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Ben Cropp's Sea Snakes Of Marion Reef Preview
http://flashbackentertainment.com/movie.asp?ID=1129 The sea snake, serpent of the sea, is a highly venomous creature, its venom is ten times more potent than the cobra. Many native fishermen die from sea snake bites in the islands north of Australia, but, fatalities are rare in Australia. The sea snake does give its victim a chance to survive. It mouths its prey before it bites. The venom is slow to take effect, but, without treatment it causes flaccid paralysis - the victim simply goes to sleep and dies. Marion Reef is a coral atoll in the Coral Sea, 200 miles off the central Queensland coast, and home to a variety of sea snake species. Its blue waters are unbelievably clear - 50 metres visibility is the norm. The corals are luxuriant, sharks present, and its coral islands are like emeralds in a rainbow sea. Its' a Garden of Eden with its own special serpent. Marine scientists accompany Ben Cropp on his vessel "Freedom" to Marion Reef. A great deal is yet to be learnt about the behavior of sea snakes.
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swimming sea snake
swimming sea snake
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Sea Kraits (Banded Sea Snake)
Sea Kraits or Banded Sea Snake,video taken at Sabang beach,Puerto Galera,Philippines Presented by SEA RIDER DIVE CENTER.
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Movie - Sea Snakes.MPG
Wiggly sea snakes at Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Views: 1655 Marnzy77
close encouters with banded sea snakes
Highly poisoness, but fortunately non agressive, although I had second thoughts when one appeared to have special interest for the camera ...
Views: 4123 Frank Lame
Sea snake
See snake swiming
Views: 296 hikkey3
Sea Snake, Sea Snake Island Balacasag  Philippines 2007
Sea Snake of Sea Snakes Balicasag Philippines 2007
Views: 3370 Jeremy Meyer
Snake Facts : How Do Snakes Move in Water?
Snakes move in the water by using horizontal undulatory progression, which flattens their inner belly in order to glide through the water with ease. Learn about the benefits of moving in the water for snakes with this free video from a reptile specialist. Expert: Cordell Jaques Bio: Cordell Jaques has worked in the pet industry for about 10 years. Filmmaker: Travis Waack
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Sea Snakes
sea snakes pictures
Views: 335 drakeiscool67
Sea Snake
Sea Snake
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Sea Snake
A sea snake was swimming around looking for food... look how cool its moves around :)
Views: 238 Shay Nevo
Very deadly and beatiful sea snake.
A sea snake that is about 2 ft long. Saw him while we were out diving the pipeline, in okinawa japan. At the sunabe seawall.
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Majora's Mask 47- Defeat the Sea Snakes
Part 47- You could just defeat the sea snakes that block your way to the Zora eggs but it's better to do that and get the heart piece at the same time.
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Taveuni Sea Snake
while doing lure testing in Taveuni Fiji I came across some gorgeous sea creatures.
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Tricot rayé / Sea snake / Laticauda
Here is a "tricot rayé" met on an island in New Caledonia. It has one of the most toxic venoms (ten times more than the King Cobra) but is not aggressive at all (you can even catch them and play with them, bites being extremely seldom but must be treated rapidly :-) By the end of the video, the top of its tail can be seen (shaped like a flipper, as the snake lives both on land and water). New Caledonian music in background.
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sea snake
it was quite swim until this snake came out ... jeeeeeeessa after that I really check out the water
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Banded Sea Snake - Kapalai
Banded sea snake at Kapalai (mid-reef), Malaysia.
Views: 1112 Amar Mahboob
Sea Snake
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Views: 16 Jody Fitts
Sea Snake
Recorded on June 08, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder.
Views: 414 Greg Harvey
Sea Snake
This Sea Snake was filmed in Koh Ha Lagoon. Although poisonous,they are very timid and don't care about us diving next to them. On land i am scared of snakes but under water i like to get close to them watching there movement so amazing!
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Sea Snake
Sea Snake
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2008_11_30 sea snake
30 Dec 2008: ScubaDiving in Kerama islands (Okinawa, JAPAN)
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sea eagle vs snake
this sea eagle catches a poisonous snake.
Views: 965499 Gordon Jensen
Sea snake (Yellow-lipped sea krait)
This yellow-lipped sea krait was spotted at one of the snorkeling spots near El Nido in the Philippines. Uploaded for incorporation into the Philippines travels diary http://www.hpjw.co.uk/holidays/philippines/Philippines.htm
Views: 1773 Steve Haigh
Sea Snake? or Snake Eel? Maui, Hawaii
saw this snake-like eel just off Wailea Beach in Maui, Hawaii
Views: 6004 Edward Garrison
Sea Snake
Views: 3065 Rajesh Loke
Views: 1448 Armando Elizalde
Sea Snake or Snake Eel? in Maui, Hawaii
"Sea Snake" or small banded "snake eel" hunting for a new home or prey just off shore in Wailea Beach in Maui, Hawaii
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sea snake (walo-walo, 8 8)
Views: 3346 wowiecariaga
Sea Snake Bali Free Diving
We were just getting in the ocean at sanur Beach Bali Indonesia to put our fins on and there was a beautiful sea snake hunting for lunch!
