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Victims of drinking and driving - Hendricks County, Indiana
A edited version of a presentation shown to court ordered convicted drunk drivers in Hendricks County, Indiana. The unedited version includes graphic photos of what happens to the human body when it is subjected to trauma in a serious vehicle crash caused by an alcohol or drug impaired driver. www.hendrickscountysso.com
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Driver says DUI crash was victim's fault
David Belniak doesn't deny he was under the influence when he crashed into a truck in Hudson on Christmas Day 2007. But he blames the crash that killed three people on the man driving the car he hit.
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Rowland High School - Every 15 Minutes 2012
This is a simulated drunk driving accident. It's part of a program called Every Fifteen Minutes held in high schools to educate the students about the consequences of drunk driving. The accident is day one, and an assembly program is day two with speakers from the police department, actual victims of drunk driving accidents, the students you see involved, and their parents. For the participating students it gets pretty real. During the assembly everyone is crying.
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Victim's family hopes to deter drunk drivers
Victim's family hopes to deter drunk drivers
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Mother of Drunk Driving Victim
Pine Level,AL. Reporter Tamika Bickham, Photographer/editor Matt Youmans
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12:00 AM Alyson worked 2 jobs to support her children. She was putting in over time to buy a birthday cake when a drunk driver slammed into her taking her life. 1:00 Am Brad was coming home from a visit to the ER for a severe sore throat when he was hit head on by a drunk driver and died instantly. 2:00 AM Candice was on her way to sit with a friend who had just buried their spouse , when she was hit and slammed into a power poll ending her life. 3:00 AM David was going to pick up a friend who had car trouble when a drunk hit the car behind him sending the car into his and then spinning his car out of control being hit by a semi and killing him. 4:00 AM Erica worked at the bakery making fresh bread. A drunk driver crashed through the walls of the bakery killing her. 5:00 AM Frank was a school bush driver when a drunk plowed through a chain link fence as he was going to his bus. He made it to ICU and died 2 weeks later. 6:00 AM Ginny was taking her son to swim practice he wanted to be an Olympic swimmer, when a drunk driver passed out at the wheel killing her and putting her son in a wheel chair for life. 7:00 AM Hank was stopping for his morning coffee when a drunk driver ran a red light and crashed into him sending his car the length of a football field killing him instantly. 8:00 AM Isabel was on her way to pick up flowers for her mom in the hospital when a drunk driver went the wrong way down a one-way street and hit her head on. She died six hours later. 9:00 AM Jack was driving a tanker full of fuel when he was sideswiped by a drunk driver and lost control. The tanker flipped bursting into flames and he was killed. 10:00 AM Kelly was on her way to the beauty salon, it was here wedding day. A drunk driver swerved around a corner loosing control killing her instantly. 11:00 AM Larry was a volunteer driver for his son's third grade class. A drunk driver with 7 prior DUI's was just released from jail. After leaving the first bar he found, he plowed into the school bus full of kids going on a filed trip. The bus went down an embankment killing seven children paralyzing two others and severely injuring four others. 12:00 PM Monica was on her way to her baby shower when she was hit by a drunk driver killing her first unborn child and leaving her unable to have more. 1:00 PM Nathan was on his way home for Thanksgiving dinner . A drunk driver going a hundred miles an hour not only killed him but decapitated him as well. 2:00 PM Olivia was on her way to pick up her kids from school. A drunk driver trying to beat a light slammed into her sending her into oncoming traffic. She died after being on life support for two weeks. 3:00 PM Philip was taking a driving lesson when a drunk driver passed too close scraping the tires sending him into a spin. He died along with his instructor. 4:00 PM Quinn was on her way to tutor a student when a drunk driver took police on a chase and hit her going eighty-five miles an hour killing her instantly. 5:00 Pm Robert was on his way to pick up his kids from child care when a drunk driver flew off an overpass and slammed into him. The jaws of life were used to get him out but it was too late. 6:00 PM Sarah worked nights as a hospice nurse. She worked nights so she could be home with her kids. A drunk driver tried to beat a train, lost control coming over the tracks sending her car into the path of the train killing her instantly. 