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Alaskan Ice Monster Caught On Video By US Government  EXPLAINED
Alaskan ‘ice monster’ in Alaska’s Chena River? Strange Ice Monster Filmed In Alaska’s Chena River caught on camera and explained. What is this creature caught on camera swimming in an Alaskan river? Welcome back hoax factor aficionados...its Cary and I'm back with some creepy and possibly cryptid creature caught on camera by 2 employees of the Alaskan Bureau of Land management. BLM's post has now been viewed over 1,000,000 times and shared almost 6,000 times. The now aptly named Alaskan Ice Monster or Chena River Ice Monster is approximately 12 to 15 feet long and was filmed by Bureau employees Craic McCaa and Ryan Delaney. The BLM claims the footage was unedited except for adding the dramatic soundtrack. The two employees of the BLM were inspecting ice on the Chena river when they saw and recording what they described as a “strange thing” moving up the river. The employees did not investigate stating that “its kind of far out in the middle of the river. Video was taken right by our BLM Fairbanks District Office facing downstream. We're not sure what it is. We're letting you all be the judge. Speculation has come from people all over the world and some of my favorite suggestions are: 1. A Giant Sturgeon 2. A Nessie like sea monster 3. A “beavergator” Whatever the hell that is, I want one. 4. A Giant arctic crocodile 5. A “monkey disguised as a river monster” 6. A beaver towing logs. 7. Or moose hide, or a piece of rope waving in the current. Before I continue let me know in the comments which one you think it is. One of the more possible answers is a giant sturgeon. The white sturgeon also known as the Pacific sturgeon is the largest freshwater fish in North America and can reach lengths up to 20 feet long and weigh over 1700 pounds. The largest sturgeon ever caught in North America was caught in the Fraser river in 2012 by Michael Snell and his wife Margaret. The fish weighed 1,100 pounds and was over 12 feet long and as you can see by this video the thing is a monster...but also note the kind of ridges a sturgeon has on its back... could this thing in the video be a sturgeon? Or is it the now intriguing must have Christmas present for 2016 beavergator? No joke...This is an actual mock up horror movie poster that someone made in 2015. Are beaverators really a thing and the governments just been covering them up the entire time? Highly doubt it...but I wanna see this movie. Just might overtake sharknado as the most ridiculous monster movie of all time. This video reminds me a lot of the Iceland lake Monster which I discussed in our video 10 Scary videos fo Scary Creatures Caught On Tape. And according to Alaska Deptarment of fish and Game Tanana River management Biologist Klaus Wuttig..that was a lot of shit to say at one time... While the video looks “really cool” its “not that exciting.” Yes Klaus is gonna be our Christmas Grinch and tell us its not a Beavergator.. But its most likely a rope covered in frazil ice, a kind of sluchy ice that forms on water and its stuck to the bridge pier. The current of the river and the rope's undulating moves create the impression that its swimming upstream. Thanks Klaus, may Santa put a fucking piece of coal in your stocking this year. All right guys because I'm in desperate need of positive reinforcement click like if you enjoyed the video...don't forget to subscribe and yeah here's a couple more you just might like as well. Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Unexplained Sea Monster: Deep Sea Creature Caught In Thailand
A mysterious unexplained deep sea creature was caught in Thailand. Is this sea monster a dragon? What is below the water's surface... and why would I want to ever go down there when something like deep sea monsters and creatures exist. Thank you David for sending this to me on our FB fan page... I have a question for all you out there in Hoax Factor land. What is your biggest fear when it comes to the water? Deep sea monsters? Deep sea creatures? Unexplained sea monsters and creatures? Let me know down in the comment section below... Now here lately we've had a ton of up looking creatures come across my desk at Hoax Factor... Whatever this dragon creature looking thing is, it looks like its either out of breath, or about to shoot fire down someone's throat until it explodes out of their butt. Yeah I think this deep sea creature and monster is a bit irritated. Just slightly...just look at those jaws, its saying... make one mistake r and you're going to wave like a high school wood shop teacher!!!! The eel like sea creature was described as having razor sharp teeth, a long body and large head. Hard to see from the video if it actually has eyes. But the important questions first... is this monster real or like so many others before it fake? Is it related to this creature here? But while we're waiting to find out...put that thing back where it came from and for you guys watching this video be sure to click like and subscribe if you haven't already!!! Good news David...this deep sea creature is 100% real. It apparently belongs to the species Odontamblyopus which is latin for stay out of the water. These creatures are also called gobies or the more accurate descriptive name of dragon fish. Some people say this species is violent, others not so much. But looking at the video it is pretty apparent this fish is ready to defend its territory. What do you guys think, safe to handle or what? Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Bodies Of Strange Creatures Were Found In The Basement Of An Old House In London (EXPLAINED)
Strange creatures bodies found in basement of London Houe. The Merrylin Cryptid Museum. Creepy skeletons of winged humans, bodies of mythical creatures and even aliens have been unearthed in a London home. Why does this look like jack Skellington? Those answers today on another episode of WTF is it Wednesday. Hoax Factor friend Adam sent me a message and a few images on Facebook saying he had just watched a video of strange creatures bodies that were found in a basement of a London Houe., didn't know what to think and hoped we could shed some light on this. Thx Adam, we hope just to do that...and remember you too can send me an idea for a story on Instagram, Snapchat, FB or Twitter. Researching these images lead me to the Merrrylin Cryptid Museum, a museum devoted to showcasing the work of Crypto-Naturalist, Fringe Zoologist and Xeno-Archaeologist Thomas Merrylin. A man by the name of Alex CF claims he's the curator of the Merrylin Cryptid Collection, where, under the guidelines of a trust set up in 2006 they were to investigate a vast number of wooden crates found in the basement of a house in London that was scheduled for demolition. In the boxes that had been sealed and remained untouched since the 1940's, they discovered “over 5,000's specimens of flora and fauna,. They were also said to contain “ many artifacts of curious origin, fragments of civilizations that once ruled the earth, of ideas and belief systems perhaps better left in the past. “ The most curious part of the claim is the man himself, Thomas Theodore Merrylin. Born into wealth and raised by his widower father, who after retiring from the military took his son on adventures around the world in search of elusive artifacts and hidden species. Accused of dark arts, he was still accepted by many scholars because of his interesting collection of specimens we would now call cryptids. In 1899, he brought his collection to America, but as is the American way, when we see something new or different we condemn it and call it blasphemous. Kind of like the shit that went down with planking. This was something clearly caused by mass hysteria or satan. Thomas Merrylin apparently disappeared from the limelight that is until 1942 when he donated his London Townhouse to an orphanage with the strict stipulation that the basement was never to be opened, the house sold, and the gruel was especially greully. What Merrilyn left behind was a collection straight from hell. Specimens included dragons, baby werewolves, and other unexplained creatures. Some stories about Merrilyn have him placed in time hundreds of years apart. Who was this strange man? Was he a time traveler? Did he somehow discover during his travels the fountain of youth? And what about these marvelously strange creatures. Are they real? The answer coming right up? But real a real quick question. Who is this man in this image? Is he a long distant relative of a giant race known as Nephilim? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and I'll let you know my answer in my next video. And now Adam to answer your question. Who is Thomas Merrilyn and are these creatures real? The more important question is who is Alex CF?, the purported curator of the museum. Alex CF is a London-based illustrator, writer and sculptor. He is also my new hero for creating such a compelling new urban legend. This, of course, is all fake. But it's the good kind of fake. This isn't fake for the sake of manipulation. This is fake for the sake of taking people on a journey, captivating their imagination and letting them immerse themselves in the experience much like a movie or great book. VISIT THE ARTISTS WEBSITE: Merrylin Cryptid Museum http://www.merrylinmuseum.com/welcome/ http://www.alexcf.com/ Let's Connect - Facebook: https://goo.gl/saUpHL - Twitter: https://goo.gl/Pxgdb7 - Instagram: https://goo.gl/MMCZOb -- Google + : https://goo.gl/cPlaVy Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: https://goo.gl/84pNcl - Serious Deliver: https://goo.gl/2SBw50 - Super Play Time: https://goo.gl/3DVl8L - The Worst:
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Giant Crocodile Attacks Village In Sri Lanka - Hoax Or Not!
Massive Crocodile caught in Sri Lanka, giant dangerous crocodile caught on camera. Is this image of a monster crocodile attacking villagers in Sri Lanka real? A couple of images of a giant crocodile have been sent to me this last week from Hoax Factor fans asking me if they were real. But here are my thoughts upon seeing them, hopefully not! Because that's one big croc! Now this is gonna be a really quick video as I have two more videos locked and loaded and needing to be edited to get out to you asap. The Hoax Factor crew will be relocating down to the backwoods of Florida and will soon be dealing with giant alligators and monster rattlesnakes, I personally never saw anything this large down there, but there was this beast filmed on a golf course there...and oh yeah, this one was far too real so who knows what the future holds. Gators and crocs are different tho'. The largest species of crocodiles are saltwater crocodiles, which are found in Eastern India and yes Sri Lanka is just off the South East Coast of India. An adult male saltwater crocodile can grow up to 19ft in length but usually average somewhere between 14ft and 16ft. Some have claimed the one in this image is well over 20 feet long. But then my real life friends pretty much believe anything they see on the internet. I'm surprised that this hasn't been shared as real. Saltwater crocodiles have a wider snout and longer teeth than most crocs. Their heads are also very large and their bodies are broad, where most crocodiles have a very lean body look. Causing some people to mistake them for alligators. So what's going on in this image, is this really a monster crocodile attacking villagers in Sri Lanka? That answer coming right up but first... Yes, Hoax Factor is back after yet another little hiatus. My apologies for the lack of regular updates but as a family who does YouTube pretty much full-time with 4 channels and helping to produce a few others, there's a lot going on and sometimes life just takes over. Now to find out what we all want to know..is this beat real and is it attacking some poor villagers in Sri Lanka? Yes and no! The crocodile is real, but the villagers were actually helping to save the poor creature who got stuck in a canal that was leading out of the Nilwala River. This living breathing throwback to dinosaurs was over 17 feet long and weighed about a ton. It took a crane to hoist the beast up and a flatbed truck to get him back into the river safely. Now if you enjoyed this video don't forget to click like and subscribe and here's a couple more for you to check out and enjoy. Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela - Serious Delivery: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCnYcWpq5JeGU3r2d0MTJDA -Super Play Time: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCANQ2qR1qd2JUEXna1lO7TQ - The Worst: - Conspiracy Files:
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Scariest creatures caught on camera. 3 creepy, strange and scary creatures caught on deer trail cameras. The Rake, The Jersey Devil and ghost girl. are these mysterious creatures real? Welcome back YouTube Land, this is Cary at Hoax Factor recording from our temporary studio in Vernon Florida. A few in the comment section requested that I take a look at scariest creatures caught on creepy trail cam photos. As always, evidence of cryptids, ghosts, ufos and other strange things seem to be really crappy photos or video. So, as a necessary protection against all these evils, Hoax Factor suggest that you get rid of anything that captures images in High definition and only carry around a potato cam. You can Purchase one at the Hoax Factor store for 3 measly installments of $999. Not not nine dollars and 99 cents, but nine hundred and ninety nine dollars. Gotta continue paying for my rockstar habit somehow. It is now time for the great trail cam debunking of 2016!!! Today we're gonna focus on 3 of the most infamous creepy trail camera images out there Mysterious creature number one. The jersey Devil This image popped up some time around 2005 and was purported to be evidence of the Jersey Devil. The creature in the image has also been attributed to being a demon or el chupacabra. The creature in the image does fit the description of the Jersey devil, which is a flying biped with hooves. But yes..once again logic and google prevails! Here's the original photo that was uploaded to a hunting forum. Nothing says America Fuck More than a bald eagle dragging a deer off for dinner...well that is unless its a baby. BTW this videos was proven to be a hoax too... Our second mysterious creature caught on creepy trail cameras Ghost Girl Imagine setting up your trail cam and a few days later you come by and this is what you find? A little girl, seemingly alone, out in the middle of the night. The photo is eerie, and real. Its apparently from a series of photographs by photographer William Harper. Look I like art, and yeah I get sometimes art takes on some rather strange forms...but really? Setting up a trail cam and letting it take blurry pictures of people in the woods is now art? And now for one of the most famous of all creepy trail cams we have the rake! he Rake This image showed up on the internet sometime in 2010. The story behind this mysterious creature caught on creepy trail camera images "The hunter said he was lying in wait in the pitch black when a ghoulish specter filled his sights.Its eyes glowing in the light of his torch, it leapt from the undergrowth and flashed a look at the camera before vanishing back into the bushes. The hunter, who has chosen to remain anonymous, was so frightened he said he broke the camera but retrieved the image from its undamaged memory chip. The picture was taken on a reserve in Berwick near Morgan City, Louisiana." People claim that the creature in the image is a cryptid known as the rake that originated as a creepypasta story on 4chan's board sometime in 2005. Its described as a humanoid about 6 feet tall, but usually walks on all fours with a mouth that can unhinge and usually stays to itself but will attack when approached. So is the really the rake? No, it is in fact a grim.... What is a grim? You ask... Well the grim is a creepy creature that appears in the game Resistance 3 from Insomniac Games. This image was a part of a viral marketing ploy to help publish the game back in 2010. They even tweeted a hint at their involvement stating that a grim might have escaped and to please return it to their headquarters. William Harpers Website: http://wharperphoto.com/home.html Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Oscar The Modular Body Creepiest Science Experiment mixing human, cyborg for immortality? What evil exists that created this creature Oscar The Modular Body? Are we experiencing some kind of modern day frankenstein where this scientist bypassed god and created life? Or is this part of my chicken meal from KFC trying to escape? Oscar The Modular Body Hoax Factor Fans I'm back and with something almost as messed up as the Homunculus! Wonder where we've been, click on the link below to find out! Angela has a penchant for finding the most fucked up videos on Facebook and this is just yet another in a long line of them. The video is titled the first human modular prototype and opens with a guy in a labcoat who introduces us to Oscar the Modular Body. Oscar looks like a ball of raw chicken meat but is supposed to be a brain, it is then connected to a heart module and blammo! We have activity! Next science guy then attaches the lung module and Oscar The Modular Body starts to breathe... He then goes on to attach a kidney module and then some limbs and before you know it, Oscar is crawling around the table like a headless chicken dildo. Just like the Homunculus video I had to find out what the hell this was and what the hell is going on, and is this the beginning of a chicken version of the zombie apocalypes...a chickolapalypse... I followed the link at the end of the video to the site themodularbody.com and immediately got lost in all the information. Oscar is a prototype that is about the size of a hand and is made up of attachable modules that are grown out of human cells where assembling a functioning being is like playing with blocks... Essentially its like a real life Mr. Potato head that would scar your children for life. According to Oscar The Modular Body's creator Cornelis Vlasman the reason behind this was so we could create life to be used as at tool. I'm assuming that means there's a wrench and screwdriver attachment coming soon... He even claims he used his own cells to create Oscar The Modular Body to avoid legal issues. The body parts are created using vlasman's own genes, but made by using a bio-printer, This bio-printer contains a cartridge that has all the essential nutrients and cells to form a functioning organ. I'm wondering if I can order a larger.. bleep! They even had to go so far as to create skeletons for this creature. Is Oscar real? Is this or is this science playing god and trying to create life in his own image...that's if his image looked like raw chicken. That answer coming right up, but first click subscribe for more Hoax Factor. Oscar is 100%... made up! I thought the GenPets hoax was the most detailed hoax we had come across, but that was until Oscar showed up. I have to give this one two thumbs and two jacked up big toes up because This one included a nicely done website, bogus interviews, news stories and even fake vloggers discussing Oscar. The only thing I think missing that could have helped is a crazy ass preacher condemning the experiment. But if you do look around enough on the website you will find a link to their about page and they explain that its an “online science fiction story,” giving a nod to one of my all-time faves, mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Well done themodularbody.com, well done! CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL OSCAR THE MODULAR BODY VIDEOS: http://www.themodularbody.com Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela - Super Play Time: https://goo.gl/3DVl8L
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Dragon Caught On Tape In China - Mysterious Creature EXPLAINED!
