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Drunk driving victim laid to rest
Drunk driving victim laid to rest
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Families of victims forgive man who caused deadly DUI crash
A Central Florida man who caused a crash that killed two local teenagers has been sentenced to 16 years in prison. Subscribe to WESH on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1dqr14j Get more Orlando news: http://wesh.com Like us:http://facebook.com/wesh2news Follow us: http://twitter.com/wesh Google+: http://plus.google.com/+wesh
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Liz Marks Texting & Driving Story
This is the story of how my daughter Liz's car accident from texting while driving has changed our lives forever. If you get a text, don't look at it while you're driving. It's not worth it.
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DUI crash victims' family
Family members of the victims of a fatal DUI crash hope the woman police say is responsible is brought to justice, as a third victim continues to fight for her life.
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Drunk driving victim wants to prevent pain for others
It is one of the biggest killers in Texas. More than a thousand people died last year alone in drunk driving crashes, according to the Texas Department of Transportation.
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Drunk Driving Victim
Ten years ago a promising young professional model and college studentt Sean Carter had his dreams crushed when the car he was in, driven by a drunk driver, flew off the road into a violent collision that left him severely injured and significantly impaired Wednesday, 11/12/14, he shared his story, speaking through an amplified iPad he typed words into, with an auditorium filled with high school students at A&M Consolidated High in College Station, Texas
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Victim speaks out about habitual DUI offender
A Cumberland man is charged four times with drunken driving, and one of his victims speaks to NBC 10.
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Del Rey DUI accident leaves 3 sisters dead
http://www.accidentsinus.com/ A deadly DUI related car crash killed three sisters and sent the fourth to the hospital Saturday night. Sunday the Fresno County coroner's office released the identities of the alleged drunk driver and the victims involved in the fatal collision. Parishioners said a prayer for the three sisters that were killed during mass Sunday morning. They prayed the surviving sister will make a full recovery. Those that knew them say they were born and raised in Del Rey. The crash happened along McCall, north of Belmont just after 6 p.m. Saturday. The alleged drunk driver has been identified as 56-year-old Tranquilno Figueroa. The survivor of the crash is in fair condition at Community Regional Medical Center. CHP has identified her as 67-year-old Elizabeth Rodriguez of Del Rey. The three women killed in the car with her, were her sisters. California Highway Patrol officers say Figueroa was drunk when he got behind the wheel of a minivan. He was driving north on McCall and drifted into the path of a Toyota Yaris. The CHP said the driver of the Toyota, 67-year-old Elizabeth Rodriguez tried to swerve out of the way, but couldn't avoid a head-on collision. Elizabeth Rodriguez was taken to the hospital. Her three sisters in the car with her died on scene. The three women have been identified as 73-year-old Jennie Monreal from Sanger, 72-year-old Josephine Contreras of San Jose, and 70-year-old Dolores Rodriguez of Del Rey. Several people told Action News the four women were driving back from a casino on Saturday night. California Highway Patrol officers say all the victims were wearing their seatbelts. CHP said Figueroa was also involved in another collision earlier the same night. They say Figueroa ran a stop sign and turned too-wide, clipping another car and then taking off from that scene. No injuries were reported from that accident. A family member said their families are making funeral arrangements. The alleged drunk driver is in the hospital with major injuries. He has been placed under arrest and is facing DUI and gross vehicular man slaughter charges.
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Stop Drunk Driving: The Life You Save Might Be Your Own… Please Share!
