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Pivotal Cloud Foundry Overview — Onsi Fakhouri 😄
Watch Pivotal's Onsi Fakhouri, Vice President of Cloud Research & Development, give an overview of Pivotal Cloud Foundry. In a style closer to Pixar than Powerpoint, Onsi explains how Pivotal is transforming how the world builds software. Speaker: Onsi Fakhouri, Pivotal
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The Pivotal Effect
Pivotal helps large enterprises work at startup speeds. Learn more about our customers at pivotal.io/customers
Accelerating Transformation at Citi
The future of banking will come from a 200-year-old bank. Hear Brad Miller, Head of Global Digital and Cloud Technology at Citi, talk about what Citi learned from working with Pivotal and our products, and how Citi’s technical team creates great experiences for their customers while moving their business into the future. Learn more at https://pivotal.io/imapivot/citi
A Day in the Life: Pivotal London
Ever wonder what a typical day at Pivotal looks like? Pivots in London gives us the full rundown.
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Help Developers Do What They Love — Onsi Fakhouri
Pivotal's VP of Cloud R&D Onsi Fakhouri talks at SpringOne Platform in Las Vegas about how Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Spring, and Pivotal Labs help developers do what they love. Keynote recorded at SpringOne Platform 2016 Speaker: Onsi Fakhouri, Pivotal
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Onsi Fakhouri, Pivotal R&D —Spring, Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes News at SpringOne Platform 2018
Watch Onsi Fakhouri's engineering update on Spring, Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, filmed at SpringOne Platform 2018 in Washington, D.C about the state of Pivotal open source and commercial R&D efforts across the entire company.
Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.0—Rob Mee, Onsi Fakhouri
Pivotal CEO Rob Mee opens SpringOne Platform 2017, and Onsi Fakhouri, Pivotal’s Senior Vice President of Cloud R&D, gives an overview of what's new for Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.0
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How Pivotal Helps You Become a Modern Software Company
Pivotal is the trusted partner of organizations seeking to become modern software companies. Watch Pivotal SVP of Cloud R&D Onsi Fakhouri describe how we help our customers continually iterate towards value for their consumers.
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Pivotal Company Overview
Pivotal combines platform, tools, and methodology to help the world’s largest companies adapt to change and deliver exceptional user experiences. Our technology is used by millions of developers. Fortune 500 companies build and run their most important applications on our cloud platform. Launched in 2013, Pivotal unleashes software-developer productivity, and creates an environment for innovation to scale, while fulfilling our mission to transform how the world builds software.
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Neha Narkhede, CTO, Confluent: Apache Kafka Streaming Platform Explained—SpringOne Platform 2018
Watch Neha Narkhede, Co-founder and CTO of Confluent, present at SpringOne Platform 2018 in Washington, D.C about event driven systems.
Siew Choo Soh, DBS—Digital Transformation in the Banking Industry, SpringOne Platform 2018
Siew Choo Soh, (Managing Director, Group Head of Consumer Banking and Big Data/AI Technology, at DBS Bank Ltd) speaks at SpringOne Platform 2018 in Washington D.C about Digital Transformation at their bank.
Lean Product Development — Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher explains how User-Centered Design, Lean Startup and Agile Development practices combine to create the best chances for a successful product. Speaker: Michael Fisher, Senior Product Manager, Pivotal Labs
Pivotal Single Sign-On Service for Pivotal Cloud Foundry: Application Single Sign-On Demo
This video is a demo of Application Single Sign-On using the Pivotal Single Sign-On Service service for Pivotal Cloud Foundry. The Pivotal Single Sign-On service provides a quick and hassle free way for your applications to be secured by federated identity providers with minimal coding effort. It connects your applications via Single Sign-On while streamlining the end user experience. It is a multi-tenant service which allows both Applications & Identity Providers to be segregated based on the organization needs. Learn more about Pivotal Single Sign-On: http://docs.pivotal.io/p-identity/index.html Learn more about Pivotal Cloud Foundry: http://pivotal.io/platform-as-a-service/pivotal-cloud-foundry
Pivotal Labs Culture Down Under
See how the team is bringing the Silicon Valley state of mind and culture to Sydney's enterprises and startups.
Pivotal: Together We Can Build Something Meaningful
Join a driven, creative, smart and fun-loving company. Pivotal offers a modern approach to technology that organizations need to thrive in a new era of business innovation. Make a Pivotal move today! https://pivotal.io/careers
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Mark Ardito Talks About Transforming with Pivotal
Panelists: Peter Logothetis, Group CIO, Allstate; Steve Betts, CIO, Health Care Service Corporation; Opal Perry, Divisional CIO, Allstate; Mark Ardito, Senior Director, Health Care Service Corporation; Moderated by John Grosshandler, Agile Transformation Strategist, Pivotal. Filmed at Evanta CIO Summit. Copyright November, 30, 2016 Evanta Ventures, LLC.
