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Fashion for the RENAISSANCE WOMAN by E.M. Campbell
2010 Collection, Almere The Netherlands www.elainecampbell.eu
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E.M. Campbell Fashion Show - The Renaissance Woman
Elaine M. Campbell www.elainecampbell.eu I thank the Mayor of Almere, NL Annemarie Jorristma and Judge Patrick Robinson for attending the launch of E. M. Campbell 2010 Fashion Collection. Also, thanks to the models, make-up artists, hairdressers, sound, light and film crew, photographers, back-stage crew and all the hands that helped. IT WAS AN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL SHOW!!!!!!
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Best Renaissance costumes
Found these at http://www.RenaissanceModel.com. I truly enjoy looking at this medieval costume collection!
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Renaissance Clothing
http://www.renaissance-festivals.com provides renaissance clothing, medieval costumes, renaissance costumes, medieval dresses, pirate shirts, renaissance dresses, renaissance gowns, coat, pants, shoes, boots for male and female also find renaissance festival updated news, dates, images, map, address and videos.
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18th Century Layers (1740-1770)
18th century layers appropriate for the upper-middle class lady or noblewoman, 1740-1770. 1. Before the gown, AKA robe, you begin with the basics: a). Linen chemise (e.g. shift) b). Stockings, silk ribbon garters, and shoes (shoes not included in this video) c). Stays (corset) d). Pockets and a "modesty" slip (not included in video) e). Optional cap and fichu (kerchief tucked about the bosom) If a cap is not going to be worn, it's usually best to have the hair done beforehand, but this is largely optional. For this video, her hair is done in the braided style of 1730-1750. 2. The first layer is one of five hip supports seen in the 18th century. The period 1740-1770 commonly used paniers, pocket hoops or (for 1770) bum rolls. A small set of paniers were used here. 3. Next are the petticoats, usually three or four that may be made out of cheap fabric. Two were used here. Authentic petticoats should have drawstrings that tie in front and back. This made them waist-adjustable, crucial for 18th century frugality. 4. If your ensemble includes a decorative silk taffeta or satin petticoat, put that on. This is the last petticoat that goes on before the gown. 5. You fasten a jacket, gown, redingote (riding coat), etc over the stays with pins (buttons were only used for coats during this time). The typical gowns for 1740-1760 were the mantua, robe à la française (French robe, or gown) and in 1770, the l'anglaise and polonaise, besides a variety of jackets. (See below for more on the robe à la française.) 6. Finally, you baste or pin on the "engageantes," the nice lacy things you see on the elbows. Lace was expensive during the 18th c., so the richer you were, the more lace you had (maids, servants had little to none). They were made separate from the gown for easy laundering. Note: The française was made in two ways: with "closed" or "open" fronts. The open fronts were such that they were cut so that a V-shaped opening over the stomach was filled with a piece of decorative fabric called a "stomacher." The popular kinds of stomacher were covered with silk ruched bows or made to imitate the stay lacings seen on poorer folk. Here, she is putting on a gown with a closed front, which needs no stomacher because the fabric was cut to meet in center front. This particular gown was also made with a stand-up Van Dyke collar, which can be seen in paintings by Fragonard and fashion plates. This wasn't a style you'd see every day, but more or less a fancy ball or masquerade gown.
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High Renaissance Fashion House's DesignU Promo
The always innovative High Renaissance Fashion House is poised to launch it's cutting edge, fully interactive design application called "DesignU," in conjunction with the official launching with the line's website. DesignU is a real-life avartar based design application that allows the customers to be fully engulfed in their personalized design process from inception to construction. Customers have the ability to control every aspect of the design process from inputing size and body structure, to choosing trims, notions, collars, cuffs, and fabrics from the various libraries. The DesignU application is HRFH's solution to consolidating the various design jobs and disciplines and cut down on turnaround time, miscommunications, and quality control because every customer's interaction order is done in real time with a real technician. Although HRFH's product quality and craftsmanship is constructed and handled with the utmost care and precision, DesignU also gives customers the ability to work within any personalized budget that will produce their one-of-a-kind garment to satisfaction.