Mysterious dragon type creature caught on camera. Is this a dragon or pterodactyl? Explained! What is this mysterious creature flying through the mountains of China? Is this a giant bird, a pterodactyl or maybe its a dragon? Welcome back Hoax Factor friends its Cary Darling and today I am examining a video of a purported dragon caught on film flying through a remote part of China. It's not exactly potato cam, but close...but even more annoying than that, the narrator of the video continuously mispronounced the word dragon. So are options are its a dragon, a pterodactyl, or fake? Dragons are fire spewing creatures with serpentine or reptilian traits. They are found in myths, “myths being the operative word” around the world and the two most well know cultural traditions of dragons are European dragons coming from the Balkans and Western Asian mythologies. And then there's the Chinese Dragon tradition which breathing dragons, and Nile crocodiles who may have gotten lost and swam across the Mediterranean into southern Europe may have inspired other dragon myths. And yes, Nile crocodiles did swim to Southern Europe, it's not like they had google maps or something equivalent. Whale and dinosaur skeletons along with other mammalian type fossils were most likely mistaken as dragons. Author Adrienne Mayor wrote in an entry in the Encyclopedia of Geology, “ Fossil remains generated a variety of geomyths speculating on the creatures' identity and cause of their destruction. Many ancient cultures, from China and India to Greece, America, and Australia, told tales of dragons, monsters, and giant heroes..." Now, Pterodactyls, on the other hand are very real and very extinct. They existed some 150 million years ago and as an adult reached a wingspan length of about 3 feet 5 inches. This creature in the video seems to be much larger than that and doesn't quite fit the description of what we know pterodactyls to look like. So what is this thing flying through China? Is it a dragon, pterodactyl or fake. Now this mysterious dragon like creature caught on camera is explained. Just a couple of quick things to point out and noticed by a few others out there on the webs, and the social media places the frame rate of the landscape video and the dragon video are different. Not to mention, the compositing of the dragon onto the background wasn't done all that well. The dragon is much clearer than the larger objects around it. And last, as the dragon starts to disappear behind the mountain, he actually goes into the mountain instead of behind it. While it looks cool, someone did kind of a bad job at masking the scene out. Time for me to go and watch some Dragonball Z as we close out another Hoax Factor Video. ORIGINAL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTeL8zZjNSA Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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20 Creepiest Pictures On The Internet *Exposed*
20 most mysterious pictures ever taken that should not exist. World's creepiest photos explained 2015. Chris Benoit was a famous professional wrestler who in 2007 murdered his wife and son before killing himself. The photo was taken by a fan at the Dr.'s office, but it was at least a week before the murders. Filipino Politician captures his assassin on film while taking a family photo. Reynaldo Dagsa was taking a New Years day family picture of his wife, daughter and mother-in law when assassin Michael Gonzales walked up behind the family and shot Dagsa who was pronounced dead at the hospital. The Solway firth spaceman On May 23, 1964 Jim Templeton took a picture of his daughter. Only after having the pictures developed did he notice a figure in the background that he was not there when he took the photo. This is the last known photo taken of murder victim Regina Kay Walters by serial killer Robert Ben Rhoades. This was purportedly taken in a barn near Bond County, Illinois. He cut the girls hair, made her change into the dress and shoes then took this photo moments before he killed her. On July 16, 2011 17 year old Tyler Hadley beat his parents to death with a hammer, then thew a party while his parents bodies were still in the house. It was during this party that he posted this selfie on FB. In the 1950's the Cooper family photo, with a dead body hanging from the ceiling. On June 15, 1989 this Polaroid photo was found People believed it to be that of Tara Calico a young woman who went missing in September of 1988. The boy was believed to be Michael Henley who also went missing, The case remains open to this day. On December 8, 1980 John Lennon was shot and killed by Mark David Chapman because of Lennon's statement that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus.” hours before he killed Lennon, he was caught on camera by photographer Paul Goresh asking Lennon to autograph a copy of his album Double Fantasy. Hiroshima Shadows The shadows left beind are real, but there is no evidence to support the story that people were instantly vaporized. The image is of the stone steps that were once in front of the Sumitomo Bank but can now be found at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Did the 1999 Senior Class photo of columbine High School catch future murders Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris showing their hidden intentions of murdering their class mates? The young girl in this image was reportedly raised in a concentration camp during the holocaust. The young girl's name is Tereska, the image was taken by Photographer David Seymour at the home for disturbed Children, in Poland, sometime in 1948. It is claimed that a chinese photographer inadvertently caught two lovers jumping off a bridge It was taken from a brige over the Yangtze river in Central china The photographer caught a man who jumped to his death, only to be followed by his lover just seconds later. The child was lying near a village in Ayod while her parents were getting food from a UN plane that had just landed. Thisphoto was taken by photographer Kevin Carter in 1993. Carter received the Pulitzer prize for this photo, he killed himself just 3 months later. It was taken by french reporter Frank Fournier, he titled it The Agony of Omayra Sanchez She was just 13 years old and got caught under some debris from her home that was crushed during a landslide triggered by the 1985 eruption of the Nevad del Ruiz volcano. On June 4, 2008 Travis Alexander's body was discovered in a shower at his home in Mesa, Arizona. His girlfriend Jodi Arias was eventually arrested for his murder. Why? This photo was of Alexander still alive was apparently taken on June 4 at 5:29 pm. Photos taken just moments later show someone profusely bleeding on the bathroom floor. That person of course being Alexander. The Despondent Divorcee In 1942 Buffalo Courier Express photographer Russel Sorgi fond 35 year old Mary Miller sitting on the ledge of the Genesee Hotel. Sorgi snapped the photo while during the same moment a police woman entered the hotel to reportedly stop the suicide, Ms Miller fell to her death. in august of 1975 two brothers posed for a photo in Sequoia National Park just before they were struck by lighting. The claim is that Michale McQuilken, on the right survived, but he brother Sean on the left died from complications. The story behind this image is that the parents sat down with a photographer after their daughter had died to get just one last family portrait in. Facebook creepy photo In 1967 the Russians sent cosmonaut Vladimir Kamarov into space in a ship with over 200 known structural problems. As was expected anything and everything on the ship began to fail. When the capsule made its final descent, American Intelligence picked up “cries of rage” as Kamarov plunged to his death. The picture is what was left of him.
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Hawk Drops Snake On Family BBQ - Hawk VS Snake VS Uncle  - HOAX OR NOT!
