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Remembering drunk driver victims
Remembering drunk driver victims
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Drunk driving Tribute
Drunk driving tribute
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Is this fair - Drunk driver gets 6 months - Dead victims mother faces 3 years
Mom Raquel Nelson convicted in son's jaywalking death: 'This will never end for me' http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/mom-convicted-son-jaywalking-death-never-end-151356884.html
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Drunk Driving Awareness Video
A basic video show the aftermath of drunk driving. Contains graphic images of car accidents. I do not own any audio or video used in this video. It is strictly used just for the example of drunk driving accidents.
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DUI victim
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Students honor drunk driving victim
Students at Palmetto High honor former student and drunk driving victim Helen Marie Witty with the 2011 Walk for Witty.
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Stalker sues his victim for $100M
A Detroit man does 3 years in prison for stalking, now he's out and is suing his victim for millions.
Drunk driver gets 2 years - victim's family wanted maximum sentence.
The drunk driver, who was not seriously injured, eventually pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and driving while intoxicated. The collision destroyed the vehicle, killing an innocent traveler instantly. A passenger suffered multiple injuries, including several facial fractures. The intoxicated driver was sentenced March 23 to 2 years. Although guilty, the driver's continued lifestyle and behavior are in question. The family continues to seek justice. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Charles A Gilman LLC offer free consultations to discuss your legal case. Call 866-676-7374 (24Hhrs A Day/ 365 Days A Year) Serving Maryland, Pennsylvnia, and Washington DC The Law Offices of Charles A Gilman LLC 108 W. Timonium Rd. Suite 203 TImonium, MD 21093 410-560-49999
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http://www.drivingunderinfluences.com/ -- DRUNK DRIVER KILLS LIMO DRIVER AND LITTLE FLOWER GIRL
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Drunk Driving Deaths Memorial
The music is I'll See You Again by Westlife. Don't drink and drive
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The Forgotten Victim of DUI
Expert Pennsylvania DUI attorney Justin J. McShane talks about how false DUI accusations create a whole class of forgotten DUI victims. Learn more: Pennsylvania's Best DUI and Criminal Layers: www.TheMcShaneFirm.com Pennsylvania DUI Laws: www.PADUIBlog.com The Truth About Forensic Science: www.TheTruthAboutForensicScience.com
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Drunk Driving Tribute
Tribute to those who have been affected by drunk drivers
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Drunk Driving Story
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DUI Victim Attorney
Hit by a drunk driver? Call for help. Call 1-888-DUI-VICTIM
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MADD - Lives Affected - Video
MADD - Lives Affected - Video
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Drunk Driving Victim - Drunk Driving Victim Talks About Uninsured Motorist  Insurance BGL702
http://www.benglasslaw.com A victim of an illegal immigrant's drunk driving talks about the importance of buying enough uninsured motorist car insurance
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drinking and driving are DEADLY.
A montage shrines built in the memories of children who were victims of drunk driving. I-25 is one of the deadliest highways due to drinking and driving. these tributes speak for the love and sadness of the families involved.
California Drunk Driving Injury Attorney (DUI Accidents) | Victims Legal Help Book
http://www.blanelaw.com San Diego California Drunk Driving Injury & Accident Attorney just released his latest book "the Ultimate California Drunk Driving Accident Book" which focuses on Victims' Rights. The book explores both the civil and criminal side of DUI accidents and injuries, and how victims have rights on both sides. The book also explores the California Dram Shop law and how a social host of a party (or bar, or restaurant owner) that invites alcohol may be legally responsible for injuries on the road later (drinking and driving accidents). For more information, go to http://www.blanelaw.com
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Summer and other victims take stand against DUI
A little girl whose entire life was impacted by a drunk driver joins thousands of people who took a stand tonight against DUI.
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Owasso Rallies Around DUI Victim PKG 5-7-2011
An Owasso man was killed late Thursday night along a stretch of Interstate 80 in Utah after the truck he was driving in swerved out of the way to avoid a drunk driver going the wrong way. Friends and Family got together to remember the man they called "Hance."