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Women Renaissance Costumes
http://WomenRenaissanceCostumes.org. Whether you want simple, flowing lines or a ruff and farthingale, you can find Women Renaissance Costumes for your next faire, costume party, theater or themed-event. Indulge in silks, satins, velvets, lace and more as you transform into nobility or just the plain 'ole working class.
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Proper Attire
http://www.canadiancollegeitaly.com/ At The Renaissance School, we pride ourselves on looking good! Here's an informative video about the uniform requirements for those enrolled at the school.
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The Tudor Fashion: Reused Costumes: Part I
Hello Everyone! I have decided to make a video with reused costumes from The Tudor connected movies and TV shows.For some time I wanted to do it, and here it comes - the first part is already here! In the beggining I wanted to make one video, but I decided to make a few. Besides history, I really love the fashion and jewellery of old times, especially Tudor and Elizabethan oriented. I think the fashion that times was just AMAZING, something special.Making this video was fun for me, and I had opportunity to admire those beautiful clothes once again.Which one of them do you like the most guys? :) And what do you think, which actress looks the best in the same costume?
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NHS' Renaissance Models.
Northwestern High Schools' Renaissance Models (Cunts) @ Suitland's Fashion Battle.
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Fashion For The Renaissance Woman-Intro 2
Fashion for The Renaissance Woman, collection 2010 Launched 17 April 2010, Almere The Netherlands. www.elainecampbell.eu Background music: Mozart's "Allegro assai, agitato" by Willem Brons
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Julia Soares McCormick :Renaissance Costume Designer on TV
http://tudortalkandcatwalk.com/ Julia Soares McCormick -TUDOR COSTUME DESIGNER is interviewed on Look North television programme. She wears her historically inspired costumes at a Stately Home in Durham. View video highlights of her recent Renaissance Fashion Show in Edinburgh (May 2011) and read more about her company 'Julia Renaissance Costumes' on her exciting website.
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High Renaissance Fashion House DesignU Promo
The always innovative High Renaissance Fashion House is poised to launch it's cutting edge, fully interactive design application called "DesignU," in conjunction with the official launching with the line's website. DesignU is a real-life avartar based design application that allows the customers to be fully engulfed in their personalized design process from inception to construction. Customers have the ability to control every aspect of the design process from inputing size and body structure, to choosing trims, notions, collars, cuffs, and fabrics from the various libraries. The DesignU application is HRFH's solution to consolidating the various design jobs and disciplines and cut down on turnaround time, miscommunications, and quality control because every customer's interaction order is done in real time with a real technician. Although HRFH's product quality and craftsmanship is constructed and handled with the utmost care and precision, DesignU also gives customers the ability to work within any personalized budget that will produce their one-of-a-kind garment to satisfaction. www.HRFASHIONHOUSE.com www.HIGHRENGROUP.com FOLLOW ON TWITTER: @HighRenGroup and @hrfashionhouse
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Renaissance Dress: Shakespeare Awards
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Behind The Scenes: 2010 Australian Fashion Week with Romance Was Born
Avant-garde Australian design duo Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett of label Romance Was Born let their imaginations run wild with their latest "Renaissance Dinosaur" collection. Editor/Publisher Jackie Frank goes backstage to watch the show alongside the designers.
