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Lambada - Remix on Yamaha PSR-S910
Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/Yordlife Yordlife vous présente une de ces dernière reprises, ici la lambada avec style "ClubBeat". J'espère que vous y aprécierez cette interprettation. n'hésitez pas pas à commenter et à me faire savoir si vous aimez.
Views: 193037 Yordlife
Kaoma - Lambada (on Korg PA500)
Enjoy it and thumbs up!! ;)
Views: 559385 plemmplemm3
ЛАМБАДА Yamaha PSR e-423
просто ламбада и все....
Views: 105718 tigrenok77ify
Views: 2618 vrmusics
Kaoma - Lambada played on Yamaha PSR-S710
I am playing Lambada from Kaoma on my Keyboard, the YAMAHA PSR-S710
Views: 4255 Dawid Markiewka
McDavid Yamaha (2)
Yamaha Motif XS6
Views: 2804 David Kiriya
Lambada 2011 Tyros 2
Views: 262582 skyxmen69
Lambada yamaha psr s-900.
Views: 1050 15jarex15
Views: 232 janek0101
Jeena Kumari's Lambada which has become a Worldwide Hit with films,TV,Dramas and Radio Stations.This was performed during a live Charity Concert in aid of the Royal Marsden Hospital sponsored by the Lions Club of Finchley London on 2nd July 1989.The Band is Mahesh and Party
Views: 38319 ED BENTLEY
it is a cover of a popular tone LAMBADA played by me. Yamaha psr 175 keyboard was used.(style:76,voice:95)
Tutorial Lambada para E403 Yamaha
Este es un pequeño video de la cancion LAMBADA adaptada para Yamaha E403, disculpen la resolucion, pero ya tiene unos añitos, ojala les sirva de algo...
Views: 660 Miguel Balderrama
"Lambada" Kaoma - cover
Done on a YAMAHA PSR-E413. everything done by ear. Style: 065 ; intro A cover requests in the comments below or to my e-mail: [email protected] remember to like, favourite, subscribe and comment. thanks a lot for watching.
Views: 6411 qwtrerry
Lambada - Andrian Sevastyanov
Thanks to Mr. Eduard Riumin for creating the beautiful drum track that is heard in this video. Thanks to Mr. Viktor Sevastyanov whos video-editing skills made listening to my playing at least somewhat exciting!
Views: 62703 Sevastyanov
Laskovyj Maj - Belye Rozy (ORIGINAL STYLE!!!)
I recorded the song already but now I have the original Style for this song and I recorded it again ;) Enjoy it and I hope you will like it! Comment and rate please!!
Views: 133849 plemmplemm3
LAMBADA E403.mp4
Views: 391 gtxxtg100
Earth Song Michael Jackson  live by YAMAHA PSR E413
Played without notes ;) Performed with standard style PSR413 .
Views: 3466 delta110a
Lambada by Yangoo
Composer : Kaoma on Mario Style : Latino Instrument : Acoustic spanish guitar + Percussion Played by : Yangoo
Views: 188 Yangoo Masaount
Игра на гармони. Kaoma - Lambada
Ламба́да (порт. Lambada) — музыкальный стиль и танец, возникший на севере Бразилии, в штате Пара. Популяризирован в конце 1980-х—начале 1990-х во всем мире, в том числе и в России, благодаря творчеству французской группы Kaoma.
Rock 'n Roll medley (Plus twist). Played on Yamaha Tyros 4
Song start at 1:11 Styles used: 50'sRock&Roll = Let me be your teddy bear. Twist = Lets twist again. CrocoTwist = Red river rock. Rock&Roll2 = Rock around the clock. Hello my friends and welcome to my next music video. The second song is actually not a Rock and Roll song, but a Twist! I made the mistake because it sounded a bit like Rock and Roll music, but the title of the song already suggest this is a Twist! This was a test run to try out something new i learned from robbiedoesNL (He also has a YouTube channel playing and singing with his Tyros 4), So i was almost sure of making some mistakes :-D Still, i was so happy with this new function, i wanted to share this with my friends and everyone who wants to listen. That remark about thumbs down was only ment for haters, as i know the friends and subscribers who really know me, knows i can do better :-D Thanks for taking the time to listen, and have a nice day. Kind regards, Ronald. Please take note: I do not own the Copyright to this music. I only share this for fun, being able to learn from other musicans, and not for profit. I don't earn money or get some other financial gain from uploading this song. If this is your composition, and you don't want me sharing it here on YouTube, just send me a personal message requesting me to remove the song. Don't forget to include the songname.
