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Difference & Size Review of Ray-Ban RB 2132 Wayfarers 52mm and 55mm
https://shadesdaddy.com/collections/ray-ban-wayfarer-rb-2132-s-77 A review of the RB 2132 new Ray-Ban Wayfarers. These are the new Wayfarers with a slimmer frame and we compare the 52mm to the 55mm for you to decide what would fit you best. Enter 'YT20' at checkout for complimentary 20% off gift :) BUY: https://shadesdaddy.com/collections/ray-ban-wayfarer-rb-2132-s-77 Comment below and we'd love to hear your feedback! SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER: http://bit.ly/1s15qHw Follow ShadesDaddy on Twitter: @ShadesDaddy Follow ShadesDaddy on Instagram: @ShadesDaddy
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Size Comparison RB3025 Ray-Ban Aviators 55mm, 58mm, 62mm (Sunglasses)
http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/sizes-of-ray-ban-aviators-sunglasses/ Review and size comparison of the Ray-Ban RB3025 AVIATORS. These sunglasses come in 55mm, 58mm and 62mm. Enter 'YT20' at checkout for complimentary 20% off gift :) SHOP: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=3025 Blog Review: http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/sizes-of-ray-ban-aviators-sunglasses/ SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER: http://bit.ly/1s15qHw Follow us on Instagram @shadesdaddy or Twitter @shadesdaddy
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The Difference Between Oakley Fuel Cell vs. Oakley Gascan Sunglasses
http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/oakley-gascan-vs-oakley-fuel-cell-sunglasses/ Check out the differences and compare the Oakley Fuel Cell vs. the Oakley Gascan sunglasses. These two pairs are extremely similar in sizing yet significant difference in how they look on you. Check out the blog post: http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/oakley-gascan-vs-oakley-fuel-cell-sunglasses/
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Comparing Ray-Ban RB 2140 Wayfarers vs. Ray-Ban 4195 Lite Force Wayfarers
Looking to buy Wayfarers? We get asked about the differences between the Ray-Ban RB 2140 classic Ray-Ban wayfarers and the RB 4195 Lite Force Wayfarers. 2140 Wayfarers: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/ray-ban-rb-2140-s/78.htm 4195 Wayfarers: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=ray+ban+4195+wayfarers
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Difference Between Ray-Ban Aviators vs. Cockpit Sunglasses
http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/difference-between-ray-ban-aviator-3025-cockpit-3362/ Check out and compare the differences between the Ray-Ban RB 3025 vs. RB 3362. That is, comparing and reviewing the Ray-Ban classic Aviators vs. the Ray-Ban Cockpit sunglasses. SHOP for both: HTTP://WWW.SHADESDADDY.COM
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The Difference and Comparison Between Ray-Ban RB3025 & RB3026 Aviators
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/Ray-Ban-Aviators-s/57.htm One of the most popular questions we get is consumers asking what the difference is between the Ray-Ban RB3025 and RB3026. Essentially, you're looking at the SAME exact frame. RB3026 was made to be the X-Large aviator for Ray-Ban but eventually they also made the RB3025 in a 62mm, which is the same frame. Shop Aviators: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/Ray-Ban-Aviators-s/57.htm
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Ray-Ban Wayfarers Size Guide
http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/ray-ban-wayfarers-size-guide-ultimate-size-guide-ray-ban-wayfarers/ Looking to buy Ray-Ban Wayfarers? See the ShadesDaddy ultimate Wayfarers size guide to help you determine what size you need. We put together a guide on the official ShadesDaddy blog which we will continually add information as you ask us questions here as well. See post here: http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/ray-ban-wayfarers-size-guide-ultimate-size-guide-ray-ban-wayfarers/
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Difference Between Ray-Ban Wayfarers RB2140 and RB2132 Sunglasses
http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/what-is-the-difference-between-the-ray-ban-rb2140-and-rb2132-wayfarers/ See the difference between the Ray-Ban RB2140 vs. RB2132 to decide which pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers you want to purchase. This is a decision between Classic and New. Enter 'YT20' at checkout for complimentary 20% off gift :) at https://www.shadesdaddy.com SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER: http://bit.ly/1s15qHw Follow Pablo on Twitter: @PabloPalatnik Follow ShadesDaddy on Twitter: @ShadesDaddy Follow ShadesDaddy on Instagram: @ShadesDaddy
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Ray-Ban Wayfarers Prescription Glasses - sizes and styles
http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/ray-ban-prescription-wayfarer-glasses-styles-and-sizes/ See our post on the different ray ban wayfarers optical glasses. Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses come in different styles. ENTER COUPON CODE YT5 AT CHECKOUT AND GET AN ADDITIONAL $5 OFF YOUR PURCHASE. SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER: http://bit.ly/1s15qHw