7:00 PM Taylor worked nights to help support his mom, she was disabled and a widow. A drunk driver lost control in a construction zone flipping a cement truck onto him killing him almost instantly. He died when paramedics were transporting him to the hospital. 8:00 PM Ursula was on her way to get some cat food for a lost , stray kitty. A drunk driver also on drugs lost control trying to avoid an ambulance. She was killed as well as the two Paramedics and the patient in the ambulance. 9:00 PM Vincent had put in some over time at work. His son needed a new prosthesis but insurance wouldn't pay for it. A drunk drive leaving Happy Hour turned things tragic. Slamming into him and pinning his car against a tree, he died before paramedics could arrive. 10:00 PM Wendy was on her way home from the airport. Her older brother just got back from the war. A drunk driver on a cell phone slammed into her killing both her and her brother. 11:00 PM Xavier was leaving a late night Ice Hockey practice. He had to take a different rout than usual because of freeway closures. A drunk driver with two priors including one injury and one death slammed into him. He was on life support for three months before he succumbed to his massive internal injuries. Very seldom is a drunk driver injured or killed. They are terrorists on our roads, highways, freeways and streets 24/7 stop the maddness chose NOT to drink and drive.
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Police: DUI Suspect Drove With Victim on Hood
A woman has been arrested in Southern California for allegedly driving under the influence and striking a pedestrian. Police say the suspect drove for more than two miles with the injured pedestrian on her hood. (Nov. 27)
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Stop Texting and Please Start Driving
This is a video that I (Chris) filmed and edited for Rigby High Schools Student Council, it was a sobering experience for me to see what really happens when the EMT'S, Fire Fighters, and Police are called out to an accident for texting or drinking and driving. Some of these images may be graphic, viewer discretion is advised. Thank you everyone for the feed back on this video. YES it is a fake video the Rigby High School created the idea behind it to bring awareness to teenage drivers. The Fire Fighters and EMT's are real the Ambulance, Paramedics and the Cops are real. They all volunteered their time to help the Rigby High school students show the world the dangers of texting and driving. The procedures that are used in this videos are used every day by fire fighters and EMT's at real senses of real accidents. This video was put together by the students and volunteers to bring awareness and share it with the world. Special thanks to everyone for helping make this video possible. By: Christopher J. Lott
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Drunk driver victim
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Victim's family fight drunk driver's request for release
Victim's family fight drunk driver's request for release
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Oprah 20th Anniversary Heartprints Jacqui Saburido
I dont own rights to this, all rights owned by Harpo Productions. The only reason am uploading this is to share the amazing survival story of Jacqui. She gives me a reason to smile and stop thinking about my problems every single day.
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child killed by suspected drunk driver
grandfather charged with vehicular homicide
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Dont Drink and Drive - The Victims Side of The Trauma - Fathers powerful plead
This is a small clip of a man speaking about his daughter who was a victim of a collision in which the other driver was drunk. The video was originally posted on LiveLeak, and after bringing me to tears, I decided that this man and his family would love a little help. I have started a fundraiser in his name: http://www.indiegogo.com/sober/x/714358 We can show him the amazing kindness of the internet!
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Local High School Students Get Reality Shock with Drunk Driving Accident Demonstration
Students at Winston Churchill High School witnessed a mock drunk driving accident in an effort to show them the dangers of distracted and drunk driving. The victims were played by students, and members of the Rockville Fire Department were on the scene.
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Drunk driving crash victim remembered
There are feelings of anger and grief for friends of a man police say was killed by a drunk driver.
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Drunk Driving Victim
While he was a prosecutor, Tampa drunk driving victim attorney Keith Ligori made drunk drivers pay for their crimes. Today, as a personal injury attorney Mr. Ligori is still dedicated to fighting for drunk driving victim's rights. Drunk driving is no accident. If you or someone you loved have been injured call our office for your free consultation.
