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Atiku Abubakar Campaigns In Cross River

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Text Comments (27)
2001billamen (3 days ago)
Abigail Lolade (4 days ago)
Fellow Nigerians, the battle is nkt between PDP and APC just go and find out about Sowore of the AAC party.. fresh and young candidate with the biggest rising group of voters. Give the young a chance. Atiku is 72 and has questionable wealth. Buhari is 76 and has problems comprehending simple questions. NEW NIGERIA ARISE. Go and find Sowore AAC online that is what we can call true intelligence, openness and heart for ALL Nigerians
Michael Onyeka (5 days ago)
Please Nigerians vote for Buhari for the next level of pant stealing, increase of unemployment and massive hunger. Vote Buhari NOW
Kaka Soso (5 days ago)
Still wondering how Jubril Boko-hari will manage to rig the presidential election as him and his APC are planning
Olami Lekan (5 days ago)
Atiku for life
2001billamen (6 days ago)
Mikemay Ossy (6 days ago)
PDP all the way
Iyobo Festus (6 days ago)
Oshiomole has claim Nigeria like his father's house
Iyobo Festus (6 days ago)
Atiku is capable for Nigeria
2001billamen (6 days ago)
Nigerian politicians hellfire will be your last home due for the suffering you guys inflicted on Nigerian as a result of greed and incompetency. All of them speak English as if they invented the language, and they don't know what they are talking about.
vJ dAmZi (6 days ago)
Are we cursed in Nigeria. Look at all this hungry crowd. Why cant we just refuse all this old thieves and looters for once.. The looters and thieves are basically getting rhis crowd because of the hungry in the land. I weep for Nigeria
Marian Goin (6 days ago)
see how Atiku dances! if it was buhari, he would have fallen thrice. Pls vote for me!
Aisosa Osasere (6 days ago)
Bunches of looters
2001billamen (6 days ago)
If Buhari wins it will be another 4 years of failed leadership, if Atiku wins it will be a possibility of 8 years of failed leadership.
2001billamen (5 days ago)
+Solomon Abiola succinct.
Solomon Abiola (5 days ago)
Nigerian abroad see what is happening inside Nigeria than those that leave inside, that is why they said Nigeria people should stop wast there vote for all people that have ruling Nigeria before they can never carry Nigeria to anywhere Nigeria should better look for new party to vote for
Aisosa Osasere (6 days ago)
And more money embezzlement
2001billamen (6 days ago)
Hồng Hoa (6 days ago)
yes oooh PDP
JEREMIAH ADANU (6 days ago)
I love atiku
Aisosa Osasere (6 days ago)
Remember Atiku already says he will enrich his friends, so if you not his friends the struggle continues from where APC stopped.
Aisosa Osasere (6 days ago)
Atiku is here to rub you of your future! Tell me among this people who is for the poor non, APC/PDP are all for themselves.
2001billamen (6 days ago)
Nigeria, Nigerians! My heart bleeds.
Emmanuel Ugbegbe (6 days ago)
My support for PDP
Peter Madu (6 days ago)
ATIKU all d way
Woodley Changay (6 days ago)
Those are the problems of Nigerian PDP and APC if Nigerian refuses to drive out this two evils leaders sorry the others side from 2019 after this election will are looking

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