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What Would Happen If Ten Boys Were Left To Live Alone Together? | Boys Alone (Full Documentary)

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Take ten boys aged 11 and 12. A variety of shapes and sizes. A variety of backgrounds. A variety of experience of being away from home. Put them together in a house, with no adult control. Watch what happens. Boys Alone tests the common belief that a pack of boys left together in a house for a long period of time, will self-destruct. In any group of boys, it is thought, fierce hierarchies will quickly form. The strongest and most assertive will survive; the most sensitive and vulnerable will suffer. But is it true? And if it is, how exactly does that process happen? Nurture is the new home for captivating and interesting documentaries and shows about all things parenting. We will be uploading every week so subscribe to keep updated. Subscribe for more from Nurture: https://goo.gl/y8WzCa Content licensed from DRG. Produced by Soul Purpose Productions.
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Text Comments (54273)
svs (44 minutes ago)
2 of them look like enimen
Toxic Foxy (1 hour ago)
I wonder how worst the issues they had would have been if half of them were girls 😂🤣👌👸🏽
emdancer .12 (2 hours ago)
I feel bad for sim
irison (3 hours ago)
I kinda wanna do this
lukas Howard (5 hours ago)
Thank God the "oh yeah yeah" disease isn't here
Harvey Blundell (8 hours ago)
RIP Sim absolute mad lad, he was the original big boss lvl 100. This is what mafia looks like.
KingJacob ! (10 hours ago)
Most of this kid are mean they actually dumb you should be nice to the other if I was the I tell them your acting dumb and selfish
F. OPE (11 hours ago)
It hurts me to watch them trashing a perfectly fine place - and one they'll have to live in for the next few days.
Bailey Angus (13 hours ago)
I wonder why the comments are disabled on the female one? Surprising to me, the boy group seemed to be saner than the female one. :")
Sadie’s Fun Days ! (16 hours ago)
All I have to say is omfg
fattu (18 hours ago)
Damn That's though 6:45
SFXTheUmbreon (23 hours ago)
I was the same age as them when this was released
Diamond Doubles (1 day ago)
Nowadays we would be blasting mo bamba playin Fortnite
al_ x421 (1 day ago)
This was in 2002 so they would be nearly 30 now!
DarkSide _Gaming (1 day ago)
On the one for the girls someone wrote “2012”.. ;-;
Zaras Army (1 day ago)
I say make a 2019 remake of the girls one and feature me k
• VineLord04 • (1 day ago)
The real question is who owns the house? 🏡 ❓
Taylah Callaghan (1 day ago)
A I feel sorry for some of the boys families and the people they go to school with and B I feel sorry for the people who own that house and have to clean it 😬😂
SKILLEX PLAYZ (1 day ago)
michael are u there -michael- answear what dont u get that hes there when he says what xd
Sour Lemon (1 day ago)
Highland Dancer (1 day ago)
All I could think about was Lord of the Flies. Almost the same thing happened in the book...
My god i was missreable i was robert btw now im 29 and in law school lol
Mamoon Arshad (1 day ago)
I wish I could be with them
I hope that when I look through the comments there will be no Michael Jackson child molester comments because that’s taking a tole on me having to sit and here people come up to me in class and try not to flip out or cry if they make very sad comments about him
R3ACT0R , (1 day ago)
Hey should all just dunk Michael’s pillow in a bucket of water.
Green Tiger (1 day ago)
Really imagine this being a bunch of 13/14/15 year olds, it will all be different.
Dylan Hobbs (2 days ago)
"u got dandruff mate" LMAOO
Samuel Flamingo (2 days ago)
What would happen? Mess a BIG mess
Tasman Mason (2 days ago)
Feel bad for the cleaners lol
Tina Lushaku (2 days ago)
If now (2019) 100 kids alone in this house they will stay in phone or ipad
Mo Playz (2 days ago)
Eva IDKZ (2 days ago)
Why did they do that to the poor 🦔 :(
Baylee Mccool (2 days ago)
is it normal for kids to cuss like that there and not get in trouble that's crazy and upright stupid
Olivia Daniel (2 days ago)
i like the girls one the best!
XxGacha_ MythicxX (3 days ago)
Who else would love to go in the house xD
NoraIsAGamer 27 (3 days ago)
35:22 lmao
Yeah Boii (3 days ago)
rookie30Gaming (3 days ago)
If one of those kids were me I would hide in a corner and play on my phone
Ww3 would start.
TYL4027 Hi (3 days ago)
If this was 2019 nothing would be trashed and they would just be playing fortnite
Fortnite Vortex (3 days ago)
I feel bad for sim
Keira Vlogs (3 days ago)
I want to do this with girls and my bffs can I? I'm Aussie
Red Bean (3 days ago)
That was a nice house....
