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Loudon Wainwright III - Drinking Song
Loudons Drinking Song from Album 2 - Listed wrongly as Cook that dinner Dora on my vinyl copy!? Drunk men stagger, drunk men fall, Drunk men swear and that's not all, Quite often they will urinate outdoors. Like widowed women, drunk men weep, Like children curled up, drunk men sleep, Like a dog, a drunk will crawl around on all fours. Be he broke bum or rich rake, his dinner be it bread or cake His beverage be the worse of whiskey, finest wine. Puke it stinks and so it seems that drunkards go to great extremes But there has yet to be a perfectly straight line Drunks talk strong when drunks are weak, It's easy for a drunk to speak -- straight from the heart Yeah, drunks will fight they're not afraid To kiss the mistress, make the maid It's a manly art. Oh but big toll will take, blood vessels in nose will break Bags beneath the eyes another sign Drunks get ugly, so it seems that drunkards go to great extremes But there has yet to be a perfectly straight line. Drunks are friendly when they're drunk and Drunks are hostile when they're drunk Which drunk it is, it all depends upon. When drunks aren't drunk, they thirst for drink, The elephants are grey not pink And the drink evaporates the man is gone, gone , gone, gone Back to the yachts and the subway cars The hip-flasks and fruit jars Flat on the face and flat on the behind Oh, drunks get drunk and so it seems that drunkards go to great extremes There has yet to be a perfectly straight line.
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Drunk/straight edge
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I Can't Think Straight - Official US Trailer
http://www.enlightenment-productions.com/ I Can't Think Straight, the official Trailer! The World Unseen and I Can't Think Straight DVDs are now available through http://www.enlightenment-productions.com (click on "how to get") The DVDs have a great list of bonus features.
Drunk Simion
Simion eats fruitr that was soaked in alcohol for 12 hours straight and was already drunk before.
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Drunk straight guy cross dressing
A very good mate of mine after quiet a few drinks, decided it would be fun to be a cross dresser and entertain the guests. Free itunes codes! www.freeitunescodes.co.cc
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jarse drunk on his 21st
jarse drunk cant sit up straight on his 21st in armahole
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wild girls gone drunk
gils go drunk on straight vodka and one gets drunk
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Straight Drunk In The Club
boredom and Jack Daniels lol
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drunk guy
drunk freind isnt thinking straight lol watch !!!!!!
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Drunk girls walking straight
Three drunk girls trying to walk straight on a line for science (this was actually a school projekt!)
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Johnny Magnum in "Incredibly Drunk"
He was drinking for 48 straight hours with no sleep.
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patty drunk dancing on the STRAIGHT LINE
patty likes to dance on straight lines...enough said
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Drunk Inspirations - Walking Straight
This random decided I was the person to ask for advice on how to gain entry to a nightclub. I told him to pretend he was dancing. This is him practicing. I've no idea if he ever made it in.
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Drunk cop tries to pass a sobriety field test
If you get pulled over in Louisiana and your blood alcohol level is lower than the cops who stopped you...you're free to go. Police Dash-cam video footage. http://www.JonReep.com http://www.twitter.com/JonReep
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Ignition - R Kelly [[Lyrics in video, and Description.]]
TharSheBlows,HomesSkillet. HereYouBe;; (Intro) Now, usually, I don't do this but uh.... Go head' on and break 'em off wit a lil' preview of the remix.... Now I'm not trynna be rude But hey pretty girl I'm feelin' you The way you do the things ya do Reminds me of my Lexus coupe That's why I'm all up in ya grill Trynna get you to a hotel You must be a football coach The way you got me playin' da field Hook: So baby gimme dat "Toot toot" And lemme gi' ya that "Beep beep" Runnin' her hands through my fro' Bouncin' on twenty fo's While they sayin' on the radio Chorus: It's the remix to ignition Hot and fresh out the kitchen Mama rollin' that body Got ev'ry man in here wishin' Sippin' on coke and rum (rum) I'm like so what I'm drunk (drunk) It's the freakin' weekend Baby I'm about to have me some fun (fun) Bounce (10X) C'mon Now it's like "Murda She Wrote" Once I get cha out them clothes Privacy is on the do' But still they can hear ya screamin' mo' Girl I'm feelin' whatchu feelin' No more hopin' and wishin' I'm about to take my key 'n' Stick it in da ignition Repeat Hook Repeat Chorus Crystal poppin' In the stretch Navigata We got food everywhere As if the party was catered We've got Fellas to my left (left) Hunnies on my right (right) We bring 'em both togetha We got drinkin' all night Then afta the show It's the afta party And afta the party It's the hotel lobby Yeah, around about four You gotta clear the lobby Then take it to ya room and Freak somebody Can I get a "Toot toot" Can I get a "Beep beep" Runnin' her hands through my fro' Bouncin' on twenty fo's While they sayin' on the radio Repeat Chorus(2 times) Outro: Girl we off in this Jeep Foggin' windows up Blastin' the radio In the back of my truck Bouncin' up and down Strokin' round and round To the remix We jus' thuggin' it out
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drunk ass phil
so drunk cant walk
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drunk boys makin out
yea its boys makin out... crazyness lmao kind weird i know but still i can find humor in it so its all good and hell someone might actually like it lol
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Really Drunk kid
Trying to walk a straight line.
