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1996 Seadoo GTX and 1995 Seadoo XP for sale. Run and look good. With covers, double place trailer, spare tire,life jackets and toolbox. MAINE
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Aninmon's life jacket shopping
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Turtle Lifejackets
Have you ever been cold while sailing? Try Turtle Lifejackets!
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Mustang Lil' Legends Life Vests for Kids
Super durable and cut for active kids that spend lots of time at the water. For more info and other life jackets visit http://www.westmarine.com
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Keith Colburn demonstrates lifejacket use to children
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PWC Safety Equipment
http://www.boat-ed.com. http://www.boat-ed.com/videos (For More Videos) This Boat-Ed safety course video discusses the use of safety equipment for a personal watercraft: life jackets, ignition safety switches, and protective clothing.
City TV Breakfast Television July - PFD's & Throwropes
BoaterExam.com on Breakfast Television, City TV, July 2010. Lifejacket/PFD's requirements, throw-rope and heaving line basics.
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Neoprene life vest
Find any Life jacket and Neoprene Life Vest on http://marineboatingonline.com/boat-accessories/life-jacket The Online Boating Shop
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Gill Inshore Sport Jacket at West Marine
Gill's Inshore Sport Jacket is perfect for warm weather boating, layering or wearing around town. Check the jacket features in this video and visit http://www.westmarine.com
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Rene Life vest 2
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Mountain Sports Jackets
A day in the life of a outdoor aparrel salesman
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Seadoo trip to Catalina August 1, 2010 Bottlenose Dolphin
I went solo today to Catalina on the Seadoo. I really enjoyed the sealife today. Bottlenose Dolphin next to the island stayed with me for an hour. They were mating and calmly staying very close to me at very slow speed. They allowed me occasionaly to touch them with my foot and I got great underwater shots while moving on the Seadoo. I go to the island on either Saturday or Sunday each week. I have almost 800 hours onthe water now.
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Putting on life jacket
Putting on life jacket
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TP003281549 XL1200 LTD Yamaha Jet ski on Custom Trailer
Here we have my much loved 2000 Yamaha xl1200 LTD Jet Ski on Custom Trailer. XL1200Limited ski info 2000 model with 183 hours washed and cleaned and sprayed with WD spray after every use and housed in garage, has jet traction grip pads and newly covered seat. Has NUJET Destroyer performance impeller and worx intake grate. Great ski for touring or even BBQ on the water out with a tube and wake board. The ski is a very honest ski I got the ski with about 155-160 hours on it and have had it for about 18months. The guy I got it off had the engine rebuilt at about 150hrs from what he told me. I have replaced the drive shaft which was done at gold coast Yamaha; I put the new impeller and grate on it to get better take off for pulling a tube and wake boarder. The ski does have some marks on it but is in good condition for its age. It has the ordinal instruction books that came with the ski. compression on each Cylinder is 1= 116psi 2= 116psi 3= 117psi they are meant to range from 110psi to 120psi QLD Rego runs out on the 28/09/10 Custom trailer info She is 2000 Dunbier Trailer which has had a little or maybe a lot of work done to her to make her camping friendly. 1st of all she has had a custom built 1320mm x 1320mm cage to go over the top of the ski which we would take camping to put all the camping gear on with 2 jerry can holders. this cab be removed Has Alloy Mag wheels put on her with a spare wheel which matches, and also the spare is sitting on a spare hub and bearing set in case something should happen to the ones on the trailer (pure just in case thing I never wanted to leave my ski on the side of the road if a bearing seized) NEW LED water proof lights. New winch strap. New bearings and springs new rollers new swing up jockey wheel and painted black about 9-10 months ago. QLD Rego runs out 21/08/2010 I have a body glove large life jacket and Tube and rope to go with the ski when it is sold. I have a beach loading extension bar which can be sold with the ski if someone wants it but it will be an extra $150.00 on top of the final price look at the video to see how it works or if someone Likes the idea send me a message and I can make one up for you for $220.00 new!!! http://www.tradingpost.com.au:80/Marine/Power/Jet-Skis/AdNumber=TP003281549
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Safety on the water this Summer
This video podcast focuses on the real essentials when you're afloat, whether you're using Personal Watercraft - a Jetski, a larger leisure boat, or just on the marina using an inflatable tender. Lifejackets are much less bulky than they used to be and there's no reason not to wear one and stay safe whatever you're doing. And we're in Blackpool launching the SeaSmart Campaign to make children safer at the beach.
