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Drunk Driving Victims
Video I made for Video Productions class. Rest in Peace -- Devin Spurlock, Jordan Michalak, Erika Hauduk, Stephanie Currie
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In My Hands - WARNING - Very Graphic!!
A video i made about drunk driving . Some graphic images i warn you. Please comment :)
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Drunk Driving Victims - StateLawTV.com
Drunk driving in the United States takes a life every 45 minutes, and changes forever the lives of those left behind. Despite decades of driver education that makes these consequences clear, thousands of Americans continue to selfishly choose to drive under the influence. Whether or not the driver is criminally prosecuted, victims of drunk driving can sue for the costs of the accident, including the terrible personal cost of a wrongful death or permanent disability. A drunk driving attorney can help victims recover the money they need to get the right medical care, rebuild their lives and eventually move on.
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ehTRealDeal - Drunk Driving Victims
Don't Drink and Drive! It affects everyone. In loving memory of Devon Spurlock, Jordan Michalak, Erica Haudek and Stephanie Currie. **This video includes musical compositions (Third party content) that is owned or administered by EMI Records Ltd and an independent music publishing company** **Coldplay. "Clocks." A Rush of Blood to the Head. EMI Records Ltd, (p) 2002.** **Watershed Worship. "Beautiful One." I Know You Love ME. Independent, (p) 2007.** "I have followed the copyright law correctly. This video non-profit and the songs are credited." "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 - Allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
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Drunk Driving Victims
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Teen Drunken Driving Tragedy Revisited -
"I wish I could take her place," says young driver of dead best friend.
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3 Car Crash Caused By Repeat DUI
The Drunk Driver Fled The Scene Right After Asking The Victims In The Other car if They Were Okay. He Was Later Arrested While Checking Into A Local Motel. It Was Later Learned He Was A Multible Repeat Offender. Below Is The Official Comment. P1 was driving southbound Hollister. P2 was westbound Main St. P1 failed to stop for the red light at Main St. and entered the intersection and struck P2. P1 checked on the occupants of the P2 vehicle then fled on foot. SDPD officers detained P1 at 1700 Palm. P1 was evaluated for DUI and arrested. A passenger in P2 suffered a fractured pelvis.
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DWI Victim Speaks Out
DWI Victim Speaks Out
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Drunk Driver Victim
This was part of a Parody PSA campaign by Jerry Zucker for his website National Banana.
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Every 15 Minutes a Teenager Dies from Drunk Driving
A warning to all teens about the dangers of drinking and driving. Program sponsored by the California Highway Patrol and involves Police, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, and Students to prevent drinking and driving. Conducted at Newbury Park High. Produced & Directed by Joe Lam. Shining Light - http://shininglightpictures.com
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Texting Worse than Drunk Driving - Girls get Killed Video - With Subtitles
This video is GRAPHIC - but it's all fake - it is based on a real story in which a girl's texting causes the death of four others her two friends and two parents of two children... It was produced in Wales, England by the Tredegar Comprehensive School and Gwent Police
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Remembering Kevin ~ killed by a drunk driver
This is a tribute video for a young boy who is forever 5 thanks to a drunk driver... He was trying to cross the street to join his brother & friends in Germany when a 60 year old drunk driver hit Kevin... killing him... I am on a mission to show you through videos, the victims of this 100% avoidable crime... and the loss their families must endure for the remainer of their lives... No one ever thinks it is going to happen to them... but it does... every day brings new vicitms and shattered families... Help us stop the madness of drunk driving... DON'T EVER DRINK & DRIVE... IT KILLS INNOCENT PEOPLE & SHATTERS FAMILIES!