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Thrive: TrenDevian's Echoes of the Renaissance Runway Show
Debut of the fashion design by Michelle O'Reagan's line, TrenDevian showcasing elements of the late renaissance and 1770s period as well as the central element to the designer's line, early european art nouveau. Live music by Cold Turkey completes the artistic, sultry, and mysterious vibe. See more: http://nueveauphotography.webs.com/trendevian.htm
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Animal and Wildlife Photography, Fashion Models Photography, Artistic Photography
Wedding Photographer Syracuse NY specializing in Professional Wedding Photography, Bridal and Engagement Photography. Family and Children Photographer, High School Senior Photographer and Baby Photographer of Syracuse NY, Liverpool NY and Central NY. Artistic and Creative works of Art by Mariana Roberts Wedding Photography. Fine Artwork and Photography by Mariana Roberts http://www.MarianaRobertsPhotography.com Book Mariana Roberts for your Wedding Day! OFFICIAL WEBSITE http://www.MarianaRobertsPhotography.com PINTREST https://www.pinterest.com/MarianaPhotos/ BLOG http://marianarobertsphotography.blogspot.com/p/videos.html FACEBOOK FAN PAGE FOR WEDDINGS https://www.facebook.com/MarianaRobertsWeddingPhotography/ FACEBOOK FAN PAGE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY https://www.facebook.com/Mariana-Roberts-Photography-327053834814/ FACEBOOK FAN PAGE FOR VIDEOGRAPHY https://www.facebook.com/VideoGraphicArt/ TWITTER http://twitter.com/FantasyPhotoArt CONTACT INFORMATION Call or Text Mariana at (315) 409-6893 to Schedule Your Photo Session. E-mail: Marian[email protected] Thank you for Watching, SUBSCRIBE for my newest updates, Wedding Videos and Wedding Music Slideshows plus my New Health & Nutrition Tips! Geyers Band Photography of by Kalle Linkert http://www.kalle-linkert.de Die Geyers are multi-talented musicians From near Stuttgart, Germany who specialize in German and European Renaissance music. Their performances are both musically and visually engaging, captivating an ever-growing fan base throughout Europe, America and the UK. Their sound is as unique and diverse as their characters with their versatility demonstrated on an impressive arsenal of instrumentation which includes: Swedish Nyckelharpa (keyfiddle), hurdy gurdy, a variety of bagpipes, crumhorns, oboe, cow horn, renaissance recorders, guitars (acoustic and electric), Irish bouzouki, traditional and ethnic percussion and others. The Geyers Band and line up as follows: Albert Dannenman -- crumhorn, rauschpfeif, recorders, bass dulcian, cowhorn, French bagpipes, Spanish bagpipes (gaita), German bagpipes (Huemmlechen), low whistle, tranverse flute and hurdy-gurdy Thomas Roth -- Front man & singer, Spanish bagpipes, German bagpipes (Dudey), mandolins, hurdy-gurdy and nyckelharpa Goerg Hesse -- acoustic guitars, Irish bouzouki, electric guitars Jost Pogrzeba -- various drums, djembe, udu, tarabuka, davul, drum kit Michael Walter -- Bass electric and acoustic, double bass Geyers Band Website: http://www.geyers.info/englisch/index.htm Geyers Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Die-Geyers/111308238916187 Geyers Band Photography of by Kalle Linkert http://www.kalle-linkert.de
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Medieval Clothing
pictures of different types of medieval clothing
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The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Fashion
Fashion in its widest sense comprises all out-ward manifestations of civilized behaviour which receive general acceptance for a limited period of time. Visit Our Store : http://stores.shop.ebay.com.au/Lateral-Canvas__W0QQ_armrsZ1 Every fashion change hides within itself the promise of the ultimate ideal of beauty, and the consumers, male and female, are only too willing to believe in the possiblity of fulfilment and feel obliged again and again to bow to the dictates of a new fashion.
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Fashion and Design During the Harlem Renaissance; an english project.
Fashion and Design During the Harlem Renaissance by Mary and Devan; a project for our junior year advanced english class. All visual content featured in this video are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners. No infringement intended. Images and screen captures are believed to be posted within our rights according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code.) This video was only used for educational reasons and no profit is made from it.