An estimated 120 million episodes of impaired driving occur among U.S adults alone, each year. This contributes to filling thousands of wrecking yards. But Can You Imagine How Many Lives Get Wrecked? No Regrets, Please! Since drunk driving awareness was started in 1980, the number of drunk driving deaths has been cut in half in the U.S.A. alone. Can You Imagine How Many Lives Have Been Saved? Creating awareness works! If you CARE, please SHARE this video! We still have a long way to go! About me: I made this video because I had to! After being professionally involved with what would seemed to be endless drunk driving fatalities, and then having nightmares, I felt the need to speak out, and deal with it in a creative way! As a school project, I involved my two daughters as the actors: Lina and Mira… And we made this video together. I thank them for their patience and help, and I thank everyone who will share this video, and help save lives. The life you save might be your own… The grungy shoegazing type song: "No Regrets", was recorded in 1985 by M,M And M, (me, Michael Louw, and Matt Rogalsky two talented friends,) in Vancouver. This song has never been released, and only came to light after it was sent to me not long ago. I had completely forgotten about the recording. It talks about the immense contribution our loved ones can offer the world: the potential of creating new truth, peace, and inspiration. ... Anyway, it is a suiting track, because when this song was written, in the early 80’s, was when drunk driving awareness began. It is an alternative style of music, which I call a: “Dystopian" love song. The video was shot on a GoPro Hero 3, and a 60D; CGI effects and animation was down is DAZ Studio 4.6, and Motion 5, edited in Final Cut Pro X. (Disclaimer: to the best of my knowledge, the car wrecks in this video are not associated with fatalities. The real events have been heavily masked with CGI effects, and no identities or recognizable events are intentionally displayed to protect the victims.) The 3D animated angel was created using 3D assets from this site: http://daz3dpropsandmodels.com/get-3d-models-here
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M.A.D.D. honors law enforcers, drunk driving victims
It was M.A.D.D. South Georgia's 6th annual recognition banquet.
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State Attorney Gives Help to DUI Victims in Florida
https://bit.ly/2o1PJ6F The role of the State Attorney is to bring the criminal prosecution of the drunk driver so that they get sentenced by the judge and punished for what they did. The victim has help from the State Attorney in two ways: 1) The State Attorney is a victim advocate. In the role of a victim advocate there are various ways that the victim can be compensated in Florida for the financial loss that they suffer because of drunk driver. This would cover medical bills, funeral bills if there are some and all of the other out of pocket expenses. The victim advocate through the State Attorney’s office gives the victim the opportunity for their voice to be heard as a witness at the sentencing of drunk driver before the judge. 2) The State Attorney also gives victim assistance. This is simply the logistics of making sure the victim gets to the courthouse, they receive their subpoena and it’s the physical assistance they give them.
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Drunk driving crash victim graduates from UT
University of Texas soccer player Kylie Doniak should have walked across the stage to receive her diploma in 2012. But on February 3, 2012, she was hit by a convicted drunk driver while walking downtown, pausing her future plans.
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How Can MADD Help Someone Hurt By a DUI Driver?
https://bit.ly/2o6n4y1 MADD is a national organization that offers a Victim Services program. This helpful service guides victims and their loved ones through each stage of the prosecution process of the DUI driver. Through this program the victim will be assigned a Victim Services Specialist who will be with them through the entire process. The Specialist is trained on everything that needs to be done for a victim after a DUI collision. Some of the things they will help a victim do is: Help find financial support through the Crimes Compensation Fund. Get the accident report. Deal with the press. Locate a qualified counselor. Provide transportation to and from the courthouse. Educate on what to expect through the entire process. In 2011, MADD victim advocates served over 63,000 victims and their survivors, helping a victim and a survivor every eight minutes, free of charge.   If someone you know has been injured or killed by a drunk driver in Florida, please call 877-623-3435 to speak with a Victim Services Specialist. Victim advocates answer the hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
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Man Offers Free Rides Home to Honor Drunk Driving Victim
In 2013, 'Because I Said' I Would founder Alex Sheen received a card from Matthew Cordle, accepting responsibility for the death of a man in a drunk driving crash. Exactly a year after the fatal crash, Alex honored the life of victim Vincent Canzani by giving free rides home from bars even offering to take people to their cars the next day. Gillian Pensavalle (@GillianWithaG) has the story. Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/buzz60 Buzz60 is designed for the way we live now. Short, quirky video snacks that are a little sassy, and always smart. Buzz 60 -- and the Buzz60 channel on YouTube - produces all kinds of news video clips for web viewers who want more than just repurposed content. Our team is a diverse group of video journalists with dozens of Emmy awards, an authentic sense of humor, and a mandate to connect with viewers every day. Like us Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/buzz60 Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Buzz60 Add us to your Circle on Google+: http://bit.ly/12nIt6n
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Drunk driving victims' families release butterflies
The FOX 31 Newscast is Albany, Georgia's only 10PM local newscast. For more local stories around Southwest Georgia, visit www.mysouthwestga.com. Visit us on Facebook at facebook.com/WFXLTV. Connect with our anchors on Facebook at facebook.com/RomneySmithNews . Check out FOX 31 WFXL on Twitter @WFXL. Meet all of the FOX 31 News Crew at http://www.mysouthwestga.com/about/our_team.aspx. Victims of drunk drivers are being remembered for the fourth year in Moultrie by families, law enforcement officers and representatives from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).FOX 31 welcomes and appreciates comments from all viewers; however, any and all comments that we deem inappropriate or offensive will be moderated.
