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DUI crash victims' family shares grief, words

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Grief-stricken family members and friends appeared in public this morning to share their emotions and words after a drunk driver killed a father and his three sons in St. Petersburg on Sunday.
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ninuxy (1 year ago)
Can we deport these white-DUI driving POS' already? Where are Tramp and Alt-Reich?
Jerome Cabral (1 year ago)
Sorry for your lost.Drunk drivers destroy lives.people who drink and drive don't deserve a second chance
65roses93 (3 years ago)
This is very intense. And i know that this is meant to teach..but maybe they shouldn't have said all this and rehashed it because the families were there. Or they should have had chairs. Rest in peace everyone. <3
bluelover1430 (4 years ago)
my friend's accident was on july 30,2010. Scary how close the accidents were
bluelover1430 (4 years ago)
  my friend  suffered a TBI . Her story is her and a friend were going to a mcdonald's not far from her friend's house at 1 in the morning. A drunk driver who was going 95 mph ran a stop sign crossed two lanes of traffic and hit her jeep cherokee causing it to roll numerous times and end up in a cornfield. If it wasn't for the now ex friend I don't think she would have survived. It took 3 hours for them to be found and the whole time she was unconscious and upside down in her vehicle. She spent 42 days in a coma. She had to relearn how to walk,talk, eat, swallow. It will be 5 years since her accident on July 30th of this year. She has come a long way but her speech is still not that great, she has balance issues so she can't entirely walk on her own, her left arm was injuried in the crash and wasn't discovered to be broken until a month after the accident so unfortunately she can use it but not that well and her arm cant entirely straighten. This crime of drunk driving, drugs, texting all need to be treated with stricter penalties because people aren't learning until it's too late. The guy that hit my friend only got 8 years while my friend has to suffer with the effects of this horrible crime all her life. He gets to sit in jail for a little while but come out and do everything he was able to do before. She doesn't. 
dbzgal04 (4 years ago)
I don't care what anyone says, some things just aren't forgivable. May those men RIP. <3
tjtank20 (5 years ago)
My condolences..I can't relate to this situation and Lord willing I never will..the family of the victims are in my heart🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹

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