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Six-year-old victim of DUI speaks
The woman behind the wheel in a deadly drunk driving crash learned her fate today. A mother was killed in that accident, and her daughter, Summer Moll, was severely injured.
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Jacqui's Story
Uploaded with permission from Mr. Dan Blasdel of PLADD.org This is the story of Jacque Saburido and the terrible consequence of a young man's decision to drink and drive.
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Please Don't Drink & Drive..Tribute To Innocent Victims Of Drunk Drivers
End result of people that choose to drink & drive.People never learn. Must See..Not For Children..
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Act Of Forgiveness From Victim's Father Stuns Courtroom
In a Big Island court a father, whose one-year-old daughter died in a crash caused by a drunken driver, shows an act of forgiveness.
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Friends, family honor DUI victim at crash scene
Investigators say a local dentist was driving drunk when he hit and killed two people crossing the Harbor Island bridge. Family and friends of one victim returned to the bridge to celebrate her life and send a message.
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Drunk Driving Victims Deliver Sobering Message
Victims of drunk drivers voice their concerns about the potential dangers of driving while drunk. 9-4-2010.
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DUI crash victims' family shares grief, words
Grief-stricken family members and friends appeared in public this morning to share their emotions and words after a drunk driver killed a father and his three sons in St. Petersburg on Sunday.
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Victims of drunk driving remembered
Families and friends held a rally for the victims of drunk driving this Saturday in Owasso.
News: Victims Speak about DUI
In advance of the July 4 holiday weekend, News First 5 revisits drunk driving dangers and DUI crackdowns. This time, however, it is in victims' words and stories. http://www.newsfirst5.com/news/watch-this-story-before-you-drink-this-weekend/
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Family Of DUI Victim To Hold Roadside Vigil
http://downtown.fox2now.com/content/family-dui-victim-hold-roadside-vigil A Jefferson County family is about to suffer through a Labor Day tradition no family should ever be forced to endure. They lost their daughter in a drunk driving accident, and this weekend they will do as they do each year: return to the scene of the crime. "The most horrible thing a parent can http://downtown.fox2now.com/content/family-dui-victim-hold-roadside-vigil
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Drunk Driving The Scientist
*I do not own the songs, nor other videos played in this video. The Scientist-Coldplay Only Time-Enya Car accident simulation and slideshow of victims. Don't Drink and Drive. Save A Life.
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CHALLENGE To raise social awareness of the drunk driving problem in Russia. SOLUTION Each focused group received its unique message. A 12-meter (40-feet) high bottle filled with cars crashed in real road accidents was noted by the leading mass media covering the First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety. Then it was relocated to a busy highway. Drivers were cautioned by outdoor advertisement and by popular radio station reels. Families watched reels on TV and in cinemas. Drivers read graffiti on the gates of their garages. Web-surfers entered the site and discussed the project in social media. RESULTS The awareness campaign was covered by the leading mass media, got more than 74 million contacts with the audience and was widely discussed. Millions of drivers in Russia got a warning from the installation which was also noted by the officials responsible for global road safety. The number of people killed because of drunk drivers reduced by 28% in December 2009 and by 48% in January 2010 compared with the same period of last years. МЕМОРИАЛ ЖЕРТВАМ НЕТРЕЗВОГО ВОЖДЕНИЯ ВЫЗОВ Русская традиция — праздновать, выходя за рамки. Нетрезвое вождение воспринимается детской забавой, а не серьезным нарушением, влекущим человеческие жертвы. В этих условиях мы должны были сократить число погибших по вине нетрезвых водителей в период новогодних праздников, повысить значимость проблемы и сделать нетрезвое вождение общественно неприемлемым. РЕШЕНИЕ Каждая целевая группа получила свое уникальное сообщение. 12 метровая бутылка из разбитых машин попала в фокус ведущих СМИ, освещавших Всемирную конференцию по безопасности на дорогах, а потом переехала на оживленную трассу. Водителей предупреждали аутдор и ролики на популярном автомобильном радио. Семьи смотрели ролики по ТВ и в кинотеатрах. Шоферы читали графити на воротах своих гаражей. Интернет аудитория шла на сайт и обсуждала проект в социальных медиа. РЕЗУЛЬТАТ Акция оказалась в фокусе ведущих СМИ, получив свыше 74 миллионов контактов, и активно обсуждалась в обществе. Монумент предупредил миллионы водителей в России, и был замечен теми, кто отвечает за безопасность на дорогах во всем мире. Число погибших по вине нетрезвых водителей снизилось на 28% в декабре 2009 и на 48% в январе 2010 по сравннию с аналогичными периодами прошлых лет.