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Top 5 Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/top-5-ray-ban-wayfarer-styles-s/960.htm Check out the ShadesDaddy.com's top 5 Ray-Ban Wayfarer styles. If you're looking to buy a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, or even in the market for a pair similar to the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, check out this video first and see if it gets you close to making a decision on the perfect pair for you. CHECK OUT THE TOP 5 RAY-BAN WAYFARER SELECTION HERE: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/top-5-ray-ban-wayfarer-styles-s/960.htm
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Ray-Ban Leather Wayfarers RB 2140QM Sunglasses Review
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=2140qm Check out Pablo's review on the amazing leather Ray-Ban classic Wayfarers. These are the RB 2140QM which come in brown and black. A must see if you're looking to turn heads. Give us some feedback! Follow Us: Instagram: @shadesdaddy Twitter: @shadesdaddy Facebook: www.facebook.com/shadesdaddy
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Ray-Ban RB3025 001/58 Polarized Aviators Review: 55mm, 58mm and 62mm
Review of the polarized Ray-Ban Aviators RB3025. These are the classic Aviators made in Italy. Frames: Metal / Lenses: Crystal Glass Sizes (Adult): 55mm - Small 58mm - Medium 62mm - Large View and Shop: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/Ray-Ban-Aviator-Polarized-Sunglasses-3025-001-58-p/ray%20ban%20rb%203025%20001-58.htm
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Comparing Ray-Ban Wayfarers RB2140 vs. RB4105 Foldable Wayfarers
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/ray-ban-wayfarer-sunglasses-s/76.htm People shopping for Ray-Ban Wayfarers often compare the Ray-Ban RB2140 (classic Wayfarers,) to the Ray-Ban RB4105, foldable wayfarers. In this video we show you both and give you some insights on sizes, etc. To shop for Ray-Ban Wayfarers: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/ray-ban-wayfarer-sunglasses-s/76.htm
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Comparing Ray-Ban Aviators RB3025 vs. RB3044
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/Ray-Ban-Aviators-s/57.htm we get asked all the time what the difference is between the Ray-Ban RB3025 (classic aviators,) and the Ray-Ban RB3044 which are also the classic aviators, just in a smaller size. Check out the video to compare both styles / sizes and see which is right for you. Shop Ray-Ban Aviators here: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/Ray-Ban-Aviators-s/57.htm
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Complete Guide to Buying Ray-Ban Wayfarers
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/the-definitive-guide-to-buying-ray-ban-wayfarers-sunglasses-a/268.htm We've created the ultimate complete guide to buying a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers sunglasses. Click on the link above in the description to visit the guide. We always love and welcome feedback! Enter 'YT20' at checkout for complimentary 20% off gift :) Buy a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/ray-ban-wayfarer-sunglasses-s/76.htm SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER: http://bit.ly/1s15qHw Follow Pablo on Twitter: @PabloPalatnik Follow ShadesDaddy on Twitter: @ShadesDaddy Follow ShadesDaddy on Instagram: @ShadesDaddy
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Comparing Polarized Lenses vs. Mirror Lenses for Sunglasses
http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/polarized-lenses-vs-mirrored-lenses-sunglasses-review/ Looking at buying sunglasses? Many people ask us what the difference (and benefits,) are of polarized lenses vs. mirror lenses on sunglasses. Check out our blog post: http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/polarized-lenses-vs-mirrored-lenses-sunglasses-review/
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Comparing Ray-Ban Wayfarers vs. Ray-Ban Clubmasters
Which pair should you get? The Ray-Ban Wayfarers or the Ray-Ban Clubmasters? This is a decision consumers ask themselves all the time and ask ShadesDaddy.com! Here is our insight and answer to this question. You can also ready about it in detail in the SHADESDADDYBLOG: http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/comparing-the-ray-ban-wayfarers-vs-clubmasters/
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Can I / You Add Prescription Lenses To Sunglasses?
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=add+prescription+lens Can you add prescription lenses to sunglasses? The simple answer is yes. Please remember which we forgot to mention in the video that when you choose to add prescription lenses to your sunglasses, your original lenses are removed from the frame and new lenses are put in. Here at ShadesDaddy, we use one of the largest labs in the U.S. to fill our orders - of course - you can add the same color lenses are you have in your sunglasses.
