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Best Mac Apps - Manage your Menu Bar with Bartender

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Top Mac Apps - Manage your Menu Bar with Bartender!
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Michael Taylor (2 years ago)
Excellent presentation. Clear and concise review.
McRom37 (2 years ago)
Todd Boniface:on 1:02 of the video on the left side of the volume it reads, 98.1kb/s 2.0kb/s What is that,what application,or programs does that????,is that the indicator when your downloading something???
McRom37 (2 years ago)
thank you i download,not from app store..got it for free,thanks again
Todd Boniface (2 years ago)
Hey there, yes it is indicating the download speed/current up and down of the system itself. It's called Network Speed Utility/monitor, you can find it on the app store, it's great!

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