Abraham Lopez (3 days ago)
Lucky they have freedom
FMM_ Spooky473 (4 days ago)
Why did he puts socks on when getting into the pool
Animal Kingdom (4 days ago)
"come here and go to sleep Lickle baby"
Animal Kingdom (4 days ago)
Burgers in a muffin tray Tried to poke hedgehogs
Naomi Hauser (4 days ago)
I meant Sim
Naomi Hauser (4 days ago)
I feel bad for Tim
Millie And Co. (4 days ago)
There was a girl one it was so much better go watch it now.
tavonga (4 days ago)
boys boys boys so erespons
JustJanell (4 days ago)
I think they did better than the girls
PHIL BIL (4 days ago)
that was savagery
itsme Brooklyn (4 days ago)
Micheal reminded me of shanney
Mitsukuni Haninozuka (4 days ago)
TimmyThe Almighty (4 days ago)
If Michael met some kids from my class and annoyed them, he’d be digging his own grave.
Gong's Brand Cube (4 days ago)
Anyone watched the girls alone?
JarJar Binks (5 days ago)
SlingSlayer Gaming (5 days ago)
3:58 slim shady
The Awkward Musician (5 days ago)
I like sim and the guy who is defending Him and the rest are brats And if I was there I would try to relax and not make a mess out of a house
Roni Jury (5 days ago)
"I think we need to put oil on these to make them more suculent" (idk how to spell) suculent is a plant
Roni Jury (5 days ago)
George hit me up
The girls one was revolved around drama and arguments. The boys one was revolved around violence and fighting. Tough . I hope they're not introverts.
Aly :D (6 days ago)
Who remembers girls alone?
Kaydence Allen (6 days ago)
Michael is the worst
Kaydence Allen (6 days ago)
I hate that the other boys were bullying sim
Kiya Corde’ (6 days ago)
Why did they disable the comments for the girl video?
Samuel Flamingo (2 days ago)
Gabbie Heck (6 days ago)
Why was the girl one disabled but this is not 😂
OWACONDIFI (6 days ago)
Feminist be like “ONLY BOYS??!?!?!!!?!?!??? YOU FKING SEXIST CNT”
Bubble Pirates (6 days ago)
Michael looks like a kid in beyond scared or something like that
First Name Last Name (5 days ago)
He is the one who went
NyNy ! (6 days ago)
how come the comments are left on for the boys and not the girls 🙄
Aminah Henderson (7 days ago)
They should make one having 5 boyd and 5 girls
Vadana Rodriguez (7 days ago)
Poor robert.
Jayne roche (7 days ago)
I THINK THEY SHOULD DO A 2019 VERSION LIKE I would love to do one of these I have 6 brothers so I would be the roughest one there if anyone is doing one of these or something like that slide into my dms @jayne617 on Instagram but if you can't just like this cuase I have 6 brothers
Spots n Pots (7 days ago)
I'm suprised they never got a noise complaint. 28:43
Olive Wolive (7 days ago)
33:43 *a dude* : were gonna kill some hedge hogs *me* NOW I KILL UUU!!!!!!
Zeina Mohamed (7 days ago)
in my opinion , i liked the girls edition better coz of the drama and life in it while the boys edition was more boring
Dav Como (7 days ago)
Is it just me or is this super racist?
Philippa Cork (7 days ago)
Already came in and kicked the ball... Why in the damn world would someone write on a wall, their name (it’s not even their house) They’re about my age and act like stupid 7 year olds
Oz kid Parker Harris (7 days ago)
Sim had the worst week ever then
Trap Meda (7 days ago)
If it was done in 2018 now in 2019 most of them would have smuggled there Xbox or PlayStation for fortnite or be on their phone all day😂🤣😂🤣
buildzs (7 days ago)
ive officially developed ocd watching this
Blasa Guerrero (7 days ago)
Asher Emery (7 days ago)
I would’ve been the lone wolf or that group
Why are sims outfits kinda trendy?
2019 anyone???
Marissa Derryberry (8 days ago)
Is that food that they eat edible
Nick Maggiore (8 days ago)
2001 lets play in the garden. 2019 lets hit my juul
autumn princess (8 days ago)
Omg these boys are killing me
Beanie Boi147 (8 days ago)
Who will win one lanky boi or 9 tiny bois.
Reece Williams (8 days ago)
Awwwww I feel bad for Robert when they were all eating they were being mean to him
Lol (8 days ago)
When was this
Reece Williams (8 days ago)
Most of them are super mean George is like the only one who was nice and took charge
Hell Bender (8 days ago)
Next they should try 5 boys 5 girls alone
Samuel Flamingo (2 days ago)
Yesssss I bet that there would be crushes!
Jazel Joyce (8 days ago)
You should do what would 5 girls and boys do in a house in a week alone?
Lucy Dorgan (8 days ago)
That would be a real bad idea 😂
Maddison Campbell (8 days ago)
tbh the girl one annoyed me they are all so high pitched
lucy Faulkner (8 days ago)
When they sucked up a wasp in the hoover😂
Ca Leshe (8 days ago)
If you look at the girls video. They literally paint on the wall and play with water guns first too. The girls also tried to clean the wall afterward.
Avery panda567 (8 days ago)
I have seen both of these so these are my questions ,how did the girls do better then the boys????
XxStrangeGachaGirlxX (8 days ago)
If this was done again, all the boys would be huddled around the screen...watching the other boys play Fortnite.

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