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Remembering Drunk Driver Victims...
This video presentation is dedicated to my granddaughter Summer Pitner who was killed by a drunk driver on September 26, 2006 & all other drunk driver victims I have met since opening a myspace memorial page for Summer. All the loved ones in this video & the families of these victims have touched my life profoundly! It is my passion to use my God given talents to make everyone who watches these videos aware of the serious issue of drinking & driving. The tragedy & shattered lives left behind by the family members who have to somehow find a way to pick up the pieces of their fractured family & keep their loved ones memory alive is 100% avoidable! If you want to drink, fine... JUST DON'T DRIVE... IT IS SIMPLE... CALL A FREIND... CALL A CAB... JUST DON'T GET INTO YOUR CAR & PUT THE LIVES OF OTHERS YOU SHARE THE ROAD WITH AT RISK!
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tribute to drunk driving fatalities
a tribute to all of those who lost there lifes due to drunk drivers.drive safe and dont drive drunk
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It All Ends The Same: Drunk Driving
Drunk Driving is NOT a joke. I created this video after reading some stories about victims of drunk driving.
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Victims Of Drunk Drivers And Violent Crime
Victims Of Drunk Drivers And Violent Crime
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Kryptonite...Another DUI Victim Survives
David my Superman
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Mother of drunk driving victim dies
A fatal drunk driving collision in Spokane may have claimed its second life. The mother of an 11-year-old who died in December passed away earlier in the week. KXLY4's Erik Loney reports.
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Laughing DUI Suspect Draws Longer Sentence
An Arizona woman got a longer prison sentence after a judge heard a recorded jail conversation during which she made light of the bicyclist she had killed. Melissa Arrington received a ten-year sentence. (Jan. 25)
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Drunk Driving Kills!
Kelli Laine was killed by a drunk driver when she was only 18 years old. One mistake cost her something precious: her life. Please visit http://www.myspace.com/kelli_laine_doa to read Kelli's story.
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Drunk Driver Kills Two
http://www.crimefreeaz.com The Ford family was torn apart by a drunk driver. This is their story.
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The Story of a Drunk Driver
The next step in the war to save our children...
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Killed By A Drunk Driver
My Name is Christina Marie Weaver, I was walking when I was struck and killed by a Drunk Driver, At the age of 17.
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DUI Victim's Family Pushes For New Law
The family of a man killed by a drunk driver is determined to get a new law passed that will keep the man responsible behind bars.
Mothers Against Drunk Driving : MADD: Victim Support
MADD works with families from the moment of impact when drunk driving is involved. Find out more about Mothers Against Drunk Driving in this free community awareness video. Expert: Craig Lloyd Bio: Craig Lloyd is the North Carolina state executive director for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. He has held this position for over two and a half years. Filmmaker: Albert Hedgepeth
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Drunk driving victim, goodbye my friend
En memoria de sandra, my sister in law
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Driver sues victim's parents
Driver drops bid to sue family of boy he killed HARO, Spain (CNN) -- A Spanish businessman withdrew a controversial lawsuit Wednesday against the family of a teenage boy he struck and killed while driving a luxury car. Tomas Delgado had filed a suit asking the dead boy's parents to pay him €20,000 ($29,400) on the grounds that the collision that killed their teenage son also damaged his Audi A-8. News of the case sparked outrage in Spain and generated deep sympathy for the parents of 17-year-old Enaitz Iriondo Trinidad. He was riding his bicycle home to a campground when Delgado's car hit and killed him in August 2004. Hundreds of people descended on a courthouse in northern Spain in a show of support for the boy's parents Wednesday. They broke into applause when word came that Delgado had dropped the suit. The businessman had insisted in a recent television interview that he was a victim, too. He was not present for a court hearing Wednesday. His lawyer told the court that Delgado felt that the extensive publicity amounted to a public lynching. Outside the courthouse, the boy's father -- Antonio Iriondo -- told CNN he was content with the decision. Yet he also said his family will explore the possibility of criminal charges against the man. "This is just the beginning," the father said. His son was killed as he cycled back from a nearby village to a campground where his family was vacationing. Iriondo Trinidad's