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Victims of drunk driving remembered at ceremony
They were smiling, bright-eyed, many in their prime or just children. The three posters of photographs displayed at St. Lukes Anglican Church in downtown Red Deer on Saturday night showed just a fraction of the toll drunk drivers have taken on the roads around Red Deer and elsewhere. See full story at: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/video/Victims_of_drunk_driving_remembered_at_ceremony_71548392.html
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Teen Drunk Driving | Parents
Underage alcohol use is more likely to kill young people than all illegal drugs combined. We talk with Mothers Against Drunk Driving about how to prevent your teen from driving drunk and well hear from victims of drunk driving accidents. Subscribe to the Parents channel: http://po.st/SubscribeToParents About Parents: We’re here to help moms and dads raise happy, healthy kids—and have A LOT of fun along the way. Parents features information about child health, safety, behavior, discipline and education. There are also stories on women's health, nutrition, pregnancy, marriage, and beauty. It is aimed primarily at women ages 18–35 with young children. Follow us today to become the best parent you can be! Official Parents Website: http://po.st/ParentsOnline Follow Parents on FACEBOOK: http://po.st/ParentsOnFacebook Follow Parents on TWITTER: http://po.st/ParentsOnTwitter Follow Parents on PINTEREST: http://po.st/ParentsOnPinterest Follow Parents on INSTAGRAM: http://po.st/ParentsOnInstagram
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DUI: Real Cop Stories
DUI: Real Cop Stories
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Wake Up! Drunk Driving Kills
Shows both sides of drunk driving, from the victims who live with the pain and suffering every single day to the offenders who are now behind bars for their crimes.
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Result of drinking and driving.
My husband was hit by a drunk driver.He now goes to victim Impact Panels.Anybody that is stopped for a dwi,part of there sentance is to go to these panels and listen to victims of drunk drivers.I put this video together for those people to see the after affect of a drunk driving crash.
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the effects of drunk driving
Theology Project.
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City of Reno NV Reno Periscope DUI Victim Impact Panel
Reno City Attorney John Kadlic is part of a series with a reenactment of a DUI case.
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dont drink and drive! very sad! Jacqueline Saburido
My video about Jacqueline Saburido, who was trapped in a burning car and is heavily scarred, when a drunk driver smashed into her ............................................................ SORRY BUT BECAUSE YOUTUBE AND WMG ARE BEING ASSHOLES THE SOUNDTRACK IS NO LONGER - Enya song- only time IT IS NOW - •A Moment in the Life... BY Dax Johnson, DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME EFFECT ON THE VIDEO THOUGH http://www.helpjacqui.com
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Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident
http://www.georgia-accident-attorney.net Ernst & Park, LLC helps victims injured in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver or someone driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol.
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Police: Drunk driver dies in collision
Police: Drunk driver dies in collision
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Tucson Drunk Driving Victim Lawyer Sierra Vista Personal Injury Attorney Arizona
http://www.glicksmanlaw.com (520) 628-8878. Attorney Elliot Glicksman in Tucson, Arizona, protects drunk driving accident victims and their families. Many people lose their lives in alcohol related crashes. If you were injured or a loved one was the victim of a drunk driving accident, call our law firm serving Sierra Vista and other areas.
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Drunk Driving Accident Victim Attorneys Ray Conlon & Jeff Tarker
ConlonTarker is a Butler, PA law firm focusing their practice on helping injured victims of drunk drivers. This video is by a past client who discusses the service he and his family experienced after the traggic death of his son and daughter-in-law.
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Drunk Driving Survivor, Drunk Driving Prevention Speaker
Drunk Driving Survivor, Drunk Driving Prevention Speaker - Mom killed by drunk driving http://www.PaulFDavis.com/drunk-driving-prevention-speaker drunk driving survivor life-changing messages 89 nations touched, 50+ books written www.EducationPro.us ([email protected]) http://amzn.to/2wERGxZ drunk driving survivor, drunk driving prevention speaker for life-changing messages that awaken all ages, sober the soul, heart and mind to change, transform and save lives.
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Houston Drunk Driving Car Accident Lawyer - Terry Bryant
http://www.TerryBryant.com. Terry Bryant is a board certified attorney and former judge. He is an advocate for victims of drunk drivers. Don't drive drunk.
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STAR Flight - Drunk Driving Public Safety Video
STAR Flight has responded to hundreds of car wrecks involving alcohol. Texas leads the nation in DUI-related deaths each year. This video is dedicated to those innocent victims who have lost their lives or those of their family to intoxicated drivers.
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DUI Driver Gets 10-Year Sentence
Emily Hall, who pleaded guilty to her role in a fatal drunken driving crash, was sentenced to 10 years in prison Monday.
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Drunk Driving Psa
Drunk Driving Psa
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www..mrltavern.blogspot.com Mr.L host of Mr.L's Tavern talks about the tragic deaths of New Yorkers Lori & Kayla Donohue who were killed by a drunk driving illegal immigrant no June 8 2009. www.chimpsyradio.com
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This Could Be You. End Drunk Driving.
