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Oracle DBA - Tablespaces
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial explains Oracle Tablespaces.
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Criação de uma tablespace para o início do nosso projeto AGENDA.
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Oracle DBA - Extents and Segments
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial explains Oracle Extents and Segments.
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Oracle DBA - Blocks
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial explains Operating System Blocks and Database Blocks.
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Oracle DBA - Rollback Segment
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial explains rollback segments and undo segments.
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Oracle DBA Lite: an introduction to Oracle administration, part 3
CAPTIONS AVAILABLE - Tablespace and datafile management in an Oracle database.
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Converting Oracle Database from Windows to Linux using RMAN
Learn how to migrate oracle database from Microsoft Windows to Linux using RMAN
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Storage Management with Oracle Database 11g
Storage Management with Oracle Database 11g
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Oracle DBA - Oracle Logical Storage Structures
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial explains the breakdown of Oracle Logical Storage Structures.
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Oracle DBA - Tables
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial talks about tables and table types.
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Oracle DBA - Data Segment
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial explains Data Segment.
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Oracle DBA - Database and Instance
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial explains database and instance.
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Recuperando el datafile System - Oracle 11g
Recuperando la Base de Datos Oracle 11g ante la perdida del datafile system usando el RMAN restore y recover http://www.mrlocooracle.com
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Oracle Database: How-To: Insert values into a Table
The Best Site to Learn SQL Online
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Oracle DBA - Logical Database Structure
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial explains Logical Database Structure.
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Oracle DBA - Temporary Segment
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial explains temporary segments.
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Database Comparison - Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE
http://zerotoprotraining.com - Database Comparison - Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE
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Oracle Database Architecture (ENGLISH VERSION - in stereo)
http://oraclexperts.wordpress.com/oracle-cluster-rac-english/ The Oracle database architecture (SGA + logical and physical structure) French version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meWIB3yt96U
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Oracle Audit Vault
Oracle Audit Vault Demo
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Oracle PL/SQL - Express Tour of PL/SQL
This tutorial gives you an express tour of a PL/SQL program. You will get a feel of what PL/SQL program looks like. Also you will learn what syntax error is, what run time error is.
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Oracle DBA - Segment Types
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial talks about segment types.
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The Best Site to Learn SQL Online.
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Example: Patch 9654983 - Patch Set Update
$ opatch prereq CheckConflictAgainstOHWithDetail -phBaseDir ./9654983 $ cd 9654983/ ]$ opatch apply
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Storage Management with Oracle Database 11g.flv
Storage Management with Oracle Database 11g
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Oracle RMAN - Introduction
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This video provides an introduction to Oracle RMAN
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TS and the file_list
Oracle TableSpace and the file_list in Aleph
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Oracle PL/SQL - Bind Variables
http://plsqlzerotopro.com This tutorial explains the use of PL/SQL Bind Variables. Bind Variables are important tool for taking input from users.
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Oracle Database: How-To: Create a New database using DBCA
The Best Site to Learn Skills Online
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Oracle Database: How to Create a User
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ORACLE- The purging Fire
US Metal from Greensboro, North Carolina. From 1992 only full-length "Selah" Metal legend with Shawn Pelata (K- Octave, Trampled Underfoot) on vocals
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3. Oracle SGA Architecture Overview (Part 3)
Part 3 of 4 Pete Cassidy explaining the SGA (System Global Area) of an Oracle instance. http://www.collin.edu/ce/spotlights/cassidy.html Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=addFo5FMzkg Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmc9uxNW99E Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_2TfSHotsY Part4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNGLyWIPPTQ
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Oracle DBA Lite: an introduction to Oracle administration, part 1
CAPTIONS AVAILABLE - This is the first video in a series of 7 for wannabe Oracle DBAs. It uses the (free) Oracle Express edition but what is told will be very useful to you if you are using the Standard Edition as well. Those videos tell you the really important stuff about Oracle, and my purpose isn't to give commands, but to explain what they mean. Even if I use Oracle Express, the concepts are valid with Oracle Enterprise Edition as well ...
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Oracle: How-to: Change the PAGESIZE and LINESIZE in SQL*Plus
The Best Site to Learn SQL Online
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Create database oracle 10_G
Create database oracle 10_G by Mr. Sittichai Unsook
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Oracle DBA - Index Segment
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial explains index segment.
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Oracle PL/SQL - Manipulating Values in Variables
http://plsqlzerotopro.com This tutorial explains how you can increase and decrease a value in a variable in fix units. This concept is a primary building block for advance programming like IF THEN and LOOPS.
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Oracle GoldenGate
Oracle has acquired GoldenGate, a leading provider of real-time data integration solutions. GoldenGate's best-in-class solutions enable real-time data integration and continuous data availability by capturing and delivering updates of critical information as the changes occur and providing continuous data synchronization across heterogeneous environments. Companies are expected to gain improved business intelligence across the enterprise by using more accurate and timely data and increase uptime of their mission-critical systems.
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Oracle Database security protecting the Oracle IRM schema
This video presentation by Simon Thorpe shows how Oracle 11g Database Advanced Security can be used to ensure the Oracle IRM schema is secured. This provides a powerful solution for protecting an organizations most sensitive information from documents on the desktop right through to the database.
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Oracle PL/SQL - Variables - Part 1/2
http://plsqlzerotopro.com This tutorial explains you the concept of a variable. You will learn what a variable is, how to define a variable, how to initialize a variable and how to replace a value in a variable with a new one.
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Oracle Tutorial - 10 - indexes
Oracle PL/SQL Query Database. Check more videos on IT courses on iAspireAcademy.org
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Oracle 11g and RMAN substitution variables
You can create RMAN command files and stored scripts that accept user input at runtime. Thus, backup scripts can use RMAN substitution variables for tags, filenames, restore point names, and so on.
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Oracle datafile IO latency
Interesting idea about: - where and how to get datafile IO latency - how is it computed - how does the long average can affect the latency output - how does this affect performance tuning?
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oracle database installation 10g R2 Arabic part2
oracle database installation تثبيت أوراكل 10g
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How to Create DataBase - ORACLE 10g.wmv
How to Create DataBase - ORACLE 10g طريقة انشاء قاعدة بيانات اوراكل Donate to support us : https://www.paypal.me/2techme Follow us on : Website: http://www.2tech.me Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/2tech.me Google+: https://plus.google.com/+2techMe/ YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/2techme
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SQL, structured Query Language, lesson 9,Creating users in oracle
how to create users in oracle database using command line interface
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Oracle Database: How-To: Delete a User
The Best Site to Learn Oracle Administartion Online
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oracle sql plus insert into values.avi
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