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Imagine Me & Punch • The Gay Card (Ep. 4) Feat. Joelle Monique

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In this episode of our new game show, the Gay Card, Joelle Monique uses her queer knowledge to answer some trivia and then channels her inner Lena Headey in order to fish out some wedding rings in our Imagine Me & You themed physical challenge. Will she be able to earn her gay card? Watch to find out! Created by: Amanda Holland Host: Lina Green Director: Amanda Holland Camera Operators: Christina Cropper Nicolette Daskalakis Gaffer: Sierra Schepmann Sound Mixer: Brittney King Production Assistants: Lillian Cheung Kendell Byrd Researchers: Adrienne Carlson Jozette Belmont Hannah McKelvie Molly Simkiss K Wills Edited by: Amanda Holland Filmed at The YouTube Space LA Donate to queer content by becoming one of our patrons: Patreon.com/girlshiptv WE HAVE MERCH! Shop.spreadshirt.com/girlshiptv LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE!
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Text Comments (73)
Adrianna G (4 days ago)
I would say Make Me Feel is a pansexual/bisexual anthem because Janelle Monáe is pansexual
Fabeldier (6 days ago)
she did so well omg i didnt know most of these 😂
Seyma E.H. (7 days ago)
I want a gay card too
kaylene wood (11 days ago)
I love her energy 😂
Tiffany Boudreaux (12 days ago)
A few days ago, there was a hearing in the House on the Equality Act that seeks to add sex, sexual orientation and gender identity to the groups federally protected against discrimination. This act is likely to pass in the House but very unlikely to pass in the Senate. Mainstream media, and even so called independent progressive news sources, are basically completely ignoring this. NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. I feel that you should mention in a video, and on your social media accounts, that people should be contacting their senators early and often to demand that they vote yes on the Equality Act when it reaches the Senate. It is still completely legal for gay people to be denied housing, denied employment, fired, evicted, and denied medical care for being gay in THIRTY states in this country. The Equality Act would finally give us legal recourse against this kind of discrimination. It is actually getting worse for gay and trans people in many of the thirty states that don't have anti-discrimination laws to protect the LGBTQ community. For example, a bill was just introduced in Texas that would make it easier than ever for lawyers and doctors to refuse service to gay and trans people. Long before that most recent bill, Texas has been very clear about it's contempt for the gay community. In Texas, it's not only legal for teachers to be fired for being gay, as you can be fired from any job in Texas for being gay, but even straight teachers can be fired for being supportive of their gay students. A TEACHER CAN BE FIRED FOR TELLING A GAY CHILD THAT THEY ARE A GOOD PERSON AND THEY SHOULD LOVE THEMSELF. This is the sort of hatred and discrimination we are facing in the majority of US states. Please use your platform to urge people to contact their senators and demand that they vote yes on the Equality Act, especially if they live in a red state.
블링크hoho (14 days ago)
Erm, Lina Green, again, bangin'💗💗💗💗
Katie Arthofer (14 days ago)
You two seem so fun! I love how giggly this episode is.
eris in burnerland (14 days ago)
Kat Waterman (16 days ago)
Please please gay lord do this with the old lesbians!!! 😍❤💜💙💚💛
Margo S (17 days ago)
Joelle Monique is such a great name. Also I am watching this with a cat on my lap and I just realized how lesbian that was.
Laura S (17 days ago)
I love Joelllleeeeee
amelia nugget (17 days ago)
Where can I get a gay card?
Audrey Lang (17 days ago)
Any chance of gay cards being available to order in the merch shop??
Ronicles (17 days ago)
Joelle was so confident on her "yes"s, even when she wasn't confident about the answers- loved that! Go with your heart! And seeing Lina act out the final answer was a wonderful experience!
meruga811 (17 days ago)
Another great episode! And this physical challenge is amazing and also from my FAVOURITE movie😍
Martha Raymer (18 days ago)
BEST episode so far!!! Plus, lol, I'm writing my undergrad thesis on the Sewing Circle - nearly died at that question!
gamer vloger (18 days ago)
Is Ashly Perez going to be on this show btw luv this!❤️🏳️‍🌈
gamer vloger (15 days ago)
Girl Ship TV awesome!
Girl Ship TV (18 days ago)
Unfortunately no, we couldn't figure out her schedule at the time we filmed all of these. But hopefully season 2!
leyna arroyo (18 days ago)
yo these questions were hard ! another great episode ♥️
fangirlgeek96 (18 days ago)
You rocked it, girl!