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Jettribe Pro Series Goggles Jetski racing Freestyle Waverunner Seadoo Kawasaki stand up
check us out at www.jettribe.com! Jettribe's very popular Pro Series Goggles. Can be worn in the water while joy riding or racing, but also look great for casual wear! Jetski racing Freestyle Surf riding Waverunner Seadoo Kawasaki stand up tricks jump IJSBA APBA, AJS, BJBF, PWAB, BJSA, WCWA, CIWA, CJSBA, ACOJETS, JSSH, CZAVS, DJSU, JSRA, EJMSF, SJSL, GJRA, MJSJ, IJSBA, JSBAJ, JJST, KBPF, KJSF, AMMJ, NZJSBA, NMF, APMS, APMA, JSAP, TJC, UAF
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PWC Steering and Stopping Techniques
http://www.boat-ed.com. This Boat-Ed safety course video explains steering control and stopping techniques for personal watercraft (PWCs).
Emily Marcus Wiping Out... Wearing a Life Jacket
Emily actually got worse the more she tried surfing our boat wake... Make sure to watch the video of her Surfing East Bimini though, it's "Incredible".
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Scott DillioRarr WatUpseaDoo
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Lifejacket fun. waiting for paddle boat.
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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www.smartboater.ca Lifejackets PFDs
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SeaDooing on Lake Tahoe
Recorded on September 26, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
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Swimming Dachshund ~Picnic Island~
I took my dog to Picnic Island Dog Beach in South Tampa. He usually can swim without a life jacket but it was really windy and waves were high! So I put the jacket on him just in case. Dachshund loves swimming!
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6-18-2010 Storm
Storm coming in over Lake Michigan...ended up just being a lot of rain and high winds. Also a cruiser getting off the lake, and a pretty stupid seadoo owner not getting off the lake.
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Dangers of Wife driving a speed motor boat! Caught on Camera!!!
Wives are driving a motor speed boat, dragging a rubber raft by a rope...with their husbands and a teenage son hanging on for dear life! Thank God for life jackets? That was the last boat ride for one of the husbands since the recording of this video.
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Stearns Puddle Jumper Toddler Life Jacket for Swimming - Review
Buy at Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1h6oAUA (choose from a variety of boy and girl character styles) For a full review of the Stearns Puddle Jumper Life Jacket and link to buy, click here: https://www.myboatlife.com/2010/06/sterns-kids-puddle-jumper-life-jackets.html To buy directly from Amazon, click here: http://amzn.to/fdFL4w Video demo shows 3 year old girl swimming with kids puddle jumper swim jacket.
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2010 CTC Promo.mp4
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kneeboard filmed from my life jacket HD
hey, I am a starting kneeboarder, here you can see my first video. spin, jumps and a crash!
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Go Pro Dog Life Jacket Cam- Colt At Lake Calavera
Straped My GoPro Wide Onto The Puppys Life Jacket and Let Him Loose At Lake Calavera In Carlsbad
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CHCH News - PWC Safety
PWC safety, licensing, seat requirements, braking, docking tips.
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Westport Jetski Jumper
Couple dude jumping waves in Westport, WA 11.14.10. This ended badly.
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Boy burn ski doo sweater.
Boy enjoy life.