Views: 4322 Fred Tittle
Giant Sea Snake Renewable Electricity Generation
Huge Energy Producing Machine From Wave Power. See Powergen and E-on Website for more info. The following excerpt is from the e-on website: Site Statistics West Wave Location Wave Hub, 10 miles off Hayle on north coast of Cornwall Project scope Up to 7 Pelamis Wave Energy Converter Turbine height 120-150 metres long Total power Up to 5MW Status Pre-planning Why West Wave? The UK is well placed in terms of marine energy. There is significant wave resource around the country, some of the best in the world. It has been estimated that marine renewables could meet 15% to 20% of current UK electricity demand. E.ON is committed to helping build the UK's marine capabilities to harness the potential of our seas. West Wave will allow us to learn about wave energy developments and gain experience of the marine environment. The West Wave Project would: Supply enough electricity for up to 3,000 homes Displace around 11,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year Ocean Prospect We are developing West Wave jointly with Ocean Prospect, a subsidiary of Wind Prospect. Wave Hub West Wave will be located at Wave Hub which is being developed by the South West Regional Development Agency. Wave Hub is effectively an underwater "socket" providing the necessary infrastructure to connect West Wave and 3 similar wave energy projects to the electricity grid. A planning application for Wave Hub was submitted in June 2006 and deployment is expected in 2008/09. Pelamis West Wave will utilise Ocean Power Delivery's Pelamis Wave Energy Converter which is rated at 750kW. The Pelamis is 120-150 metres long, 3.5m in diameter and weighs approximately 750 tonnes. The video is downloadable from the e-on website http://www.eon-uk.com/generation/westwave.aspx They also have other renewable projects, details on the website. Please feel free to rate, comment, subscribe and post a video response.
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Graptolite Dives With Sea Snakes Off Nuie
Yacht Graptolite dives with banded sea-kraits off the island of Nuie, Polynesia
Views: 1350 Martyn Pickup
Steve LM and The fearless sea-snake
LM imitates Steve Irwin. this time he found a jumping sea snake. *REEETUBE*
Views: 1115 ReeeTube
Banded sea snake at Gato Island
sea snake hunting in the shallows.
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Olive Sea Snake
An Olive Sea Snake swims in the marina. Noumea, New Caledonia, 2006.
The great escape,Australia,oliv sea snake, nr 13
Light house bay I think last dive in oz
Views: 418 Jonas Wiren
Sea Snake Koh Lanta
Sea snakes are deadly poisonous but not really a threat to divers provided they are treated with respect. They move with incredible grace through the water, as shown in this video
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banded sea snake
pirate reef, tioman
Views: 38 Mika Reilly
Banded Sea Snake @ Koh Tao - Thailand
Banded Sea Snake at Koh Tao and Scuba Diving Center in the Gulf of Thailand By... Koh Tao Today ( http://www.kohtaotoday.com )
Views: 299 Kohtao Today
PM2 The Black Sea, Snake Road
By popular request ............
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Sea Snakes @ Monterey Bay Aquarium
Sea snakes shimmying in time to the waves
Views: 286 Andrew Cone
Sea Snake shedding Skin near Churna, Karachi
While scuba diving off Churna Island saw a sea snake which was shedding its skin. Look at the tail closely
Views: 3805 pervezs1
Sea Snake in Manado
Sea Snake Swimming away
Views: 115 jaimezhong
Snake Trap Testimonial and Water Snakes
More Info and Ordering here: http://www.bugspraycart.com/traps/cage/snake-trap-sm-18-x-8-x-8 One of our customers has caught a bunch of snakes over the years and he tells us about his success in this video. We also show a bunch of water snakes he brought to us along with their "quick release" and some close up footage.
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Banded sea snake - Tonga
A banded sea snake outside Swallows cave in Vava'u, Tonga
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Sea Snakes@ Singapore Sentosa Underwater World
Cute Cute little sea creatures !
Views: 506 garycheweng
Sea Snake spotted
Views: 27 chngaa
Sea Snake In Midwater
Sea snake out in the blue and then heads back to the reef
Views: 26 divehappy
Fish just eaten sea snake and then caught - W.Australia
Australian cod had eaten a sea snake and then caught by fisherman
Views: 4310 jbarshall

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