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Why are women afraid of touching breasts? || #LookTouchGo

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We asked few men and women to #LookTouchGo and you'll be blown by the reactions. Hit Like, subscribe and share the video to join our #BreastCancerAwareness initiative. Click here to know more about Breast Cancer: http://bit.ly/1W1WhBF All that you need to know about mammography: http://bit.ly/1kjmVoz Do a breast self exam every month and look for these symptoms: http://bit.ly/1LZw8s4 Subscribe here: youtube.com/healthindiavideos Like us on Facebook.com/thehealthsite Follow us on Twitter: @healthsite4U Follow us on Pinterest.com/thehealthsite Crew: Concept - TheHealthSite.com team Script & Direction - Swapna C Graphics - Sanjay Gauraha Editor - Jignesh Gohil Camera Person - Vijay Khutale & Anusha Iyengar
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Text Comments (44)
The Nerd Guy (5 months ago)
Good to say here only. You know the truth how people react if u ever tried to do so in a well manner.! I liked women reaction..and that's reality. You can't ignore.
Bugsi Malone (8 months ago)
Welcome to customer service how can I help you
cool (8 months ago)
Im not
Evangelical (8 months ago)
good i support that i m gonna grab boobs in public today
Abi-Lee Weir (8 months ago)
They're not afraid 😂
Kaylee Owens (9 months ago)
Why are they acting weird about it. It's just an Imitation of flesh and fat
Bugsi Malone (8 months ago)
Kaylee Owens because they have to it's called acting
Driktso Seltsowo (9 months ago)
Love the video. The whole concept. Thank you for caring.
Nikhil Lobo (9 months ago)
The message delivered seems all confused
Jawad Amir (9 months ago)
So good
Tech Lovers (9 months ago)
thank you wowow!
Texas bassin (9 months ago)
0:41 touch? "Thank you🤤"😂😂😂😂
Kajal Mishra (7 months ago)
Faheem Waqar (10 months ago)
But l know that women keep desire to grabbing kissing licking drinking their tits and boobs by their men and their men keep the same desire doing it with their women and very pleasant for both
Bee Bop (1 year ago)
Not intrested😡
Mysterious Eternity (1 year ago)
That boy that was touching the breasts was a real stupid person I mean, here is some reasons He says "Thank You" to the person asking him to touch He romantically squeeze and touch the breasts And he yells "Go Get A Mammogram Today!" Louder than the other people, he thinks his gonna be cool and thinks his good and smart But his dumb
Mary Cutie (1 year ago)
This is not right to say about any of. ladies .... confidential. ...Need not to explain .eat your heart out . Annually being checked .you heard me fine .fine. fine....😡😝
Noelle (1 year ago)
Wtf are you trying to say
chavi yadav (1 year ago)
this all is jst a bullshit n nothing else u totally retarded man and those idiotic persons don't have their chest DID THEY HAVE SEEN SOMETHING NEW OR THEY ARE ALSO JERKS LIKE U BHAIN (C) MAADAR (C)
I live for Tacos (1 year ago)
"Touch" "Thank you" Smh 😂😂😂😂
P Vincente (1 year ago)
No man has the right to talk about mammograms to women. Go and tell men to get their testicle exams.
namjoon's onion (9 months ago)
umm doctors?
Noelle (1 year ago)
frexandbera Vinc they have every right actually
P Vincente (1 year ago)
Why are men afraid of us waking by and randomly touching some fake penises. Answer that you video jerk
Fable X06 (1 year ago)
I don't know what your talking about I'm a woman and I would touch that
Harpreet Kaur (1 year ago)
Little Skier (2 years ago)
These boys r so immature!!! It just makes me furious!!!😡😡😡
Jake from State Farm (9 months ago)
Swipe down then swipe down again
Lillian Langford (9 months ago)
Little Skier girl me too
Noelle (1 year ago)
Little Skier get over it little kid
Minty Gemini (1 year ago)
Little Skier Then why are you here you're supposed to be on the other side not here because you're just here to make an unecessary comment
Ahflaarin (1 year ago)
They asked the guys to touch, so they touched, it's not immature, it's obedient.
Lamit Lachungpa (2 years ago)
why you dont show boys mp idiot
Funny Videos (2 years ago)
where is india going?
Patrioticx (2 years ago)
the point?
Manalisha Thakuria (2 months ago)
+Belieber & army armyyyy
Manalisha Thakuria (2 months ago)
+namjoon's onion armyyy
Belieber & army (8 months ago)
the point is that people (women's / girls ) should not feel shy of testing their breast; in future it will lead to a dead end; getting checked at the first stage is is better;as a future doctor I totally support it !
namjoon's onion (9 months ago)
Zackary Johnston probably breast cancer awareness. Women or people with developed breasts should keep checking themselves at a regular basis in order to avoid conditions like cancer.
Sassy Pie (3 years ago)
lmaf he said thank u when they said toubch
onlyonewhyphy (3 years ago)
You're videos title shows you've never met a woman, nor ever seen a single representation of them.

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