TactiSielu (18 days ago)
Joelle is so cute!! And also the only one so far to get all 10 questions correctly. Great job!!
bella marie (18 days ago)
Such a fun show. Absolutely love Lina's earrings this episode!
lemon Q (18 days ago)
I will literally give up cable and watch this show 24/7.
kleffnotes (18 days ago)
Joelle!!! Yes!!! Bisexual queen!!!!!
sminkle (18 days ago)
Lina is BUFF
A Blink In Time (18 days ago)
AChannel (18 days ago)
Love the vibes!
Mandi Dorrell (18 days ago)
My queer knowledge sucks but my mental health knowledge and self esteem are through the roof, so I’m keeping my gay card!!
Novella (18 days ago)
Joelle is a professor on Janelle Monae (she did a great video with Amanda about Janelle’s work) 😆 Soccer players ARE the best lesbians. I’m waiting for Christen Press to come out. But hold on how does Joelle not know about Freeheld? It’s based on a true story & Ellen Page is in it. Has anyone seen the red nose “short film” where Alicia Vikander & Lily James get married? AND Alicia is in a tux and looks amazing?!
Marta Luxor (13 days ago)
"red nose short film" is the British Comic Relief charity shows where Brit stars & celebs do spoofs with clown noses on for the charity. The Alicia Vikander one is a spoof of 4 weddings & a funeral. Think it's called "4 weddings & a red nose" or sth
Novella (18 days ago)
sylvia wanjiru yeah :) it was cute/light and they have good chemistry.
sylvia wanjiru (18 days ago)
I watched it. It was a good short film
g- (18 days ago)
I can never get tired of watching these. In love 😍
Tresha Sanders (18 days ago)
Calling my friend group the Quilting Club now
Girl Ship TV (18 days ago)
Doooo it!
HPNEEK (18 days ago)
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
bhattingh9 (18 days ago)
Really love this show 💜 would be great if they won something extra if they won both challenges 😊
Eva C (18 days ago)
k walker (3 days ago)
watch professor marston and the wonder women
bookXbat (11 days ago)
Yep it's been confirmed in the comics
Novella (18 days ago)
El mc occurred there* 😉vs their sexuality is likely pan or bi considering they’re on an island of all women
El mc (18 days ago)
She comes from a island of women what did u think occurred thier ;)
Novella (18 days ago)
There’s interviews of Gal Gadot nonchalantly confirming this for the movies.
stephoppotamus (18 days ago)
'LET ME FINISH' - Just what I like to hear from a girl 😍😂♥️
Luce Berry (18 days ago)
I love Joelle, she's so sweet ❤
Grace Ann Kelly (18 days ago)
that 1 dislike is the 5th ring she never found
Pamela Navarro (18 days ago)
The energy in this video!!! ❤
Leena (18 days ago)
This is a show filled with happy queer energy, and I'm always smiling after a new episode. Also, bisexual presentation, yay! 💗💜💙
Adele Moravcov (18 days ago)
this upset me so much cuz you could see the ring the whole time from the camera shot and Joelle was so close ugh
Kelly WN (18 days ago)
I would've failed on those q's wow
Aparna Agarwal (18 days ago)
I checked the song just after seeing this video. I am learning so much every week😇u. Love from india✌️
Aarushi Sharma (18 days ago)
Same here 😅
Bastonikov Istah (18 days ago)
I have a question. Does Lina Green have a permit to be carrying THOSE 2 GUNS? Sweet lesbian jesus! ❤
Skylar Favor (18 days ago)
Leah Wilbanks (18 days ago)
I LOVE this!!!
Lexi A. (18 days ago)
That’s such a creative physical challenge! 😄 I’m anxious to see what else you come up with.
Petition for them to watch Firebringer on Drunk Lesbians Watch
Vuyolwethu Mtyapa (18 days ago)
Lina Green laughing for 12 minutes 😍😍😍
NJSillaStew (18 days ago)
I love Joelle
juanisagu (18 days ago)
YAY! ADORO este programa... Son absolutamente las mejores!!!!! Me encantaría tener mi propia Gay Card! Saludos desde Colombia <3
Antonia rst (18 days ago)
Hey, I really like this channel, but why do you always post those premiers, they are kinda annoying...
Antonia rst (18 days ago)
Okay totally get it now 🙌🏼
Girl Ship TV (18 days ago)
Thanks for watching! We started the premieres for people to play along live in the premiere feature chat room. The premieres only take about 10 min right when the video is released, if you're not a fan, the video will be available for you at 1:10ish PST. Hope this helps!
HappinessPrideJoy (18 days ago)
Where can I get that Instructional book though?
Allison Moon (18 days ago)
GirlSex101.com : -D
makeisha simon (18 days ago)
That physical challenge tho. Awesome asf
Alexa Quintana (18 days ago)
Am I the first comment?
Alexa Quintana (18 days ago)
I think I am

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