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AVID-Advocates for Victims of Impaired Driving Christmas 2014
Honoring Victims of DUI.....Our loved ones gone to soon because of a drunk/drugged driver...Do not Drink or do Drugs and Drive....
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How Many People Die in Drunk Driving Crashes in Florida?
https://bit.ly/2ongqUX The number of people who die in drunk driving crashes in Florida is pretty shocking. Each year in Florida 700 people die in a DUI crash. The sad fact about this number is that someone made a voluntary decision to drive drunk. Often times the driver is the one that is killed but many times its innocent victims who lose their lives. Attorney Jim Dodson wrote the Florida DUI Crash Victim Guide to answer the questions victims and survivors of drunk driving accidents have. Request your free copy of the easy-to-read guide today by ordering it online or calling Kati at 888-207-0905.
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Lauren Compton reports on drunk driving crash victim's vigil
Lauren Compton reports on drunk driving crash victim's vigil
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People Killed By Drunk Drivers in the U.S. Each Year
https://bit.ly/2oyANkb Florida attorney Jim Dodson explains the drunk driving problem in the U.S. and how complacent we are as a society. In our country, about 10,000 people are killed each year in a drunk driving crash. These are innocent victims that die each year because of a choice someone made to drive drunk. As a society, we tolerate this and and our firm is committed to holding drunk drivers responsible for the tragedies they've caused. Jim wrote the Florida DUI Crash Victim Guide to answer the questions victims and survivors of drunk driving accidents have. Request your free copy of the easy-to-read guide today by ordering online or calling Kati at 727-446-0840.
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Victims All Victims
This documentary profiles a fmily of seven who was killed by one drunk driver. The shows looks at all the people that are affected by the behavior of drunk drivers. Producer: Ellen Durckel Vestewig
How Many People will be Affected By a DUI Crash?
https://bit.ly/2o5gfvV It has been said that one out of every three people will be affected by a drunk driving accident. This could mean they were a victim or they know someone who has been in a DUI accident. It has been estimated that one third of all crashes in the United States are alcohol related Bradenton DUI attorney, Jim Dodson wrote the Florida DUI Crash Victim Guide to answer the questions victims and survivors of drunk driving accidents have. Request your free copy of the easy-to-read guide today by ordering online or calling Kati at (888) 207-0905.
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Victim in deadly drunk driving crash laid to rest
The victim in a deadly drunk driving crash was laid to rest on Saturday.
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Candlelight vigil honors victims of drunk driving
Some have brought photos of their loved ones. They don't wish this kind of pain on anyone else.
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Crash victim's son lashes out at alleged drunk driver
A 23-year-old Norton man appeared in court to face charges on speeding and vehicular homicide while OUI.
AVID-Advocates for Victims of Impaired Driving Christmas 2014(2)
Our loved ones gone too soon because of an Impaired Driver.. Do not Drink of do Drugs and Drive..
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The havoc that drunkards can cause on the lives of many. Time to break the code of silence because for the victims it can be deafening.
