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Justine Bateman - [Aug-2004] - interview
[3-Aug-2004] The Hollywood Mom's Mystery
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los angeles brush fire
a brush fire broke out in the holllywood hills today. no damage to buildings, but the smoke blacked out the sky over hollywood.
Views: 228 Ryan Rumsey
Law Firm Job Interview
from Mr Show
Views: 247656 cyanide987654
Disneyworld's Jack Sparrow
Disneyworld's incredible Jack Sparrow impersonator.
Views: 2205 Suzie
Purch showing the way its done
this is purch at his finest...
Views: 478 Zill9990
La Brea
Driving north on La Brea
Views: 120 Casey773
LMU Roundtable Now At the Movies: Part One
In part one of our half-hour film school special, we take a look at one of the great student filmmakers at LMU, Ayana Peters and her film, "When the Bough Breaks". Watch part two here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpXM1qSaDUY
Views: 937 LMURoundtableNow
Detective Films - TCM Promo
I couldn't love the editors at TCM more if I tried. Can we clone them and hire the clones for the CW? Or any of the networks for that matter?
Views: 7349 karenknits
Thelma and Louise Director's Cut
Thelma and Louise: the secret edit Never before seen footage from the cult classic.
Views: 408 fatcontrollerfilms
The Baker Twins (Andy & Chad)
Baker Twins Fighting Crime
Views: 3078 The Baker Twins
Allan Sherman song AUTOMATION
Brandon Kirk - Los Angeles - actor website: http://brandonkirkactor.com/ - official YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/thisisbrandonkirk - piano-player-for-hire website: http://brandonkirkmusic.com/ - AUTOMATION - comedy song - written by Allan Sherman - performed here by Brandon Kirk ___________________ Brandon Kirk... 1) ...as the mob boss in GRACE THE HARD WAY trailer, by Jesse Ing, 1min.9sec., ratedTV14: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H9qmXKLPL8 2) ...as Billy Joel in PIANO MAN trailer, directed by Ryan London, comedy short, 2min.17sec., ratedTVPG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFF8g8Qv7_Y 3) ...as the father in PHONE COMMERCIAL by Jeremy Evans, comedy sketch, 1min.21sec., ratedTV14: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07Xdwk_OFj0 4) ...as the listener and as Carri in OWL FACE by Claire C**********, short film, 3min.38sec., ratedTV14: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfhtsg12oUc 5) ...as Bill Clinton in OBAMADEUS by Taupe Frost Productions, comedy short, 3min.10sec., for general audiences, hailed as "Genius!" by the Daily Tube's Austin Keenan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YjivGq5qWU 6) as the cabin steward in THE OFFER by Claire C**********, comedy short, 3min.48sec., ratedTV14: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBhSkfFAFJc 7) ...as Matt and as Glonahn in THE GREAT NUG by Taupe Frost Productions, comedy short, 5min., ratedTV14: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwesuyM7puA 8) ...as the patron in HIGH END HOTEL by angel8film, comedy short, 2min.17sec., ratedTV14: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2V96ZIibU4 9) ...as the student in DECATUR STATE by Jeremy Evans, comedy sketch, 3min.21sec., parental advisory: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptg1u66t6TA 10) ...in the title role of THE BUMMER by angel8film, comedy short, 2min.21sec., parental advisory: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGTD4cDGfrg 11) ...as the transvestite and as the martial artist in WHEN THINGS ATTACK by angel8film, comedy short, 2min.53sec., ratedTVPG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtaM36anO3c 12) ...as the interviewer and as the drunk guy in BIG ELVIS!, commercial parody, 55sec., for general audiences: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1TCTOxXXzE 13) ...as Dennis Hayward and as Petros Matarangas in CORBIN ON CALL by Taupe Frost Productions, short film, satire, 3min.49sec., for general audiences: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CThjdkdIEyQ Brandon Kirk Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1375730970&ref=profile
Views: 2675 Bibgo
Views: 9282 olek2
Mr Uncertain putting on the ritz
Bordello, March 9
Views: 1116 liftthecarpet
Comic Relief- Borat impersonator at school
myself as Borat on stage at school singin
Views: 4708 adzybear
Destination Pasadena - Los Angeles Concierge Association
Destination Pasadena welcomes the Los Angeles Concierge Association. April 19, 2007.
Views: 1816 durandpro
Status Luxury Vehicle Hire
Status Luxury Vehicle Hire. A business that hires out luxury vehicles in cape town south africa
Views: 403 petersa66
Narc - Shooting Up
director - Joe Carnahan 2002 Featurette on the struggle of the budget and schedule on Narc. Full featurette plus others found on the Narc DVD.
Views: 8502 FilmmakerATlarge
McKay on Phone Call and Firing
March 6, 2007
Views: 1555 TPM TV
Publicity 101: A Workshop for Screenwriters, Chapter 3
A workshop presented by the Writers Guild of America, West's Publicity & Marketing Committee teaching screenwriters how to use the media to publicize themselves and their careers. In this segment, United Talent Agency's Chris Day and World Trade Center writer Andrea Berloff describe how writers can choose and help their publicists.
Views: 2422 WGA West
a kiss could be deadly
they are so awesome! i absolutly love them!