School project over drunk driving.
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MyHouseofPeace - Drunk Driving
A victim of drunk driving relives that night. All Videos are Actor Depictions
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Team 4: Young Victim's Father Wants To Close DUI Loophole
It has been five years since police arrested Armand Pistilli, who hit and killed 15-year-old track star Alexzandra Loos with a car. No matter how many times convicted drunken drivers get caught driving with a suspended license, they don't lose their vehicles.
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Cops: Drunk driver kills Good Samaritan
LOWELL TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) - It started on Alden Nash Avenue SE at 1:30 a.m. Friday, when two drivers, both allegedly drunk, collided head-on, deputies say. It was the first of three crashes in the span of moments on a dark curve, allegedly involving three drunken drivers, Kent County sheriff's deputies tell 24 Hour News 8. The last killed Todd Bryant, 43, a Good Samaritan who lives nearby, as he tried to help a victim. "He was just out there, trying to help," said his fiance, Margaret Mumford, who witnessed the impact. Deputies spent much of Friday trying to sort out the crash, taking measurements. They locked up three drivers at the Kent County Jail, they said. They say it appeared to happen this way: Two drivers, both apparently drunk, collided head-on in the 3000 block of Alden Nash. A third car, headed south, struck some of the wreckage. That driver, deputies say, was sober. Nobody was seriously injured in those crashes. Bryant heard the crash from his nearby home and ran to the road with his fiance and others. "The weird thing about that is that he's sitting home drinking and he doesn't have a driver's license for the same thing that's going on right here," Mumford said. Bryant had lost his license recently after convictions for drunk driving and open container, state records show. It was dark as Bryant approached one of the cars near the shoulder of the road, his fiance said. After his T-shirt was used to wipe blood from a victim's face, Bryant used it to wave down an oncoming pickup, she said. "Cars were still flying through like there was nothing going on there," she said. The pickup, allegedly driven by a drunk driver, struck him, deputies said. The driver fled but later called police to report the crash. "My daughter actually saw his (Bryant's) face, his expression on his face when it was happening, but I was a few feet away on the opposite side of the road, but I saw it happen and I saw him go up in the air, but it was so dark up there, I couldn't find him anywhere." She yelled his name, she said, then saw him in the road. He was taken by helicopter to Spectrum Butterworth Hospital, where he died a short time later. "It's in my ear," she said. "I can hear the thud, and I'm afraid to go to sleep because I'm afraid I'm going to replay it over and over and over again." Bryant was a father of two who was looking forward to getting married. He and his fiance moved into a small home on Alden Nash about three months ago, she said. He had worked as a truck driver. "He was a tough guy, a rough exterior, but when it came to helping people, he was always doing it; he wouldn't say no," Mumford said. "He may grumble about it, but he didn't say no." She said she was shocked that alcohol appeared to have played such a big role in the death. "It bothers the hell out of me. I've been crying so much and just trying not to think about it too much," she said.
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PLEASE DONATE AT ANY BANK OF AMERICA TO ABDALLAH KHADER FUND # 488017788212 my beloved ABDALLAH KHADER crushed in a wreck involving a suspected drunk driver remains on life support, leaving his family in anguish and a repeat DWI offender locked up once again. Doctors at Cook Children's Medical Center say two-year-old Abdallah Khader has just enough of his brain left to keep his heart beating. His mother said her religion will not allow her to remove her son from life support U CAN CATCH THE STORY AT http://www.wfaa.com/sharedcontent/dws/wfaa/localnews/news8/stories/wfaa09024_mo_suspected.4b15b838.html OR AT http://cbs11tv.com/local/DWI.Abdallah.Khader.2.943003.html http://cbs11tv.com/search/default.aspx?N=4294533503&TabId=2&Dt=abdallah+khader http://www.myfoxdfw.com/dpp/news/Drunk_Driving_Accident_Surviv
Drunk Driving Tragedy II
A public service announcement from C.A.S.S. (Cass County Alcohol Safety Solutions). 9/11 was a tragedy for this country and so is drunk driving. Cass County Michigan Prosecutor Victor Fitz informs us that drunk driving is the number one killer.