3X with Kent Beck
When Kent Beck started at Facebook in 2011, he noticed that engineers at the company were using a planned, waterfall approach to software development, an approach he thought he killed 20 years ago in favor of iterative development. This made him wonder: What if these engineers are solving a different problem than the one that he's solving? And what does successful planned development look like? In this talk, Beck introduces "3X", a model that suggests that there are three different universes of software product development with different laws. Kent Beck is the author of the best-seller “Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change.” He was also a pioneer of patterns for software development, test-driven development, Extreme Programming, and the JUnit test framework. Currently, Beck is a Technical Coach at Facebook.
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This is Pivotal
Pivotal transforms how the world builds software. Pivotal combines the Silicon Valley state of mind, modern approach, and infrastructure with organizations’ core expertise and values. We enable the leading companies in the world to innovate by employing an approach focused on building—not buying—software. Our methodology is about evolving, in both development and innovation, and our culture is empowering. Our team uses agile and lean approaches to teach next-generation developers to create and build new solutions. We optimize for change so enterprises can move at start-up speeds and with greater business agility.
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Merrill: The Most Important Company You've Never Heard Of
A cloud-native approach to software can give you speed without sacrificing security. Learn how Merrill Corporation worked with Pivotal to adopt this modern way of working. https://pivotal.io/customers/merrill
Agile Principles in Practice
As leader of our Pivotal Labs London office, Robbie has seen his fair share of agile development projects. In this session he not only covers principles of agile, but more importantly shares his own experiences about how you can make them work in practice. Speaker: Robbie Clutton, Office Director - London, Pivotal
John Heveran at SpringOne Platform 2017
John Heveran SVP & CIO of Liberty Mutual talks at SpringOne Platform 2017.
Ranji Narine at SpringOne Platform 2017
Ranji Narine, VP Product Engineering, Scotiabank speaks at SpringOne Platform 2017.
The Hunt for Product/Market Fit — Sachin Rekhi
The hunt for finding product/market fit in an early-stage startup is an elusive one, often fraught with chaos, and certainly never easy. However learning to leverage a cycle of defining, validating, and iterating on each of your most critical product/market fit hypotheses is a sure-fire way to bring some predictability to the process and provide guidance on whether your team is getting closer or farther from the ultimate goal. In this presentation, Sachin Rekhi, serial entrepreneur who built products including Anywhere.FM, a web music player, and Connected, a contact management tool, and advisor to early stage startup companies, shares a framework and best practices to bring much needed discipline to the hunt for product/market fit. Learn more about this talk on Sachin's blog: http://www.sachinrekhi.com/blog/2015/12/05/the-hunt-for-product-market-fit Speaker: Sachin Rekhi
Onsi Fakhouri - Diego: Re-envisioning the Elastic Runtime (Cloud Foundry Summit 2014)
Keynote presented by Onsi Fakhouri, Engineering Manager at Pivotal. Diego is a ground-up rewrite of the DEA - a major component of the Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime. This talk will motivate the need for Diego, the philosophy behind Diego, and present a few choice technical details to illustrate some of the more interesting ideas we've been playing with.
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Lauren Knausenberger & Bryon Kroger, US Air Force—SpringOne Platform 2018
Watch Lauren Knausenberger, Director of Cyberspace Innovation, U.S. Air Force, and Captain Bryon Kroger, COO, Project Kessel Run, U.S. Air Force present about Digital Transformation. Recorded at SpringOne Platform 2018 in Washington, D.C.
Installing Pivotal Container Service (PKS) on VMware vSphere and NSX-T
This tutorial will walk the viewer through the steps of getting PKS implemented on a VMware private cloud infrastructure and deploying a sample application to test the implementation
Simon Wardley at SpringOne Platform 2017
Simon Wardley, Researcher at the Leading Edge Forum gives a talk on why strategic maps are greater than magic frameworks.
Pivotal Connected Car Demo
A Peek Under the Hood of The Connected Car: What It Does & How It Applies to IoT Systems. Learn more here: http://blog.pivotal.io/data-science-pivotal/features/a-peek-under-the-hood-of-the-connected-car-what-it-does-how-it-applies-to-iot-systems
The Future is Faster at StubHub
Hear from engineers and leaders at StubHub about how they're able to put the customer experience first thanks to Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
Lieutenant Colonel Enrique Oti at SpringOne Platform 2017
Lieutenant Colonel Enrique Oti of DIUX speaks at SpringOne Platform 2017.