Hawk Drops A SNAKE On Yarra River BBQ. Hawk Throws Snake At Family Video: Hawk Throws Snake at Family in Australia Did this hawk just drop a live snake onto a family enjoying their bbq. Welcome back interwebs!!! Its Cary from Hoax Factor. I'm back downing my rockstar crack and as you know my mission is to debunk the internet one hoax at a time! Today's video is just a quickie as I put together a much larger one on vampires! The internet's collective face was melted this last week when douglas Wong of Sidney Australia posted a video of a Hawk dropping a snake on his uncle at their family BBQ. Australian hawk appears to throw SNAKE on family in park picnic Apparently this hawk had it out for Doug's uncle, maybe the hawk caught him cheating with another hawk. Who knows what's going on here. So the family is out just chillin' at the park having a BBQ when all of a sudden someone proclaims..Oh there's a Hawk...more about that proclamation a bit later. The rest of the video shows the Hawk circling a river while the family now continues to speak in what I assume is Chinese. Around the 15 second mark the Hawk picks up a snake from the embankment near the pond and continues on its path..but all of a sudden it quickly turns back towards the family and carpet bombs their picnic area with a live snake! The family of course runs off leaving a trail of poo in their wake as the snake scurries along behind them. You're probably wondering if you should stop hosting BBQs oh yeah, and if this is a hoax or not. Hawks are birds of prey and their diet does include smaller animals like snakes, lizards, and sometimes babies! There are a number of species like the Brown Goshawk and collared Sparrowhawk that are indigenous to Australia. But looking at this video its hard to determine what kind of Hawk it is. Hawks are a pretty tough predator and know exactly how to handle snakes, like in this video of a red-tailed hawk battling a rattler, the bird spreads out its wings in hopes that the snake will strike at its feathers, exposing its head and giving the hawk an opportunity to attack. While this may be a pretty effective technique the hawk doesn't always win. Back to the video in question. Did this hawk really just drop a potentially venomous snake onto an unsuspecting family who was just trying to eat a few burgers and dogs? No... While this was Australia, a country where pretty much anything and everything can and will kill you luckily the video is fake. I immediately suspected that it was something creaetd for some kind of viral marketing campaign just because of the crappy acting. Remember when just a few minutes earlier in the video I told you to pay attention to the , “Oh there's a Hawk” statement being made in english only for the family to continue the rest of the video in Chinese? Well, that was done in order to establish the most important premise of the video...a Hawk was flying nearby, we should record it just in case something YouTube worthy would occur like it dropping a snake on Uncle Wong. Regardless, it didn't take much sleuthing to find out that this was a viral video created for the Hawthorne Hawks, of the Australian Football League. According to a spokesperson on the team, The campaign titled Embrace the hunt was created to let “everyone know that its September and the Hawks are on the attack...” looking to secure a “fourth straight premiership.” If you would like to start seeing Vlogs that include behind the scenes footage and answer and question sessions from us here at Hoax Factor, click that like button and oh yeah, don't forget to share my bad ass videos and if you haven't already CLICK THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON ORIGINAL VIDEO: HAWK Drops A Snake On Family BBQ. LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIG1JRNzYeI Hawthorn Hawks Press Release: http://www.hawthornfc.com.au/news/2016-09-01/hawthorn-goes-viral-with-launch-of-finals-campaign OZ Animals: Australian Birds Of Prey - Hawks http://www.ozanimals.com/wildlife/Bird/Birds-of-Prey.html Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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5 Mysterious CREATURES Caught On Camera
Mysterious Creatures caught on camera and spotted in real life. 5 Creepy Creatures, mysterious but caught on camera. #1 The story behind this video is that 2 Saudi men who work in some kind of law enforcement capacity were driving down a dark desert road when they happened upon a creepy hunched over man or woman with long black hair carrying a walking stick. As the two men drive off the (scary) figure begins to chase them down the road, one of the men can be heard screaming for the driver to keep going and to not stop. At one point, the creature in the video let's out a shriek, turns towards the vehicle and charges them again. The most popular theory of this video is that its a witch. Others suggest that its a prank. The most plausible explanation outside of that would be its a person who not only suffers from a physical deformity, but most likely a mental illness as well. #4 In April of 2014 this video of a couple standing in front of a temple in Delhi was uploaded to YouTube. The uploader Riona Kapoor posted in the comment section explaining that the video was about an accidental sighting of a man flying over the Qutub Minar and that within days it had been viewed in over a 140 countries around the world. 2 years later and this flying man video is still making the rounds. I immediately assumed fake and here is why. The acting was a bit forced, this couple didn't come across as natural. They are standing there acting as if they are taking a photo when the man behind the camera is recording video. He needs to be recording video in order for the accidental capture of a man flying to occur. #2 If you pay attention to the man behind the couple, he clearly reacts to the supposed creature flying before his cue. Notice nothing is in the sky yet, but he's pretending to react. And when he does react, he's clearly looking in the wrong direction, the flying man is still over here. 03 This video of an albino bigfoot was uploaded in january of 2010. According to the description residents of a town in Pennsylvania had been reporting sightings of a bigfoot type creature. But this one was all white, which is why police haven't shot it yet. Hash tag bigfoot lives matter The man who recorded the footage claimed he heard something in his backyard so he of course went traipsing out in the night into the woods with cell phone and flashlight in hand. My first reaction to this of course is that its fake. Now hear me all you out there in the internets. I want this shit to be real, I've wanted things like UFOs, bigfoot, lochness monster to be real since I was a kid. But as I grow older, and technology has improved immensely no one has yet been able to provide adequate evidence for any of it. 02 In November of 2007 a surveillance camera covering an area of road known as The Wessex Way caught some footage of a creature running across the highway. A cursory glance of the footage seems to show some kind of creature never before seen. The creature has long legs, its hind quarters seem to stick up in the air when it runs, and its front legs seem to bend inward, the creature just moves in ways we just don't seem to see in nature. (girl walking in high heels) Overall its pretty realistic, in my opinion it does look a bit like CGI. Some people have made mention of the inconsisten shadowing when the creature is lit up by the car's headlights, as well as the lack of reaction by the driver of the car to some large unknown creature crossing their path. Some people out there still argue that its just a greyhound or a deer and it does look a bit like both. But... Looking a bit deeper I found the original uploader of this video. 01 This last video made its rounds on FB after being shared by a few pages that focus on topics like the paranormal, ghosts etc. But first if you enjoy our videos at Hoax Factor please like them, share them and if you're not already subscribe...what the hell are you waiting for. Some people are claiming its a creature known as The Rake a humanoid type monster that made its first appearance on the internet on creepypasta. Some say its origins has its ties to another famous internet monster the Slenderman. The video is grainy closed circuit tv footage of the creature locked in some kind of cell, or hospital room. It didn't take too long to figure out its origin, the video is not a fake, its just a scene from a horror movie titleed Entity about a tv film crew that disappeared while investigating a decade old story of 34 unidentified bodies that were found in shallow graves in the Serbian Forest. 5 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera - SLENDER MAN OR ALIENS 2016
Mysterious creatures in Mexico, caught on camera. Is this cryptid a slender man or an alien? Hoax Factor debunks your favorite videos creepypasta style. Cryptids like Slender Man or Aliens are these mysterious creatures real? 2016 Hoax Factor investigates these mysterious creatures and cryptids caught on camera like a creepypasta. All right Hoax Factor fans get ready for some extreme potato cam footage Where some guy using a top of the line potato cam caught on video what appears to be a pink naked humanoid crawling around on the rooftop of a house in Mexico. Is it slender man, an alien or just a pink naked man? Dateline: 2015 A time when HD Cameras on cell phones didn't exist. Well they did for pretty much everyone except those who happen to capture footage of aliens, ufos or ghosts. Location: Nuevo Laredo El Manana a news agency out of Nuevo Laredo reported that a rancher heard some noises outside his home in the back yard...so with potato cam I hand he went outside to go investigate. As he looks around the yard, a noise is heard coming from up above him on his roof. As the potato cam is pointed towards the creature it sits still in all its pink glory until it realizes....shit I'm not wearing any underwear and my alien junk is hanging out for the entire universe to see. And then it scurries off over the top. Some claim its an alien, but others claim its appearance is consistent with the slender man sightings in Mexico. An editor of a UFO Sight was quoted as saying “Mexico is the most active country in the world for UFO and alien sightings. No one knows why, but we do suspect there are many alien bases below most of Mexico's volcanos.” I guess Mexico is a hotbed of alien activity like the south is here in the states. Really, why is it here in America the segment of the population that would be considered the most homophobic are the ones getting picked up by aliens and anal probed? You don't have aliens abducting Harvard professors to see what's up their butt. This creature here is a double whammy. Its could be an alien and its pink. Watch out redneck homophobes, he's coming after your butt crack! The Slender Man theory is a strange one because its based upon a complete work of fiction that was created on June 10, 2009 during a photoshop contest on the popular internet forum Something Awful. Eric Knudsen under the user name Victor Surge submitted 2 images he created for the contest. The difference between Knudsens submissions and others was he included text to create a back story for the images. We didn't want to go, we didn't want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time… — 1983, photographer unknown, presumed dead. One of two recovered photographs from the Stirling City Library blaze. Notable for being taken the day which fourteen children vanished and for what is referred to as “The Slender Man”. Deformities cited as film defects by officials. Fire at library occurred one week later. Actual photograph confiscated as evidence. — 1986, photographer: Mary Thomas, missing since June 13th, 1986. And from that grew the urban legend of Slender man as other users began to submit their own photoshopped images as well as contributed their ideas and stories to what has essentially become its own version of a slender man universe. The Urban legend began to cross over into real life when two 12 year old girls from wisconsin lured their friend to the woods and stabbed her 19 times with a knife, in an attempt to impress Slender Man...a fucking work of fiction Its because people tend to get lured into believing silly crap like this, that I do these videos here at Hoax Factor. So is this creature an alien or slender man? Well we know it can't be a slender man it just doesn't exist. As far as aliens are considered. Its highly doubtful as well. One of the first things I notice immediately in these types of videos is that someone actually has their phone camera ready. Yeah right.. When I hear noises on my roof top yea I immediately take my phone out and start recording. No, I actually I would take something like this. So is this real? ... Yes I don't believe its an alien or evidence for slender man a creature that is completely made up. I don't believe its 100% CGI either, the movements are fairly natural. I do believe that its one of two things. Its either a naked friend helping out in the hoax video, or its a naked dude who got caught creepin' on the rancher's wife. Either way, there's a naked dude on your roof this isn't a good thing. Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela DID YOU ENJOY THIS 2016 ALIEN SIGHTINGS DOCUMENTARY? THEN SUBSCRIBE!
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8 Scariest New York City Urban Legends
Scariest New York City Urban legends that are true. Creepiest urban legends. The Urban Legend of 57 West 57th Street The case of the urban legend curse of 57 West 57th street. Edna Crawford married Albert Champion. Edna Crawford and Charles Brazelle bought the Medical Arts Building at 57 West 57th street. Brazelle killed Edna and her and he was thrown off of the balcony by her guards. Carlton Aslop moved in and the property was haunted by the deceased couple. The Mole People Of New York City's Subways If you live in a large city then you've probably heard the urban legend of mole people. Most large cities have urban legends of mole people living in abandoned subway, railroad, flood and sewage tunnels. The Legend of Ghost Trains of Hell Gate Bridge An urban legend claims that ghost trains cross Hell Gate Bridge during the middle of the night. A ghost train filled with the souls of explorers, suicides and murder victims. The Urban Legend of Rudolph Fentz Time Travller The Victorian Time Square time traveler Rudolph Fentz showed up out of nowhere in 1950 dressed in Victorian era clothing. The confused man Rudolf Fentz was then hit by a taxi. His belongings included banknotes, and letters dated 1876 as well as business cards with the name Rudolph Fentz jr. The Legend Of Cropsey What if an urban legend, wasn't a legend? What if the monster your parents always warned you about turned out to be real? That is what happened in the Legend of Cropsey when it turned out to be serial killer Andre Rand. Andre Rand worked for the Willowbook State School on Staten Island. He may be responsible for the deaths of Alice Pereira, Holly Ann Hughes, Hank Gaffario, Tiaheasea Jackson, and Jennifer Schweiger. He claims to be just like Ted Bundy. The legend of the haunted Belasco Theater David Belasco, an actor, manager and director build the Bealsco Theater on Broadway, New York City. After he died, apparitions that looked just like Belasco began to appear. The theater is rumored to be haunted with his ghost and others. The Urban Legend of Giant Mutant Rats of New York City Subways and Sewers. New York City is the most rat infested city in the world. The are legends and rumors of giant rats over 3 feet tall living in New York Cities subways and sewers. The Urban Legend of Giant Alligators and Crocodiles Of New York City Sewers. The number one urban legend New York City is most famous for. Giant alligators and crocodiles living in the sewers. The legend dates as far back as 1935 where it was reported in a New York Times article that an alligator was found in a sewer. New York City sewer inspector Teddy May claimed he encountered giant alligators and crocodiles in the sewers.
