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Wayne Brady, Tupler Technique & Nude Flats for Brown Girls • @Glamazini WEEKLY UPDATE #111

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It's Friday baby ...Weekly Update time! #getchusome // Click here to SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/glamazini (thank you) // BLOG http://www.glamazini.com // PATREON http://www.patreon.com/glamazini // Mentioned in video // Snapea Crisps & Lentil Crisps http://harvestsnaps.com/products/products HeyFranHey's channel "Mental Hygiene" https://www.youtube.com/user/heyfranhey The Fast Metabolism Diet http://www.hayliepomroy.com/diet/ Tupler Technique https://www.diastasisrehab.com/ CherishMyDaughter's Tupler Technique videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXh9I9SVH9oAHjcWWPUZCn5MLNhQfSVF0 Blog posts about nude for brown girls http://www.glamazini.com/?s=nude+for+brown+girl Payless flats "Chesea in Cognac" http://www.payless.com/womens-chelsea-flat/68790.html?dwvar_68790_color=blacklace#q=chelsea+flat&start=2 Nude underwear for brown girls http://nubianskin.com/ My Anniversary Makeup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIr4gaEdZFU "Birthday Suit" lipstick by Rimmel London http://bit.ly/1wJ6gLk Tunic is from Walmart (can't find it on website :( ) http://www.walmart.com Ross http://www.rossdressforless.com Mix Tape earrins are from http://www.tonidaley.com but I don't see them out there :( Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipgloss in "Fuchsia Therapy" http://amzn.to/1uGE1NB Wayne Brady & Sharon Osbourne Both Reveal They Have Struggled With Depression http://www.glamazini.com/wayne-brady-sharon-osbourne-both-reveal-they-have-struggled-with-depression/ What I'm wearing in praise dance clip Turtleneck Full Leg Unitard https://www.spiritualexpressions.com/leotards_and_unitards/SE331.aspx Can't find ephod :( // Contact Me // Twitter http://www.twitter.com/glamazini Instagram http://www.instagram.com/glamazini Facebook http://www.facebook.com/IAMglamazini Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/glamazini About.me http://about.me/glamazini Business only email [email protected] // Mailbox address found here: http://www.glamazini.com/contact/ // FAQ // Q: Who is Flickerbug? A: My son. Q: What's up with him? A: He was diagnosed with Spina Bifida and a buncha other stuff when I was 20 weeks pregnant. For more detail watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CelZAGI02Q then this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBT4KUqeOew and for even more watch this playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPinM0NilPb1Q4GeurqDV5jOdmZQXlc9d and this playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL62AEB463A3DEE088 Q: How tall are you? A: 6 foot 1 inch Q: So I heard you cut your hair, when why huh?? A: I had 20 inches of natural hair in 2012. I shaved one side May 2012, then shaved the next a month later, then the back Nov 2012, then all of it off Feb 2013. I wore it short until end of April 2013 then stopped cutting it. I cut it because I was having a baby with a myriad of medical problems and had no time to do hair. My husband cut his hair back then too. Here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7MIgjyjluU As an aside, I've cute my hair many times in the past decade plus. 20 inches was say ... 3-4 years of growth. Q: How long have you been natural? A: Since 1999, then permed and went back in 2002. Q: How long is your hair? A: 3-4 inches Q: Where are you from, I hear an accent. A: Born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands. BIG UP VI MASSIVE! #usvi #vinice #vimassive // Music // Music by: Kenny DeShields Song title: Gotta Be Me Used with permission of the artist. http://www.kennydeshields.com // Video // Shot with Canon EOS 70D: http://amzn.to/1rrvV9j (audio from camera) Edited with Corel Video Studio Pro X6 https://store.videostudiopro.com/ Lighting: Day Light, LimoStudio 600W Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit http://amzn.to/1jbDKZU, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSNo-QkmiNk xo i n i // FTC Disclosure // I was not paid for this video, and paid for everything with my own money except the Rimmel gloss that was sent to me YEARS ago and the Perrier bottles in a few pictures which I was given a stipend to purchase by the company. Most Amazon.com links are affiliate links & may pay a small commission. ©This Is Art, LLC. All Rights Reserved. For more about my disclosure policy, visit http://www.glamazini.com/privacy-policy
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God's Treasure (4 years ago)
Love the hair hat and outfit for the photo shoot !!!!!