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me getting owned laughlin nz/bullhead az
me at the river trying to be a nice guy and help these 2 arabs floating in the water with out life jacket ...what a big mistake ...that dumb bitch can not follow directions when i told her she can hang on the back but not get on ....she would not let go and pulled me over ....i almost ran them over on the way up and decided maybe i should help ...i was yelling at her that she can not follow directions and i hope they fukkin drowned and die ...sooo fukkin pissed i had water in my ski after a dry troubleless weekend ....they fukkin blew it i will never stop to help anybody ever again!
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Shoei, the Cairn Terrier dog. Going fast on the jet ski... A Born Rider
Cairn Terrier Dog riding the fast Yamaha Jet Ski on the Gulf Side of ocean.. Key Largo, Florida.
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Wet Biking with KEVIN
Wet biking in the warm, flat waters of Dubai
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Kawasaki 550sx onboard camera
This is me playing around on my 1990 550sx. I am using a Kodak Playsport HD waterproof camera, but I need a better way to mount it, its just stuffed in my life vest. you can also see my buddy on his X2 darting around trying to kill me
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Jetty Jumpers - Fall Jet ski Tours
Our clients having fun on a freezing October day in the NYC Harbor waters.
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O'Neill Wake Clinic 2008 Part 5
O'Neill's line of product for 2008 with behind-the-scenes athlete interviews as well as riding. Part 5 of 6.
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Christine talking about Jettribe's new leg guards Jet Ski Racing back flips awesome stunts
check us out at www.jettribe.com! Unlike the hard and heavy leg guards used by many runabout racers today, Jettribe's innovative 2011 Leg Deflectors offer the very best in leg protection while maintaining flexibility, durability and weight savings. Infused with years of technology, Jettribe's dual-panel leg guards are made with two corrugated- honeycomb poly carbonate cells laminated together covering both the front and outside of the shin. Then, each protective cell is wrapped in ballistic nylon, four-layers of protective compression-molded EVA open-cell foam and an air mesh layer over the 6mm molded-neoprene outer covering. Simply put, Jettribe's 2010 Leg Deflectors can absorb impact and redistribute the force throughout the protective cells reducing impact to the rider. Strap the triple 1¼-inch Velcro straps around your calf and above your knee and you're ready to ride! Each pair of Jettribe's 2010 Leg Protectors come with a convenient reusable carrying case and the industry's leading limited one-year customer satisfaction warranty -- found on all Jettribe performance products. Christine promoting Jettribe's new leg guards as part of the RS-15 Race Series gear Jetski racing Freestyle Surf riding Waverunner Seadoo Kawasaki stand up tricks jump IJSBA APBA, AJS, BJBF, PWAB, BJSA, WCWA, CIWA, CJSBA, ACOJETS, JSSH, CZAVS, DJSU, JSRA, EJMSF, SJSL, GJRA, MJSJ, IJSBA, JSBAJ, JJST, KBPF, KJSF, AMMJ, NZJSBA, NMF, APMS, APMA, JSAP, TJC, UAF
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Lake Ozark Bruce.mov
Bruce has a great time learning to kneeboard!
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Stacey Lacey dog swimming
Prince with life jacket
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The Questionaire Show With Brian Doolittle: Pilot/ Where's My Vest
This is the first episode of The Questionaire Show. This show is a spinoff of The Arrogance Show With Mike Ingles that I picked up at JCB High School's former class Broadcast Journalism now a school club called JCB News that appears on Fridays. I spell the title Questionaire not Questionnaire.
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Flying the Manta Ray Brisbane river
80km/hr 11,000rpm on the jetski gets you this... well worth it... Kiteboarding life jacket is well worth its money!!!
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Sudbury Speaks - Do you have a pleasure craft operator card?
Sudbury - Boaters who head to the lake should remember to bring their Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) and life jacket, as both items are required by law, according to police. Paddleboats and canoes (unless used with a motor) do not require the PCO card. Northern Life visited Bell Park to see how many people have a PCOC.
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inflatable ring on the water animated
my animated ring drifting along the water.
Best of CGTV: Station Miami Beach, Part 2
Station Miami Beach works to keep everyone safe as a high-speed race takes place just off-shore, close to pleasure boats and jet skiers.
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