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Giant Snake Anaconda Attacks & Eats Diver Alive
Giant Anaconda Snake Attacks Man, Eats Diver Alive. Man VS Anaconda, world's longest snake ever? Giant Snakes are back and they're on the attack Hoax Factor Fans!!! I've had it with these giant anaconda snakes on this channel! This diver almost got his head bit off by a giant anaconda!!! The guys over at Conspiracy Files submitted this to us on our Hoax Factor Fan Page and asked us if this giant anaconda were real. We'll definitely find out for you guys... But first a Quick question to all you hoax factor fanatics! Which Hoax Factor Giant Snake Video is your favorite? Now...Giant Anacondas are of course found in tropical South America. These amazing creatures can reach lengths up to 17 feet long. Stories about giant anacondas date as far back as the 15th century when European colonists reported sighting giant snakes over 160 feet long. Stop! Think about that. 160 feet long is over half the length of a football field. Could something that large have a jaw span the size of what we see in the image? Since the early 20th Century and up until 2002 the Wildlife conservation Society had offered a cash reward if someone were to capture a live giant anaconda that was at least 30 feet in length or more. During this time the reward topped out at $50,000 but no one was successful in claiming it. A few noted scientists, hunters and cryptozoologists claimed to have captured beasts anywhere from 34 feet to 60 feet in length. The evidence was sorely lacking and the men were all ridiculed. One such explorer by the name of Percy Fawcett even submitted photos. But as you can see they lack scale. And as we have learned through so many hoaxes you can make anything look giant using forced perspective. So is this photo finally evidence of this legendary beast? And is this photo evidence that Donald Trump really does have short fingers! Now a quick search on this image lead me to a Swiss man by the name of Franco Banfi . Banfi is an award winning professional underwater and wildlife photographer who's images have been seen in publications like National Geographic. And in 2012 he decided to make a trek down the mato Grosso region of Brazil to search out and photograph the biggest anacondas he could find. Banfi was successful in his 10 day trip, where he found 6 of these magnificent beasts...in fact the photographer found a 26 foot specimen just casually hanging out just below the waters edge. Why? Because, as I pointed out in the Dragon Fish video. Evil lurks in water. So is this photo real? Nope...its just a photoshop that mixed a couple of images together. If you look closely you'll recognize this snake from other hoaxes that we've covered here. But this one...this one is fucking real...and often used in Giant Anaconda hoax videos as well. Banfi took this photo as the creature sunbathed on the side of the riverbank. According to Banfi, the snake had just eaten, so it had no real interest in having him for dessert. Thanks for the submit Conspiracy files, be sure to check out their channel where they cover the most insane conspiracies out there. Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela - Super Play Time
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Top 5 Biggest Hoaxes
All time greatest hoaxes that had us fooled. 5 debunked hoaxes that we actually believed. Staged hoaxes revealed. The Cardiff giant In 1858 Atheist George Hull in response to biblical claims that giants once roamed the earth commissioned stone cutter Edward Burghardt under a sworn oath of secrecy to carve a 10 foot giant man out of Gypsum. Hull's cousin William Newell then helped him to perpetrate the fraud by burying the giant on his land only to later hire some men to dig a well, exactly where the giant lie. A tent was set up over the giant and people lined up to pay 50 cents each to see it. Even though it was repeatedly pronounced a face by archaeologists, some preachers continued to defend its authenticity. Hull sold his stake in the giant for $23,000 which translates to over $420K in 2015 dollars. The Cardiff Giant was eventually bought by the Farmer's museum in cooperstown New York, where it is still on display. #4 The Alien Autopsy Film On august 28, 1995 Fox Television aired the show Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction which debated the authenticity of film footage purporting to show the “authentic autopsy” on the body of an alien recovered from the crash of a UFO newer Roswell on June 2, 1947. Ray Santilli a business man from London claimed that the footage was supplied to him by a retired cameraman from the military, who wished to remain anonymous. However in 2006 Ray Santilli and Producer Gary Shoefilled admitted that the film shown was not authentic but a staged reconstruction of footage they claimed to have seen, but had since deteriorated to the point of being unusable. #3 Balloon Boy On October 15, 2009 Richard and Mayumi Heene of Fort Collins Colorado claimed that their six year old son Falcon had somehow floated away in a giant balloon filled with helium. The flying saucer shaped craft reached altitudes of 7,000 feet and traveled over 50 miles during an hour long flight that was covered by pretty much every media outlet. The balloon eventually landed and the boy was no where to be found. He was later discovered hiding at home in the attic. Suspicions that the parents did this for a publicity stunt to garnet their own reality show were quickly confirmed when during a televised interview on Larry King Live the boy in response to the question of why he was hiding, looked to his father and said, “You guys said that we did this for the show.” The stunt closed down the Denver International Airport, and involved not only local police, but helicopters from the national guard. Both Parents were eventually charged and sentenced to very little time in jail, but poor little falcon has been sentenced to life with those two idiots. #2 The Taco Liberty Bell ON April 1st, 1996 the tex-mex fast food chain Taco Bell took out a full page ad in seven top US newspapers that the company had purchased the Liberty Bell as a duty to help reduce the country's debt and to top it off, they were going to rename it the Taco Liberty Bell! This set off a storm wave of callers flooding Taco Bell Headquarters and The National Park Service before it was finally announced that it was just a hoax. Costing the company only $300,000 the campaign generated an estimated $25,000,000 worth of free publicity. The campaign was so effective it was listed among the Top 10 Successful Marketing stunt by entrepreneur magazine, and we're still talking about it today. Paul is dead! In the late 60's a rumor circulated that Beatle Paul McCartney died in a car wreck in 1966 and was replaced by William Campbell who happened to be the winner of a Paul McCartney look alike contest.. The rumor was fueled by what was believed to be clues left by the Beatles themselves in songs, album cover art and lyrics. Here are some of the more intriguing clues... The Abbey Road album cover... The album art and clothing worn by each beatle was interpreted to mean that John was wearing white because he represented either clergy or an angel, Ringo was dressed in black as the undertaker, George in jeans and shirt as the undertaker and Paul out of step with the his band mates and in a suit and barefoot, just like a corpse. Sgt Peppers Album cover On the front you will notice two sets of Beatles, one in Stg Peppers uniform and the other set in their typical concert wear. Notice the sad look on their faces as they look down on what appears to be a freshly dug grave. Who's grave? Maybe Paul's who happens to have a hand conveniently placed over his head. On the back you will see that Paul is face away from the camera and just to the right side of his head, the lyrics read “without you.”
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MYSTERIOUS OBJECT FOUND - Is this A Dinosaur Egg Discovered In Argentina - Hoax Or Not
What is this mysterious object found? Are Dinosaurs alive today walking among man? Giant dinosaur egg was found in Argentina, is this real, a hoax or not? What The F is it Wednesday. Did an Argentine farmer discover a giant dinosaur egg on his property? Looks like it's time for another episode of WTF is it Wednesday. Welcome back Hoax Factor Friends its Cary and I'm sitting here looking at an object and thinking WTF is it? Farmer Jose Antonio Nievas went out for a stroll on his farm near Buenos Aires when while walking along a riverbank he noticed what looks like a giant dinosaur egg. The object is black, scaly and approximately 3 feet long. First off, I'm not gonna get into a debate in the comment section on whether dinosaurs are reptiles or birds, I'll let you nerds in the comment section inflict butt hurt on each other...oh and hears the cream we used on the boy's when their asses burned...I suggest you purchase some. The first scientifically documented dinosaur egg fossils were discovered in 1859 by an amateur naturalist and Catholic Priest in the south of France who mistakenly identified them as bird eggs. And then The first scientifically recognized dinosaur egg fossils were discovered in Mongolia in 1923 by a crew from the American Museum of Natural History while on a dig looking for evidence of early humans. Dinosaur eggs come in a variety of sizes and shape, but the largest known dinosaur egg fossils were found in China in the 1990's. These eggs were 2 feet long and over 7 inches in diameter. This object here is 3 feet long, so yeah maybe it could be a dinosaur egg fossil. But dinosaur eggs just like chicken eggs are fragile and are rarely found intact. In fact at The first dinosaur nesting site discovered in America is a location in Montana known as Egg Mountain where paleontologist Jack Horner discovered 14 dinosaur nests in one area by itself. Most eggs were found partially complete, however egg shells could be found littering the area. Could this hole be an indication that whatever monster was inside of it, tried to peck its way out? So is this real, and if so is it a dinosaur egg? Better yet, WTF is it? Time to crack this egg story wide open like an omelet Hoax Factor style. The image is real, but it is not a dinosaur egg fossil. According to of the Bernadino Rivadavid natural sciences museum” There is no doubt that it looks like a glyptodont.” The glyptodon is an ancestor of what we know today as armadillos. They too had shell for armour but were much larger, weighing almost as much as a small car. == Adrian Lister of the national History Museum of London went on to say that the shell looked genuine and that the hole is wear and tear, not where the tail went. However, until it is actually examined physically, there is still some concern that it could be a hoax. The specimen is still in pretty good shape for something that's 10,000 years old. There you go hoax factor fans, another edition of WTF is it Wednesday, If you enjoy WTF Wednesday's please click thumbs up and let me know in the comments below. And while you're at it don't forget to subscribe and here are a few more videos you just might enjoy. For more mysterious objects be sure to check out our other videos. Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Zombie Apocalypse? Real Zombie Attack in Miami, Florida 2016? How to survive a zombie attack in the zombie apocalypse. Was this really a zombie attack in Florida? Where are these trucks headed? And why is the government preparing for a Zombie Outbreak! What are they hiding?!!! A man by the name of Joe Amos posted some images of zombie mutation response vehicles. So these were spotted by my friend driving down Longwood Florida this morning. No license plate... Google Search shows no info on this vehicle or name on vehicle. Wtf are these and wth is a Mutation Response Vehicle? Anyone??? This the very same week that a real life zombie style attack occurred in Miami, Florida 2016 In Miami, On Monday August 15th, 2016 19 year old Austin harrouff was arrested in what can only be described as an act of zombie like cannabilism. Austin Harrouff is a student athlete at Florida State University who Not long after he happened upon his soon to be victims began to savagely attack Michelle Mishcon and her Husband John Sttevens. A neighbor heard screams, tried to stop the attack and was stabbed as well. When police arrived they discovered Harrouff “grunting and growling” and “making “animal noises” as he was eating the flesh off of Mr. Stevens face. Martin County Sheriff William Snyder described the scene saying, “there was an emormous amount of violence in that garage.” This isn't the first time such an incident occurred in Miami, Florida... in 2012 Rudy Eugene attacked a homeless man by the name of Ronald Poppo underneath a bridge in Miami Florida. After accusing Poppo of stealing his bible, Eugene attacked the man, biting and chewing over 70% of the flesh off of his face, including the man's left eye. And just like in the recent zombie attack case... When police arrived and ordered Eugene to stop, the man just growled at the officers. More zombie style attacks in Miami? 10 days before Rudy Eugene bit the face off another man, a mysterious rash broke out at McArthur High School where 12 students and 2 teachers were affected. A Hazmat team was sent out, the school was evacuated and to this day they have no answers. 2 Days later HazMat Crews were called in to Terminal 2 at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport when an unkown chemical sent 5 people to the hospiatl. And then yet again, another Broward County school exhibits symptoms from a mystery rash and Hazmat team are called out. Dr. Zachary Bird was arrested near Orlando by Florida Highway Patrol for possible DUI. During the encounter the man became “extremely agiated and enraged.” He not only spat blood into the patrolman's face, but was caught on the patrol car's camera banging his head on the car's plexiglass petition until he bled. Is this man exhibiting Zombie like behavior as we have seen in Zombie / Virus outbreak movies like 28 Days? In an email to the Huffington Post, agency spokesperson David Daigle wrote: “CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms),” Why does the CDC provide a guide on how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. United States Strategic command also known as Stratcom is a part of the Department of Defense they made available a report known as CONOP 8888 or Counter zombie Dominance CONOP 8888 was released on April 30, 2011 and is designed to "establish and maintain a vigilant defensive condition aimed at protecting humankind from zombies," is our government preparing for a zombie apocalypse, a viral zombie outbreak? While there is absolutely nothing 100% conclusive on the zombie like attacks in Florida, both cases as well as the case of the Dr in the police cruiser has been attributed to being substance related. Does that mean we are experiencing a zombie like viral outbreak. The Mutation Response Vehicles are a part of a group called Pathogen Trackers and you can find them in Black Rock City at burning Man. You can read more about them on their website The CDC created their Zombie survival guide to help better educate the American population on what they could do to prepare for natural catastrophies that are far more likely to occur. So let me know what you think. Do you buy the government's answers? Or do you think that someday we could be in the midst of a zombie apocalypse? And oh yeah... click that subcribe button right now for more bad ass hoax factor videos. PATHOGEN TRACKERS: http://www.pathogentrackers.com/ CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION ZOMBIE PREPAREDNESS GUIDE: http://www.cdc.gov/phpr/zombies.htm CONOP 8888 - PENTAGON ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE PLAN http://www.stratcom.mil/files/foia_requests/CONPLAN%208888-11.pdf Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Strange Sea Creature Washed Up On Beach
Unidentified creature washed up on beach. The most bizarre deep sea creature you won't believe exists. Hoax Factor Angela responds to Facebook about this strange, unidentified sea creature that washed up on the beach. Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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DEMENTOR IN REAL LIFE From Harry Potter Appears In Africa Terrifying Residents - Hoax Or Not!