father told CNN he heard the screeching of the car from the campgrounds. The teen was struck from behind and dragged 106 meters (347 feet) along the rural highway, the father said. A traffic report said Delgado was traveling 113 km per hour (70 mph) in an area where the speed limit is 90 km (55 mph). An independent expert hired by Trinidad's family said Delgado was going 173 km per hour (107 mph). Shortly after the collision, a judge dismissed criminal charges against Delgado after concluding that he had committed no criminal infraction, the Spanish newspaper El Pais reported. The teen's mother, Rosa, told the newspaper that the family was given three days to appeal the judge's ruling, but they were too distraught to pursue it. She also told the newspaper that her family's lawyer advised her and her husband not to pursue criminal charges. After the collision, Delgado's insurance company paid the family €33,000 ($48,500). Two years after the wreck, Delgado sued the family for damages to his car and for car rental costs. The boy's mother told CNN before the hearing that she was indignant that the driver would seek damages after killing her son. A local prosecutor told reporters that he would take a second look at the case to see whether authorities can file fresh charges against Delgado. CNN's Al Goodman contributed to this story
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Two Sisters Tragic Story
In October of 2005, Shauna and Meghan Murphy were killed in an accident. The teen sisters story has now become a lesson on the dangers of drinking and driving for their peers and the community.
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Why does Cindy McCain lobby against Drunk Driving Victims...
Why are the McCains pretending to be so worried about campaign issues like abortion and a woman's choice with her own body but continually lobby against Mothers Against Drunk Driving who also protects the American public young and old from drunk driver deaths and crashes. Well abortions don't effect liquor sales in Arizona, so they can pretend to be concerned, Interesting-NOT.
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Drunk Driver Kills Little Girl
8-year-old Bryanna Holland dies in the backseat of her mother's car after an alleged drunk driver smashes into them.
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DUI Victim Testimony
Honorable Richard A. Vlavianos of San Joaquin County Superior Court speaks to a high school about alcohol, drugs and driving. Part of a preventative tool put together by The California Administrative Office of the Courts and the Office of Traffic Safety.
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Judas Priest - Victim Of Changes
One of their first songs. But the first time it apaered was on the "SAD WINGS OF DESTINY" (1976) album. LINE-UP ON THIS TRACK: Rob Halford: Vocals K.K. Downing: Guitar Glenn Tipton: Guitar Ian Hill: Bass Guitar Alan Moore - Drums LYRICS: Whiskey woman don't you know that you are drivin' me insane The liquor you give stems your will to live and gets right to my brain Don't you know you're driving me insane You're tryin' to find your way through life You're tryin' to get some new direction Another woman got her man She won't find no new connection Takes another drink or two, things look better when she's through Takes another look around, you're not goin' anywhere You've realized you're gettin' old and no one seems to care You're tryin' to find your way again You're tryin' to find some new... Another woman's got her man But she won't find a new... Takes another drink or two, things look better when she's through You 'bin foolin' with some hot guy I want to know why is it why Get up get out you know you really blew it I've had enough, I've had enough, good God pluck me [SOLO (K.K./Glenn)] Once she was wonderful Once she was fine Once she was beautiful Once she was mine...she was mine Now change has come over her body, she doesn't see me anymore Now change has come over her body, she doesn't see me anymore Changes, changes, changes, changes Victim of changes
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Spot "Don't drink and drive" Jacqueline Saburido
Jacqueline Saburido (b. December 20, 1978) is a victim and survivor of a drunk driving accident. She has publicized her own disfigurement to show the potential consequences of drunk driving.
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Confronting Son's Killer - Drunk Driver
Barbara relates her personal experience of meeting the drunk driver that killed her son, Tim, and the importance of the power of forgiveness.
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ThemeSong Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/390700391/songfile.mp3.exe A true story of courage and struggle of a normal man, whose life was forever altered by a drunk driver going the wrong way on the highway. Not a victim, but a survivor. He struggles daily but thanks to Jesus he is a living miracle. He now spends his second chance as an advocate speaking all over the U.S. and writing. He is working on two books at present. One book will be published soon. He is also working on a motivational video about being a survivor, and a documentary.