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Intro to "Destrozado (Shattered: Drunk Driving)"
A sample from the video "Destrozado (Shattered: Drunk Driving)," available from Active Parenting Publishers (activeparenting.com/CWK_main). This video is dubbed in Spanish and can be used with both parents and students. Interviews with eyewitnesses, a now-convicted drunk driver, her boyfriend and family, and the victim's family will give students an experience so powerful and personal it will feel like they were drunk and behind that wheel that night. Video contains five segments. Video contains five segments and comes with lesson plans and a discussion guide. Dubbed in Spanish. (22 min.) Pero no son invencibles. Nadie lo es. El año pasado, unas 17.000 personas murieron en accidentes de tráfico relacionados con el alcohol...eso equivale más o menos a una muerte cada media hora. Y muchos más resultan heridos... 700.000 cada año... lo que supone ¡un herido cada 45 segundos! Mas de uno de cada diez estadounidenses de 12 a o mas años... es decir, 28 millones de personas... han manejado bajo la influencia del alcohol al menos una vez en los pasados doce meses... segun la oficina de servicios para el abuso de sustancias y la salud mental... ¿que mensajes sobre el alcohol ven nuestros hijos a su alrededor? Este video está doblada al español. (22 min.)
Driver charged after crash kills baby
Frustration from victims of drunk driving is mounting. Especially when news spread from the Dunkirk Observer that the woman was also charged with DWI three years ago.
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DUI Victims
Drunk driving impacts more than those in the car. Here is a look at Carol Kiparisus, a mother who lost her son nine years ago to a drunk driving collision and how she has taken the long and painful road of healing.
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The California Crime Victim Restitution Fund for Injured Persons of Drunk (DUI) Drivers
http://www.blanelaw.com San Diego Injury & Accident Drunk Driver trial lawyer Mark Blane quickly explains what the California Crime Victim Restitution Fund is, and how it can be related to your drunk driver (DUI) injury case. You see, California has set aside a fund to compensate victims of a crime (here a drunk driver) so they can be paid back for out-of-pocket expenses related to a DUI injury accident. This fund can help with medical bills, co-pays, property damage and the like. For more complete information visit: http://www.blanelaw.com/practice_areas/san-diego-drunk-driving-accident-lawyer-dui-injury-death-in-california2.cfm For your FREE Ebook Download - The Ultimate California Drunk Driving Injury Accident Legal Survival Guide go to: http://www.blanelaw.com/practice_areas/san-diego-drunk-driving-accident-lawyer-dui-injury-death-in-california2.cfm Or you can contact Mr. Blane directly at: (619) 813-7955
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VIS- Victim Impact Statement
Statement given at sentencing for drunk driver. One week before my daughters would be 21st birthday. If you'd like to join the fight against drunk driving or UNlicensed drivers, http://www.facebook.com/ambers.angels.1#!/ambers.angels.1
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Dawn Tongish-Emmy Award Winning Reporter, Drunk Driver Apologizes to Victims from Jail Cell
Dawn Tongish, reporting for CW33 News interviewed a woman who hit and killed a mother and child while driving drunk. During the emotional interview, the woman breaks down and apologizes. The story won a Lone Star Emmy in 2011.
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Picture of drunk drivers (Fatel pictures)
Dont drink and drive
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No justice for drunk driving victims in India?
A national award winning animator, Charu Khandal, is battling for her life after she became a victim of a hit-and-run yesterday. The accused walked out of jail by just paying a Rs 5,000 bail. Is law too easy on drunk drivers? We discuss.
