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Hot Drunk Straight Boys...
Turns out I have a pretty hot view of some pretty sexy straight boys. Sigh. Davey's website: http://www.daveywavey.tv Snail mail me: Davey Wavey, Inc. P.O. Box 1282 Woonsocket, RI 02895 USA
Views: 451212 wickydkewl
Drunk walking a straight line
Drunk guy has to walk the line for a cop...hilarious
Views: 26166 rebasnumber1
drunk straight girls
walking to the pizza place
Views: 2822 sillypopo
drunk straight girls
walking down castro to the pizza place
Views: 191 sillypopo
completely drunk
a guy that can't even stand straight..
Views: 4436 jchl1009
Drunk guy on the bus
this dude was so drunk that he couldn´t stand up straight..with three cans of beer in his pockets and hands. You have to see this!
Views: 1171 buddubswe
Stupid drunk people
A group of friends drunk as hell just being straight morons. pretty funny!!!
Views: 8298 crunksom
Crank That Drunk
two drunk people straight acting a fool drunk~!
Views: 389 texasphikap
four wheeling
i don't know how to hold a camera straight when i'm drunk.
Views: 84 eisym
us girls walking home
Views: 1228 Georgia Lenihan-Geels
Drunk Shane
Drunk Shane ready to go to the Bars.
Views: 198 jbell1804
Drunk Walk
The Ultimate Footage
Views: 17785 captainrick2007
drinking absinthe straight
80%this bottle and it taste f**king shit
Views: 6056 raymond yip
Drunk and Disorderly
Neek is drunk and disorderly! straight comedy!
Views: 752 dlo08
wife drunk
a short video of my wife trying to walk in straight line (funny)
Views: 63022 mallyg33
Drunk dude trying to talk!!!
This guy can not get his words straight, we don't know what the hell he's trying to say.
Views: 1149 Mike Verburgt
Drunk Indian Desi
First Day In America Straight From Fiji, Tanked!
Views: 8450 Amit Dayal
drunk guy
gay drunk guy loosing virginity
Views: 1367 jhoczan16
Drunk After a Pint
My friend thought he'd try and catch us up by necking a pint which clearly went STRAIGHT to his head... lightweight!
Views: 242 DrunkenGinge
Geronnimo - Straight Up
Geronnimo ft. The M.I.G. a.k.a. Mighty Drunk Dutch rapsong Straight Up as in, no bullshit
Views: 614 MCGeronnimo
Drunk Chris
Chris trys to walk a straight line and falls
Views: 107 vista84730
me being quite drunk
Betty decides to try and get me to say "holiday" to prove how drunk i am. then asks me how much i have drunk and then gets me to walk in a straight line.
Views: 99 magicaltwevor
Drunk Cousins Dancing
Gawsh these are ma 2 good mates... the girl is ma best friend and the guy is my lost good buddy of mine! They're drunk buh able enough to dance straight... I think LOL
Views: 2384 Tofiskux
Drunk Goggles
Me and my boy tryin to walk straight with goggles on that make you seem like you are drunk.
Views: 865 apw2391
Drunk Philosophy
Stilts, a 6'9 110 lb guy who tells everyone the meaning of life after 48 hours of straight binge drinking
Views: 595 ecb002
Drunk goggles
Paul can't even stand up straight
Views: 71 carbearater
Mr. Turner is drunk
I refuse to answer any questions under the grounds that they may incriminate me LMFAO
Views: 502764 stoobs
dancing drunk lady
a bunch of clips of this random lady that came over with a glass of wine, totally bombed, and danced for about an hour and a half straight. we think its the neighbors visiting daughter hahaha
Views: 595 slothsforsale
Joe's drunken walk
too much alcohol makes it hard to walk straight....
Views: 947 Skcits
walkin it out drunk!
straight clownin on tha goose!!
Views: 104 cheecster
Ivan is drunk part 1
Ivan tries to walk a straight line
Views: 93 Aythamie
Dai Gin drunk climbs on the bar, then falls off the bar
Leathered falls off the bar straight into the tables.
Views: 405 eliaslew
Dean Martin as straight man
Dean Martin interviews a drunken airline pilot (Foster Brooks) as seen on The Sunday Funnies www.philsden.com/07/
Views: 19977 Phil Arn
Drunk Goggles
Megan (me) wearing Beer Goggles and attempting to walk a straight line.
Views: 760 blueyedgrl2905
Paula Abdul drunk ? - no music
Footage of Paula allegedly drunk. Rate Please
Views: 9576 Denise804
This girl is DRUNK
my homegirl Jasmine is straight wasted LOL
Views: 238 DJRehax
Bahamas Baby
Getting drunk 7 days straight by the pool in Bahamas
Views: 104 slagetomviborg
Drunk Fresh Freestyle
Straight out of Rockville, MD
Views: 86 ktanz05
Matt Drunk In College
Matt trying to walk a straight line after a party. HILARIOUS!
Views: 408 Rugbyballa047
The Man With Two Brains -- drunk test is hard
"The Man With Two Brains" (1983) starring Steve Martin and Kathleen Turner. In this very funny scene, Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr (Steve Martin) is driving his dead wife, Dolores Benedict (Kathleen Turner), to a castle in order to swap her brain for the brain-in-a-jar of the woman he now loves (watch the movie, it sorta makes sense). During his frantic driving, the police stop the doctor for speeding. The drunk test turns out to be quite hard. "Dead? My God! I better get her to a cemetery right away."
Views: 186850 Straussian
Best Drunk Ever Pint of Vodka Swansea
Never drink a pint of vodka straight or you be like this. Rob Simisker Gurning
Views: 2824 Danny
Drunk Man Kissing With The Dog
When you get drunk, be sure to know who is kissing you
Views: 78505 gervic23
Clyde and Lito Drunk  night - making asses of themselves
Part 2 of my documenting of a night out with Lito and Clyde, the mofos are wasted. Here they are making asses of themselves and trying to walk a straight line. Watch the end.
Views: 578 rage702
Drunk & Disorderly
This dog can't even walk straight! PS - this dog is actually waking up from a tranquilizer given by the vet - NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED - OR GIVEN ALCOHOL IN THIS VIDEO!!!
Views: 2802 TSanchez012
jason marches drunk
lol jason cant march in a straight line
Views: 296 Dylanbob21
Drunk Darren
retard walking in a straight line.. you know you only do that when you're drunk haha
Views: 160 dieselette
Drunk Zack....Pooping in trash can
straight gangsta ass shit
Views: 11055 dirtstardestroyer
I'm not that drunk
Rob tries to walk a straight line
Views: 65 m231stone
Passed Out Drunk
Our good friend here was enjoying a nice game of poker when he drank way to much(over two steal reserves and straight up tequila) and found himself quite sick and a lack of memory. Just see for yourself.....
Views: 351 Joey Gullo

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