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How to knit a scarf - a cell pattern women's scarf

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Knitting women's scarf - video tutorial for beginners. For more details and written step-by-step instructions visit: http://interunet.com/how-to-knit-a-cell-pattern-scarf
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Text Comments (65)
Brilliant video, instructions are very easy to follow. I was knitting the cell scarf along with the video
b d m school bharog (5 months ago)
Very nice scarf
Rabab Al-Najjar (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for each video you share with us 🌷
YaYa Rich (1 year ago)
Thanks for your tutorial. Your combination of stitches provided me with a beautiful lace Iris color scarf. As a new knitter, but a well experienced crochet instructor, your tutorial, at first, was confusing to follow. But after looking at your crochet instructions, I understood better how to follow your knitting instructions. My scarf came out wonderful! Your pattern was easy but not the easiest when it came to the ending and the beginning of a new row. After row 5, I counted 24 loops on my needle and did an increase and made sure that the even row - the purl row - had 25 when I ended. It's a great tutorial for beginners to get good practice on several techniques: knit, yarn over, decrease, purl, cast off, and crochet chain and slip stitches.
Renu Kashyap (1 year ago)
l want to thanku for nice viedo.once again thanku so much.
Clare Moriarty (2 years ago)
I like this scarf pattern so much. thanks so much for uploading it. My boyfriend, who knows nothing about knitting, saw it in half-finished form and said "that looks fancy!". Ha! Thanks again
Megi Papiashvili (2 years ago)
So beautiful and easy pattern! Thank you!
Kamla Ramchandani (2 years ago)
why does the work rolls up.
HudHud hudhud (3 years ago)
winederful 👍👍👍
Widya Dwi Etika (3 years ago)
I am so confused with the edges . you just showed us how to make edges in one side . So , how to make edges to the other side ? please help me :'(
Widya Dwi Etika (3 years ago)
I see . Thanks a lot . I almost finish ! :)
InterUnet (3 years ago)
+Widya Dwi Etika Hi Widya Dwi Etika, Please visit this page http://interunet.com/how-to-knit-a-cell-pattern-scarf to find the written instruction (the second edge, work as the first one).
Patricia Coughlin (3 years ago)
I knit in very much the same fashion as you (along with knitting through the back loop and Russian purl)  I find that You are one of the finest knitters out there along with the best of them.  :)   I am knitting 2 years ( this December)  and thanking all of You wonderfully talented knitting ladies I am graduating to an advanced knitter myself.  I am ready to hit the lace shawls now without any fear.   I just love Your tutorials; You are so concise.  I hope to see more of Your work here on "The Tube" because this is where it's at!  Thank You.  :) I have some really nice cashmere (medium sport weight) that I am going to knit up a swatch to match Your stitches. I want to knit Your scarf pattern for My daughter to charm the cold Northern winters.
Saima A (1 year ago)
Patricia👨‍👨‍👦‍👦🙊 POmpei
magaly tapia (3 years ago)
very nice  !!!    thanks
InterUnet (3 years ago)
+magaly tapia You're welcome, magaly tapia. Thanks for the post. I appreciate it. Happy knitting!
Charlie Seisun (3 years ago)
I like this stitch and today on mothers day I gave it a go to start kitting this pattern . Its is a challenge to keep up the pattern  but so far I 'm doing well. Thank you for this pattern .
K B (4 years ago)
very nice pattern:)   what yarn are you using I love it:)
InterUnet (4 years ago)
+Kristina Bostoghanashvili  Hi Kristina Bostoghanashvili, Thanks for the comment. I'm glad that you liked the scarf pattern. For more info about the project, please visit http://interunet.com/how-to-knit-a-cell-pattern-scarf. Happy knitting!
DARYA iT (4 years ago)
not best
watchgoose (4 years ago)
very nice stitch!!!  I see you knit through the back loop like a lot of the Mexican ladies do.  I like doing this.
InterUnet (4 years ago)
+watchgoose  Hi watchgoose, Thanks fort the comment. I appreciate it. I look to knit that way too. Happy knitting!
Rasha Salim (4 years ago)
thanks for the video I started working on it and so far it looks great :))
InterUnet (4 years ago)
+Rasha Salim  Hi Rasha, Thanks for the comment. Happy knitting!
Isabell Cardonick (4 years ago)
I'm going to try to make this as a gift. I also want to say that it's so nice of the author to post the video AND take the time to answer questions.  Thank you!
InterUnet (4 years ago)
+Isabell Cardonick  You're welcome, Isabell. Thanks for the comment. Happy knitting!
Luz Baculanta (4 years ago)
I think I got it now .im not missing any stiches now .Thank you again.
InterUnet (4 years ago)
+Luz Baculanta  Hi Luz, Glad that you figured it out. The knitting speed will come to you with some practice. Happy knitting!
Luz Baculanta (4 years ago)
Thank you , I check your image of your 3rd row. And it look like I'm still end up with 24 stitches , when you do the cast on , do you count the loop as 1 stich? Because when I cast on I include the loop as 1 .
Sushila Kumari (4 years ago)
On line
InterUnet (4 years ago)
+Luz Baculanta  I'm not sure about what loop you are talking about, but I count all the cast on loops/stitches. How many stitches do you have after the 2nd row?
Luz Baculanta (4 years ago)
Hi, I have a question ...when I reach 5th row I'll always end up to 24 stitches only, Am I suppose to end up 25 stiches? Please advise.Thanks.
watchgoose (4 years ago)
25 stitches would be a multiple of 3 plus 1 additional!!  24 is 3 x 8, then add one which makes it 25.  Her instructions are to use a multiple of 3 plus 1 additional.