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Sentence Of Drunken Driver Is Not Enough For Victim's Family
A judge sentenced Kristin Mancao to 18 months behind bars for killing a man while driving drunk last year. The victim's sister says she can't understand why Mancao is getting off EASY. 8/24/2010.
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Drunk Driving Victim Services - MADD PSA
http://www.gGreen.com MADD Victim Services (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) PSA
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Crash victims' family speaks publicly
The widows and girlfriend of the four men killed by a suspected drunk driver in St. Petersburg on Sunday spoke publicly about the tragedy today in Orlando.
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Victims of drunk driving remembered
Families and friends held a rally for the victims of drunk driving this Saturday in Owasso.
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Drunk Driving Awareness
*You might want to pause at some parts because it goes kinda fast* The stories of the Lindsey, Pitner, Griffin-Burkman, Lawrence, and Wadlington Families and how their lives were affected by drunk driving. Please, please, please never drink and drive. It is soo serious (that's why I put "don't drink and drive" in here like 3 times) and you can see by this video how it can change a family forever. Drunk driving is 100% preventable, so help make a change and prevent it
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Community mourns drunk driving victim
Community mourns drunk driving victim
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Group Gathers To Remember Drunk Driving Victims
Dec. 1 marks the beginning of Drunk Driving Prevention Month, and those who lost loved ones on the roads gathered at Towson University on Tuesday night to remember and bring about change.
Wife Of DUI Crash Victim Tells Her Story
Danielle Presley's husband, Jason, was killed by a drunk driver in July 2004. She talked with WLWT photojournalist Chris Knight about how one person's decision to drink and drive changed her life forever.
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Auto Accident Victim Hit by a Drunk Driver
Our client was hit by a drunk driver. At Slater & Zurz, it's our goal and mission to take away your worries in times like these. Learn more about our Ohio law firm at http://www.slaterzurz.com
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Victim of a Drunk Driving Accident
http://www.StateLawTV.com. On this episode of Main Street Law Cindy Speaker interviews Los Angeles attorney Peter Steinberg about some of the legal aspects associated in a drunk driving case.
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Drunk driving victims memorial
Client: RAMI / State Inspection of Road Safety Adgency: ZAVOD Creative Director: Maxim Fedorov
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Mayor Daley's Candlelight Ceremony for the Victims of Drunk Driving
Each holiday season the City of Chicago hosts Mayor Daley's Candlelight Ceremony for the Victims of Drunk Driving to honor the memory of those killed and to remind all to celebrate safely and soberly.
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Drunk Driving Victims Call For Action
WKRC-TV March 18, 2010
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North Providence drunk driving victims remembered at vigil
Family members shed tears and told stories of loved ones killed by drunk drivers at the annual MADD vigil Monday night.
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Guilty....An Original Song about Drunk Driving
A tribute to victims of Drunk Driving by Tim Weidow. Check out my Country song Muddin. Please pass it on.