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Ca Victim Fund For Injured Victims of Drunk Drivers | Chula Vista Injury Lawyer Mark Blane
http://www.blanelaw.com Chula Vista Injury & Accident Drunk Driver trial lawyer Mark Blane quickly explains what the California Crime Victim Restitution Fund is, and how it can be related to your drunk driver (DUI) injury case. You see, California has set aside a fund to compensate victims of a crime (here a drunk driver) so they can be paid back for out-of-pocket expenses related to a DUI injury accident. This fund can help with medical bills, co-pays, property damage and the like. For more complete information visit: http://www.blanelaw.com/practice_areas/san-diego-drunk-driving-accident-lawye... For your FREE Ebook Download - The Ultimate California Drunk Driving Injury Accident Legal Survival Guide go to: http://www.blanelaw.com/practice_areas/san-diego-drunk-driving-accident-lawye... Or you can contact Mr. Blane directly at: (619) 813-7955
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KC Police launch campaign to remember DUI victims
Kansas City Police are launching a new campaign to remember the victims of drunk driving.
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The Attorneys - Victims of Drunk Driving
Get the facts on drunk driving cases and watch The Attorneys every Sunday night after the late news on Alabama's 13.
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Sean Carter's Story
Sean Carter was an athlete and model before a drunk driver took his ability to talk and walk. Sean and his mom Jenny spread the message to never drink and drive. Learn more about their inspirational story at http://www.FacesOfDrunkDriving.com. Help spread the message by sharing this video.
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Tampa Drunk Driving Victims
While he was a prosecutor, Tampa drunk driving victim attorney Keith Ligori made drunk drivers pay for their crimes. Today, as a personal injury attorney Mr. Ligori is still dedicated to fighting for drunk driving victim's rights. Drunk driving is no accident. If you or someone you loved have been injured call our office for your free consultation.
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impaired driving IMPACT (38 minute documentary)
Getting drunk or high and then driving is a bad idea. Impaired driving is a dead end that can have serious consequences, for the driver, the victims and the families and friends of both. Driving impaired does not just affect the person who made the poor choice to drive. It affects may people in horrible ways. Impaired driving has a big impact.
Drunk Driver Hits Woman Twice
A man accused of drunk driving hits victim Donna Adams twice.
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Jury Awards DUI Victim $9.25 Million in Damages
by Jana Barnello If you were injured by a drunk driver, how much money would you need to make up for it? One local woman was recently awarded millions in a lawsuit, but she says money was not the reason she wanted to take the case to court.A Hamilton County jury awarded 21-year-old Jessica Volz .25 million for damages she suffered when a drunk driver hit her, head-on three years ago. However, she doesn't expect to see a dime, and says she hopes this makes people think twice before drinking and driving.Kevin Davis hit Volz as she drove on Mountain View Road on November 25, 2008. On that day, investigators say Davis drank half a bottle of whiskey and got behind the wheel. He passed out at the wheel and hit Volz."When I got into the ambulance, they actually placed me inside the ambulance with him," said Volz. "I could smell (the alcohol), and I knew."She knew Davis was driving drunk, but Volz didn't know that this wasn't the first time Davis got caught doing it.  He served three years in jail, and during that time, Volz tried to recover. Her most severe injury was a broken foot. She also has scars on her chest and hips from where the seatbelt cut her skin.Volz was a senior at Ooltewah High at the time -  an honor student and cheerleader. With her injuries, she couldn't attend classes like usual so she graduated early. Volz says she missed senior prom while she healed, and other coming of age moments. Plus, she'll never regain full function in her foot."It's always with me. It will always be with me."That's why Volz says she and her family pursued the civil lawsuit against Davis. On Tuesday, a jury awarded her .25 million dollars - the most money ever awarded for a drunk driving case in Tennessee.     Volz told NewsChannel 9 that she doesn't expect Davis to pay her a penny of that money."I never banked on that," said Volz. "It's just to send a message...I'm lucky to be alive. And I want other people to know that getting your car towed because you rode home with a friend is cheaper than taking someone's life."Three and a half years since the accident, Volz is spreading that message to her classmates at UT, where she is a nutrition major, and to whoever will listen. She's made drunk driving awareness a part of her life, and is hoping her record-setting damages will stop at least one person from making Davis' mistake."Your life is a gift. And it's given to you. And you need to cherish it, and think about others as well. Don't be reckless."Volz also has plans to work with MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
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Crash victim tracking repeat drunk driver
Crash victim tracking repeat drunk driver
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Suspected drunk driver kills four at Las Vegas bus stop
A driver faces four counts of driving under the influence after his car went airborne and ran over a Las Vegas bus stop, killing four pedestrians and injuring eight others, Thursday morning at 6:30 am. The accident occurred at mSpring Mountain Road and Frontier Street. Due to the excessive speed of the vehicle some of the victims were dismembered. The car was carrying the driver and three other passengers. A police officer, who was at a nearby gas station, reported seeing the car come down a slope and lose control before hitting the victims.