Tools to Slay the Fire Breathing Monoliths in Your Enterprise - Kelapure, Anderson, Szodfridt
Are fire-breathing monoliths lurking throughout your Enterprise? Many of these ancient behemoths can be millions of lines long and can wreak havoc when trying to evolve and transform your business. Unfortunately, your business depends on services they provide, so they can’t just be eliminated without a battle plan. The Pivotal App Transformation practice has continuously refined approaches and techniques to slay your monoliths. In this session, we will discuss how to carve up your legacy dragons into manageable pieces using techniques and patterns such as Event Storming, Strangling, Starving, Slice Analysis and Domain Driven Decomposition. Monolith slaying is not easy, but with the right tools and weapons at your disposal, your journey to the Cloud can be as easy as a stroll through the forest. Slides: TBA Rohit Kelapure, Solutions Architect, Pivotal Shaun Anderson, Advisory Solutions Architect, Pivotal Joe Szodfridt, Principal Solutions Architect, Pivotal Filmed at SpringOne Platform 2017
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Customer Stories
Digital transformation defines those companies who will thrive - turning innovation into reality fast. Think of a new software idea in the morning and have it running in production by afternoon. A cloud native platform takes you from development to production in one motion. Pivotal Cloud Foundry is The Cloud Native Platform. For Lockheed Martin, Pivotal Cloud Foundry takes them to a point where they can drive innovation and accelerate project completion. For Humana, Pivotal Cloud Foundry is the heart of what has enabled fast deliveries. For Allstate, Pivotal Cloud Foundry is helping them change their industry. Learn more: http://pivotal.io/platform
Mark Ardito at SpringOne Platform 2017
Mark Ardito (Divisional Vice President of Digital Delivery, HCSC) speaks at SpringOne Platform 2017.
TDD: The Bad Parts — Matt Parker
Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/Pivotal/tdd-the-bad-parts TDD, the savior of bad code, the promise of a better world. And yet… so many teams have tried TDD and failed. It’s a deceptively simple practice that actually requires a good deal of craftsmanship and skill to wield effectively. Through explanations and examples, we’ll examine a number of common problems teams face, including: Test Coupling Many folks our community promote the idea that unit testing means having a test file for every production class, and a test for every public method. And yet this tightly couples tests to the underlying design patterns of the codebase, and makes it hard to refactor. We’ll look at a way to minimize the surface area of your testing and intentionally define an interface between your tests and production code. Mocking (Hammer of the Gods) Mockito (and libraries like it) have created very simple and powerful ways for Java developers to create and use test doubles in their tests. And yet those libraries have also led to a good deal of misunderstanding and misuse of test doubles. We’ll examine the five types of test doubles, their roles, and when they’re applicable – and we’ll also look at the common problems developers run into misusing these tools and concepts. Death by a Thousand Flakes Outside-in behavior driven development is a commonly used practice. And yet we have too often conflated “outside” with ”GUI” – with disastrous results. We’ll look at the problems this has caused, including slow test suites, flaky test suites, upside down testing pyramids, and more. Test Suite Bankruptcy When all of these bad practices combine, they lead to one place: test suite bankruptcy. We’ll examine a case study of a team that, with the best intentions, applied all of these practices together for the better part of a year, and was forced to declare test suite bankruptcy at the end. We’ll talk about the tell-tale signs that you are approaching bankruptcy, and what you should do if you ever find yourself in that situation (or inheriting that situation from others). SpringOne Platform 2016 Speaker: Matt Parker; Engineering Director, Pivotal.
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Blue-Green Deployment of Applications leveraging RabbitMQ
Online upgrade of applications that use RabbitMQ using RabbitMQ Federated Queues.
Asking Kids Questions About Technology
Children of Pivots answer questions about technology, like "What app would you build?" and "What do you think microservices means?" Music by Jukedeck.
Vincent Oostindie, Rabobank—SpringOne Platform, 2018
Watch Rabobank's Business Architect, Vincent Oostindie, present about Digital Transformation at RaboBank. Filmed at SpringOne Platform 2018 in Washington, D.C.
Jason Williams, VP of Dick's Sporting Goods: Developer & Culture Transformation—SpringOne Platform
Watch Jason Williams, Vice President of Customer Technology, Dick's Sporting Goods, talk about the digital transformation at Dick's Sporting Goods. Filmed at SpringOne Platform 2018 in Washington, D.C.
