hangebicom (3 years ago)
You're doing Cmin when you have to do Cmaj!
muy bueno amiga... me gusta!!!
krystiankk3 (4 years ago)
jean-pierre souvereyns (4 years ago)
Mijn lievelingsmuziek.Waar haalt u de achtergrondmuziek?
Esther Witte (1 month ago)
jean-pierre souvereyns gewoon via YouTube
jean-pierre souvereyns (4 years ago)
Graag had ik geweten waar die achtergrond muziek vandaan komt
Arne Bach Kristensen (3 years ago)
+jean-pierre souvereyns
jean-pierre souvereyns (3 years ago)
+jean-pierre souvereyns Ik heb het gekocht,maar het is bijlange niet zoals gespeeld op de pc!
jean-pierre souvereyns (4 years ago)
+Thomas N Bedankt voor de inlichting
Thomas N (4 years ago)
+jean-pierre souvereyns  http://www.yamahamusicsoft.com/en/instrument/Keyboard/PSR-E443/category/Style+Files/product/1152915/Lambada/

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