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Ray-Ban RB3025 001/51 Aviators Review: 55mm, 58mm and 62mm Gold & Brown
Review of the classic Ray-Ban RB3025 001/51 Aviators. These frames are made in Italy and come in sizes: 55mm, 58mm and 62mm. VIEW and BUY: https://shadesdaddy.com/products/ray-ban-aviator-sunglasses-rb-3025-001-51-p-rb-3025-001-51?variant=12212239663163
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Ray-Ban RB 4165 Justin Sunglasses Review
Check out our review of the Ray-Ban Justin RB 4165 sunglasses. A great style which is a new take and modern design on a wayfarer style type of sunglasses. Looking to buy the Ray-Ban RB 4165 Justin? Check out this video before you do! See the full selection of Ray-Ban RB 4165 Justin sunglasses at ShadesDaddy.com: https://shadesdaddy.com/pages/search-results-page?q=Ray+Ban+4165
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How To Measure Sunglasses
http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/how-are-sunglasses-measured/ Aleksandra from ShadesDaddy.com takes you through the key elements of measuring sunglasses. This will help you understand some of the sizes and measurements used in descriptions of sunglasses to shop online and more! Read Here http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/how-are-sunglasses-measured/
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Ray-Ban Lens Sizes Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Measurement System for Lens Sizes
https://shadesdaddy.com/pages/ray-ban-size-chart-ray-ban-size-guide Purchasing a Ray-Ban? Not sure what lens size you need? Check out our video on Ray-Ban lens sizes for the different models. If you have any questions, please ask us! Check Out The Size Chart: https://shadesdaddy.com/pages/ray-ban-size-chart-ray-ban-size-guide
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Ray-Ban RB 3647N Round Double Bridge Sunglasses Review
Get in serious style as Sonya gives you the inside look into the Ray-Ban RB3647N round double bridge sunglasses that give you serious style with any outfit. Get the Ray-Ban RB 3647N Round Double Bridge Sunglasses here: https://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=rb+3647n&Submit.x=17&Submit.y=11 Enter 'YT20' at checkout for complimentary 20% off gift :) You know what? We LOVE to hear what you guys think about these frames .... seriously. Comment below and tell share your thoughts on this style.
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Comparing Ray-Ban RB2140 vs. RX5121 Wayfarers: Sunglasses vs. Eyeglasses Classics
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/ray-ban-wayfarer-sunglasses-s/76.htm We get asked all the time about the difference between the Ray-Ban Wayfarers RB 2140 which are the classic iconic wayfarers and the RX 5121 which are essentially the same frame and model for for eyeglasses. Check out this video we made to better help you understand and choose the frame you want / need.
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Comparing The Oakley Gascan vs. Oakley Batwolf Sunglasses
http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/oakley-batwolf-vs-oakley-gascan-sunglasses/ Check out the differences (and compare) the Oakley Gascan vs. Oakley Batwolf sunglasses. Battle of two great frames by Oakley. See our blog post here: http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/oakley-batwolf-vs-oakley-gascan-sunglasses/
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How to Choose A Good Pair of Sunglasses : Tips & Advice
http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/how-to-pick-a-good-pair-of-sunglasses/ In the market for buying a new pair of sunglasses? Awesome - we've got you covered. Check out the latest ShadesDaddy post on how to pick a good pair of sunglasses for you. See Full Post Here: http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/how-to-pick-a-good-pair-of-sunglasses/
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Ray-Ban RB4105 Folding Wayfarers Sunglasses Size Review
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=folding+wayfarer Reviewing the different sizes for the Ray-Ban RB 4105 foldable Wayfarers. Comes in two different lens sizes, 50mm and 54mm.
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How to Choose Sunglasses for Heart Shaped Faces
Aleksandra from ShadesDaddy.com gives you insight on how to choose sunglasses if you have a HEART SHAPED FACE. See the post here: http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/how-to-choose-sunglassesfor-heart-shaped-faces/ SHOP Sunglasses for Heart Shape Faces: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/sunglasses-heart-shape-face-s/631.htm
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Review & Difference between Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB2140 50mm & 54mm
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/ray-ban-rb-2140-s/78.htm a review and size comparison of the classic Ray-Ban RB 2140 WAYFARERS. Shop the Ray-Ban RB2140 here: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/ray-ban-rb-2140-s/78.htm
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Ray-Ban RB 3576N Blaze Clubmaster Sunglasses Review
Check out as Sonia from ShadesDaddy reviews the new Ray-Ban RB 3576N Ray-Ban Blaze Clubmaster sunglasses. This is a modern twist on the classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster with beautiful finishes that provides great style, on all levels. Enter 'YT20' at checkout for complimentary 20% off gift :) Click to see the Ray-Ban RB 3576N Clubmaster here: https://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=3576n&Submit.x=0&Submit.y=0 We want to know what YOU think, comment below!