Real Life Harry Potter like dementor terrifies residents in Zambia. Demon, dementor or hoax? Caught On Tape. What do you think? dementor's kiss Extraña figura humana atemorizo a la población de Zambia Did a dementor take over a small town in Zambia? Welcome back hoax factor friends its Cary and today we're looking at images of a town in Zambia that is being terrorized by what looks to be dementors from the Harry Potter movie Series. This story has been all over facebook and news outlets with headlines like, “Zambian shoppers run in terror when strange “harry potter dementor figure appears in clouds. Articles went on to claim that the dementor figure appeared in storm clouds over a shopping center and looked to be over 330 feet long. To give that some perspective an American school bus is approximately 40 feet long. So this dementor would be as long as 8 ½ school buses. The stories claimed that the figure floated around in the sky for about half an hour. Some saw it as a manifestation of God and began to pray, others as a dark omen and they began to flee. Dementors first show up in Harry Potter and The prisoner of Azkaban. The Muggles guide to harry potter, magic, dementor describes dementors as a cloaked figure with its face completely hidden beneath its hood. This figure in the image kinda fits the description of a dementor. Also European folklore is filled with stories of spirits called familiars. Like dementors, theses “familiars” were considered to be supernatural entities that would help witches in their performance of magic. Familiars were said to appear as both animals and humanoid figures. Witnesses to these creatures claimed to have seen them in three-dimensional physical form. Depending upon who was putting these familiars to use, they were either described as benevolent, or malevolent. Even the bible makes references to “familiar spirits,” in 1 Samuel 28 Saul disguises himself and asks a medium to “consult a spirit for him.” And how does the bible instruct you to deal with a medium who helps with this? You are to stone them to death. Yeah, you know what? I kind of like how Harry Potter handles it. According to the Harry Potter Wiki you need to conjure up a positive force known as a patronus. By utilizing a very powerful happy memory, the dementor feeds on it, instead of you, you then speak the incantation “expecto patronum.” No hurting possible innocent people, just taking care of the offending spirit. So what about this image right here, is this a dementor from Harry Potter, is it a familiar spirit from the underworld, what is this creature scaring people who are just trying to get their shopping on. Is it real, or a hoax? Click on the poll to let us know what you think, go ahead, I'll give you a couple of seconds. And now to break this shit down Hoax Factor style... while it would be cool if ghosts and things like that were real, as far as we know, they are most likely not..and in this case, we can rule them out 100%. Why? Because its just one bad ass kite known as a spirit man kite built by Martin Lester Kites out the UK. I would show you a screenshot of the site, but its apparently down. Something tells me this story being so viral is causing some major traffic to his server. The photo of the kite was just photoshopped onto an image of a mall, which may or may not be in Zambia and bingo! You've got an internet hoax going viral! http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Anti-Dementor_lessons Let's Connect - Facebook: https://goo.gl/saUpHL - Twitter: https://goo.gl/Pxgdb7 - Instagram: https://goo.gl/MMCZOb -- Google + : https://goo.gl/cPlaVy Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: https://goo.gl/84pNcl - Serious Deliver: https://goo.gl/2SBw50 - Super Play Time: https://goo.gl/3DVl8L - The Worst: https://goo.gl/Nfuygq
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REAL UFO SIGHTINGS Caught On Tape: Malaysia (Hoax or Not)
UFOS Caught On Tape Flying over Malaysia. 2017 UFO sightings documentary, Hoax Factor exposes the truth. A UFO was caught on video flying over a city in Malaysia. Sightings 2016 and 2017 Welcome back hoax factor friends its Cary and today this video was submitted by someone a bit closer to home. Angela at Always Angela sent me a link all the way from her laptop to my desktop which is just in the other room. Thanks Angela, at some point during the day I'll walk the 20 feet to where you're sitting and tell you in person. The link she sent me went to this dude's page where he claimed on January 29th of this year that “It happened in Malaysia yesterday.” The videos are quite intriguing. One shows a UFO flying low over the rooftops of some buildings and then at the last second making an extremely sharp left turn to avoid another building. The second video is a bit longer and shows either the same UFO or a similar one flying over some palm trees with might be shockwave sounds as it passes by. Quick Question: Do you believe in UFO's. If you do, click like and comment UFO in the comments below and I'll respond to you. UFO, of course, stands for Unidentified Flying Object, which could literally mean anything. However, it is most used to describe an unidentifiable phenomenon or object that may be associated with extraterrestrial visitation. The term UFO or UFOB was created in 1953 by the United States Air Force to describe: any airborne object which by performance, aerodynamic characteristics, or unusual features, does not conform to any presently known aircraft or missile type, or which cannot be positively identified as a familiar object." While most UFO's are identified later, some are not, but its usually because the evidence is of such low quality...which brings us back to potato cams. They are still available at the Hoax Factor store. UFO sightings are said to go back to antiquity. In 100 BC a “round shield, burning and emitting sparks ran across the sky from west to east at sunset.” In 218 BC a “spectacle of ships gleamed in the sky” over Rome. You can download Richard Strothers 2007 publication on UFO's in Classical Antiquity from NASA's website for free. Some even claim that this mural from 1350 titled The Crucifixion” shows two UFO type objects with pilots inside flying by. I'm sure Jesus was thinking...can I get a little help here? However, Dennis Geronimus an associate professor of Italian Renaissance art says that its just the sun and moon. But then these odd little shapes show up time and time again in paintings. In somewhat modern history there have been reports like the 1897 Aurora, Tex as UFO Incident that was even reported in the Dallas Morning News that an airship had crashed on a farm and the pilot, an alleged alien body was buried in an unmarked grave at the local cemetery. And of course there is the infamous Roswell incident of 1947, a story that is still debated to this day. But what about this video? Is this a real UFO caught on video or is it an elaborate hoax? And now for the answer. Are these UFO videos flying over Malaysia real? This isn't the first time these UFO videos made the news. They also showed up around September of 2016. The UFO video was created way back in the good ol' times of 2007 when the housing market started to crash and children had to go back to work in factories. The video was uploaded by the user manbird12000 of manbirdproductions.com who is not just and pretty good cgi artist, but a really hot Asian chick who makes copies of keys as well. As you can see by the intro on the video he states that the video was created as an introduction to a sci-fi mini-series. You can find other videos on his channel. NASA Book: https://pubs.giss.nasa.gov/abs/st02710y.html Let's Connect - Facebook: https://goo.gl/saUpHL - Twitter: https://goo.gl/Pxgdb7 - Instagram: https://goo.gl/MMCZOb -- Google + : https://goo.gl/cPlaVy Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: https://goo.gl/84pNcl - Serious Deliver: https://goo.gl/2SBw50 - Super Play Time: https://goo.gl/3DVl8L - The Worst:
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Scariest creature in Portugal caught on camera. Is this El Chupacabra, or Bigfoot? What is this scary creature? This video of a mysterious creature caught on camera in Portugal caught everyone's attention as it began to circulate on social media. Maybe its a el chupacabra, or Bigfoot The legend of one of the most famous internet cryptids El Chupacabra began in Puerto Rico, the name literally translates to goat sucker. The creature has been sighted from Chile to Maine and is described as a reptile like creature with leathery greenish and gray skin, with sharp quill like spines running down its back. Most sightings on camera as well as purported carcasses were nothing but coyotes creature suffering from mange. Regardless, what most people don't know is that the very first el chupacabra eyewitness Madelyne Tolentino's account has been debunked, therefore putting the creatures in the category of complete fabrication like other internet cryptids such as The Rake or Slenderman. Benjamin Radford in his book Tracking The Chupacabra discovered during his 5 year investigation into the creature that Tolentino had been watching the movie Species and believed what she saw in the movie was real and occuring in Puerto Rico at the time. And now Bigfoot, After decades of sightings, there is absolutely no credible evidence that Bigfoot is real. No, not really...now this might be a bit boring but stick with me. The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena. The are 2 versions of the video of this mysterious creature caught on camera out there. One claiming it was recorded in Navajo Nation in October of 2007, but the language on the video is clearly Portuguese. The production quality on this video is shitty at best. Of course its shaky potato cam footage as always. But a couple of pointers here. #1 Whoever created this animation has never stepped out into the sunlight because they don't know how shadows work. While the sun hits the creature from behind, the shadows are falling to the rear instead of the front, in order to match the scenery. Now that should be it, I shouldn't even proceed from here. Because this alone proves the footage is fake and there's no rela need to go on...but I will...because I just love you guys. #2 Animating anything is a tedious process. In order to shorten time, a lot of animators create an animation loop once,a nd then repeat it over and over. And if you pay attention to the animation of this creature, you can see by the way it walks, and its stride that is exactly what they did. #3 One last mistake here in the footage. Notice how the creatures leg disappears before it goes behind the bush. Now that's thoroughly debunked. If you guys have anything else..bring it on bitches by sharing it on our FB fan page. And oh yeah... if you like my bad ass videos, then don't forget to like, share and subscribe! Daily Mail Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3743586/Is-mythical-chupacabra-Mysterious-man-like-creature-filmed-roaming-Portuguese-desert.html Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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10 Bizarre Animal Hybrids That Actually Exist  - WTF IS IT WEDNESDAY
Bizarre, strange, amazing animal hybrids that you didn't know actually exist! From Ligers to Tigons, these are the top 10 Animal Hybrids. Its the amazing animal hybrid version of WTF is it Wednesday!!! So let's get started..these are 10 Bizzare, Strange, magnificent animal hybrids that actually exist. 10: Beefalo Do you want a burger that has less fat, less cholesterol but higher in protein? Well then meet the Beefalo!!! Some people call them cattalo, but Beefalo is a better name 09 Savanna Cat The next mind-blowing animal hybrid creation on the list is the Savanna Cat. In 1986 Judee Frank apparently got bored with her own life and decided to play matchmaker to a Serval and a domestic cat. The product of this match was given the name of Savannah, hence the name Savannah Cat. In 2001 the International Cat Association, the largest group of crazy cat ladies in America recognized the breed. In 2012, they gave it championship status. 08 Zony This bundle of cuteness is a Zony. Zonies are a zebroid, which is any offrpsing you get when you mate a zebra and any other kind of equine. But a zony in particular are specifically a cross between a male zebra and female pony 07 Wholphin Next up on our list is the Wholphin. Wholpins are the product of a False Killer Whale dad and a bottlenosed dolphin mom. One interesting note about these creatures is that a bottled nosed dolphin has 88 teeth, false killer whales 44, but the Wholphin has 66. The first ever recorded wholphin was born at SeaWorld in Tokyo, but he only lived for about 200 days. Currently, there is only one alive in captivity, and that's a Sea Life Park in Hawaii. 06 Jaglion This marvelous animal hybrid creature is a Jaglion, Jahzarra and her brother Tsunami were born at the Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in Barrie Canada in 2006. They are also called jaguons. Jaglions are the offspring created when a male jaguar and female lion mate. 05 Zonkey This adorable little guy is a Zonkey Zonkeys, like the Zony is a zebroid and occur when you breed a male Zebra and female donkey. Wile they physically resemble the donkey mama, they do favor their daddy with the zebra stripes 04 Grolar Bear The Grolar Bear is what you get when you mate a grizzly bear and a polar bear. For the longest time, these creatures were just part of myth and legend. That is until a DNA test in 2006 confirmed them as real. 03 Tigon Feast your eyes on this, the Tigon! Now does that name sound like it comes straight out of a fantasy film? These marvelous monsters are created by breeding a male tiger and a female lion They have physical characteristics from both their parents, but their manes, if they have one are usually smaller than a lions and they never grow larger than their parents because the they inherit growth inhibitory genes from mama. 02 LEOPON Leopon is what you get when you breed a male leopard with a lioness. The first recorded leopon goes all the way back to Kolhaupur India in 1910. unlike Lions, leopons are good climbers. Their bodies may physically resemble a leopard with their spots, but are usually larger than a leopard with a head similar to a lions. These beautiful beasts usuallly only occur in captivity, you most likely won't find them in the wild. 01 Ligre And now for the most bizarre, strange but amazing animal hybrid on our list. The liger!!! Take 1 male lion, and 1 female tiger. Light some candles, put on some Justin Bieber and you get something like Hercules! Hercules is probably the most famous of Ligers. These cats are the largets known cat in the world with Hercules weighing over 920 pounds and most ligers reaching lengths of almost 12 feet. Think about that. Your bedroom ceiling is about 10 feet high. That means the average Liger's head would break through that crap like that Jerk Kool-aid guy who has destroyed literally 1,000's of homes hawking his diabetes inducing sugar spiked flavored water. Someone needs to stop this monster, he s the leading factor in juvenile diabetes and homelessness...don't sue me Koolaid Guy's people..these are just jokes. Sorry back to the Liger. The liger is so majestic, and so magical that even Napoleon Dynamite mentioned him in the movie...well..Napoleon Dynamite. And to top it all off, just like all the others on this list, the liger is 100% real! Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela - Hoax Factor VLOGS:
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Angel Or Superhuman Caught On Camera
Superhuman teleportation caught on CCTV? Angel in China, more evidence teleportation girl is real! Is this evidence of a superhuman race, a time traveler or maybe even an angel? Video caught on a traffic camera is coming out of China that is setting the internets on fire right now. Just as a man on a bicycle enters the intersection coming from the left a large truck appears out of nowhere and its clear mayhem is about to occur. Just then out of nowhere, a streak of light enters from the right side of the frame towards the bike, the truck can be seen trying to avoid the inevitable collision. There's a quick flash, and the man disappears only to reappear on the other side of the intersection along with someone in a hoodie. The truck finally comes to a stop, the driver gets out and looks around expecting to find a tangled mess of human hamburger. You can see the confusion in the drivers body language as attempts to figure out how he missed the man. He then just stands in the middle of the intersection and watches in disbelief as the unknown stranger in the hoodie walks away. My first impression... WTF? So what is this person? An Angel A time traveler some kind of superhuman? Growing up, I heard about similar stories to this and for the most part they were attributed to angels. In some versions drivers would pick up a stranger off the side of the highway, give them a ride and while talking to them, the stranger would just disappear out of a moving car. In other versions, just like in the video, they would appear during a time of danger or stress. One such story involves a young woman was walking home alone and it was late at night. She said a quick prayer and asked God to keep her safe from harm and danger. As she took a shortcut through an alley, she saw a man standing at the end. But as she walked past him, he left her alone. However, in the news the next day, there was a report that another young woman was raped in that same alley. Confused as to why he left her alone, the young woman asked the police to ask him just that. His response was, “Because she wasn't alone. She had two tall men walking on either side of her.” The internet is full of stories about time travelers as well. Two more notable cases involve a time traveling hipster and what some claim is proof of a time traveler using a cell phone in silent film from 1928. Conspiracy theorists point out the strange attire worn by the young man in this pic and claim it just doesn't fit with the time period. Others disagree. In the film, they claim that a woman can be seen walking down the street talking on what is clearly a cell phone. Skeptics believe its just an old timey hearing aid. Now I would like to believe like anyone else that there are super humans living among us, whether they be the Avengers, or the X-Men. But something leads me to believe, if they existed, they would maybe have helped stop something like the terrorist attacks on 911 and not just one guy crossing an intersection in China. In the end it doesn't matter, the video was part of a promotional campaign for a Chinese video game called Dragon Totem Girl (Zhu Xian 2) and guess what, it worked! You can find other videos on the games website that have Dragon Totem Girl showing off her various superpowers while saving the locals. But guess what? That won't stop the internets! This video continues to go viral as I speak.