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Don't Drink and Drive - The Victim's Side of The Trauma
This is a small clip of a man speaking about his daughter who was a victim of a collision in which the other driver was drunk. Don't Drink and Drive. Read the Quotes about "Drink And Drive" at http://thequotes.net/2012/12/drunk-driving-quotes-dont-drink-and-drive/
9th Annual Maryland Remembers, victims of Drunk Driving.
Order of appearance of persons :John T. Kuo, Administrator MVA; Supt.MD. State Police, Col.Marcus L.Brown. Victoria Brown and Cheryl Hammond.
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Victim Impact Panel Clip 2.mp4
Victim of DWI crash tells his story...
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Austin's 6th St Drunk Driver Victims (New Years 2012)
After holding Renzo the Boss and his brother back from a driver speeding out of the parking lot, an SUV gets nicked and then goes on to hit a pack of people leaving Austin's 6th St.
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Drunk Driving Victim Works on Walking Again
Spinal cord injury treatment. http://www.projectwalk.org/ exists to provide an improved quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries through intense exercise-based recovery programs, education, support and encouragement.
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Learning the Effects of Drunk Driving
Every 15 minutes someone is killed in a drunk-driving crash. Teens are the victims more than any other age group. On Tuesday, local high school students got a look at the impact drunk driving can have on more than just the driver or victim.
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DUI Bus Stop Fatal Crash
From the scene of a horrific crash involving drunk driver and multiple victims at a Las Vegas bus stop on Spring Mountain Road near Decatur.
DUI Cops Dead End March 2012
If you drive impaired, law enforcement officers will find you, give you a field sobriety test, arrest you and take you to jail. Cops, past offenders and victims agree, impaired driving is a dead end.
DWI / DUI Wrecks
Personal Injury Trial Attorney, Brian Hargrove aggressively represents the victims of Drunk Driving Accidents / Wrecks to get the maximum value! Drunk Driving is not an accident - it's a choice!!!
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Drunk Driving Accident - Portland Injury Lawyer Client Review
Shulman DuBois LLC 1553 Southeast Tolman Street, Portland, OR 97202 (503) 222-4411 http://www.portlandpersonalinjuryaccidentlawyer.com Read more about our representation for drunk driving injury victims: http://www.portlandpersonalinjuryaccidentlawyer.com/practice_areas/victims-drunk-driving/ "I got hit by a drunk driver driving home from a concert one night. My neck, two discs in my spine. My neck twisted, my back twisted, my shoulder. When I first met with Sean he was really nice. He went over everything, made sure I understood everything completely and he was very friendly. I did like working with the medical specialist, Lena was nice and she always was, you know, asking how I was doing and making sure everything was going good. I felt like I was very informed throughout the whole case—anytime there was something new that came up they always gave me a call. Anything I needed help with they were always there." Any result that Shulman DuBois LLC may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate that similar results can be obtained for other clients.
Im a Drunk Driving Victim Now What Call Las Vegas Auto Accident Attorney
Personal Injury Las Vegas NV is your best resource for information on Personal Injury Attorneys in Las Vegas. http://personalinjurylasvegasnv.com/
Austin Attorney For Drunk Driving Victims (Lee, Gober & Reyna 512.478.8080)
Another client satisfied with the results they received from the Austin personal injury law firm of Lee, Gober & Reyna http://www.rwleelaw.com/
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Lexington SC DUI victims vigil
Candlelight. Vigil for Lexington DUI victims
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Father shares son's drunk driving story
Micah Henry's lesson shared with high schoolers
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