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Should Drunk Drivers That Kill Pay Child Support To Surviving Children? - DUI Victims Rights Lawyer
A new law has been proposed in Washington State that would make drunk drivers that cause fatal DUI accidents pay child support to the surviving dependents. Chris Davis, Attorney at Law Davis Law Group, P.S. http://www.InjuryTrialLawyer.com http://www.DavisLawGroupSeattle.com http://www.WashingtonAccidentBooks.com Seattle - Headquarters 2101 Fourth Avenue, Suite 630 Seattle, WA 98121 Toll Free: 866-595-3565 Phone: 206-727-4000 Bellevue, WA 98004 Phone: 425-298-3104 Federal Way, WA 98023 Phone: 253-642-7850 Port Angeles, WA 98363 Phone: 360-270-4280 Renton/Tukwila, WA 98168 Phone: 425-298-3104 Mercer Island, WA 98040 Phone: 425-298-3104 Wenatchee, WA 98801 Phone: 509-731-3104 Connect with us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seattlepersonalinjurylawyer Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavisLawGroup Connect with us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christophermdavis Follow us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+DavisLawGroupPSSeattle/posts Check out some reviews on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/seattle-personal-injury-lawyers-davis-law-group-ps-seattle
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Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol
DUI Brian D. Rogers: Unfortunately, many catastrophically injured people are the victims of this clearly preventable crime. And because it's a crime, you will need to work as a victim with the district attorney's office. The district attorney will prosecute the crime for this state. The defendants will often plead the Fifth Amendment which means they're not going to answer questions that may incriminate them. That and the pending criminal prosecution is going to prevent the victim or the victim's family from getting information they need and want. You need to work closely with the district attorneys office or the victim advocacy office. In fact MADD Georgia has a victim advocacy program that will help you stay informed and know what's going on with the criminal prosecution. Driving under the influence also gives rise to punitive damages. Punitive damages are those damages that are given to deter or punish the conduct. They are different than compensatory damages which are meant to compensate the injured party for the harm done. The Georgia General Assembly has set the cap for punitive damages $250,000.00. However that cap does not apply to DUI cases. What's important to understand, and when prosecuting a civil DUI case is that evidence is needed both from the criminal prosecution and your own investigation. For example, the GBI will do the toxicology test. Other evidence will be where the impaired driver was drinking. That may give rise to what's called a dram shop or social host liability case. Dram shop and social host liability is a situation where the person who provided the alcohol may be also be held liable in addition to the impaired driver. Now the Georgia General Assembly has decided that it's the consumption of alcohol, not the serving of alcohol that is the primary proximate cause of impaired driving. Under certain circumstances, the provider of alcohol, the dram shop provider, either a bar or a restaurant may be held liable. These circumstances are that if the impaired driver is noticeably intoxicated and the provider knew that impaired driver would soon be operating a vehicle then the social host, the bar, the restaurant may be held responsible in those circumstances. As for underage consumption, there is a strict liability criterion. That is if a provider serves alcohol to an underage drinker, then they may be held liable regardless of whether the underage drinker seemed intoxicated, if that results in their impaired driving causing harm to your loved one.
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Drunk Driving Accident and Rescue
Scene where drunk driver causes an accident. The victim has to be pulled out from the car. This scene is from a movie that was never completed. Filmed and edited by me, however I did not direct.
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Long Island Injury Lawyer DWI DUI Victim Compensation
http://www.LongIslandPersonalInjuryHelp.com Find The Best Auto Accident Attorney / Litigator On Long Island. Whiplash / Soft Tissue Injury.Nassau Suffolk County DUI DWI Victim Specialists
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St. Louis Car Accident Attorneys Assisting DUI Accident Victims
If you have been injured by a drunk driver, contact skilled St. Louis auto accident lawyer John Page. For more information, visit: http://www.pagelaw.com/car-accident/. Attorney John Page can be reached by calling (314) 322-8515, or visiting our office at 12166 Old Big Bend Rd, Ste 100, Kirkwood, MO 63122.
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Drunk Driving slideshow
This is a slideshow that i made for a project in health on drunk driving. *I do not own the music or pictures for this.*
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Victims of DWIs show aftermath of crime
We've shown you countless stories, images and interviews about crashes blamed on drunk driving. But rarely do you get to hear the perspective of the drunk drivers or their victims.
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Victims of Impaired Driving.wmv
Gone to soon....Don't be part of the problem....Do not Drink/do drugs and Drive.......