Views: 1447 AKCBD4ever
Capn Jack Sparrow Double
Demo Video 2
Views: 7011 Kat Ellis
this part really special!!!
Views: 352 paradiselee
Another day at Work: Badr takes a fall.
This funny video is of Badr lugging a long 10 by 2 timber and... it was too much for him.
Views: 331 ShimonYisroel
Monkey Ski
Monkey Enjoys the Sun / Snow / Ski.
The Pompous Film Critic: Secrets of the Film Industry Part T
The pompous film critic discusses who actually writing a screenplay puts you ahead of 99% of all the other writers out there and why and who you should hire to help you make your films.
Views: 331 storypipe
Tootsie- Sydney Pollack and Dustin Hoffman- George's office
Michael argues with his agent, played to perfection by director Sydney Pollack. The best scene in the movie, imo.
Views: 349967 dcdsjgmb
new mexican murder machine
this is our song the new mexican murder its alright check it out
Views: 650 bledmiles
Little Darlings part 1
Another one of my favorite summer camp movies, even though it's a young woman's coming-of-age film. This was on TV a lot when I was a kid, and I was at just the right age to be perfectly happy watching a movie with a bunch of mostly braless girls.
Views: 842505 OogieSCOD
Jamie Kennedy Dressing Room Dance Mix
Jamie Kennedy clip from Kickin It Old Skool
Views: 5858 comakid86
Matt Bennett Video Resume - http://www.myspace.com/hireme4it
Matt Bennett's Video Resume! http://www.myspace.com/hireme4it After you see this, if you're not totally digging it you'll at least hire me for IT! Or tell your boss. I must admit this resume is relatively entertaining. How's YOUR Identity Management?
Views: 16508 hireme4it
The_Drizz Vol. 5
Here's my Cribs Episode son. Got the idea from Chappelle. Hope you like
Views: 2148 Andre Anderson
Countdown 54321
Countdown 54321 for movie creator. Feel free to download and use it. Provided by http://www.sundae.co.th Another interesting VDO clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MW0L-8rnXw
Views: 1687984 Navik Numsiang
Random clips. 2nd video. Ted Shred music
Some more clips thrown together. Music again by Ted Shred.
Views: 580 looneybomber
Akhiyan Mila Ke
feat Shaswati
Views: 401653 shanupari
Citroen Robot Dance
Citroen ad with dancing robot car. This was developed by The Embassy in Vancouver, BC. Amazing stuff!
Views: 1196137 dannotv
"Corey & Corey" Part 7/20
coreyandcorey.wordpress.com. Brent waxes philosophic on celebrity relationships. Ken hires a second intern, whom he stuffs behind an array of postoffice boxes. Brent loses his temper and confronts Ken on the useless hiring. Ken explains the mystic tradition and importance of the intern. Erasers are cleaned.
Views: 504 CoreyandCorey
Fake Michael Jackson
Super imitation of Michael Jackson on London high street
Views: 18323 wolsey7666
LOST IN SOUND - Live Band - 2007
Démo du groupe Lost In Sound (Video produit par Productions Patrice Paquin)
Views: 1093 Patrice Paquin
Bag Girls Dance Show Las Vegas
Dancing and Having fun
Views: 1204 naughtygirlvegas
A&F New Face Summer 2007
Kris Lewin http://alpha-mag.blogspot.com Probably my favorite "A&F New Face" video so far, cool guy.
Views: 119681 g3mmersl9
Lou Dobbs On The War On The Middle Class
Lou Dobbs discusses the rich getting richer
Views: 1274 A.C. Kleinheider
these are some fat cars look at there sik
Views: 2922 the1nonlymo
The Big Kahuna
Showband loacated in Sussex - England
Views: 500 iwillbombeveryone
The Blacklight Party
One wild party thrown by Kostume Kult and Disturbia in NYC. Director: Steven Holtzman DP: Jendra Jarnagin Editor/Music: Gabrielle Penabaz Titles: Troy Nachtigall Production Co: Holtzman Films
Views: 8081 Troy Nachtigall
Private Eyes check out the neighbours
http://www.answers.uk.com/admin/BBCLondon.htm Moving house? Private Detectives check out your new neighbours: Answers Investigation www.answers.uk.com BBC London News Tel: 020 7158 0332
Views: 990 AnswersDetective
DFW Drive Your Dream!
Video from one of our tours. Drive five of the fastest, most expensive vehicles on the planet! Names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Viper, Porsche, Bentley, Ford GT, and MORE
Views: 2717 dfwelite
Star Wars Celebration Day - Interview with Anthony Daniels
Interview with Anthony Daniels in Leicester Square Star Wars Celebration day / Episode III Revenge Of The Sith London premier May 16th 2005.
Views: 4204 akamortis
Thorpe park
in da limo to thorpe park ahaha
Views: 127 Chick1202
Las Vegas Celebrity Car Show
Fun in Vegas Celeb car show by automotivestreetstyle.com
Views: 5645 darkdevinci
Opposition Research Videos: Political Web Video World Part 6
The New Politics Institute, http://NewPolitics.Net, and http://PoliticsTV.com produced Political Web Video World to look at the state of the art of web video in politics. Watch the whole video or any of its 14 parts.
Views: 433 Politicstv

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