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Trial of Style Season 2! Now offering "Unique" Rewards!

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Glad they are adding something to the sets.
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commandervulkan (1 year ago)
I won the trial by being cute.
ExoticPumilio (1 year ago)
ah good old Kel'thuzad trade chat.
Gloomybih (1 year ago)
I wish they make nicer rewards in August!
EdouardPicard0224 (1 year ago)
These sets fucking blow
Ovidiu Pop (1 year ago)
Why bother with this event: Slutmogs always win.
lucas a (1 year ago)
of course this holiday comes back when i resub to ffxiv..... guess ill have to be subbed to 2 mmos ugh
Denis Cutler (1 year ago)
sets are awful
Talacocheta (1 year ago)
The next time is August according to the calendar, for now. I think that it should be made into an event at the Darkmoon Faire, in one of the big tents. That way, it's one week a month, and it can have currency that accrues like the DMF stuff.
lucas a (1 year ago)
i would love this. i hate that this holiday is for such a limited time and only twice a year? i didnt want to resub to wow until a month before bfa prepatch but i almost feel forced to do it becuz im such a completionist of anything transmog..
warcraft1356mage (1 year ago)
ye just member any 2 year old with hands can smoke weed, but not everyone has the cajones for that good rock
VH gaming (1 year ago)
There is one more thing tho, when you enter the trial of style, there is a vendor that you can purchase specific decorations from and the decor is only shown when you're on stage. I noticed it yesterday and just thought to mention it
VH gaming (1 year ago)
Jaye Naunton it was the ethereal vendor when inside ToS, he is located right near the stage when you go in and sells the transmogs and also the decor
Jaye Na (1 year ago)
Vijay Harakh hey, what vendor is that? The same one or someone else?
Attila Gyarmati (1 year ago)
again pretty useless to go Trial of Style no good rewards.
Mitanoo (1 year ago)
They added the transmog sets long time ago the "season 2" that is, So if you had tokens from the season 1 trial of style, You could already buy them.
Dirty Rick (1 year ago)
That bye at the end was creepy
StoneyRun (1 year ago)
Why do you suppose they just recolored some of the worst legacy sets instead of offering something truly unique?
lucas a (1 year ago)
they should seriously just make trial of style part of darkmoon faire and offer more unique mog later on. i dont get why its a 'micro' holiday when theres so many tents going unused at the faire
Mmrrggll (1 year ago)
It is still a microholiday. Adding unique mogs is already going against their "code" so I assume making blow your mind awesome mogs might be what they consider overkill..
Mythical (1 year ago)
I won fair and square and I got max currency in season 1. I consider that an achievement xD
Matsen115 (1 year ago)
gz on 60k subs
Austen Patty (1 year ago)
The conversation happening in trade, though. Hahahaha
Pustules TV (1 year ago)
plz just call it "Trial of Style" instead of ToS. We already have one of those and its confusing T_T
oh man oh man. best rewards
cmdrnate (1 year ago)
This is why I sub to this channel, learn something new every day...there is a T-mog guy in Dal?!! omg!
nicolaj (1 year ago)
I hate this event most people just Que up with their Guildmates and cheat.
ZzMR_STRETCHzZ (1 year ago)
Wow I’m ganna miss it now was it today I had to order a new hardrive
Talacocheta (1 year ago)
It comes around again in August in case you miss it entirely.
john boyer (1 year ago)
its going on this whole week u still have time it ends friday
Cliff Reeser (1 year ago)
"and not just vote for the player with the best, hehe, you know" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I’m trying to quit wow an they add more transmog those clever bastards
That one guy (1 year ago)
These were added into the game months ago. I saved up 200 tokens on my druid so I bought the leather set when I first saw it.
aaron brooks (1 year ago)
read ToS as thinkorswim from TDAmeritrade lol
sockzy (1 year ago)
you have been able to buy the sets for like 3 months now
Timewalking tomb of sargeras out? PogChamp
Overland Exploring (1 year ago)
First time I tried it today I won first place. The theme was fun and flirty (I had nothing like that) so I put on my bloodfist set and an old worn 2H sword and I won lol!
Rouni Jenkins (1 year ago)
One thing I hate in the trial of style is that most people just ignore the themes
Nick Langley (1 year ago)
well sometimes, people cant make an outfit in time, or something they like, so they just pick what they like most
EdouardPicard0224 (1 year ago)
Free transmog.
Irkz (1 year ago)
Slut mogs win
Robin S (1 year ago)
The most indecent wins; and almost always the near naked Draenei
cujoedaman (1 year ago)
Yeah, blizz's ideas for themes really sucks. Winter wear? Blizz has never given us winter type armor. Also, twice we had groups that were literally running two different themes. Some of us had Magical Modeling while the rest had Heroes of Azeroth on one of them. It doesn't help when people don't know what theme they're supposed to go with because it's different for everyone.
Tuukka Hietanen (1 year ago)
The new transmogs have already been in the for a while
InoshiKenshi (1 year ago)
People will vote for slutmogs regardless lmao
Epix (1 year ago)
There were only 3 pieces for the plate ensemble. Being the helm, the shoulders, and the gloves. The plate version of the helm drops from "Doomwalker" in Shadowmoon Valley (TBC), and both the gloves, and the shoulders drop from "Doom Lord Kazzak" in Hellfire Peninsula. There is also a similar belt, but the color is slightly changed. For this there is no blue on it like this one, and it drops from "Zereketh the Unbound" in The Arcatraz (N/H).
Kai Collins (1 year ago)
You should make a video on doing the new tos showing us the new types of genres they're giving out
Micha (1 year ago)
Hey! Just did ToS with ya. Good to see you!
Shibe (1 year ago)
The sets aren’t really special but they are damn easy to get.
Buttlercraft (1 year ago)
haha first i thought that wow would implement seasons for raids xD so that maybe the base i level and difficulty from tos gets higher xD
NightKnight (1 year ago)
hahah same dude same XD
NoOne (1 year ago)
Eh.... these sets have been in the game and available from the vendor for months. I bought them quite a while back from my extra currency from last year
Mick Breiting (1 year ago)
Oh, i just read that ToS as tomb of sargeras and died a little inside, damn im glad thats not it.
Matsen115 (1 year ago)
Mick Breiting its a total shitshow if your group is full of fucktards who fuck shit up (in the bad way)
Wachira Sangphao (1 year ago)
Nooo!!!! I am stuck in army till next friday 😢
Tómppá (1 year ago)
Wachira Sangphao rip
Warr tain (1 year ago)
I'll be doing one run with "pug" to get first place and then go on other toons with friends so I can have all sets asap.
Jonathan Patton (1 year ago)
fashionscape haha been playin ur ironman too much?
Mmrrggll (1 year ago)
It slipped out :P
Thomas Wilkins (1 year ago)
Don't forget your transmorphic tinctures for added variety!
Im A Big Black Duck (1 year ago)
Woo more easy wins.
Spicymeatbol (1 year ago)

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