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Victim's family asks for leniency for man convicted in fatal DUI crash
Joshua Steel, 21, was in court Thursday for his role in a deadly drunken driving crash. The victim was his cousin Dominique Carter, 21. Subscribe to WLWT on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1ipUX3c Get more Cincinnati news: http://www.wlwt.com/ Like us: http://www.facebook.com/wlwt5 Follow us: http://twitter.com/WLWT Google+: http://plus.google.com/+wlwt
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Indianapolis DUI Accident Victims Speak to WISH-TV's Karen Hensel
http://wagnerreese.com/blog/WISH-TV.aspx Wagner Reese clients will be featured in an interview on WISH-TV with Karen Hensel. Watch as these DUI accident victims share their story. Jason: Hi, I'm Jason Reese. Thanks for visiting the Wagner Reese blog. Our firm is privileged to represent a family who was a victim of a terrible car accident. But it wasn't any ordinary car accident. A man who had done this once before was drinking and driving, ran through a red light while fleeing from the police officer that was arresting him, and caused a terrible crash. Most of you will be angered, especially by the fact this has happened before by this same person who ran the red light. But watch the show Tuesday and Wednesday night on Wish TV with a special investigation report from Karen Hensel, who will hear the story of our clients. You might just be surprised by their reaction to this tragedy. Thanks.
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DUI victim's family puts up sign
The family of a man who was taken too soon by a DUI accident is making sure no one else has to go through the same sad situation.
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AVID- Advocates for Victims of Impaired Driving Christmas 2014 (3)
Honoring those who were stolen by and Impaired Driver.. An Impaired Driving Crash IS NOT and ACCIDENT. Do not drink or do drugs and drive...
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Drunk Driver Kills Pedestrian Leaving Party / South LA   RAW FOOTAGE
www.loudlabs.com SOUTH LA - A 45-year-old man was killed this morning in South Los Angeles when he was struck by a motorist who was arrested for DUI, a police officer said. The incident occurred at about 12:15 a.m. on Vernon Avenue east of Central Avenue, said Officer Edgar Sanchez of the Los Angeles Police Department's Central Traffic Division. The 45-year-old pedestrian was struck and injured while crossing Vernon Avenue by a 31-year-old man suspected of DUI, Sanchez said. The victim was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. There was a crosswalk nearby but the victim was not using it, he said. The incident remained under investigation but the suspect was arrested in connection with the DUI, Sanchez said.
How Many Children Die in DUI Crashes in the U.S. Each Year?
https://bit.ly/2p5u5D7 In 2011, 111 children lost their lives in drunk driving crashes in the United States. That's a very sad and staggering statistic considering they are innocent victims. What's even worse is 62% of these crashes the driver responsible was driving the vehicle that the child was in. Bradenton lawyer, Jim Dodson wrote the Florida DUI Crash Victim Guide to answer the questions victims and survivors of drunk driving accidents have. Request your free copy of the easy-to-read guide today by ordering online or calling Kati at (888) 207-0905 .
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Testimonial from a Drunk Driving Accident Victim
Mary Marie from Sissonville, WV was a passenger in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. Her own insurance company was resistant to paying the claim on a technicality. But she hired personal injury lawyers Farmer, Cline & Campbell, PLLC who got a hold of the insurance policy and made sure the insurance company paid her. Now, Mary Marie has Farmer, Cline & Campbell on speed dial!
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Drunk driver slams into victim in Walmart parking lot
Defenders Of The Constitution !!! Please: Like, Share and Subscribe ...Thanks!!! Credit:Fox News Fox News: http://foxnews.com/ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Ryle Lowe DUI victim testimony
On Sept 13th 2012, Ryle's vehicle was hit head-on by a drunk driver. Ryle's life changed... in a big way! And most people would be inclined to describe that change as "tragic". But "tragic" isn't a word Ryle would use to describe his changed life. Only our God can take an event, that most would describe as tragic, and use it for ultimate good! This video was produced by Central Baptist Church in Ponca City, OK.
