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Warbirds over St Louis - 2017
SLRCFA hosts the finest RC Warbird Event to hit St Louis every year in October. This year was the best yet! Military aircraft of all types were present and amazed spectators and pilots alike. Join us next year for our biggest Warbird Event yet! Visit www.slrcfa.com for more info on this events or other fine upcoming events at SLRCFA field.
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Sea Doo Spark, GTX 155, RXT 260
A 2015 compilation of our lake fun on our new Sea Doo's.
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Phantom F-4D RC JET
Frosty’s BVM F-4D takes the skies once again at SLRCFA field. Powered by a JetCat P-160RXi
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Running Inspiration - featuring Izzy Frost
Running Inspiration - featuring 12yr old Junior Olympian Izzy Frost Videography by Patrick Frost Music by Enrique Iglesias
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Autumn Begins
A Missouri Fall Videography by Patrick Frost Music by Steve Jablonsky Shot in 4K at 60fps with DJI Phantom 4 Pro
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2 Hour ARM Session
NPC Competitors’ Rob Frueh & Tonia Hodges take Shawn and I for a 2 hour epic arm session.
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SLRCFA 2017 Warbird Event
Patrick Frost’s BVM F-4D takes the skies with a Yellow F-15. Patrick took nearly 5 years to finish this one of a kind BVM Phantom. This F-4D was modeled after #550 Phantom that sits at Aviation Heritage Park in Bowling, KY. The full scale Phantom was flown by General Dan Cherry of the USAF during the Vietnam war. The same Phantom (#550) flown by General Dan Cherry downed a MiG 21 on April 16, 1972. Patrick’s Phantom is powered with a JetCat P-160RXi turbine engine. It has all digital JR Servos and includes a scale cockpit, scale lighting system, drogue chute, full armament including AIM 9, AIM 7 and MKII 500lb bombs, releasable centerline tank, outboard and inboard pylons, scale panels with thousands of hand punched rivets and light weathering.
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Sea Doo Lake Life
Lake life in the Midwest from a relaxed point of view on Sea Doos. Videography by Patrick Frost Music by Christopher Cross
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Sea Doo Life
2016 Memorial Day Weekend
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10,000 HOURS
Motivation for athletes Videography by Patrick Frost Music by Steve Jablonsky Author Ed Peneri
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Evolution of a Runner
Ten year old Isabella was not as graceful as you may think. When she first started competitive running at the early age of eight, she was unsure of who she was and what she was doing. Soon, her mom and I noticed something missing. It was her confidence. She didn't believe in herself. Today, nine time overall 5K female winner "Izzy" has the mindset of a future Olympian. Izzy now has confidence in herself to achieve what some may say is impossible for a child. Izzy sees a win before each race. She envisions herself of one day standing in an Olympic Stadium with thousands of people present, cheering for her. What changed? What evolved this unsure eight year old into a confident ten year old 5K Runner? It was words. It was encouragement. We started telling Izzy that SHE was an Olympic Runner. We told her that she was already everything she had dreamed of becoming. If you tell a child something long enough, he or she will believe it. No words are more important than words of encouragement from a beloved parent. Teach a child to eat healthy and they can change their eating habits. Show a child love and affection and they will return it. Show a child discipline and they will respect you. Today, Izzy runs like someone with confidence. She knows who she is and her armor is always around her body and mind each time she steps on the track or asphalt. It makes no difference to us if Izzy wins or looses. What does matter to us as parents is that she believes in herself and what she is doing.
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Roller Coaster Rush
One of the Ozark’s fastest Roller Coasters
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