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Fashion of 18. century (please watch it in full screen)
Music: Händel Almira
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Renaissance Queen Royalty Costumes
http://myfavoritehalloweenstore.com Visiting the Renaissance Fair this year? Attend as royalty with these stunning Queen Renaissance Costumes. Complete your ensemble with wigs and costume jewelry for a great time at the fair or for Halloween
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PA Renaissance faire Pirate fashion walk 8-29-2010
Pirate weekend at the PA Renaissance faire 8-29-2010! I was showing a friend of mine my pirate fashion haha. My brother (driftwood) Also shows off his costume! good times enjoy
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The Standard Bearer, Albrecht Dürer, c. 1502
A Renaissance fashion model? This jaunty Renaissance Standard Bearer is the picture of style. Albrecht Dürer (1471--1528) The Standard Bearer, c. 1502 Engraving on paper Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts
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Pimping in the 70's narrated by Bishop Don Magic Juan :Part 2
Pimpin In the 70's Narrated by Bishop Don Magic Juan Join the Bishop for his birthday at the Players Ball for the 1st Time ever In Hollywood California Dec 3-6th. Get your rooms now at the Renaissance Hotel Hollywood. 323-856-1200 Mention the players ball special promo code: M-2TZZ53 Ask bishop a Life problem and he will solve your problem in an email. [email protected] Chairman of the Board - www.seriouspimp.com Footage from upcoming Bishop Don magic Juan Documentary honeycomb LLC 2010
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Suvi Jaskari Muoti Messut 2010 Helsinki Fashion Fair October 2010
The Renaissance style developed in four themes for a total of ten romantic silk evening dresses, by the fashion designer Suvi Jaskari-Marchesi from South Ostrobothnia, Finland. Kymmenen romanttista juhlapukua, muotokielenä renessanssiajan runsaat muodot, laskeutuvat kankaat, väreinä antiikkisininen, persikka, valkoinen ja ruskea, muotisuunnittelija on Suvi Jaskari-Marchesi (SuviJaskari brändi) Etelä-Pohjanmaalta.
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Gaga over Marko!
A close-up chat with Marko Mitanovski, a fashion designer, whose renaissance designs based on Shakespeare's 'Lady Machbeth' attracted Lady Gaga to choose his collection for her outfits on and off-stage. Watch what has inspired him in his outlandish and avant-garde designs until the fashion world has touted him to be the next Alexander McQueen.
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How to make a Shakespeare costume
How to make a Shakespeare costume, and have fun while doing it!
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High Renaissance Group Brand Promo
From the mind of Owner/CEO Emmanuel D. Peters, This is the introduction of the High Renaissance Group, LLC umbrella of brands including High Renaissance Fashion House, ClubScene, and High Renaissance Entertainment. www.HIGHRENGROUP.com www.HRFASHIONHOUSE.com FOLLOW ON TWITTER: @HighRenGroup and @hrfashionhouse
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Contest Time: Harlem Nights
This contest is my Harlem Nights Contest. The goal is to recreate a look that embodies the essence of Harlem in the 50's. The more you do the better so go all out. Contest starts now 10/03/2010 and end 10/31/2010 11:59 EST. Rules: 1. Be a subbie 2. Live here in the US 3. Be 18 or older get your parents permission 4. Only one entry per ind. 5. Just show your look. You can do a picture slide show if you like (for those who don't do live vids) or a live video.
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English Antique Lavabo Renaissance Accessories for Sale
http://www.newel.com/English-Renaissance-accessories-lavabo-antiques-n103.html - Newel.com: English Antique Lavabo Renaissance Accessories for Sale (Newel Art and Antiques, New York City)
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English Antique Towel Stand Renaissance Accessories for
http://www.newel.com - Newel.com: English Antique Towel Stand Renaissance Accessories for Sale (Newel Art and Antiques, New York City)
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eFashion Exclusive Clothing Embroidered Gothic Renaissance Peasant Skirt & Blouse Set. Fabric : 100% Viscose / Butter Soft Rayon. Brand : eFashion
The Damn Salon Fashion Show
The Damn Salon Fashion Show Mushyia Filmed by Renaissance Multimedia Group RMG Media filmed and edited by Raphael Gentry
Views: 11006 RMG Media
Medieval Dress-up Assignment
Suzanne Waldenberger outlines in dramatic fashion her course's medieval dress-up assignment.