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Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses RB3016 Size Comparison: 49mm and 51mm
Review of the Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016 Sizes. Shop them here: https://shadesdaddy.com/pages/search-results-page?q=ray+ban+3016 Enter 'YT20' at checkout for complimentary 20% off gift :) Size Review: 49mm: Small to Medium Fit 51mm: Medium to Large Fit SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER: http://bit.ly/1s15qHw The Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016 is currently being made in China. To secure and guarantee authenticity of these sunglasses, shop at ShadesDaddy.com: https://shadesdaddy.com/pages/search-results-page?q=ray+ban+3016
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Oakley Fast Jacket XL Sunglasses 9156 Review & Sizing
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/oakley-fast-jacket-sunglasses-s/612.htm Check out the review from Pablo from ShadesDaddy on the OAKLEY FAST JACKET XL SUNGLASSES. A premium quality frame from Oakley, the Fast Jacket XL sunglasses are great for outdoors activities like running, cycling and more. SHOP HERE: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/oakley-fast-jacket-sunglasses-s/612.htm
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Ray-Ban Lite Force Wayfarers RB 4207 Sunglasses Review
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=ray+ban+4207 See the new Ray-Ban Wayfarers RB 4207 Lite Force from the Tech Series. Amazing new design made from thermoplastic material which weights almost nothing! Beautiful frames now available at ShadesDaddy.com. SHOP: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=ray+ban+4207 Lens Size: 52 and 55mm Temple: 145 and 150mm Bridge: 17mm Made in Italy Follow us on Instagram @shadesdaddy Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/shadesdaddy Follow us on Twitter: @shadesdaddy
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Ray-Ban Rx 6589 Aviator Gaze Prescription Glasses Review
Check out as Sonya gives you an in-depth look and insight on the new beautiful Ray-Ban Rx 6589 aviator gaze glasses. This is an on-trend hot style that is a must check out if you're looking for a great pair of new glasses.
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Ray-Ban RX 5184 Wayfarers Glasses Review
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=ray+ban+5184 A review of the Ray-Ban Wayfarers RX 5184 glasses. New Wayfarer Frame: Comes in Different COlors Lens Size: 50mm and 52mm Material: ACETATE Made in China Shop Now: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=ray+ban+5184
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The Differences Between Ray-Ban RB 2140 Wayfarers vs. RB 4165 Justin Sunglasses
Sonya gives you an inside look in the differences between the Ray-Ban RB 2140 classic Wayfarers and the new Ray-Ban RB 4165 Justin sunglasses that are two of Ray-Ban classic and iconic styles. WHICH DO YOU LIKE BETTER?
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Ray-Ban RB 8301 Carbon Fibre Aviators Sunglasses Review
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=ray+ban+8301 A review of the Ray-Ban RB 8301 carbon fibre aviators. These are from Ray-Bans tech series / carbon fibre made sunglasses which are incredibly light, strong and durable. Let us know what you think about these! Again, browse all colors of this frame here: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=ray+ban+8301
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Ray-Ban RB2027 W1847 Predator Black Sunglasses Review
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/Ray-Ban-Predator-2-Sunglasses-RB-2027-W1847-p/rb%202027%20w1847.htm Review of the black, Ray-Ban Predator 2 sunglasses. - 62mm Lens Size - Made in Italy - Authentic Ray-Ban Sunglasses SHOP: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/Ray-Ban-Predator-2-Sunglasses-RB-2027-W1847-p/rb%202027%20w1847.htm
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How To Tell if Your Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses are Real
Wondering if your Ray-Ban Clubmasters are real? Thinking of purchasing Ray-Ban Clubmasters but not sure if the source is authentic? Check out our video. Buy Ray-Ban Clubmasters: https://shadesdaddy.com/collections/ray-ban-clubmaster-s-98 Ray-Ban Clubmaster Authenticity Guide: http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/how-to-tell-ray-ban-clubmaster-real/
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Ray-Ban Erika Black vs. Ray-Ban Erika Tortoise RB 4171 Review & Differences
Sonya takes you inside the Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses comparing both the black Ray-Ban Erika vs. The Ray-Ban tortoise Erika, RB 4171, one of Ray-Bans hottest styles and classic icons. WHICH YOU DO LIKE BETTER? COMMENT BELOW.