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Mythical Creature Caught On Camera  - REAL WEREWOLF? (LYCAN)
Werewolf caught on camera? Is this mythical mysterious creature a real werewolf? Scary creature caught on tape Is this the mythical creature werewolf? Is this mysterious scary creature caught on camera real? Welcome back YouTubians and for those of you who are here for the first time...what ook you so long... Oktobrina sent me this image on our FB Fan page Now there are a couple of versions of the story behind these photos. One version is that a couple of fishermen came upon this scary creature and it was still alive. So they did what any reasonable person would do and that is throw rocks at it. So is this finally proof that werewolves exist? A werewolf is a human who has the ability to shape shift into a wolf, or human-hybrid wolf-like creature. The legend of werewolves developed sometime around the late middle ages and the early modern period..right about the same time as the belief in witches. One of the earliest mentions of a werewolf in literature was in the poem Bisclavret by marie De France where a nobleman is described as having to transform into a wolf every week. In the early 15th century they even held werewolf trials in what is now modern day Switzerland. Clinical Lycanthropy is an actual condition. Its a rare psychiatric condition where the victims actually suffer from the delusion that they “can transform into, has transformed into, or is a non-human animal.” These people actually “grunt, claw and feel their body is covered with hair and their nails are elongated.” Dr Jan Dirk Blom of the University of Groningen has found that since 1850 there have been at least 56 cases of people who believed they were transforming into an animal. Out of those 13 would fall under the diagnoses of Clincal Lycanthropy. The origins of this folklore could possibly stem from rabies because the of the similarities between the symptoms of the disease and the legends. he concept of transmitting the werewolf disease through a bite is a more modern adaptation on the belief. Werewolf sightings occur frequently, as recently as May of 2016 seven separate eyewitnesses claim to have witnessed an 8 foot tall wolf-like creature outside of the city of Hull. Robert Ingram and his wife attempted to take a picture of the beast that they described as black panther and weighed around 9 stone, which I don't know what the hell that means. Mr Ingram because of his shitty potato cam skills drew up a sketch of the creature which the Daily Mail says the sketch now has caused concerns that it wasn't a panther, but a more unusual beast. Why? Because they cite that the “visual interpretation appears to show an animal with almost human like traits:' How about the visual interpretation appears to show that Mr. Ingram draws as well as a 6 year old. But I digress...what's going on with this picture. Is this really the rotting carcas of a werewolf? No its not...well then what is it you may ask? Insert John Cena meme Before I offer up what I think it actually is I wanna address something really quick... I am here to primarily entertain and nothing I say is written in stone. I am wrong and often so about a great many things...please don't let Angela know I admitted this. A commentor asked if there was anything we have not been able to debunk here at Hoax Factor and the answer is yes. However, just because we don't know what something is, it never gives you the right to assume its something else, especially when that assumption leads to some ridiculous speculation. There is a logical fallacy known as the argument from ignorance. It is the claim that the truth of a premise is based on the fact that it has not been proven false. In other words. X is true because there is no proof X is false. Or for example in today's story: This is must be a werewolfe because there is no proof it isn't. Another concept you should familiarize yoruself with is Occam's Razor. And that is the concept that if there are two possible explanations for soemthing, the simpler one is usually better. Ultimately you should live your life wanting to believe as many true things as possible and as few fals things as possible So when looking at this image, even tho' I can't prove with 100% accuracy that this is NOT a werewolf but most likely either a phase black bear suffering from mange, or the bloated dead body of a large cat. Out of two possible explanations: Werewolf or real life animal we have evidence of, the most simple explanation is its a real life animal we have evidence of.. Argument From Ignorance Rational-Wiki: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Argument_from_ignorance Your Logical Fallacy Poster: https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/ Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Russian YETI   BIGFOOT Caught On Tape    Animal Planet Finding Bigfoot Breakdowns HOAX OR NOT
Russian Yeti caught on camera by bigfoot hunters? Is Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot credible? Today in WTF Is It Wednesday, I break down whether or not this Russian Yeti is a hoax or not. What is this strange man-like creature caught on camera running across the road somewhere in the middle of a snow-covered forest. It's time for another edition of What the F is it Wednesday! Hey Hoax Factor fans I'm back with another unexplained creature caught on film. But first real quickly! By the time you watch this video Hoax Factor will have hit 200,000 subs! Thanks to all those who stuck around and helped make my experience here fun. It is because of you guys that I continue to do this...now onto a million subs This time our video comes from a group of Russian Yeti Hunters who just happened to capture a mysterious creature running across the road, deep in the night somewhere deep in the republic of its too effin coldistan (Bashkortostan) So yeah yeti and big foot hunting is a real thing. If you haven't caught the Animal Planet show FINDING BIGFOOT then this is essentially what you're missing. 3 idiots and one real scientist wandering around the woods hearing what they refer to as Possible “whoops” and knocks and get this... never finding anything. Yeah, after 5 years on tv the idiots who came up with the most idiotic mission statement of... If its possible its probable haven't produced a single shred of evidence that could withstand the scrutiny from the real scientific community. And yes, the non-scientists among the group have actually said this. But let me clarify something. Just because something is possible which means “having potential” does not mean its 'probable” which simply put means likely. I mean it's possible that I could lose 80 pounds and train to qualify for the Olympic Decathalon, but yeah, it's not very likely. It's more likely these idiots will actually find a bigfoot. Maybe it's just those who continue to tune in and watch a really boring, non-scary version of the Blair Witch Project. A Yeti is part of Tibetan folklore and is described as an ape-like creature that is taller than an average human. While its origins come from the Himalayas, there have been sightings in China, and Russia, just like in this video here. So far all claims and evidence have been disputed. Like in one case, mountaineer Reinhold Messner claimed in his book that he had a face-to-face encounter with a Yet and killed it. It wasn't a yeti, but in fact an endangered Himalayan Brown Bear. As far as the scientific community is concerned. There is no Yeti, no bigfoot, these creatures have been ruled out by DNA evidence. But we can only hope. Now how about this video? Is it real or a hoax? Well for one, I find it interesting that some Yeti Hunters just happened to be in the exact area needed at just the exact time to catch something running across their path. While it's difficult to make out exactly what it is, it does seem to be a humanoid, most likely a man in the video. The road doesn't seem to be very wide and I'm just assuming here. But when the figure begins to cross it, he looks to be of average height. No longer running stride that creatures like bigfoot and yeti's are known for. One last thing I would like to point out. This is why you leave research to professionals. These so-called Yeti Hunters drove across the path that the mysterious creature made, therefore destroying any evidence left behind. They now can't even measure foot size, stride length to get any kind of indication as to the size of this thing. My opinion and that's all it is, is that it is just a man, could be a friend or some random Russian dude drunk off his ass running through the woods. It's not like Russians don't' get bored and do crazy shit... There you have it Hoax Factor Fans, let me know in the comments below what you think it is...and here's a couple of other videos for you to check out while you're at it and don't forget to like and subscribe! CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz0Ypv6F0aI Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Mysterious Creature Caught On Camera In LA - Wolf? Coyote? El Chupacabra?
Mysterious creature running loose in Los Angeles caught on camera. Wolf, Coyote, El Chupacabra? This strange creature explained. Is this mysterious creature caught on camera roaming the streets of Los Angeles a wolf or maybe an el chupacabra? Welcome back Hoax Factor friends, its Cary and I was asked to research what this mysterious creature is that was caught on camera somewhere on the streets of LA. The usual On first glance it looks like a wolf, on second glance it looks like it just may eat your face off. Of course, others on the interwebs think it's an el chupacabra. But then those are the kind of people who think anything and everything is a chupacabra. Well we can dismiss it being an El Chupacabra, because as I have pointed out in other videos, this woman who started the whole el chupacabra scare was watching the movie species and apparently thought it was a documentary. She probably also believes there's a place in New York called Sesame Street where the air is sweet, but a homeless grouch lives in a garbage can, while whatever this creature. So could it be a wolf? The California Gray wolf has been on the endangered species list since 2014. Wolves hadn't been spotted in California since the early 1900's when they were being eradicated due to a government funded extermination campaign. However, in 2011 a wolf crossed the border from Oregon into California to become the first wild wolf in California since 1924. And then again in 2015, a gray wolf pack was discovered in Northern California. The pack known as the shasta pack consisted of 2 adults and 5 pups. According to a report in the Sacramento Bee, their whereabouts are currently unknown, but yet another wolf had been spotted on trail cameras. So is this creature captured in LA a wolf? It does seem to fit the description of one. In my research I found that this image come s from a video that has been trending on YouTube. The video is from a dog rescue organization called Hope For Paws and the dog in the video is quite possibly a wolf-hybrid, also known as a Wolfdog. A wolfdog is created when you breed a domesticated dog with one of four wolf species. The gray, eastern timber, red or Ethiopian Wolves. In fact, gray wolves and dogs are so genetically close they are considered the same species. There is considerable debate on whether or not a wolfdog would make a good pet. Some claim that they make wonderful pets, while others argue that they are unpredictable, untrainable and inherently dangerous. My own experience with a friend's wolfdog while living in Colorado, would tend to agree with the latter. Bob's wolfdog was not social at all and seemed to hate being penned up in even a backyard with a lot of space. He would just pace back and forth and eye you suspiciously. My friend eventually gave the wolfdog away. This story was a bit different than what I do. After researching, I almost didn't make this video but felt that with the Holiday season upon us, a hoax turned into a feel good story would be worth doing. Julia, the dog in the image and video was rescued by this organization and apparently is now in a home and quite healthy looking. Full disclosure for transparency. I am not affiliated with the organization involved in anyway shape or form. I only know of their existence through researching this story. But with that in mind... Please check out the link in the description below to see how happy and healthy Julia is. And if you're in the giving mood, please take some time to maybe donate to the organization so they can continue to help other animals in need. Original Video: Julia: a wolf? a coyote? a dog? This rescue is a MUST SEE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS13ZbuJ4IE Donate: Hope For Paws: http://www.hopeforpaws.org/ A.R.T. Paws Animal Rescue http://www.artnpawsanimalrescue.org/ Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Cyclops Baby Born With One Eye
Tragic 'cyclops' baby born with one eye in Egypt after radiation exposure. Real cyclops babies. This one is quick and to the point. Reports are coming out of Egypt that a baby was born in a private hospital with only one eye in the middle of his forehead. Cyclopia is one of the rarest form of birth defects affecting fetuses. It occurs in roughly 1 in 16,000 animal births, and is usually caused by genetic problems or toxins. Alcoholic and diabetic mothers can have toxins build up in their bodies really quickly. This can increase their chances of having a fetus develop cyclopia by 200 times. In this case Doctors think it is caused by either medication the mother was taking, or exposure to radiation while she was pregnant. During development, the babies brain stays whole instead of dividing into two distinct hemispheres. Because of that, only one optic lob and olfactory lobe develop as well, thus one eye. The supervising physician at the hospital, Dr. Ahmed Badruddin stated that the infant was born with other deformities and most likely would only survive a few days. The term Cyclopia comes from the the race of one eyed giants in greek mythology known as Cyclops. I can't find any evidence of any infant surviving a deformity like this. I guess the ethical dilemma would be if they did, what kind of quality of life would a child like that have? In one of the more disturbing articles I came across regarding cyclopia. There was an essay entitled The Cyclops Child on the journal Psychology Today, where a Dr. Fredric Neuman describes a horrific event in medical history. In 1960 at St. Vincent's a child was born with cyclopia. The staff like to the parents and said the child had died, but in reality they allowed the child whom they referred to as “the monster” to lie in a bed in the nursery, being denied attention, food and water and allowed it to suffer for 13 days until the baby eventually died. Even though it anguished the nurses and still plagues the thoughts today of this Dr. He comforts himself by saying, “It wasn't really a baby, it just sounded like a baby – that's what I tell myself.” Sadly this story is true...and As of this recording there is no update on the child in Egypt. But my heart tells me that the parents are suffering a lot of pain and are facing some difficult decisions.
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MEGALODON CAUGHT ON CAMERA - Evidence Shark Still Lives?