Views: 2682 TELS Super Workgroup
Fashion Advice : How to Wear a Peasant Blouse
When wearing a peasant blouse, wear a slim-fitting pair of pants to balance out its loose proportions. Create a fashionable outfit around a peasant blouse with helpful hints from a former model and actress in this free video on fashion advice. Expert: Wendi Braswell Contact: wendibraswell.com Bio: Wendi Braswell is a former model, actress, wife and mother of two with more than 25 years of experience working in the fashion industry. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: Putting together fashionable outfits generally involves following a few simple style rules. Dress appropriately and stylishly with help in this free video series on fashion tips.
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Making of a Couture Bridal Fashion Show at Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury Events
This video is a documentary of our couture runway show that we produce 32 times a year at every Bridal Expo Chicago luxury bridal show. Shot on location at the Renaissance Hotel Schaumburg, we started the show with couture gowns from renowned designers Rivini, Ian Stuart Bride, and Judd Waddell to name just a few. We also partnered with ten hand selected bridal salon retailers and International Bridal Manufacturers including Lazaro, James Clifford, Lezu, Ysa Makino, Stephen Yearick, and Rose Clara who offered our attendees the best in bridal gowns, attendant dresses, social occasion apparel, and formalwear.
Views: 1079 BridalExpo
English Antique Clothes Iron Renaissance Accessories for
http://www.newel.com - Newel.com: English Antique Clothes Iron Renaissance Accessories for Sale (Newel Art and Antiques, New York City)
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Embroidered Gothic Renaissance Bohemian Long & Short Sleeves Blouses Tops.wmv
eFashion Exclusive Clothing http://efashion.ecrater.com presents all NEW with TAG Embroidered Gothic Renaissance Bohemian Long & Short Sleeves Blouses Tops. Store Link : http://efashion.ecrater.com Material : 100% Viscose Brand : eFashion Occasion : Party Wear, Evening Wear, Church, Rock and Roll, Dinner Wear, Office Wear, Renaissance Fair, Wedding, Other Occasions.
English Antique Butter Churn Renaissance Accessories for
http://www.newel.com - Newel.com: English Antique Butter Churn Renaissance Accessories for Sale (Newel Art and Antiques, New York City)
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Astounding Medieval Costume Highlights!
Stunning medieval costume that'll fit you and your budget! Find more at http://www.RenaissanceModel.com.
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Fashion Show May 2010 Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Presentation of Fashion Designer in Addis Ababa in may 2010. Please see Diane Pernet's blog A Shaded View on Fashion for more information. (http://dianepernet.typepad.com/diane/2010/05/ethiopian-diaries-renaissance-fashion-show-in-addis-ababa-text-by-philippe-pourhashemi-photos-by-bin.html)
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Movies. Costume historique. Halloween Costumes Costume Rentals Renaissance Costumes.