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Oakley Holbrook vs. Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses: Comparison in Size & More
http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/comparing-oakley-frogskins-vs-oakley-holbrook-sunglasses/ Looking to buy a new pair of Oakley Holbrook or Oakley Frogskins? See the comparison now in size and also much more if you watch the video and click at the link above. Shop OAKLEY: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/oakley-sunglasses-s/489.htm
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The Difference Between Electric Knoxville and Electric Knoxville XL
See the difference between the Electric Knoxville and the Electric Knoxville XL sunglasses. Buy Electric Knoxville here: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=electric+knoxville
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Ray-Ban RB2132 902 New Tortoise Wayfarers Size Review & Fitting
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/Ray-Ban-New-Wayfarer-Outsiders-RB-2132-902-p/rb%202132%20902.htm Review of the new Ray-Ban Wayfarers RB2132 902 tortoise sunglasses. -Made in Italy -Made from Acetate -Comes in 52mm and 55mm Lens Size -Authentic Ray-Ban Sunglasses BUY: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/Ray-Ban-New-Wayfarer-Outsiders-RB-2132-902-p/rb%202132%20902.htm
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Costa Del Mar Brine Sunglasses Review
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=costa+del+mar+brine+sunglasses&Submit.x=0&Submit.y=0 Check out the ShadesDaddy.com BRINE sunglasses review now! An in-depth look at Brine and it's size specs. Want to look at the whole selection of Costa Del Mar Brine sunglasses and colors available? Click here to shop: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=costa+del+mar+brine+sunglasses&Submit.x=0&Submit.y=0
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Ray-Ban Wayfarers RB2140 Size Review
http://www.shadesdaddyblog.com/ray-ban-wayfarers-size-review/ See the different lens size in which the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers come in. The Ray-Ban RB2140 Wayfarer comes in a 50mm and 54mm. Ask us any questions you may have regarding size or head over to the blog. You can visit the Ray-Ban Wayfarer section at ShadesDaddy.com located here: https://shadesdaddy.com/collections/ray-ban-wayfarer-sunglasses-s-76 ENTER COUPON CODE YT5 AT CHECKOUT AND GET AN ADDITIONAL $5 OFF YOUR PURCHASE. SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER: http://bit.ly/1s15qHw Follow ShadesDaddy on Twitter: @ShadesDaddy Follow ShadesDaddy on Instagram: @ShadesDaddy CLICK TO TWEET: http://clicktotweet.com/gLGCA
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Ray-Ban Aviators: Complete Guide to Buying Ray-Ban Aviators
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/Ray-Ban-Aviators-Guide-a/274.htm We've created the ultimate complete guide to buying a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators sunglasses. Click on the link above in the description to visit the guide. We always love and welcome feedback! GUIDE: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/Ray-Ban-Aviators-Guide-a/274.htm
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Review of Ray-Ban RB 3447 Round Lennon Sunglasses Review & Styling
Sonia gives you an in-depth look and review of the classic, iconic Ray-Ban RB 3447 'Lennon' sunglasses. These timeless frames give you an incredible stylish look that go with any outfit, anytime! SHOP THE RAY-BAN RB 3447: https://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?searching=Y&sort=13&search=ray+ban+3447&show=75&page=1&cat=53 Use the code 'YT20' at checkout at ShadesDaddy.com for a complimentary 20% OFF gift :)
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Ray-Ban RB2140F Wayfarer Sunglasses Asian Fit Review
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=2140F Review of the Ray-Ban Wayfarers RB2140F which is the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers in "Asian Fit." See what it means and check out this awesome pair of shades. SHOP NOW: http://www.shadesdaddy.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=2140F
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Top 5 Ray-Ban Aviator Style Sunglasses
http://www.shadesdaddy.com/top-5-ray-ban-aviator-styles-s/959.htm Check out the TOP 5 RAY-BAN AVIATOR STYLE sunglasses by ShadesDaddy.com. If you're looking for a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators, this is a must see to get you close to the decision of which style you like best! Comment and tell us which one is your favorite! CHECK THEM OUT NOW! http://www.shadesdaddy.com/top-5-ray-ban-aviator-styles-s/959.htm
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What's The Difference Between Ray-Ban Flash Mirror and Regular Mirror Sunglasses?
What's The Difference Between Ray-Ban Flash Mirror and Regular Mirror Sunglasses? You guys have been asking, and we're answering. Check out as Sonya gives you insight to Ray-Ban Flash and Ray-Ban Mirror sunglasses and what the differences are. We love to hear from you! Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below!
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