Evidence the Megalodon shark still lives? Megalodon not extinct, shark caught on camera. Today, we're investigating video footage of an aquatic beast of epic proportions filmed somewhere near the Marianas trench. Is this actually footage of a living megalodon? This footage has caused quite a stir and the subject of covering megaldon has been requested a few times from our Hoax Factor Friends. Eve though the earth is only about 6,000 years old , Its actually more like 4 billion you creatards... The Megaladon (meaning “big tooth”) is supposed to be an extinct shark that lived from around 28 million years ago up until about 2 million years ago. But there have been reports of giant sharks all throughout history. The megaladon was..or is depending upon what you believe the largest and most powerful predator in “vertebrate” history. While it looked like a great white shark, this colossal creature may have grown to be anywhere form 79 – 82 feet in length, but most experts have settled on a more diminutive size of 52 feet. Could there be something that big lurking under the ocean's surface? Your guess is as good as mine, but the facts are that 50-80% of all life on earth lives under the ocean's surface, and 99% of all living space on the planet is in the ocean, but yet we've only explored approximately 10% of that. So who knows what's lurking in the deep. In Australia a 9 foot great white that was being tracked by biologists disappeared, the shark's tag washed up on the beach days later. Three facts are kn own about the attack: The shark either dove or was dragged down to a depth of about 1900 meters. The tag data showed that there was a sudden increase of temperature from 46 to 78 degrees indicating that something either ate the tag, the shark or both. During the 8 day period before the tag was discovered. Whatever had eaten the shark moved between the surface and depths up to 330 feet before the tag was released. Which lead Dave Rigs the documentary filmmaker for Hunt For The Super Predator to ask ‘What did that?’ It was obviously eaten. What’s going to eat a shark that big? What could kill a 3-meter (9-foot) great white?” Whatever it was, was not afraid of eating a 9 foot great white shark. Some hypothesize that it was a great megaladon, but evidence points to it most likely being a a cannibal great white shark which they estimated to be about 16 feet long and weighing over 2 tons. Whatever is in this video looks to be much bigger. In another case it was claimed that a giant shark washed up on a beach in Australia. At first glance this video would seem to confirm the existence of what could be a megaladon. But in fact as reported on CNN turned out it was in Long Island and was a dying basking shark that was over 26 feet long and weighed over 5,000 pounds 26 Feet long... that's almost as high as a 3 story building. Another video purports to show something massive, at least 60 feet long lurking beneath the water as a Brazilian coast guard chopper performs a rescue at sea. But dammit, yet another one of those bull shit fake mockumentaries from what was at one time a respectable company that used to produce shows about real science, but now instead chooses as famed geek icon Whil Wheaton stated in a blog post to “present fact as fiction.” This fake footage was part of the Discovery Channel's show titled Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives, where they not only faked this footage, but even claimed to have found a photo taken from a German U-Boat near Cape Town, South Africa in 1942 IN 2015 This footage was all over social media like Kim Kardashian's ass on a toilet seat. Still not a megaladon, this footage was shot by researcher Mauricio Padilla off of Mexico's Baja Peninsula. The shark in the video is Deep Blue an estimated 20 foot long Great White, quite possibly the largest one ever filmed. So what about this video, is It real and is it a megalodon? The footage is real, the shark is real. But it is not a megaladon. This is actually very rare footage of a Pacific Sleeper shark filmed in Shagaru bay Japan. The Pacific sleeper shark usually grows to be about 14 feet long...and this one in the video is estimated to be about 23 foot...once again almost as tall as a 3 story building. Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Deep web videos and scary stories can creep you out. 4 Deep web videos and the scary stories behind them. 4 Creepy Videos and scary stories From The Deep Web. The internet you visit daily can be a scary place on its own, but lurking below the surface is a much more creepier version of the internet that requires special software to access, this is what is known as the Dark Web. These 4 creepy deep web videos and their scary stories are said to have been discovered on the deep web, hoax or not they are still creepy #4 Nanny Cam Fail First up is a deep web video titled Nanny Cam Fail. Some parents decided to set up a nanny cam in their little girl's room and as you can see she's just minding her own business coloring when she hears a noise...what you see happens next is not for the faint of heart... The parents reaVlized their daughter was being a little too quiet, and after finding the room empty they checked the nanny cam footage. To this day she has not been found... #3 Blankroomsoup.avi This deep web scary stories video is titled blankroomsoup.avi. Its also known as Freaky Soup Guy The video opens with a man sitting at a table with a large spoon eating what looks to be a bowl of soup. His identity hidden by a black bar that covers his eyes. A large bobble headed mascot from hell walks into the room and begins to comfort the man The internet is wild with theories from it being some strange piece of concept art, or actual footage of a man being held captive. Everybody wants to know, what is he eating in that bowl? #2 Real Grey Alien Caught On Tape Our next creepy deep web video is titled Real Grey Alien Caught On Tape We find our cameraman in a dark room with only a flashlight to guide his way. As our hero continues to investigate the area he hears a noise and determines its coming from behind the door of what looks to be an industrial walk-in cooler. Is that an Alien? Why yes it is... The video ends with our hero losing his light and making a final grunt. And now our #1 Creepy Deep Web Video. #1 Mama This video titled only mama is of a creepy woman caught on camera in some kind of garage. The woman is either possessed or is suffering from some kind of physical deformity....I'm gonna go with the latter. Its creepy, but yet mesmerizing, kind of like that strange kid in your school that could pull his fingers sideways. Other than title of the video, there's not much else to this story. And now, its time to let you know which of these videos is fake and which one is rea... But first you know the drill, click that button right there to subscribe and watch more of my bad ass videos. They're all fake..and now here's the break down. The little girl in the nanny cam fail is actually Linda Lee Rose a young YouTuber who helped to create this viral sensation for another YouTube channel calleed BlackBox TV #3 Freaky Soup Guy is from a series of videoos uploaded by the user RayRay tv presents to Daily Motion 8 years ago. The video and its scary story is so creepy its still being shared today. The creator is an animator by the name of Raymond Persi who has worked on such tv and film projects as The Simpsons, Frozen and Wreck It Ralph. A YouTuber on a channel titled Reignbot did a very thorough job busting this story wide open, be sure to check out her video for more details, link is in the description below. #2 The real alien greay caught on tape? How about bad acting caught on tape. One tell tale sign of someone faking a real caught on tape video is that they feel the need to narrate every thought or emotion during the process. Also, slow the video down when the door opens and the alien is revealed... and what do we see? The alien is wearing blue jeans, the only thing that makes this fake even worse, is I think they're skinny jeans. And now for our creepy mama video. This video is just a snippet of a much larger video titled Mama movement test. This is a part of tests filmed in pre-production for the horror film mama to see how the actresses movements would look on screen. I would say, even knowing its not real, she's still really creepy. What's the creepiest video you've seen on the internet, let me know on my Facebook hoax factor fan page. Reignbot's Freaky Soup Guy Video Explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFd2wTvhQHg If you enjoyed these scary stories and videos from the deep web don't forget to share, like and subscribe! Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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NASA Discovers Planet Covered In Marijuana
NASA Cannabis Planet Discovered. Pot Planet Full Of Weed Revealed Most powerful marijuana in the universe. What leafy green plant covers this newly discovered planet that has the ability to create peace, cure panic attacks while simultaneously causing a snack pack attack? A news story hit social media claiming NASA announced they had discovered a planet that is completely covered with marijuana. The planet known as X637z-43 who forever shall be named planet pot, was discovered using NASA's Kepler Satellite and may be one of the few potentially habitable planets out there. #1 Has science discovered plant life or the potential of any kind of life on other planets? #2 How will a planet covered in marijuana help the space program? #3 Has the planet already sent alien lifeforms to Earth in a super secret plot to take over? Take me to your weed... er... #1 According to the story NASA experts have detected sufficient levels of oxygen and nitrogen to support not only plant life, but human life as well. In 2014 using the Kepler Space Telescope astronomers discovered 715 new planets that orbit 305 stars, with 4 being earth like but up to 2 ½ x's smaller. They did discover an earth-size planet that was orbiting a star in what they deem the “habitable zone.” Which means its in a range of distance from a star where liquid water may begin to pool on the surface of an orbiting planet. But according to Elisa Quintana of the SETI institute at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California. “We know of just one planet where life exists – Earth.” When scientists search for life outside of our solar system they are essentially trying to find planets who's characteristics mimic that of earth. In 2015 NASA's budgets towards space flight programs as well as earth science programs were cut by over $500 million. NASA feels that the presence of pot on other planets might excite younger people and help to generate more interest in space exploration, which would mean more funding for our space programs like NASA ““We always think young people aren’t interested by anything but it’s false. Young people love smoking pot,” explains David Charbonneau, astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He went on to say, “Chlorophyll concentration analyses generated by Kepler lead us to believe that the level of THC in these marijuana plants is 3000% higher than the plants found on Earth. If that doesn’t motivate young people to explore space, I don’t know what will,”  In 2014 former Canadian Primer Minister Paul Hellyer stated in an interview on Russian TV that aliens are already here living with us but won't share their advanced technologies “until we change our warring and polluting ways.” There you go, aliens are peace loving tree huggers...goddamn hippies. So is this real or a hoax? During my research I did learn a couple of things. There really is a David Charbonneau who really is an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics and he does work on the The Kepler Mission. But I can't find one reputable source for his quotes on planet pot. There is at least one earth-size planet in the habitable-zone, but only one planet that we know of that actually sustains life and we currently live on it. The websites that are reporting the story contain discrepancies when cross referenced with each other. They claim different names for the planet that was discovered and different results from the chlorophyll concentration analyses. And ultimately, the original site that announced the story posts this “disclaimer” at the top of their site. Unfortunately for a large portion of the population who spends most of its time watching adult swim while consuming large amounts of pizza the story is pure satire.
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T-Rex Found In Jungle. Dinosaurs Are They Still Alive Today?