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Drinking and driving ended our lives R.I.P   A.D. Two of a kind
Song my nephews(A.D.)wrote and made for my kids who were killed by drunk driver, Damien 14, Angel 13.
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Mothers Against Drunk Driving : MADD: The Mission
MADDs mission is to stop drunk driving, support victims and prevent underage drinking. Find out more about Mothers Against Drunk Driving in this free community awareness video. Expert: Craig Lloyd Bio: Craig Lloyd is the North Carolina state executive director for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. He has held this position for over two and a half years. Filmmaker: Albert Hedgepeth
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Drunk Driving
A slide show about drunk driving.
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White Sheet - Public Television Campaign
MADD Canada was the grateful recipient of a grant from the Ministry of the Attorney General, Ontario Victim Services Secretariat, to produce two new Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to reach out to victims. These new PSAs are entitled "White Sheet" and are an innovative approach to identifying the pain and suffering a victim of impaired driving feels when a loved one dies. The second PSA also invites the community to get involved to help. The song is Asleep from Day by The Chemical Brothers.
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Tribute to live's lost
A slideshow about four lives who have been affected by drunk driving
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drunk driving
this is what drunk driving looks like
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Teen Driving Accident - Alexa's Story
Alexa tells TakeTheWheel.net about a loved one whose auto accident resulted in her being in a life-long vegetative state.
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Drunk Driving Kills
This is a dedication to the loved ones who have been killed from drunk drivers. This video show the perspective of how the lives of both the driver and the person that is passed on are effected.
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drinking and driving
need to undrestand about drinking and driving
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New Years Resolution (Holiday Tragedy)
After reading about a tragic drunk driving accident I decided to make this video as a plea to those who are going "out" to "celebrate" tonight. This is also a continued dedication to drunk driving victims from my first video.
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Dangers of Drunk Driving
Views: 617 lilgropp6
Drunk Driving Impacts Family
Taking on Drunk Driving
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Friend remembers gifted singer killed by drunk driver
Visit The Last Show at http://www.myspace.com/ncproud Isa Dollyhigh and her husband Jorge Guerra and her mom Colleen Dollyhigh were on a quick shopping trip over the Virginia border from Colleen's home in Mount Airy, NC when their SUV was hit by a drunk driver Saturday, March 22, 2008. Easter celebration turned to mourning as the family prepared to bury their loved ones. Isa Dollyhigh was a gifted opera singer and she and Jorge collaborated on their musical ventures. Isa's friend remembers a vibrant woman with a beautiful gift of song. From WGHP Fox 8 High Point, NC More drunk driving videos at http://www.youtube.com/ncproud
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In loving memory of Malaga's Finnish victims
Finnish tourist bus had a road accident with a drunk driver in Malaga, Spain on 14 April 2008. 9 finnish people died, youngest of them was only a 6 years old girl. RIP all the victims, forever in our hearts. x music: Enya - Angel
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Imagine a Nation without Drunk Driving
Drunk driving is not a choice, it is a deadly decision. Visit: www.impactdwi.org and www.ferraromotoart.com/karen and pledge to drive sober. "The life you save might be your own".
Views: 1599 Margaret Oster
Ten-year-old boy killed in drunk driving crash
A car crash in Coeur d'Alene Monday night claimed the life of a 10-year-old boy, and left his brother and mother in the hospital. KXLY4's Annie Bishop reports.