InterUnet (4 years ago)
+Luz Baculanta  Hi Luz, I made an image of my 3rd row (http://interunet.com/how-to-knit-a-cell-pattern-scarf), please check whether it is the same as yours.
Luz Baculanta (4 years ago)
I read your pattern and I think you're missing 4rth row which on your video you did purl stitches till the end, Please advise. Thanks.
Luz Baculanta (4 years ago)
Thank you for the quick reply, now I understand. This is a good practice for me to do this scarf. I'm still having hard time to hold the yarn and still slow.
InterUnet (4 years ago)
+Luz Baculanta  Hi Luz, Thanks for the good question. In the instruction, you can read '2nd and all even rows - purl all sts to end.' which means 2, 4, 6, and so on all even rows you should purl. 
Shivan Shah (4 years ago)
koala bear (4 years ago)
Hello.. I dont exactly know how to 'knit all stitches to end'. what does that mean? in your video, I wasnt sure which side u were on and what happen to the ball end and the tail end... Please help. thank you. =)
InterUnet (4 years ago)
Hi koala bear, If you are a beginner, I would recommend watching this video first - "How to make a purl and knit stitches - basics of knitting. Video tutorial for beginners." 'Knit all stitches to end' means you work one knit stitch in each base stitch to the end of the 1st row. I also advise you to read the written instruction as well (http://interunet.com/how-to-knit-a-cell-pattern-scarf). Happy knitting!
Robert Choiniere (4 years ago)
Love this pattern I'm totally going to make up a whole bunch for gifts ! Thanks for the tutorial
InterUnet (4 years ago)
You're welcome, Robert. Glad that the pattern inspires you to make a bunch of gifts. Happy knitting!
happyknitting (4 years ago)
I want to thank you for answering my question so quickly I was happy knitting last night. I have one more question I have the same yarn you have and length how many rows did u make to get the length you have. I'm not sure where I should stop so I can have enough to finish. I'm following u step by step. Once again thank you so much.
InterUnet (4 years ago)
Hi happy knitting, As far as I remember, I used up the yarn about 90% for the main part and all the rest for edges. I do not have the scarf any longer because I usually sell or present my knitting projects to other people. I would advise you to make your best estimate and go from there. It is better to underestimate a little bit and then cut the excess of the yarn than to fall short at the end.
happyknitting (4 years ago)
I'm trying to knit this scarf now. I started off really good. Now I'm up to the cell pattern I just want to make sure I have it right all even # will be the same as row 2 than I will do row 3 and row 2 and than row 5 ect.... continue like this to make the cell pattern????? thank you for your help.
InterUnet (4 years ago)
Hi happyknitting, Yes, you understood the instruction correctly. Happy knitting!
VC L (4 years ago)
Hi! Lovely scarf!! What kind of yarn did you use? And what size knitting needles are you using? Thanks!
InterUnet (4 years ago)
+Nirmala Rajagopalan Hi Nirmala, I'm not sure what your comment means. Did you find the link to the written instruction?
V. S. Rajagopalan (4 years ago)
+InterUnet see
InterUnet (4 years ago)
Hi Vanessa, Thanks for the good questions. The link to the full written instruction you may find in the description below the video. 
imsohappy (5 years ago)
Do you have a written tutorial somewhere? I am very new at this, but think I can do it! LOL I am just wondering about the change in 5, but will watch again.
InterUnet (5 years ago)
Hi imsohappy, Thank you for the comment. The link to the written instruction you may find in the description below the video.
Sophie Proulx (5 years ago)
Why is it that row 5 different than row 3?
InterUnet (5 years ago)
Hi Sophie, Those rows are different because your cells should go in checkerboard order.
Shylu Arji (5 years ago)
Love this pattern! Thanks ! Can I use chunky wool for this pattern?will it look good?
InterUnet (5 years ago)
Hi Shylu, Thank you for your comment. I did not try this pattern with chunky wool, but assuming it might look good as well.
Roaming Hoosier (5 years ago)
Love this!  Did you do two rows of Knit or something a little different in the tutorial then for the scarf in the photo?  I like the end in the photo.  Thank you so much for posting!
Roaming Hoosier (5 years ago)
Thank you very much!  I'm always looking for patterns that have a little of both!  Love it!
InterUnet (5 years ago)
+Dana Ashley The crochet part is optional, but you might still want to try it. If you have questions on that, I will be glad to help.   
Roaming Hoosier (5 years ago)
+InterUnet It also looks after watching a little further, that you have some crochet at the end.  I didn't see that before.  I am so enjoying my Sunday night football with my husband, dogs and your wonderful pattern.  Thanks again!
InterUnet (5 years ago)
Hi Dana, Thank you for the comment. I believe you saw on the picture last two purl rows of the scarf's wrong side. On the wrong side, there are all purl stitches plus I knit my very last row on the right side which gives purl effect on the wrong one. If you follow exactly my instruction, you should get the same result. The link to the written instruction you can find in the description below the video.
Linda Lindblom (5 years ago)
Great job on your tutorial! Very easy to follow and a wonderful view of your work! Thank you for a very nice pattern. I'm looking forward to trying it! :0)
InterUnet (5 years ago)
Hi Linda, Thank you for the comment. Glad that you like the pattern.
effie924 (5 years ago)
i am not a big knitter but I like this a lot I am going to try it.. thank you so much
InterUnet (5 years ago)
Hi effie924, Thank you for your comment. It is an easy pattern which doesn't require any prior knitting experience, so I’m pretty sure you will be fine making it.

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