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Mother of drunk driving victim suing Hooter's for $32 million
BEAUMONT- by Haley BullA family is suing a business it says contributed to a fatal accident that killed a young mother. The civil suit follows the criminal conviction of Derek McBride earlier this year. In March, Judge John Stevens sentenced McBride to eight years in prison for intoxication manslaughter and eight years for intoxication assault in the death of Amber Roussel. Roussel died in a crash July 30, 2012 on Interstate 10 in Beaumont. McBride crashed into a concrete barrier. The brush guard from his truck was run over by an 18-wheeler, sending it into the air and into the windshield of Roussel's vehicle killing her and injuring her husband. Roussel's mother, Melba Braud, is suing Hooters. They say the restaurant continued serving drinks to McBride after he was obviously drunk. The family is asking for $32 million in damages and other compensation. In court Wednesday, attorneys for Braud laid out empty beer mugs on a table in front of the jury to demonstrate how much alcohol McBride drank at Hooters just before the fatal accident. Witnesses say McBride was racing another driver who'd been drinking with him. Braud spoke with KFDM News Saturday at a MADD candlelight vigil where she talked about the crash.He killed my daughter, he drank at Hooters, left there and killed my daughter, Braud said.Attorneys for Hooters said it has policies in place and that McBride made a poor choice in racing another vehicle. The testimony is expected to continue at least through the end of the week.
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Top Chicago Drunk Driving Accident Attorney | Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers
https://www.rosenfeldinjurylawyers.com/drunk-driving.html Lawyers For People Injured In Chicago Drunk Driving Accidents There can never be any good excuse for driving drunk and causing an accident that injures others. When a loved one is injured or killed from a drunk driver behind the wheel, family members often want to ensure that the responsible party is held accountable and that the victim receives proper medical care. Hiring a skilled attorney can ensure that the rights of the victim are fully protected. The state of Illinois believes that driving under the influence is a serious crime because drunk driving accidents can ruin the life of victims who suffer injury or death. However, even with proper safeguards and stated rules of the road firmly in place, there are still too many people injured in drunk driving accidents. Often times, the individual driving under the influence simply does not care of the consequences, the vulnerability of hurting others or taking human life before starting the vehicle and driving on the road. Serious Injuries Associated With Alcohol Impaired Drivers People injured in drunk driving accidents often suffer even greater harm because drunk drivers are typically not aware of their actions. In many incidences, the individual driving drunk never takes any evasive action to avoid the collision, as a sober driver would. This includes slamming full speed into an oncoming car without ever slowing or stopping to avoid other motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists or objects. In many incidences, drunk drivers sway between lanes and never attempt to make a correction. The intoxicated motorist can easily cause a head-on collision, rear end the vehicle ahead or speed through red lights completely unaware of their action. As a result, victims hit by a drunk driver suffer significantly more serious injuries and a higher rate of fatalities than those involved in an accident where all motorists are sober. Avoiding Tactics Used by Insurance Companies In Drunk Driving Accidents No family harmed by the negligent actions of a drunk driver should have to endure all the double-talk, delays and denials of insurance companies covering a drunk driving accident. Insurance companies will use nearly any type of tactic to avoid paying recompense to injured victims, especially when the responsible party is not the drunk driver that caused the accident. Our skilled attorneys seek out all responsible parties other than the drunk driver that has a moral and legal responsibility to ensure no one gets behind the wheel intoxicated. We hold all entities and individuals at fault for the victim’s injury and damages. These additional parties can include bartenders, private clubs, social hosts, and employers with the duty to avoid over-serving alcoholic beverages to individuals already drunk. Seeking Justice For People Injured Or Killed In Drunk Driving Accidents Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers continues to maintain the respect of legal peers in the community. Our legal team consistently achieves successful results in seeking justice in holding drunk drivers accountable for their negligent actions. We set the bar high to ensure our legal team provides superior legal representation from building a strong case to obtaining the highest amount of financial recompense possible for our clients. With their years of experience, we have developed proven skills necessary to negotiate fair and full compensation for the victims we represent. When a fair settlement cannot be obtained, we take the personal injury case to trial to present the evidence in front of a judge and jury. There is no excuse for driving under the influence, especially when it results in a vehicle accident with injuries or death. When a serious injury or death occurs from impaired driving, it is essential to hire the skills of experienced attorneys to ensure proper and fair compensation. Often times, victims of drunk driving accidents, where the driver’s intoxication was significantly higher than the legal BAC limit, are entitled to receive punitive damages as well. Chicago Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Chicago Drunk Driving Accident Chicago Drunk Driving Accident Attorney Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers 225 W Wacker Dr #1760 Chicago, IL 60606 Phone: (847) 835-8895 Toll Free: (888) 424-5757 https://www.rosenfeldinjurylawyers.com
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A Drunk Driver Causes a Wreck and They Don't Have Insurance
https://bit.ly/2oyGONB In Florida more than 25% of drivers drive without insurance. On top of that, 50-75% of convicted DUI drivers continue to drive on a suspended driver's license which means they don't have insurance either. This together is a staggering number of uninsured drivers. This is why it is extremely important to carry uninsured motorist coverage on your policy because this is what is going to cover you if you've been hit by an uninsured driver. This coverage will stand in and cover you for what the drunk driver should have paid. Jim Dodson has been representing the victims and survivors of serious accidents for over 25 years. A safety advocate and board member of Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD), he believes in holding drunk drivers responsible for the tragedies they’ve caused. He wrote the Florida DUI Crash Victim Guide to answer the questions victims and survivors of drunk driving accidents have. Request your free copy of the easy-to-read guide today by ordering online or calling Kati at 727-446-0840.