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Drunk Driving: Above the Influence
USF project done by Connor & V-ro
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Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in San Diego Mark Blane | New Book for DUI Victims in California
http://www.blanelaw.com San Diego California Drunk Driving Injury & Accident Attorney just released his latest book "the Ultimate California Drunk Driving Accident Book" which focuses on Victims' Rights. The book explores both the civil and criminal side of DUI accidents and injuries, and how victims have rights on both sides. The book also explores the California Dram Shop law and how a social host of a party (or bar, or restaurant owner) that invites alcohol may be legally responsible for injuries on the road later (drinking and driving accidents). For more information, go to http://www.blanelaw.com
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Wife of DUI victim learns Wayne captured
Overwhelmed he's finally been caught
No Excuses, Houston - Drink. Drive. Go to Jail.
TxDOT joined the Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff's Department, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and family members of victims killed by drunk drivers to let the Houston community know if they drink and drive, they will go to jail. The event took place August 10, 2011 in the Harris County Jail Lobby in Houston. Thousands of law enforcement officials will take to the streets to curb drinking and driving for Labor Day weekend. It doesn't matter what excuse a person may have, if they are driving while intoxicated, they will go to jail.
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HEB Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer | Personal Injury Attorney
http://www.maafirm.com Texas drunk driving accidents are very serious, as these types of crashes produce severe injuries or even death. Fort Worth personal injury attorney Mark Anderson represents injured victims of drunk driving accidents, and he explains in this video clip how he makes sure drunk drivers are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Thousands of motorists are injured every year due to drunk drivers, and approximately 1,500 people die each year because a drunk driver got behind the wheel. Accidents of this nature often involve a drunk driver running a red light or driving on the wrong side of the road. In either of these cases, serious injuries or death occur to innocent drivers. The sad fact is that these injuries or fatalities could have been prevented. These negligent, drunk drivers need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, which is what the Anderson Law Firm intends to do in these types of cases. Fort Worth accident attorney Mark Anderson wants to make sure clients are compensated to the fullest. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, or if you have lost a family member at the hands of someone driving under the influence of alcohol, contact the Anderson Law Firm, and we will fight to get you the settlement you deserve. Call Mark Anderson for your free consultation at 1-800-354-MARK today.
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MADD Promo Video
http://www.jimadler.com/blog/history-of-madd MADD is there for victims of drunk drivers from the day they get hurt or lose a loved one, through the trial of the drunk driver who caused the crash, and beyond. MADD's free services provide help with food, rent, funeral expenses, emotional support, counseling, writing victim impact letters for the courts and a host of other issues that arise after a drunk driving crash.
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China raises awareness of drunk driving. Nov. 20th marks the seventh UN World Day for Road Traffic Victims. Every year, millions of people are involved in car accidents; some don't survive. With the rate of alcohol-related fatalities increasing, police in Beijing are now doing spot checks on drivers to see if they are under the influence.
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In memory of Katie.wmv
This video was made in Memory of two young and bright people whose life was ended by a drunk driver. Please don't drink and drive, because not only are you hurting the victims family, your hurting your as well. Katie & Alex, Everyone misses you......I am doing all I can to spread the word and try and stop DUI's in our town.
