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What Would Happen If Ten Boys Were Left To Live Alone Together? | Boys Alone (Full Documentary)

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Take ten boys aged 11 and 12. A variety of shapes and sizes. A variety of backgrounds. A variety of experience of being away from home. Put them together in a house, with no adult control. Watch what happens. Boys Alone tests the common belief that a pack of boys left together in a house for a long period of time, will self-destruct. In any group of boys, it is thought, fierce hierarchies will quickly form. The strongest and most assertive will survive; the most sensitive and vulnerable will suffer. But is it true? And if it is, how exactly does that process happen? Nurture is the new home for captivating and interesting documentaries and shows about all things parenting. We will be uploading every week so subscribe to keep updated. Subscribe for more from Nurture: https://goo.gl/y8WzCa Content licensed from DRG. Produced by Soul Purpose Productions.
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Text Comments (52601)
Susie Oliver (4 hours ago)
Poor heghogs
BlueGemini (4 hours ago)
the house literally looks like a tornado hit, but only hit the inside!!!
BlueGemini (4 hours ago)
was there a hamster in that house? if so it probably died!
Hamobro (5 hours ago)
Michael’s shoes look like Half moons,
BestEdits (10 hours ago)
34:28 loving that outfit
Lynae Armstrong (12 hours ago)
wooow what a mess!
Jasmine Morgan (13 hours ago)
I felt soooooo bad for Sim
Janna Bittle (14 hours ago)
48:23 cameraman photo bomb!!!😎
Dom Son (15 hours ago)
No Camera crew World war 2 All over again
HappyBaller (15 hours ago)
Who is the cameraman though? Lol
Zandro Silva (17 hours ago)
19:43 this is bullying
Mason Wentworth (17 hours ago)
Feel bad for the neighbors
Zandro Silva (17 hours ago)
Why is there no black people?
43:15 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Robert guy is my uncle, I had no clue he was on this like omddd
Marianne Herland (22 hours ago)
They should do a then and now . They should redo this as them grown up
Aoki Mika (1 day ago)
If I where with something like this id probably be the one cleaning and cooking.
Rungry Hark (1 day ago)
this would have been way different if there were computers
Harriet (1 day ago)
Not sure why i watched this, thoroughly depressing, Lord of the Flies playing out here, was hoping there would be some conclusion from the crew or parents or clips of the boys after they left hopefully reflecting on their experience but no. Wish i could take back those 48 minutes
Mahboob Tajik (1 day ago)
British kids is too rich to spoil .
thebills tube (1 day ago)
How retarded can you be
Keegan Surber (1 day ago)
What would happen if ten nan children where left to live together
David Nasr (1 day ago)
Sim reminds me of Vickkstar
7:56 "Don't go to sleep with it in your mouth" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
sophie brady (1 day ago)
I wanna try it
Libby Lou (1 day ago)
11:38 did they actually give them a hamster, Jesus christ
Fallen Marine YT (1 day ago)
35:20 oof he failed no nut november
faridah hanum (1 day ago)
Just a bunch of wild animals typical of white society people no self discipline you can tell how their parents are by looking at their behaviour.
MXA Gaming (2 days ago)
2018 would be "lets play fortnite
Amber Rose (2 days ago)
If this was in 2018 everyone would be playing fortnite
hellovanite (2 days ago)
ADHD convention?
Anthony Trujillo (2 days ago)
Where is the chamber
Caydence Hatch (2 days ago)
R.I.P neighbors
2Extra Taylor (2 days ago)
2:10 boy in the striped pj's
Grace Lawrie (2 days ago)
Robi Piotrowski (2 days ago)
George was truly the best trying to help him out and a great kind leader!
Doge Boy (2 days ago)
Amarican: guys he took or cameras and smashed them British: mates he nicked our cameras from us and smashed em
DarK Raptor (2 days ago)
Would if they got a bill and had to pay for it
Elicia Veljanovski (2 days ago)
this is like team 10 meets lord of the flies
Mr. Skittles (2 days ago)
Britain boys need more discipline
The Legend (2 days ago)
I wonder what their like now 20years later
Double Tap (1 day ago)
Zamurai (2 days ago)
5 boys 5 girls.... :/ Idk
john horwat (2 days ago)
It would have been more natural, had there only be hidden cameras present, but a lot more dangerous. If smartphones were banned in the 2018 version, the outcome would be a surprise, perhaps such kids would have a problem interacting. I would go for the 2018 version without smartphones and internet as an interesting social experiment, with similar games and toys to the 2001 version. I hope there is someone who is brave enough to try this.
Pubg Bot (2 days ago)
Its like big brother or little brother in this case
Justin Metcalfe (2 days ago)
Lord of the Flies, you think?
Justin Metcalfe (2 days ago)
Does the elementary colored walls give the impression to young boys that the walls and house have no value, thus they can paint on them?
Justin Metcalfe (2 days ago)
I believe that these were coached to be destructive. You don't see this kind of extreme destructive behavior at summer camp. Something's amiss here.