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Recovering After a Car Accident Caused by a Drunk Driver
http://www.MortonLawyers.com Following a car crash involving an intoxicated driver, medical bills and property damages are likely to be substantial. The truth of the matter is that wrecks involving drunk drivers cause physical, emotional, and financial injuries that innocent victims should be compensated for. When people get behind the wheel of a car after having too many alcoholic drinks, their motor skills and judgment are impaired. As a result, drunk driving accidents in the Boise area and nationwide happen way too often. While victims can hold drunk drivers accountable for their damages, sometimes their damages exceed the insurance coverage available. This is why victims may need to investigate the possibility that there were restaurants, bars, or other individuals who served alcohol to an obviously intoxicated person. If this is the case, victims can hold that business or person secondarily liable for their damages. These laws are referred to in Idaho as dram shop and social host statutes. Because accidents of this nature are complex, it is best for victims of drunk driving accidents to have an attorney investigate to determine which parties could be held responsible for their medical bills, property damages, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. If you would like to find out more, contact the Morton Law Offices for a free consultation at 208.344.5555 or online at http://www.mortonlawyers.com/contact.cfm .
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How Many People Die in Florida Drunk Driving Accidents?
https://bit.ly/2ongqUX Most people would be surprised at the number of victims that die from drunk driving accidents in Florida. The numbers are quite startling. In the last five years, there have been 4,00 people who have died in a drunk driving crash in Florida. Already, this year through August/September there have been 700 people who have lost their lives. Attorney Jim Dodson wrote the Florida DUI Crash Victim Guide to answer the questions victims and survivors of drunk driving accidents have. Request your free copy of the easy-to-read guide today by ordering online or calling Kati at 888-207-0905.
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Family of drunk driving victim settles civil cases against Hooters
BEAUMONT- by Haley BullThe family of a young woman who died when a drunk driver caused a crash settled the third and final civil case against the restaurant that served the alcohol.The mother and adoptive father of Amber Roussel settled with Hooters in a Jefferson County court Thursday for confidential amounts. Her husband settled earlier this week.I don't know if anybody's happy with the outcome. I think they're satisfied that they've got closure in this case and that it's finally resolved. They can put it behind them but never forget it, Craig Watson, an attorney for Amber Roussel's adoptive father, said. The civil cases follow criminal convictions. In March, Judge John Stevens sentenced Derek McBride to eight years in prison for intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault in the death of Roussel. McBride crashed his truck into a concrete barrier on Interstate-10 in Beaumont after driving drunk and racing. His bumper came off and flew into westbound traffic. An 18-wheeler hit the bumper and launched it into Roussel's car. The bumper remained in front of the jury throughout the trial, a reminder of the crash that killed the 32-year old mother and wife.Before the settlements, the jury heard depositions that included testimony from Derek McBride and a former server from Hooters.In his deposition, McBride admitted to drinking six 25 oz. beers and a bloody mary with a shot of vodka at Hooters in Beaumont before the fatal crash in July 2012.The server at McBride's table said in her deposition he did not seem intoxicated at the table. Not until later at the bar did she see signs he was drunk.About an hour and a half after the accident, McBride had a blood alcohol level of .11, .08 is considered intoxicated. Watson said the case is a reminder to restaurants about over serving customers.When we started this case we said, you know, this is a case that needs to be tried because all these restaurants, whether it's Hooters or any other restaurant in the area, they've got a duty to the public and they've got a duty to their customer not to over serve them so they don't go out and harm themselves or harm anybody, you know, on the highways of the state of Texas, Watson said. An attorney for Amber Roussel's mother told KFDM settling the case was a difficult decision. He said the trial was traumatic and took a toll on the family. Hooters released a statement that following the fatal crash, it launch an investigation, took appropriate measures and began requiring additional training for employees.