Views: 31911 KXLY
Drunk Driving
Shane kelly 1991 September 19- 2008 April 6th
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Teenager Dead After Suspicious Drunk Driving Incident
Michael Robert Creel was pronounced dead this afternoon. His body found hours after he was ejected from his friend's car after he was allegedly driving drunk. The victim's good friend has been arrested for manslaughter word is he was so drunk, he doesn't remember what happened. Around 1 am last night a group of teens were driving down Longshore Road when Michael Creel was somehow ejected from the vehicle. Texas rangers, DPS and the Howard County Sheriff arrived 12 hours later and pronounced Creel dead. Residents were surprised to see this in their normally quiet neighborhood. Amber Rodriquez, who lives near murder site, says, "I was kind of shocked really. That's why we don't live in town... to get away from that. So to have it out here this close to home, to me that's something to worry about". Denise Wilkinson, a visiting mother in Big Spring, says, "It sounds like they knew each other and those are the kinds of things that usually don't involve the people around. It just involves somebody got mad at somebody and hurt one another". Sheriff's deputies arrested the driver, Jeffrey Ray Pierson, also 18 years old who claims to have been too drunk to remember how creel fell from the vehicle. Pierson is charged with vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving with bond to bet set tomorrow. More arrests are still possible as other passengers were in the vehicle and did not report the body missing. An autopsy will be performed on creel tomorrow morning in Lubbock at which point residents may receive some more answers about the murder in their backyard.
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Please help stop drunk driving i lost my son and father
This is a video of my kids..my second son and father was killed by a careless drunk driver only serving 28years i got a phone call at 846 A.M 8/5/04 to get to the hospital as i got there they told me there was nuttin else they can do to my baby boy Nicholas they wanted me to give em permission to pull the plug as i went into tears and in sorrow my answer was YES a very hard decsion to make for any mother.Mins later him and my father passed away at 9:10 am This couls have been prevented if ppl would stop and lean fact the fact driving drunk costes The man who killed my baby and my father should be exiquited ..I live in USA NORTH CAROLINA and i think the laws here sux..Only 2 y/o he went to heaven as well with his pawpaw But the killer should have gotten more then 28 yrs he should stay there rest his life ..it took me 3 yrs to put this up and to share it im still hurting and sad as i see my oldiest son ask for his pawpaw and his brother plz leave a nice reviwe no harsh reviews have a heart
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Every 15 Minutes - TOHS 2006 (Part II)
The 'Every 15 Minutes' program is conducted in school all across America to enlighten students about the dangers and repercussions of drunk driving. It's a disturbingly chilling and sobering event (no pun intended), which involves a real-life car crash involving fellow students. Every 15 minutes, another student is removed from his/her classroom; another victim of a drunk driving accident. On the second day of the event, a car crash is staged and the whole school watches as their fellow students are removed, bloody and deathly, from their destroyed vehicles. Afterwards, the 'victims' are taken to the hospital to experience what it might be like. Rarely is this event ever broadcast. Rarer still does anyone but the 'victims' see what goes on after the crash. But this wonderfully produced video shows it all, from beginning to end.
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Drunk Drivers
The video is a way to show that many people aren't aware of the dangers of driving under the influence. Usually it's the innocent people who get killed or injured.
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Sammy's Smile Samantha Beaudette - This is what a drunk driver took from us
The video I created and had played in court during sentencing. Music by: "Kenny Chesney-Who You'd Be Today"
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Drunk driver kills grandma daughter husband Easter weekend
Visit The Last Show at http://www.myspace.com/ncproud Drunk driver plows into SUV carrying a grandma, her daughter and the daughter's husband, killing all three on I-77 near Virginia/North Carolina border Easter weekend 2008. Move drunk driving videos at http://www.youtube.com/ncproud
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Chico News Coverage on Rachel Elliott (Drunk Driving Video)
First news coverage on the death of Rachel Elliott, killed by a drunk driver. Corona, CA. Please support Mothers Against Drunk Drivers / MADD!
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Boy Clings To Life After Alleged DUI Crash
A 5-year-old boy was fighting for his life on Wednesday following a New Year's Day crash in Elk Grove that killed a teenage college student and resulted in the arrest of a man on suspicion of murder and drunken driving.
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TUTORIAL: bloody PT. 2
Follow me on Twitter: ArtistrybyTiffany Check out my blog: www.artistrybytiffany.blogspot.com Follow me on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/t_bump/ not a sponsored video
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Gurgaon grappling with drunk driving cases
Sixteen-year-old Curran Anand was thrilled to be at a Bentley car showroom. Just 4 hours later, he and 2 of his friends -- all 16 -- were found dead inside a wrecked car on the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway.
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