Views: 425776 musicmaniac1965
Yamaha Tyros 4 Gipsy Style Test.....
Adonis Rechte hand macht für mich " Adonis" ein kleinen Test....das ist Mopso Weiss Sarottis Bruder :D.....
Views: 72800 GioVanniMeTTbacH
Yamaha PSR-S910 - Demo style Latin
Paolo Stefano di Yamaha Italia, ci propone un piccolo assaggio delle potenzialità di questo modello intermedio della gamma di tastiere arranger del produttore nipponico.
Views: 65983 AF/SM Channel
Nazia- LAMBADA 5
Views: 108 alijannazia
Africa by Toto played on Yamaha Tyros 2
The classic 80's song performed on my Tyros 2. The backing style is 100% custom made by me using Cubase, however I took inspiration for the percussion and kalimba multi-pad from the style I got from www.keyboard-software.com. I meticulously listened to the song over and over again to try and pick out all the instruments and tried to recreate them on the Tyros using Megavoices for the bass and guitar parts for extra realism.
Views: 194862 Krytie2X4B
Синтезатор YAMAHA PSR-E423
Синтезатор YAMAHA PSR-E423 http://pop-music.ru/catalog.php?id=888880005989 0:10 Краткий рассказ о характеристиках синтезатора 2:12 Демонстрация звучания на примере звуков: пианино, 3:10 орган, 3:22 скрипки, 3:44 духовые, 4:04 трубы, 4:19 флейты, 4:55 синтетические звуки, 5:19 арпеджио, 5:35 автоаккомпанемент 6:09 Функция аналогового синтезатора Если вы хотите приобрести этот товар или получить от нас консультацию, вы можете нам написать на [email protected] или позвонить: Москва - 8(495) 739-2223, Санкт-Петербург - 8(812)677-09-59, многоканальный бесплатный для всей России 8(800)250-55-00 Наш сайт https://pop-music.ru/ Наши розничные магазины: https://pop-music.ru/shops/ Добавляйся к нам в VK: http://vk.com/pop_music_ru Лайкни нас на FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PopMusicRu https://youtu.be/fXHGOcFsFPU
Views: 144410 PopMusicRu
LAMBADA (Keyboard Version) by Meltiades
The wunderfull classic Lambada played on the Korg PA 50
Views: 3829 Meltiades
Worshipmed Style - Yamaha PSR-S710
Chequeo de los estilos del teclado Yamaha PSR-S710. Ideal para practicar líneas de solista sobre un acompañamiento.
Views: 28046 Daniel Martinez
Baila con Lambada - Original
Equipment used for backing track and final recording: Digital Keyboard: YAMAHA -- PSR E423; Electric Guitar: Costumed 1963 Fender Red Fiesta; Effects: YAMAHA Magic Stomp set at U81-Cozy; YAMAHA Magic Stomp set at P53-Shadowdly; Ibanez Carbon Copy analog delay MXR; Amplifier: VOX Valvetronix T120+; Handy Recorder: ZOOM H4; M-Audio Fast Track; Video/Audio Editing Software: Corel Video Studio 12 Backing track made by me. ************************************************************************ DISCLAIMER: This song is the property and copyright of its rightful owner (Rudy G. Dela Vega) and claims ownership of the song. The background used for this video is the property of its rightful owner and I claim no ownership of the video background. Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. The video made solely for the purpose of, study, review or critical analysis purposes only. ************************************************************************
Views: 6777 roodie707
conquest of paradise - yamaha psr s 910
Conquest of paradise instrumental cover by Nadish Jayasuriya This was played at the 2011 ICC World Cup :D FB: http://www.facebook.com/n.s.jayasuriya "Conquest of Paradise" is a 1992 song recorded by Greek composer Vangelis. It was the soundtrack from Ridley Scott's 1992 film 1492: Conquest of Paradise[1] and the lead single from the album of the same name.
Views: 103593 Nadish Jayasuriya
Lambada Live Inprovisiert
Nach langer Zeit mal wieder " Yamaha PSR 8000
Views: 366 MrCucchiara
GypsyLenny - Lambada
been playing for 4 months! slowly getting there...