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A DUI Driver Hit Me, How Will it Affect My Settlement?
https://bit.ly/2p2JF2j When someone is hit by a drunk driver it absolutely can make a difference in the settlement. Every case is different, the circumstances are different, and the insurance coverage is different. So, there is no hard and fast rule about how it may or may not help. In Florida, remember that a drunk driver has committed an intentional act by driving drunk. This means that they can be held responsible personally for punitive damages. These are above and beyond what they have to pay because of the injuries they’ve caused to the victim. Punitive damages are to punish them and it's the personal responsibility of the driver. Most insurance policies won’t pay for punitive damages but the insurance company in some cases will pay more to get a case settled in order to protect the drunk driver from being sued personally, and that can affect and increase the value of the settlement of someone’s claim. So, there is a way that your lawyer, and they certainly need to understand how this works, can use these circumstances to make the claim more valuable.
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Community Comes Together for Family of DUI Victims
William Siehm Was Killed, and His Cousin Paralyzed When a Drunk Driver Drove the Wrong Way Down a Street.
Drunk Driving and How it Affects the Lives of Americans
https://bit.ly/2o6qv7Z Did you know in the United States almost 10,000 people are killed by drunk drivers every year. If you think about it that’s about the same as 40 commercial airliners crashing every year. Can you imagine the outcry if that happened? Yet, we quietly sit by while this tragedy of drunk driving, which is entirely preventable and which is an intentional act done by the person behind the wheel, continues to fester in our society year after year. But behind those numbers real families are affected. Someone’s mother, spouse, their child. Families are forever torn apart because of this voluntary decision that someone made to drive drunk. In our practice we represent the victims of drunk driving accidents but we want to use this website to raise public awareness to this problem, and working with MADD to put a face behind some of those statistics, those numbers of how it actually affects people. It has been said that about one in three people will be affected by a drunk driving accident during their lifetime. If you find that you’re one of those people and you need help, we’re here. Simply, pick up the phone and call.
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Drunk driver sentenced for killing Stoughton woman
The driver convicted of running down and killing a pregnant Stoughton woman apologized to the victim's emotional family in court during sentencing Friday. Subscribe to WCVB on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1e8lAMZ Get more Boston news:http://wcvb.com/ Like us: https://www.facebook.com/wcvb5 Follow us: https://twitter.com/WCVB Google+: https://plus.google.com/+wcvb
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Why Do I Need a Lawyer if a Drunk Driver is Being Criminally Charged?
You can still file a lawsuit against a drunk driver whether or a not a criminal trial is also ongoing. Criminal trials decide the driver’s punishment: they do not compensate the victim for medical bills, lost wages from missing work or any emotional stress suffered by the victims and the victims’ loved ones. As attorney Jenna Garraux explains in this video, contacting a civil trial lawyer after an accident is the only way to recover damages. Transcript: After you've been hit by a drunk driver, you may think that the criminal charges will take care of whatever your needs are. The criminal case pending against the drunk driver isn't going to involve you at all in many cases. Sometimes the injured or the victim doesn't even know when the criminal case goes forward against the drunk driver. Oftentimes, the charges against the drunk driver can be dropped or reduced to a lesser sentence. For example, if the drunk driver also was driving with a suspended license, they may only receive a conviction for a suspended license. The drunk driving charge will never show up on their record. The reason this is important is because when you call an attorney at Stewart Law Offices, it's critical information for punitive damages to establish that the driver that hit you was intoxicated. If there are no criminal records showing that they were intoxicated or convicted of DUI, it can really hurt your case. Stewart Law Offices LLC 1242 Ebenezer Road Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732 (803) 328-5600 http://www.stewartlawoffices.net/