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True Car Crash Story
This is what happened to me. Please don't drink and drive. A few people in this world don't take their life for granted. They understand that time is short and you have only a set amount of time on this earth. I am one of those people. It was March 6th, and I was only 6 years old. My parents by this time had divorced and it was my first weekend with my father. My friend Nicole Wilder, (who was 10), and I were upstairs playing tea party and then we went outside to sled down the stairs. The snow made it easy to do so. Next, we came inside and the adults were drinking including my father. I was too young to know the effects alcohol had on mankind. Its foul stench was in the air. Little did I know what awaited me. I remember my father had to bribe Nicole and myself to get in the car, because for whatever reason I did not want to. We went to the store and I bought caramel with the money he had given me for going. We got back in the red Toyota and went home. It was snowing March, 6th. My father had put me in the middle seat belt with no shoulder strap. I was only a sweet six year old girl, happily eating her caramel. BOOM! The next thing I remember is blood dripping down my face, blood just everywhere. Nicole was hysterically sobbing and crying my name. Then everything went black. Was I dead? Well to be frank, yes I was dead. You see beer and driving is never a good mix. My dad was an offender of drinking and driving. What had happened was he hit into a telephone pole. He was as drunk as a skunk. Meanwhile, I was sitting in the middle so I went forward and my face hit the console, which is the piece that lifts up usually in between the front seats. My whole right side of my face ripped off, leaving me unconscious. On top of that, the caramel that I was eating got stuck in my throat and caused me to stop breathing. By the time the paramedics got there, I was pronounced dead on the scene. A little six year old girl dead by the hands of her own father, dead by the means of a drink adults love, dead by the force of a red Toyota hitting a telephone pole, dead and never got to live her life. Of course I'm alive now. Some paramedic refused to let a six year old die, he did not give up. He tried and tried, until finally there was life again. I have beaten death, but been abused by its wrath. No six year old, or anyone for that matter, deserves to go through what happened to me. I had 50 stitches on the outside of my face and over 100 on the inside of my face. So many stitches the doctors lost count of them all. I was scarred for life. The other people in the car didn't even get a scratch on them. They were lucky, they were safe. On the other hand, I was half dead. You may wonder what happened to my father. Well nothing happened to him. He walked away from it all, he never even apologized. Yeah sure, kill your kid and walk merrily away. To this day he is a well hated man. I don't know who hates him more though, myself or all of my friends for what he did. In all honesty, the pain from that crash doesn't end there. After the crash I had to repeat first grade, which was very unpleasant. I won't go much into the six years of my school life before escaping it. But know that I hated it. I hated school so much and I'll tell you why. No the work wasn't too complicated, math always got me, but I was quite good with English. Nope, what I hated was the kids and teachers. No one properly understood me. How could they? The car accident had heightened my learning disabilities and made them worse. I had post traumatic stress syndrome, and everyone made fun of me. The one thing I truly learned, the world was cruel.
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Officer improves, other crash victim dies
One of the victims of an alleged drunk driving accident early Friday morning has passed away and an off-duty police officer remains hospitalized.
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Drunk driver suspected in fatal crash
Their son is accused of driving drunk and crashing into the back of a car, killing a man and critically injuring another -- a crash so violent it sent the victims' car flying 10 feet high into a tree.
Views: 311 WOOD TV8
Determined Friends mission is to prevent OWI's support victims of drunk driving and protect our community from drinking and driving with education and support programs. School and Organization Prevention Programs (Leadership and Responsibility Movement Program) Designated Driving Services Free Ride after 5 (We drive you and your car home safe and professionally) Victims Support Services of a drunk driving crime "Making a Difference One Friend at Time" They said she would never live.....She Did. They said she would never walk ......She Did. They said she would never talk........She Did. Her story inspires and motivate and educate.
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Victim's family questions not guilty verdict in fatal crash
A not guilty verdict for an accused drunk driver has stunned the family of the young man he hit and killed in Gallup almost two years ago. A Gallup jury found 40-year-old Daryl Begay not guilty of vehicular homicide, DWI causing great bodily harm, and plain old driving while intoxicated, even though he blew a .15 - almost twice the legal limit. Begay t-boned Scott Costley's pickup truck in a Gallup intersection in September 2009. Costley was 21. Motorcycle racing was his passion and he was good at it. He got a motorcyclist's funeral and became a symbol of Gallup's ongoing struggle against drunk driving. Costley's parents believe there is no justice in the verdict. "Dropping the DWI charge when clearly there was more than enough facts - on video, the breathalyzer test, the blood tests - I mean where did the jury come up with that," asked Todd Costley, Scott's father. "That's the thing we are questioning in our minds." "If Daryl Begay had any remorse for what he's done he would have looked us in the eye and apologized to us, whether he was guilty or not, found guilty or not," said Christy Costley, Scott's mother. "He never looked at us and never apologized to us for what he's done, and that's been very hurtful." Scott Costley's family and friends still feel that he did not die in vain. McKinley County has made significant strides in reducing drunk driving, but there is still a long way to go.
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Pennsylvania's Many DUI Drivers Devastate Families (Part 3)
Pennsylvania ranks fourth in DUI deaths since 2005. WTAE reporter Sheldon Ingram spoke with victims' relatives and professionals who are fighting DUI on the front lines, and they say punishment must be more severe, especially for repeat offenders.
Views: 326 WTAE-TV Pittsburgh

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