Views: 254 TheGypsyLenny
WYKONAŁEM TEN UTWÓR NA KORG-U I30 Proszę o komentarze
Views: 624 marwoj70
can't help falling in love - yamaha psr s 910
Can't help falling in love instrumental cover by Nadish Jayasuriya "Can't Help Falling in Love" is a pop song originally recorded by American singer Elvis Presley and published by Gladys Music, Elvis Presley's publishing company.
Views: 96378 Nadish Jayasuriya
Ukraine Polka |COVER| YAMAHA PSR 2000 ; )
Коментуйцие ;D Oglądać do końca ; )
Views: 118361 Polspeed9000
Yamaha PSR 2100 Demo Michel Voncken
The official demo from Yamaha of the PSR 2100. Amazing keyboard, played by the amazing Michel Voncken. I had been looking for this video for a while. Hope this will help someone looking at the capabilities of the PSR 2100
Views: 203960 Josh Hymer
Tyros 4: Blue Spanish eyes - Bert Kaempfert
Tyros 4: Blue Spanish eyes - Bert Kaempfert Here's a new demo, played with an edited internal style van de Tyros 4. I've used the 8BeatAdria and changed/re-played the Intro II, changed the drumkits and played a new nice Muted Guitar in the Main B and Main C variation of the style. Registration including the edited style for this songs is available for download on my website http://www.robbiedoes.nl.
Views: 2628401 robbiedoesNL
Presentation of "Celtic" Expansion Pack on PSR-A2000, German
Dennis Tegeder is presenting Voices & Styles of "Celtic" Pack on PSR-A2000. German.
Views: 15558 Yamaha Corporation
Casio CTK-731: How to make a style? - tutorial
In this video I show how I make styles on my Casio CTK-731 - here, for "Voyage Voyage" by Desireless. I hope this "tutorial" will be useful for those who haven't tried to make their own style yet, or who don't know how to do it.
Views: 35493 Marcin Ryczko
Dance/House impro - Yamaha Tyros 4
Based on some David Guetta songs a little improvisation on the up-to-date (NOT) Tyros dance style 'Global DJ's' It's a bit too long, but i hope you will enjoy watching it.
Views: 155421 Keyboardplayer
Pirates of the Caribbean - Tyros4
The well known pirates theme played on the Tyros 4. Enjoy! Watch the extended version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rbZ5LEDWh8 http://www.facebook.com/arrangerkeyboardplayer
Views: 1300563 Keyboardplayer
Yamaha Tyros 4 Oriental --Maksum Style--
Yamaha Tyros 4 Oriental, Yamaha Tyros 4 Style Maksum,Tyros 4 Set, Efkan Durmaz, Nisteman Sansar Koma Sansar, sansar extrememusic, Emrah, Nisteman, Celal, Ismet, Live-Mix, Le daye, Ibrahim Tatlises, Yamaha Tyros 2, Tyros 4, Korg, Tonstudio, Urfa, Mardin, Ay Video, Imad Selim, Koma Melek, Xesan, kurdische Hochzeit, Türkische Hochzeit, Azeri,
Views: 30178 vpower3333
Celtic Music - Yamaha Tyros 4
Some Celtic (or Irish...?) music, my improvisation is based on many other video's i saw on YouTube with this style.
Views: 87472 Keyboardplayer
LAMBADA - Roland Gw-8
Lambada - Roland Gw-8 Martin Kurek
Views: 26437 Martin Kurek
heal the world - yamaha psr s 910
If you need piano notations and chords for this song visit my blog http://psruser.blogspot.com/2013/09/piano-notations-for-english-songs-heal-the-world-chords-tutorial-psr.html me playing Michael Jackson's heal the world song ...I'm a big fan of MJ :P so here is another great song :D hope you guys like it :D peace!! FB: http://www.facebook.com/n.s.jayasuriya
Views: 21919 Nadish Jayasuriya
Lambada! Fantasy Park karaoke
kawałek finałowy i total lajt ;D
Views: 406 Beata Nowicka
LAMBADA the forbidden dance - athanpanican
favorite dance when i was a kid, when my aunt started the beat of the lambada she will look for me and request me to dance the music she played..
Views: 3054317 jigs panican
Aycan - Lambada 2011 ( Pancza Remix )
Aycan - Lambada 2011 ( Pancza Remix ) :D
Views: 2337199 yazzmanii

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