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Drunk guys hold hands.
gay it up
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Drunk at the sheffield shield - bowl straight
This drunk at the sheffield sheild match between QLD and SA was giving the Redback players some friendly advice.....also wouldent let up on wine....
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OMG so drunk!!!
This guy is so drunk that he can't even stand up straight. he makes a hole in a wall!!!
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drunk molested in his sleep
When the bachelor at a stag do is the last man standing and on the prowl, and you're dreaming of your girlfriend, the results are hilarious
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they couldnt even see straight..
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Walk a Little Straighter Daddy lyrics
boredom made me make this.......but it is a good song
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hahahha, drunk cat.
not really drunk, we were just spinning him on the ground, so he can't walk straight.
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Shanes drunk test!
shane showing me how to walk in a straight (drunken) line
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JBL challenges CM Punk to a drinking contest
JBL challenges CM Punk to a drinking contest - From RAW 8/11/08
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The no 1 sober drunk 1
Mark's finally realised that a straight jacket fits like a tank top
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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Straight To You
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Straight To You Henry's Dream All the towers of ivory are crumbling And the swallows have sharpened their beaks This is the time of our great undoing This is the time that Ill come running Straight to you For I am captured Straight to you For I am captured One more time The light in our window is fading The candle gutters on the ledge Well now sorrow, it comes a-stealing And Ill cry, girl, but Ill come a-running Straight to you For I am captured Straight to you For I am captured Once again Gone are the days of rainbows Gone are the nights of swinging from the stars For the sea will swallow up the mountains And the sky will throw thunder-bolts and sparks Straight at you But Ill come a-running Straight to you But Ill come a-running One more time Heaven has denied us its kingdom The saints are drunk howling at the moon The chariots of angels are colliding Well, Ill run, babe, but Ill come running Straight to you For I am captured Straight to you For I am captured One more time
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gay or drunk?
2 guys chuggin beer but somehow tongues touch what do u think of that?
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Drunk CM Punk?!
CM Punk appeared drunk at that interview. Would he really do that? FAKE: CM Punk slowed down. CM Punk doesn't drink or take drugs and NEVER has. I don't care what comments you put. This video is staying whether you love it, hate it, or you just wanna be an ass and say stupid shit like "you edited it". PLEASE REMEMBER THAT I'M NOT TRYING TO DISRESPECT PHILLIP BROOKS (CM PUNK) IN ANYWAY! AND IF THIS VIDEO HAS OFFENDED YOU FEEL FREE TO TO COMMENT AND COMPLAIN. I WILL TRY TO RESPOND IN THE EARLIEST CONVENIENCE :) . REMEMBER THAT THIS IS ONLY A JOKE.
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drunken walking
sophie fails at walking in a straight line and a straight diagonal
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Drunk walk
Stallings trying to walk straight
Views: 749 Benjamin Thomson
Me drunk
Me trying to tell my brother and katie im not drunk and walking a straight a line.
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27 hours drunk in Vegas
Our friends chad and paul in vegas. No sleep and drinking for 27 hours straight...
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Dunk Mouse Can't Walk Straight
Stupid mouse got stuck in a beer bottle and ended up getting drunk.
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Is Ty straight?
haha funny ass night when one of my floormates came back drunk. so we took some video of him and compiled it into this video. decided for yourself if he is straight and leave a comment. PLZ SUBSCRIBE!!! MORE FUNNY VIDEOS TO FOLLOW!!
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Cam Capone "Straight Rider"  FT Troublesome & Big Junebug  (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
New music video "Straight Rider" from Cam Capone featuring Troublesome and Big Junebug. This song is a combination of a 2Pac sample on the hook and a remake of the the Halloween them song. In this high energy video, you have lots of action and street representation that gangsta rap fans like to see. Connect With Cam Capone https://www.instagram.com/cam_capone/ http://www.youtube.com/CAMCAPONE Download this song free https://soundcloud.com/camcapone/straight-rider
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Drunk Gay Boys Kiss
http://www.myspace.com/picadillycourt (Danielkevin) and http://www.myspace.com/brandonhiltonmusic (Brandon Hilton)
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This is a combination between drunken boxing and sword.jet li's training.
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guy has been drunk for 50+ hrs
he was going for a record of being drunk for 72hrs straight. he only made it to just under 60. still thats a lot
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Drinkin' Whiskey Straight and My Marriage is on the Rocks
Brady Clark's song, "Drinking Whiskey Straight" made front page billing in Nashville, Tenn. newspaper. You will see it on the video. Brady has a new album release http://www.tunecore.com/music/bradyclark
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Carlos Drunk
after a party. he was trying to walk in a straight line. it was way worse i just didn't catch it on camera. Dangit!
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Teenager Drunk Driving Bust-Ohio State Highway Patrol
Here is a video of an 18 year old guy being arrested for drunk driving by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. He is intoxicated to the point where he can't stand up straight. His pants nearly fell down when he first got out of the car early in the stop. Later on, he ends up doing a pee in his pants right in front of the cop.
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Worlds biggest drunk GAY party!
part 3
Views: 1599 dinoo88
Drunk walking on the Embarcadero
Jessica drunk walking with Minh on the Embarcadero after the Tiburon Wine Festival. Amanda calls the drunk walk, then proceeds to do it herself!!
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Drunk girls kiss and love it
A pissed night after town and all the girls at mine with no men to play with lucky me and lucky them
Views: 240406 NorbaBobby
two drunk dudes
Views: 81 JEFF NONOG