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DUI Auto Accident Lawyers in Detroit, Michigan - Sinas Dramis Law Firm
http://www.sinasdramis.com When a driver makes the reckless decision to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the victim of any resulting auto accident may pursue civil damages for his or her injuries. Drunk driving accidents are subject to the Michigan No-Fault Insurance Act. At the law offices of Sinas, Dramis, Brake, Boughton, & McIntyre, P.C., our auto accident attorneys are dedicated to providing effective and compassionate personalized legal representation to the victims of drunk driving accidents and their families. To contact our DUI auto accident lawyers, please visit http://www.sinasdramis.com. You may contact attorneys at: Sinas, Dramis, Brake, Boughton & McIntyre, P.C. Main Office 3380 Pine Tree Rd. Lansing, MI 48911-4207 Phone: (517) 394-7500 Detroit Area Office 100 E. Big Beaver, Suite 108 Troy, MI 48083 Phone: (248) 689-8900 Toll Free: (866) 758-0031 Website: http://www.sinasdramis.com
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Drunk Driving
Teen Driving Project
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Drunk Driver Who Killed Father and Son Gets 14 Years
Drunk Driver Who Killed Father and Son Gets 14 Years
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Tribute to 4 Teens Killed by Drunk Driver (3/16/09)
Erica Haudek, Devon Spurlock, Stephanie Currie, and Jordan Michalak were together in Devon's car on monday, march 16. they were waiting at a red light on Gratiot, when Francis Dingle, a drunk driver, hit them going 80MPH. All 4 teens died...and this is the story. R.I.P. PLEASE NOTE: i apologize for the quality of some of the video clips in this video. i tried! thank you guys for getting this video over 1000 views. god bless.
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Teen Drunk Driving
Video I made for my Driver's Ed class. Song: Dig by Incubus
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PLEASE DONATE AT ANY BANK OF AMERICA TO ABDALLAH KHADER FUND # 488017788212 my beloved ABDALLAH KHADER crushed in a wreck involving a suspected drunk driver remains on life support, leaving his family in anguish and a repeat DWI offender locked up once again. Doctors at Cook Children's Medical Center say two-year-old Abdallah Khader has just enough of his brain left to keep his heart beating. His mother said her religion will not allow her to remove her son from life support U CAN CATCH THE STORY AT http://www.wfaa.com/sharedcontent/dws/wfaa/localnews/news8/stories/wfaa09024_mo_suspected.4b15b838.html OR AT http://cbs11tv.com/local/DWI.Abdallah.Khader.2.943003.html http://cbs11tv.com/search/default.aspx?N=4294533503&TabId=2&Dt=abdallah+khader
Conn. Judge Berates Trooper Following DUI Arrest
A Connecticut judge could face misconduct charges over disparaging comments that she allegedly made to police who arrested her on suspicion of DUI in October. (Jan. 28)
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Drunk Driving-- Photostory
For Class
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Michele Sapper Speaks - Part 2 of 2
MICHELE SAPPER A VICTIM OF A DRUNK DRIVER "SHARES HER STORY" "...On May 1st 1984 I was killed by a drunk driver...brought back to life with CPR, and was then in a coma for two months..." I share the story of the challenges my recovery entailed, and the successes of my endeavors. Thank you so much for your interest! I feel that I was "kept here" for a reason, and that no matter what else I ever do in my life, I will always help in the fight against the drinking driver. Since 1986 I have spoken to high schools, colleges, and community groups. I spoke for MADD for ten years, and for ten years to DUI offenders and Gross Speeders as part of their sentence at the Los Angeles County Coroner's "Youthful Drunk Drivers Visitation Program". I help to train Law Enforcement Officers. In 1991 the Los Angeles Police Department made me a Specialist Reserve Officer. I have received Reserve Officer of the year for my division and bureau twice. My POST-certified program encompasses the Skills and Knowledge portion of the training program. Officers who participate in this program receive one hour of continuing education credit. I am one of the "instructors" for the DRE (drug recognition expert) unit's IDAP program (impaired driver apprehension program). I have spoken locally, nationally, and internationally. I am a Toastmaster (Toastmasters is an international public speaking organization) since 1985, and have reached the highest level of achievement, the DTM, which is called the Distinguished Toastmaster. If you would like more information regarding my programs and fees, or would like to book a presentation, please feel free to e-mail [email protected] or visit my website www.michelespeaks.com [Video edited by Sherwood Jones [email protected]]
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Nobody's Mama
Music video and original song to help prevent drunk driving deaths