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Drunk walking a straight line
Drunk guy has to walk the line for a cop...hilarious
Views: 25735 rebasnumber1
drunk straight girls
walking to the pizza place
Views: 2812 sillypopo
Hot Drunk Straight Boys...
Turns out I have a pretty hot view of some pretty sexy straight boys. Sigh. Davey's website: http://www.daveywavey.tv Snail mail me: Davey Wavey, Inc. P.O. Box 1282 Woonsocket, RI 02895 USA
Views: 450546 wickydkewl
drunk straight girls
walking down castro to the pizza place
Views: 189 sillypopo
wife drunk
a short video of my wife trying to walk in straight line (funny)
Views: 62663 mallyg33
Dean Martin as straight man
Dean Martin interviews a drunken airline pilot (Foster Brooks) as seen on The Sunday Funnies www.philsden.com/07/
Views: 19927 Phil Arn
Drunken Cat
Cat is too drunk to walk straight.
Views: 9336 RyogaFok
Geronnimo - Straight Up
Geronnimo ft. The M.I.G. a.k.a. Mighty Drunk Dutch rapsong Straight Up as in, no bullshit
Views: 613 MCGeronnimo
completely drunk
a guy that can't even stand straight..
Views: 4425 jchl1009
walkin it out drunk!
straight clownin on tha goose!!
Views: 104 cheecster
Drunk and Disorderly
Neek is drunk and disorderly! straight comedy!
Views: 752 dlo08
Best Drunk Ever Pint of Vodka Swansea
Never drink a pint of vodka straight or you be like this. Rob Simisker Gurning
Views: 2818 Danny
This girl is DRUNK
my homegirl Jasmine is straight wasted LOL
Views: 238 DJRehax
wee boab hulley's drunken fall in ibiza
boab hulley drunk and trying to walk in straight line but ends doing 1 of the funniest falls ive ever seen
Views: 417 stmirrenfcrab
Drunk & Disorderly
This dog can't even walk straight! PS - this dog is actually waking up from a tranquilizer given by the vet - NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED - OR GIVEN ALCOHOL IN THIS VIDEO!!!
Views: 2802 TSanchez012
Drunk Goggles
Megan (me) wearing Beer Goggles and attempting to walk a straight line.
Views: 756 blueyedgrl2905
Stupid drunk people
A group of friends drunk as hell just being straight morons. pretty funny!!!
Views: 8298 crunksom
Crank That Drunk
two drunk people straight acting a fool drunk~!
Views: 389 texasphikap
Drunk Walk
The Ultimate Footage
Views: 17743 captainrick2007
Drunk Chris
Chris trys to walk a straight line and falls
Views: 107 vista84730
Mr. Turner is drunk
I refuse to answer any questions under the grounds that they may incriminate me LMFAO
Views: 500335 stoobs
Drunk Indian Desi
First Day In America Straight From Fiji, Tanked!
Views: 8429 Amit Dayal
jason marches drunk
lol jason cant march in a straight line
Views: 296 Dylanbob21
Bahamas Baby
Getting drunk 7 days straight by the pool in Bahamas
Views: 104 slagetomviborg
Drunk goggles
Paul can't even stand up straight
Views: 71 carbearater
Ivan is drunk part 1
Ivan tries to walk a straight line
Views: 92 Aythamie
Drunk Fresh Freestyle
Straight out of Rockville, MD
Views: 86 ktanz05
Drunk guy on the bus
this dude was so drunk that he couldn´t stand up straight..with three cans of beer in his pockets and hands. You have to see this!
Views: 1169 buddubswe
Drunk Philosophy
Stilts, a 6'9 110 lb guy who tells everyone the meaning of life after 48 hours of straight binge drinking
Views: 595 ecb002
Passed Out Drunk
Our good friend here was enjoying a nice game of poker when he drank way to much(over two steal reserves and straight up tequila) and found himself quite sick and a lack of memory. Just see for yourself.....
Views: 349 Joey Gullo
bucky drunk
Views: 290 woahmorgann
Drunk girl at Indian Rocks Beach in Florida, Part II
Another video of drunk girl at the beach, after she had fallen into the sand.
Views: 67748 MN2FL06
A very Drunk Young Lad
Young Dude Pissed
Views: 2239 silkybob100
Drunk Goggles
Me and my boy tryin to walk straight with goggles on that make you seem like you are drunk.
Views: 865 apw2391
Drunken Boobs
Straight shots of Grey Goose + Straight Shots of Petron + Bubu = Reckless!!!!!
Views: 1164 Steph S.
Joe's drunken walk
too much alcohol makes it hard to walk straight....
Views: 947 Skcits
DRUNK Drunken Sword: Cal Martial Arts Tournament 2007
Ridiculous story behind this (alcohol involved): http://casualiscool.com/martial-arts/wushu/cmat-2007-embracing-the-art-of-drunken-sword/ http://www.mylast365days.com SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/wushukicks
Views: 10036 wushupowered
Drunk Darren
retard walking in a straight line.. you know you only do that when you're drunk haha
Views: 160 dieselette
Me doin a drunk dare...  (Not for the faint hearted)
Putting a Green intermuscluar needle straight thru my hand...
Views: 6483 danfenu
me being quite drunk
Betty decides to try and get me to say "holiday" to prove how drunk i am. then asks me how much i have drunk and then gets me to walk in a straight line.
Views: 99 magicaltwevor
terrorise the drunk gal
a gal came around my mates and drank half a litre of straight vodka passed out and got TERRORISED when me and dan r bout dont pass out hahahahahahahgahaahahah oh and the water is from a fish tank hahahahah
Views: 5672 cagel87
Shaolin Temple - USSD's "Drunken Sword"
Ryan Lloyd performs a drunken straight sword set for the Abott at the Shaolin Temple (2004)
Views: 28871 Teylor Stover
Drunk After a Pint
My friend thought he'd try and catch us up by necking a pint which clearly went STRAIGHT to his head... lightweight!
Views: 238 DrunkenGinge
Dai Gin drunk climbs on the bar, then falls off the bar
Leathered falls off the bar straight into the tables.
Views: 405 eliaslew
ryland drunk 1
Ryland drunk in the taxi
Views: 877 diabo76
Clyde and Lito Drunk  night - making asses of themselves
Part 2 of my documenting of a night out with Lito and Clyde, the mofos are wasted. Here they are making asses of themselves and trying to walk a straight line. Watch the end.
Views: 578 rage702
Tony Lam - Drunk at christmas party (Part 5)
I was so wasted that i could hardly stand up straight! watch how i kept falling down! haha..
Views: 852 VietonyGoodiez
I'm not that drunk
Rob tries to walk a straight line
Views: 65 m231stone
Drunk dude trying to talk!!!
This guy can not get his words straight, we don't know what the hell he's trying to say.
Views: 1143 Mike Verburgt
My Friend Everclear drunk
what happens when you drink too much everclear
Views: 12475 partyboy8908

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