Jared Bauer (2 days ago)
So happy I'm an American
dakota cookies (2 days ago)
Lets all admit it, If our mother was the child helper person, she would have told the kids to clean their room then they would help.
Judith Mwangi (3 days ago)
They should have been made to clean up all the mess they made before leaving. ....and I noticed no one had a shower in the 5 days they were there.
Boruto2665 (3 days ago)
I wonder what the neighbors thought
Icicleman56 (3 days ago)
One of those kids is from beyond scared straight
I Want To Die (3 days ago)
Good boys....well some at least
Blake Roberts (3 days ago)
I’d give em all lashes
Alex Kong (3 days ago)
Whoa 32:01 ~hi Dr Scott, your body shape are so hot!!!
hgataca (3 days ago)
next time on lost
captain jerry (3 days ago)
You guys should do this again with like 16-17 year old boys
Adam Taylor (3 days ago)
*10 years later* BBC cover up a government experiment to monitor the behaviours of 10 males to analyse human behaviour and dominance baslines, every night all cameras were stitched off and all the kids got raped and involved in orgies and we’re left emotionally scarred and all parents were given 250k to keep there mouths shut!
Brandon strickland (1 day ago)
Adam Taylor is this a made up scenario? Or did what you mention really occur? Not surprised if it DID!
Chris (3 days ago)
Crazy how similar this is to LotF
Cringe Kid (3 days ago)
This is literally Lord of the Flies just a bit more pg 😂
Roeo Ry (3 days ago)
Who cleans this up
Daily Era (3 days ago)
if they didnt have any cameramen then they would be going ham
Brooke Chadburn (3 days ago)
I wonder what that house is like today...
Sierra Johnston (3 days ago)
I wouldn’t last a Day if i where in that house
Granny itch (3 days ago)
Congrats to their parents
Nfpninelle76 (3 days ago)
Most of the boys are jerks. So... SHOUT OUT TO SIM.
Kaziah Simpson (3 days ago)
I would be the only black guy there
David Pomanski (3 days ago)
I wonder what would happen if they were girls
Thirza Mendes (4 days ago)
i would be the one annoying person who is like "KEEP EVERYTHING CLEAN WTF"
Ken Kill (4 days ago)
35:23 “Why don’t you finish off masturbating?” Lmfao
Thirza Mendes (4 days ago)
thanks for the advice Robert
laura hoshaw (4 days ago)
they all needed an asswhooping shame on their parents even some were smiling smfh
Averagekid 4life (4 days ago)
So there not alone if the camera crew is in the house
Bunny Playz (4 days ago)
The way they were eating the cereal like farrets 😂
Bunny Playz (4 days ago)
*”guys....”* *”I’m stuck in the drawer.....”*
amira laroussi (4 days ago)
Why didn’t they Blanc out the road he lives on?
Jackson McKenzie (4 days ago)
If they did it in 2018 just FORTNITE.... I hate this century.....
Jazzy Pillow (4 days ago)
Was there an actual hamster in this? That must be animal cruelty thats messed up if there is
the legendary egg (4 days ago)
They aren’t alone if they’re together
BOSS ROB (4 days ago)
Novo (4 days ago)
This was very interesting. To be perfectly honest, most of these kids are idiots. I respect the one's like Sim and George as they actually showed good morals. I was suprised a fight didn't break out as towards the end, things got very heated. I think they should do another one of these but with older people around ages 14-15 to see the real difference it makes on the outcome of the expirement. Im suprised Micheal didnt get eaten for breakfast.
Me when I don't have internet
lWolfGamingl (4 days ago)
Well, I’ll tell you one thing if I was that age again, I would never of done that lol. Not all kids are the same! NOT ALL HUMANS ARE THE SAME! we all have different purposes
Diamond Drop (4 days ago)
3:59 I am probably the only one who noticed they put slim shady lol 😂
Princess Jibby (4 days ago)
“Soon not soon enough” ok
Theflying Sandwich (4 days ago)
Imagine if they put one girl in with them
Gles (4 days ago)
feels like a nature documentary. then made them clean it all afterwards
tiger time (4 days ago)
Kids these days would not last 1 day with out fortnite rip in the chat
imma dude like u (4 days ago)
I don’t think the parents were too happy about what their kids had done..and it’s nothing to do with how the parents bring up their children .they behaved that way because they had the freedom to.lol but the parents were just glad it wasn’t their own home that got destroyed.
imma dude like u (4 days ago)
Imagine if it was ten teens alone in a house in 2018...
Hunting Size (4 days ago)
If we had to depend on these kids we are doomed and I'm sorry for there children
Bazerk cedeño (4 days ago)
Read it from the last
Bazerk cedeño (4 days ago)
This was interesting
Bazerk cedeño (5 days ago)
Bazerk cedeño (5 days ago)
Bazerk cedeño (5 days ago)
Bazerk cedeño (5 days ago)
Bazerk cedeño (5 days ago)
Bazerk cedeño (5 days ago)
Bazerk cedeño (5 days ago)
Bazerk cedeño (5 days ago)

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