JAMANI (4 years ago)
Did you line the b.suit lippie as it comes off pink in your video?
glamazini (4 years ago)
I line it with MAC chestnut liner. 
Lady4Life (4 years ago)
"My stomach won't let me be great!"  hahahahaahhah!  Hilarious!!!
Ebizzill (4 years ago)
Hi everyone! I'm trying really hard not to come off as if i'm trolling, or spamming, but will you guys consider supporting your local black businesses this black friday and small business saturday? This is really important for the economic development for the black community, especially with this Ferguson issue going on. #supportblackbusinessesblackFriday
Kyla McMullen (4 years ago)
yay weekly update!! Love the photoshoot look! let me hold them earrings and the hat :)
YT4Me57 (4 years ago)
Love the look of flats but alas, no can do :-( I have ridiculously narrow heels that even padding doesn't work to keep the shoes on my feet. Every shoe I wear must have laces or some sort of a strap. Then there's the issue of arch supports. Been wearing custom orthotics for years. Don't wear them in my fancy 'go to meeting/date' shoes, but they have a bit of a heel and I don't wear them for long periods of time over several days.. #sighhh #thestruggleisreal
glamazini (4 years ago)
The struggle is so real. I buy a larger size & wear my orthodics to make these work.
Natalie Queen (4 years ago)
Omg!  I saw the sweater at Walmart and fell in love!  I have not got it yet, but because I see you with I have to now, LOL!  My favorite was the one with the tan color in the pattern. They don't have my size!!!!  I have to check some other Walmart's in my area.  The sweater looks good you.  Later hon. 
I'm not a fan of winter either but I love winter clothes! Taking my daughter and her friend to see hunger games today (Saturday). Have a great weekend all!!!
glamazini (4 years ago)
Awesome. I'm probably gonna have to wait till it's in Redbox. Have fun!
SWEETGA BROWNIN (4 years ago)
Hmmm well my weekend will start at 5:40am when I have to get up for work, but I counted all joy...lol I love your weekly updates. I had so much to say but my mind got side tracked with I saw either your look for your shoot or that sweater. Anyways I loved them both and I hope you feel better soon.
SWEETGA BROWNIN (4 years ago)
+glamazini yes ma'am...lol and praise God.
glamazini (4 years ago)
Whew chile! 5:40 huh? But at least you have a job right?
SydneyKnows (4 years ago)
Hey Pretty lady!!!
mrsfruity76 (4 years ago)
Hey Roshini, I have no plans for the weekend, except to get better. I caught a cold on Monday and it's been an uphill battle since then. Just to give you some perspective, I've gone through 2 rolls of TP just blowing my nose in the last 4 days. I'm about to go drink the umpteenth cup of tea with honey and watch some more YT. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm :-).
glamazini (4 years ago)
Get better and you have a wonderful weekend too! 
qochemist (4 years ago)
I wanted to see the photoshoot shoes upclose and personal in this video!!! :-(
glamazini (4 years ago)
Only 1 weekly update left for the year so I will if I remember. Otherwise, check Instagram
qochemist (4 years ago)
Well can I see the shoes upclose in a weekly update... I love them
glamazini (4 years ago)
+qochemist Sowwy boo boo. Didn't do video since client only asked for photos and it was starting to snow on my head :(
Shaleece M (4 years ago)
I've been so tired lately. I blame the DST. It gets midnight dark at 5:40 pm around here. I'm in Baltimore, MD.
Fro Plus Fashion (4 years ago)
I love those flats! I have those cognac flats from Payjess (bougie voice) too!  I pick up a pair when the current ones are looking a little run down. I have a weakness for chevron. Haha winter is coming!
glamazini (4 years ago)
You ain't missing a thing +Luv Mika trust me.
Fro Plus Fashion (4 years ago)
Aww I'd gladly switch with ya. I have never seen snow...EVER.
glamazini (4 years ago)
"haha winter is coming" sounds like you're mocking me :'(
n2meuc2 (4 years ago)
I too am NOT ready for winter! Booooo to the early snow fall. Upstate, NY is buried already with almost 8 feet of snow. (There was MORE I wanted to comment on, but my mind is blank!) good day!
curlykiki (4 years ago)
faded glory is bae.
lakeis3 (4 years ago)
I'm glad to see you playing in makeup again!
AFREEME (4 years ago)
Those snacks are delish! TFS!!

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