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In memory of Nicole Ashely King (DRUNK DRIVING)
A 14-year-old Katy girl was killed in an accident involving a drunk driver Friday afternoon just outside of Angleton in Brazoria County. Jeffery Thomas, 23, of Lubbock is being charged with intoxicated manslaughter after his truck slammed into passenger vehicle on State Highway 288 near FM 523, killing Nicole King and injuring two adults and two other children. There was a white Toyota Camry on the outside shoulder of the northbound lanes on Hwy. 288, Trooper Bo Stallman told the Times. Driver Chris Brown went to the trunk to get some snacks and drinks, and as he did that, he looked back to his left at oncoming traffic, and thats when he noticed a four-wheel drive pickup coming straight for him. Brown attempted to flag down the driver but was unsuccessful in getting the drivers attention. The driver of the truck was actually in the inside lane, and due to the level of his impairment, he actually entered the outside lane and drove on the shoulder, hitting the left rear side of the Camry, Stallman said. The impact caused the Camry to travel northbound and enter the eastside ditch, spinning around to face the southwest direction. The truck rolled and entered the same ditch, coming to a rest on its passenger side and facing west. King died at the scene, while her siblings, 12-year-old David and 11-year-old Alyssa, were taken by LifeFlight to Memorial Hermann Hospital. As of press time Tuesday, Davis is in pediatric ICU and is going to receive plastic surgery. Alyssa underwent jaw surgery and is in recovery at this time. Brown, as well as his wife and the childrens mother Christina, 36, were transported by ambulance to Angleton Danbury Medical Center. Thomas, a student at Texas Tech University, suffered only minor injuries and refused medical attention at the scene. He was arrested and charged with intoxicated manslaughter. He was released Monday night after posting a $100,000 bond. *****He has no prior record of driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence. (THIS IS A FALSE STATEMENT!!!!)
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DUI crash victims' widows to speak
The widows of the men killed by a drunk driver in St. Petersburg on Sunday are expected to talk about the tragedy today in Orlando.
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Drunk Driving - Gary Tribute
Is alcohol worth the price it really costs? You decide.
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Drunk Driving
The Office for Victims of Crimes estimates that 30% of Americans will be involved in an alcohol related accident at some point in their lifetime. In this video North Carolina personal injury lawyer Michael A. DeMayo will discuss the legal issues associated with being a victim of a drunk driving accident.
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Drunk Driving
Hub City TV gives you an inside look on the effects on Drunk Driving
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News: Victim of Suspected Drunk Driver Not Mad at Suspect
Janice Krich, a construction worker, was hit on the job by a suspected drunk driver - thrown 60 feet in the air, leg completely shattered. Just a week later, News First 5's James Jarman gets the entire story in her own words. She tells a powerful story of strength, forgiveness and positivity. http://www.newsfirst5.com/news/u...pdate-drunk-driving-victim-not-mad-at-suspect/
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Schuette Opposed Benefits to Victim of Drunk Driver
While on the Michigan Court of Appeals, Bill Schuette opposed insurance coverage to a victim of a drunk driver - the same insurance company that helped to fund Schuette's campaigns. Schuette is on duty for special interests. He protects insurance companies over us.
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What is a dram shop claim? Seattle Drunk Driving Victim's Rights Attorney
http://www.InjuryTrialLawyer.com - Chris Davis, Attorney at Law (Davis Law Group) - offers advice for your Frequently Asked Questions concerning your accident or injury claim. Drunk Driving Victim's Rights Lawyers in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland and Renton We Only Represent Drunk Driving Victims. Not DUI Offenders. The drunk driving victim lawyers at Davis Law Group have experience dealing with collisions that were caused by someone who was under the influence of alcohol. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed due to drunk driving crash Seattle attorney Christopher Davis has a team of dedicated and experienced lawyers that will fight for the highest possible compensation for you. Find more answers to your legal questions at: http://www.injurytriallawyer.com Connect with us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seattlepersonalinjurylawyer Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavisLawGroup Connect with us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christophermdavis Follow us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+DavisLawGroupPSSeattle/posts Check out some reviews on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/seattle-personal-injury-lawyers-davis-law-group-ps-seattle
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Drunken Driving Victim Ponders Recent Crashes
Michelle Bandur reports.
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Every 15 Minutes - Drunk Driving
http://www.wumbus.com/zProduct.jsp?pID=EFMY This gripping story revolves around the fact that every 15 minutes a death occurs from drunk driving. Viewers will have the chance to see the overall effects alcohol related deaths cause, and the effect on families and friends of victims. It is an emotionally driven story and gives a clear picture of the real-life consequences of driving while intoxicated. Designed for dramatic impact on viewers.