www.catiamancini.it www.catiamanicni.eu www.catiamancini.com The Italian Renaissance began the opening phase of the Renaissance, a period of great cultural change and achievement in Europe that spanned the period from the end of the 13th century to about 1600, marking the transition between Medieval and Early Modern Europe. The term renaissance is in essence a modern one that came into currency in the nineteenth century, in the work of historians such as Jacob Burckhardt. Although the origins of a movement that was confined largely to the literate culture of intellectual endeavor and patronage can be traced to the earlier part of the 14th century, many aspects of Italian culture and society remained largely Medieval; the Renaissance did not come into full swing until the end of the century. The word renaissance (Rinascimento in Italian) means rebirth, and the era is best known for the renewed interest in the culture of classical antiquity after the period that Renaissance humanists labelled the Dark Ages. These changes, while significant, were concentrated in the elite, and for the vast majority of the population life was little changed from the Middle Ages. The European Renaissance began in Tuscany, and centered in the cities of Florence and Siena. It later had a great impact in Venice, where the remains of ancient Greek culture were brought together, providing humanist scholars with new texts. The Renaissance later had a significant effect on Rome, which was ornamented with some structures in the new all'antico mode, then was largely rebuilt by humanist sixteenth-century popes. The Italian Renaissance peaked in the mid-16th century as foreign invasions plunged the region into the turmoil of the Italian Wars. However, the ideas and ideals of the Renaissance endured and even spread into the rest of Europe, setting off the Northern Renaissance, and the English Renaissance. The Italian Renaissance is best known for its cultural achievements. Accounts of Renaissance literature usually begin with Petrarch (best known for the elegantly polished vernacular sonnet sequence of the Canzoniere and for the craze for book collecting that he initiated) and his friend and contemporary Boccaccio (author of the Decameron). Famous vernacular poets of the fifteenth century include the renaissance epic authors Luigi Pulci (author of Morgante), Matteo Maria Boiardo (Orlando Innamorato), and Ludovico Ariosto (Orlando Furioso). Fifteenth century writers such as the poet Poliziano and the Platonist philosopher Marsilio Ficino made extensive translations from both Latin and Greek. In the early sixteenth century, Castiglione (The Book of the Courtier) laid out his vision of the ideal gentleman and lady, while Machiavelli cast a jaundiced eye on "la verita effetuale delle cose"—the actual truth of things—in The Prince, composed, humanist style, chiefly of parallel ancient and modern examples of Virtù. Italian Renaissance painting exercised a dominant influence on subsequent European painting (see Western painting) for centuries afterwards, with artists such as Giotto di Bondone, Masaccio, Piero della Francesca, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Perugino, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and Titian. The same is true for architecture, as practiced by Brunelleschi, Leone Alberti, Andrea Palladio, and Bramante. Their works include Florence Cathedral, St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, and the Tempio Malatestiano in Rimini (to name a only a few, not to mention many splended private residences: see Renaissance architecture). Finally, the Aldine Press, founded by the printer Aldo Manuzio, active in Venice, developed Italic type and the small, relatively portable and inexpensive printed book that could be carried in one's pocket, as well as being the first to publish editions of books in Ancient Greek. Yet cultural contributions notwithstanding, some present-day historians also see the era as one of the beginning of economic regression for Italy ( there were some economic downturns due to the opening up of the Atlantic trade routes and repeated foreign invasions and interference by both France and the Spanish Empire
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Sewing Tutorial: How to make bloomers!
http://www.evangesews.com/ Like hammer pants only shorter.... and more Victorian. Bloomer style shorts are the perfect accessory for lolita or hime style fashion. They are modest, provide fullness to skirts, and are easy enough to make at home. If anything is not clear in this tutorial, please visit my website, http://www.evangesews.com/. I will be putting up patterns, diagrams, and step by step instructions. And if you like this video please be sure to leave a comment and then subscribe. Sewing tutorial pants skirt petticoat underwear panties pantaloons old fashioned fashion style sew needle thread fabric elastic easy simple awesome hammer time MC rococo baroque Tudor corset civil war era 1800s 1900s 1700s retro antique goth Gothic how to sew sewing bloomers Victorian Victoria pattern sewing short shorts long japan hime lolita loli wa qi gothic sweet country classic
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2010 ADCD Paper Fashion Show
Clips from the 6th Annual Art Directors Club of Denver's Paper Fashion Show. Featuring this year's first place winner; The Museum of Outdoor Art's all paper ensemble entitled "A Walk In The Sculpture Park" designed by Lonnie Hanzon, and modeled by Jessica Brack. Hair & Makeup by Steve Trujillo from El Salon. All the clothing in this yearly fashion show is made of paper. Yes, that is paper!

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