Deconstructing Monoliths with Domain Driven Design - Rohit Kelapure, David Turanski, Rohit Sood
This session will detail a synthesis of techniques used to destroy a monolithic BPM and orchestration based application at Liberty Mutual into an event driven microservices based architecture implemented with Event Sourcing and CQRS. The transformation and developer productivity affected by the monolith decomposition and alignment of business capabilities to bounded contexts teaches lessons for all enterprises looking to undergo similar changes. Slides: https://content.pivotal.io/slides/deconstructing-monoliths-with-domain-driven-design Rohit Kelapure, Solutions Architect, Pivotal David Turanski, Spring Advisory Architect, Pivotal Rohit Sood, Senior Architect, Liberty Mutual Filmed at SpringOne Platform 2017
Route Services in Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.7 — Shannon Coen
Interesting things happen at the edge. All kinds of parties — internal and external, good and bad — enter your cloud or on-premises environment to call APIs and use web apps. Are you effectively deflecting attackers? Do popular APIs handle the load without degrading performance? Are apps instrumented properly to help you do real-time usage analytics? Even if you answered “yes” to those questions, it’s challenging to handle edge processing in a consistent manner across all your development teams. Route Services are a new type of Pivotal Cloud Foundry marketplace service that developers insert into the request path for their application. These services intercept requests at the edge of PCF and help you deliver a more secure, robust environment. Speaker: Shannon Coen, Pivotal
Rob Mee, CEO, Pivotal: Introducing Pivotal Act —SpringOne Platform 2018
Pivotal CEO Rob Mee introduces a new program, Pivotal Act, at SpringOne Platform 2018 in Washington, D.C. Pivotal Act is a program that partners with humanitarian organizations and charities to identify, design, and develop practical solutions to pressing challenges around the world. Learn more at https://pivotal.io/act
How Conversant Uses Pivotal Greenplum
Learn how Conversant uses Pivotal technologies to do more with their data.
Watson, Otto, Pole, Clark at SpringOne Platform 2017
Richard Watson (Gartner), Greg Otto (Comcast), Sheetal Pole (The Home Depot), and Rick Clark (Mastercard) speak at SpringOne Platform 2017.
Niki Allen, Boeing at SpringOne Platform2017
Niki Allen, Director of the Office of the CIO and Chief of Staff at Boeing, speaks at SpringOne Platform 2017.
Deep Dive into Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.0 - Jeff Hammond, Richard Seroter
Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is the enterprise platform of choice for cloud-native apps. With the release of PCF 2.0, the platform undergoes its biggest change ever. In this session, learn all about the latest release of PCF and all the major new capabilities that power your transformation. This is the place to learn all about Pivotal vision for the future of the platform. Slides: TBA Jeff Hammond, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Richard Seroter, Senior Director of Product, Pivotal Filmed at SpringOne Platform 2017
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Operating Cloud Foundry with BOSH (Platform: The Cloud Foundry Conference 2013)
Keynote presented by Dr. Nic Williams, CEO, Stark & Wayne. Operating Cloud Foundry with BOSH
Introduction to Pivotal GemFire features
Pivotal GemFire is an in-memory, scale-out, distributed data grid for high-scale custom applications. GemFire provides in-memory access for all operational data spread across hundreds of nodes with a 'shared nothing' architecture. This enables GemFire to provide low-latency, consistent, data access to applications at massive scale with many concurrent transactions involving terabytes of operational data.
Kroger Technology Teams with Pivotal to Feed the Human Spirit
Kroger creates unique experiences for their customers in over 2,700 stores in the US. Technology is the key enabler for this Fortune 500 company, and Kroger’s tech is powered by Pivotal and built for tomorrow. Learn more at pivotal.io/kroger
An authentication and authorization architecture for a microservices world — David Ferriera
Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/Pivotal/an-authentication-and-authorization-architecture-for-a-microservices-world Microservices architecture elevates the challenges for Authentication and Authorization management. When a single frontend request can result in many backend microservices calls, it is important to balance security and performance. ForgeRock provides a standards-based blueprint that provides a flexible solution for making these choices while protecting your Cloud Foundry services end to end. SpringOne Platform 2016 Speaker: David Ferriera; Director, Cloud Technology, Forgerock
Cloud Foundry UAA as an Identity Gateway - Sree Tummidi
In this session we will cover the capabilities of Cloud Foundry’s UAA which make it apt to be used as an identity gateway for both ingress and egress security patterns. We will take a closer look at how UAA’s multi-tenancy can be leveraged to expose it as an Identity Service using the Cloud Foundry service broker pattern. This greatly reduces the burden on the developers looking to secure their apps & microservices running on Cloud Foundry. Finally we will provide an identity vision which includes the use of side-cars like Spring Cloud Gateway and Envoy as lightweight identity proxies, reducing the burden on the App Developers in terms of enabling client side support for identity protocols like OAuth, OpenID Connect and SAML. Slides: https://content.pivotal.io/slides/cloud-foundry-uaa-as-an-identity-gateway Sree Tummidi, Product Manager, Pivotal Filmed at SpringOne Platform 2017

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