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Drunken Driving Victims Call For Safe Holiday
Drivers beware, Wisconsin has new drunken laws in effect.
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This is my story . . I am a victim of a Drunk Driver
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drunk drivers convictions
drunk drivers convictions
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MADD Victims Services - We help survivors survive
This video about services for victims of drunk driving crashes was produced and donated to MADD by Jim S. Adler and Associates, a personal injury law firm
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Grandfather Speaks Out After 6-Year-Old Killed By Drunk Driver
Grandfather Speaks Out After 6-Year-Old Killed By Drunk Driver
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I am a drunk driver
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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DUI Crash Victim's Mother Talks Of Daughter's Loss
A Maryland woman pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter and drunken driving after a 2009 crash that killed one person and seriously injured a member of the U.S. national soccer team. The victim's mother talks with 11 News about her loss.
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Drunk Driving Accident - What are my Rights if I am in an Accident with a Drunk Driver?
Drunk Driving Accident: There are two separate cases that will go on at the same time. First, the criminal investigation will be conducted by the police agency that responds to the scene, in conjunction with the State Attorney's Office in the county where the incident occurred. The criminal investigation may result in a criminal conviction for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). If injuries were involved, this would become a felony, where the punishment could range from probation to five years in state prison. You do not need to hire a lawyer to pursue a criminal investigation on your behalf. The State Attorney assigns an "assistant" that is usually a young lawyer working for the State Attorney who will be assigned to prosecute the case. As a victim, you do have a right to be present at all critical stages of the criminal proceedings and a right to be heard by the judge prior to sentencing of the defendant. These "victim's rights" were added to the Constitution of the State of Florida several years ago. Completely separate from the criminal prosecution, where the purpose is punishment, there is a civil claim, where the purpose is to obtain a money settlement for you due to the injuries you sustained as a result of the collision. If the defendant was impaired by alcohol or controlled substances, you can seek additional "punitive" damages from the defendant. That means that in addition to asking a jury to award you money for the things that are generally allowable under Florida law, such as lost wages, medical expenses, future pain and suffering, etc., you are also allowed to ask a jury to award extra money to "punish" the defendant for reckless conduct -- such as driving drunk or on drugs and causing injury to another person. These extra damages are usually not covered by any insurance, but if a rich person hits your car and is drunk, you can go after his personal assets to recover the punitive damage award after his insurance company pays the rest of the claim, right after the jury verdict. For more information please visit us online at http://www.robertgluck.com/ or http://www.robertglucklaw.com/
Salinas Teen Accused Of Killing Friend In Drunk Driving Accident
An 18-year-old was set to make his first court appearance Monday after being arrested on suspicion of drunken driving.
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Exclusive: Grandparents Of Fatal DUI Accident Victim
Action News spoke with the Grandparents of the 8 year old boy who was killed in a high speed accident on highway 1.
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Sisters killed in suspected drunk driving wreck
two parents-- still in the hospital-- following a suspected drunk driving crash in santa fe-- that killed two teenage sisters. officials say 17 year old deshauna and 19 year old del lynn peshlakai from naschitti , north of gallup.. died in the 5 car wreck friday night. the victims' family gathered at minute thumbnail 12:03 pm the crash site last night to rember the teenage girls. officials say the family was heading out of town -- after deshawna played in a basketball game against santa fe indian school. family and friends-- are in shock. drinking and driving is just not the way to go. it's so easy to call a friend, get a cab, do something, instead of taking someone's life. at last check-- their parents were still in the hospital. mother darlene was in serious condition... and their father david was critical. police believe 34-year-old james ruiz of albuquerque had been drinking before he slammed into the back of the peshlakai's car. police say he's faced d-w-i charges three times before. ruiz is now facing two counts of vehicular homicide and driving with a revoked, suspended license. we're still waiting for the results of his blood alcohol minute thumbnail 12:04 pm test.
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