Living Dinosaurs. Could this be a true living dinosaur caught on camera? Dinosaurs they are still alive today? Or did they die off 65 million years ago? If this photo of a dinosaur is real, then this could be the proof that dinosaurs do indeed still exist and are hiding somewhere in the shadows, only to be discovered. In Paupau new Guinea which is 285k square miles of dense jungle where very few humans have been to or explored. 2 fishermen went out one morning before the break of dawn to get an early start on the days fishing for their tribe. The fishermen came across these huge footprints in the bank of the river. Most people would be alarmed, but this is something that the fishermen and villagers see on a daily basis in their jungle. So they just continued to fish. As the sun began to rise and burn off the morning fog, they started to see the outline of something massive lying along the river bank. With each minute passing, more and more was revealed and they soon discovered it was the huge body of a massive beast that had terrorized their village in the past. News spread fast and a team of investigators was formed. And when this team scientists and military made it up to the bank of lake Murray they soon realized what they were looking at was a dinosaur, and not just any dinosaur, but the king of dinosaurs, this was the body of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Okay just stop it... Out of everything i have seen while doing this channel, giant spiders, snakes, ghosts, demons, and now dinosaurs!!! Does anything ever stay dead or extinct anymore!!! i mean come on!!!! How can I exist in a world like this? I cant handle spiders existing in this world, let alone a damn Dinosaur!!! However if you're enjoying this be sure to click like and subscribe for more... Understandably the team was not just amazed but were also now scared. Because up to this point this monster was something that only was alive and walking around in movies and theme parks. But now they realized that we are clearly not on the top of the food chain anymore. The creature was 46 ft long and weighed approximately 7 tons. It was lifted out by a crane and loaded up onto a flat bed and taken to a secret military base. This is footage from the military base gate's camera purportedly leaked by an anonymous source. Once the body arrived to the base according the stories the team of scientists set up a lab and examined the dino carcas including dissecting it to find out out everything that they could from this monster, even how it may have died. Ok, now that was a fun and amazing story, but that's all it was. Just a story. This was clearly a hoax being passed off as real...and these pictures and videos are actually a part of a National Geographic Channel documentary from this past June. The realistic beast took hours to create, and was made from fiberglass, latex and silicone rubber. The Scientists involved said that they created this project to further their knowledge on how these animals lived and died. Their main concern being involved in the making of this documentary was to make sure that the science and truth was a solid aspect of it. And that this wouldn't turn into just another fake mockumentary like Animal Planet's mermaid show. Or somehow as it has been claimed by some to be real. So even though this was just a documentary done for science. This is way more realistic than the Jurassic Park dinos that we grew up with and probably the most realistic fake animal I have ever seen, inside and out! Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Unexplained Sea Monster Washed Up On Shore Australia
Legends Of Unexplained sea monsters, the Mongolian death worm, the Montauk Monster, what do they all have in common? Today we're investigating this image of a dead sea monster that washed up on a beach in Australia. Ethan Tippan of New South Wales uploaded this image to his facebook account stating, This is at Swansea Boat Ramp. What the fuck is it?” His friend Brodie Marie suggested putting his... Bo diddle in its mouth, to see if it was still breathing. Brodie Marie won the internet toady. (trophy applaus glitter falling) While putting your bo diddle into something's mouth might get results, its not exactly what you would call the scientific method. Some have suggested that its a prehistoric sea monster, others thinking it might be a deep-sea shark or eel. In the past there have been some very strange animal bodies showing up on the beach, their true identity have all been revealed. #1 Mongolian Death Worm Just a rope covered in goose barnacles. #2 Montauk Monster Palaeozoologist Darren Naish after extensive study of this image determined that it was just a racoon and its bizarre look was due to decompisition and exposure to the water and other elements. #3 The Rare Russian Drunk Sea Cow This still is yet to be explained. Believe me Internet and all you haters in the comment section. I wish someone had verifiable proof of aliens, sea monsters and angels. But as far as we know, none of those exist outside of our imaginations, books, and movies. Well except this. So what the fuck is this long creepy ass thing with the dead eyes? That answer coming right up but first click like and subscribe to keep the best goddamn Hoax Debunking Channel On YouTube alive. First the image wasn't even taken by Ethan Tippan but Robert Tyndall. Mr. Tyndall was a bit amused that his photo had gone viral. Dr. Julian Pepperell one of the best known Marine Biologists in the world and a leading authority on marine life such as marlin, tuna and sharks stated that the creature in the photograph resembled a Pike Eel which was confirmed by the photographer Mr. Tyndall. The pike eel has a long body without scales and can grow over 5 ½ feet in length and is found in the coastal waters off of New South Wales. While it looks rather large in this image, that's due to the angle of the photograph creating a bit of forced perspective, the actual eel did measure exactly what was to be expected. About 5 ½ feet in length. The pike eeel are often caught by fishers and at times have caused serious damage due to their strong muscles and teeth that are designed to inflict slashing wounds. But this eel was relatively old and its death was most likely caused by net entanglement, damage from a boat, or even old age. If you have a strange photo, video or idea, submit it to our Hoax Factor FaceBook Fan Page. Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Giant Anaconda attacks man in Brazil. World's largest anaconda found in Brazil? This giant anaconda in Brazil attacks a man. is It the worlds largest anaconda? Is this anaconda gigante the world's biggest snake? Giant Anacondas are back and they're on the attack!!! INTRO We haven't done a giant anaconda video in about a minute here at Hoax Factor. I thought I was done with these kinds of videos ...that was...Until This image landed on my cluttered desk here at Hoax Factor world headquarters in beautiful downtown katmandu. (slum town ) This image of a giant anaconda being held up by some kind of monster machine as two construction workers take some pics. #Giant Annaconda Attacks My first thought on seeing this image was..OMFG really another giant anaconda video!!!! So I did a bit of research and found out..yes..these creepy bastards are more popular than ever. This is just this weeks uploads on YouTube.... Check this one out chick on the beach getting eaten up by a snake... damn I bet she used to be hot. This girl down here is all like...”I ain't gonna be a victim but a victor!” Check her bad ass out, she's gonna ride that giant anaconda back onto land and go attack a gorilla in a zoo. This one here has to be my favorite...we got Kris Kringle, or Santa Claus fighting off this giant anaconda Now back to the image that was submitted... The story behind it is that the snake was discovered in Brazil. Hence the title. Giant Anaconda Found In Brazil. Apparently while working on the Belo Monte Dam the workers set off a controlled explosion in a cave. The snake is real and according to reports it weighed over 400kg and measure about 10 meters in length and over one meter in diameter. The video is real... and so is the image. The photographer just used a bit of forced perspective to make that impressive monster look bigger than it even is MORE GIANT ANACONDA ATTACKS VIDEO ON HOAX FACTOR: Lion VS Giant Anaconda Snake - Real Fight https://youtu.be/EIyGo_MjqKs Giant Snake Caught in Red Sea https://youtu.be/J9HHJ_b4Kr8 Giant Anaconda Snake VS Dog - Real Fight https://youtu.be/sbKMCU4Wcuw Giant Snake - Anaconda Eats Man Alive https://youtu.be/xBaVF6WNxnc Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Surprise: Easter Island Heads Have Bodies Too
The Secret Of Easter Island Mystery Solved! The Easter Island Heads Have Bodies Too. Are the bodies of the giant Easter island heads hiding beneath the ground? That's what were going to find out today here on Hoax Factor I was sent this image from Adam one of my Hoax Factor Subscribers on Facebook who asked me if it were true, that there were bodies attached to the heads at Easter Island lurking below the earth's surface. Even though I'm a car insurance salesman by day, I'm a hoax buster by night. It sure is a lot more fun to do this than run car insurance quotes all day long. As you can see, the lead text to the article attached to the image says...Archaeologists have known since 1919 that Easter Island heads have bodies. Did you? The image even though its an artists rendition is compelling. 2 Stone faced maoi are shown above the ground, but the massive shoulders imply a giant lurks below. Its time for some questions. #1 Is it true that the Easter Island Heads have bodies and Archaeologists have known about this since 1919? #2 How big and tall is an Easter Island Maoi when its fully unearthed? #3 Where can I get cheap airline tickets to see these in person? because drinking my redbull and vodka out of this mug so I can work all night isn't cutting it anymore! #1 Is it true that the Easter Island Heads have bodies and Archaeologists have known about this since 1919? Easter Island is located in the southeastern pacific ocean. It is most famous for a collection of 887 giant statues called Moai that were built by the Rapa Nui People. The island got its name from a Dutch explorer who f irst encountered the island on Easter Sunday in 1722. Polynesian people settled the island sometime between 700 and 1100 CE. The Maoi were created by these Polynesian settlers sometime between 1250 and 1500 CE Most were created at the main Moai quarry Rano Raraku with hundreds later moved and set on stone platforms (ahu) all around the island. These stoic faced statues are thought to be symbols of power and authority and might hold both religious and political symbolism as well. Most were built with over sized heads (3/8 the size of the whole statue) and a lot of focus has been on the 150 statues on the slope of the volcano that just happen to be buried in the ground up to their heads. Both of these facts has lead many people to believe they are just heads, which is why they are usually referred to as the Easter Island Heads. But to answer the question. Yes they do have bodies. And this fact has been known since 1914, 5 years earlier than what was stated on the image. #2 How big and tall is an Easter Island Maoi when its fully unearthed? Out of the 887 Moai on the island all but 53 of the statues were carved out of compressed volcanic ash. The average Moai stands about 13 feet tall and are over 5 feet wide at the base and top the scales at a whopping 13.8 tons each. The tallest of the Moai is a statue called Paro and it is almost 33 feet high and weighs over 80 tons. One statue that was never finished would have topped out at almost 70 feet tall and weigh over 270 tons. Some of the more interesting things discovered about these mysterious creations. The eye sockets were designed to hold coral eyes with black obsidian or scoria pupils. This is a photo of the statue Ahu Tahai with replica eyes in place. The article also stated that the Moai were covered in petroglyphs. This is true. In 1914 an expedition held by Katherine Routledge determined that the designs on the Maoi had a definite cultural link tied to the island inhabitants tattooing traditions. But most interesting of all... The statues may have also been created as a spiritual plea to the gods to undo the ravages of leprosy that had been experienced there. According to Dr Annelise Pontius, certain characteristics of the Moai represent signs of leprosy in a reversed or over corrected form like pronounced stylized nostrils vs a nose' cartilage destroyed by leprosy. The Moai also had upward placing of the lips with no teeth visible. Instead of Lower hanging lips and visible teeth due to facial paralysis. Whatever the reasons for their being created we will never know for sure, but the Rapa Nui left us plenty to talk about. #3 Where can I get cheap airline tickets to see these in person? because drinking my red bull and vodka out of this mug so I canwork all night isn't cutting it anymore! Well...Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world so cheap airline tickets are probably out of the questions and I'm all out of vacation time ...so its another night of drowning with my little moai buddy. So to wrap this up! To call the image a fake is a bit harsh, so we will just go with it being an artistic interpretation of the Moai...the story is real, but somewhat factually inaccurate. The Moai do have bodies, but Archaeologist have known about them since 1914, not 1919.
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ANGEL Caught On Tape flying & DEMON Caught On Camera In Arizona
Angel caught on tape. Demon caught on camera in Phoenix, Arizona Angels and demons photos explained. Welcome back Hoax Factor Fans its Cary and today I'm breaking down 2 images, one of good and one of evil. First one up is the good. This image is purported to be that of an angel caught on camera flying in the sky somewhere over Russia. Now let me point out something really quick before a couple of idiots lose it in the comment section. I am not making any claims as to whether angels are real or not. I am only discussing and debunking this angel image and a few others. Now Images of angels in the sky pop up on the net every now and then. Images like this one of an angel over Florida or a flock of angels over Honolulu. According to Mick West over at Metabunk.org These are cloud formations called a virga. This effect is caused when you have precipitation at a very high altitude. As it starts to fall to the ground it creates a characteristic streak appearance known as a fallstreak. West states that the angel wings shape occurs when an entire cloud has precipitated out. Other angels in cloud shapes like these can be attributed to pareidolia pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon where our mind perceives a familiar pattern where none exists. For example when you see a face in a bell pepper, Jesus on toast or an angel in the clouds. Humans are pattern seeking animals. We are always trying to find meaning in the meaningful and meaningless. To find causes for the things we cannot explain. Sometimes it benefits us, like when you associate a rustle in the bushes as possibly a life threatening predator. But it also can lead us to silly superstitions like the 23 Enigma, a belief that most incidents and events are directly connected to the number 23. OMG its the illuminatti!!! But to get back to this image of an angel caught on tape flying. is this evidence of an angel flying as some have claimed? No, its just a real cool skywriting effect created by Russian fighter jets. Now onto our next image, this story was submitted to us by Hoax Factor Friend Elonda on our FB Fan Page. Submit an idea for a story to us on FB, Instagram or Snapchat in video form and we will include it in a video. Elonda told us that this image had popped up on her newsfeed and it was reported to be either a devil or angel. Thanks Elonda. This story has been circulating the net a bit. A man in Arizona by the name of Richard Christianson posted this image of a possible demon caught on camera in Phoenix, Arizona. The image is strange and yes creepy. Of course, most people are skeptical, one theory is that Rick who is a stagehand and member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees union could have very well planted a stage prop there and took the picture. Others just want more information, like where was this located and could he take a picture from the exact location during the day. The post has been made private because Rick probably doesn't want you to know that its just a palm tree. Here we have another case of that pesky and rather difficult to pronounce P word playing with our brains and tricking us into thinking that a shadowy figure in the dark under poor lighting conditions is a demon. Kind of like how that clump of clothes in the corner of your room takes on mysterious forms with the lights out. Let's Connect - Facebook: https://goo.gl/saUpHL - Twitter: https://goo.gl/Pxgdb7 - Instagram: https://goo.gl/MMCZOb -- Google + : https://goo.gl/cPlaVy Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: https://goo.gl/84pNcl - Serious Deliver: https://goo.gl/2SBw50 - Super Play Time: https://goo.gl/3DVl8L - The Worst:
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Human Hybrid Homunculus experiment, How to make a homunculus. Human-Animal Hybrid Monster? Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Ghost Caught On Camera Haunting House In Ireland
Real Ghost Video, Ghost in Girl's House in Ireland. Creepy ghost sighting caught on tape. Ashy Murphy of Cork Ireland claims she has been able to capture an almost 2 minute video on her phone, proof that ghosts really do exist and apparently they don't like her. Her video was uploaded to youtube on September 14 and has since been viewed over 250,000 times. The video opens with what is apparently Ashy standing in her kitchen and the light hanging from the ceiling is rocking back and forth. We then follow the action as an invisible force moves about her kitchen opening the bread box and cabinet doors. Another video was soon posted to her Facebook and Youtube accounts. This one has been viewed over 800,000 times. The video on Facebook was posted along with an update saying that things are getting worse, and she definitely...oops sorry.. she defo have to move house. I'm assuming that means... lets get the eff out! Someone even suggested she bring in the big guns and ask a vicar to come spread some holy water. Whatever it is that possesses her house has ramped it up a bit and seems a bit more angry and violent. I'm beginning to think the ghost just wants her to clean up and do the damn dishes. :43 The video finishes off rather dramatically with a red basket violently sliding across the floor towards young woman. And then again on October 2nd, Ms. Murphy updated her Facebook page with another video along with a status that expresses her increasing frustration with the situation. Once again, whatever is going on in Ms. Murphy's house has increased its activity and violence. Towards the end of the video, the music that's been playing the entire time all of a sudden stops as hear thumps coming from another part of the house. As she pans the camera around the kitchen, you realize that the power in the entire house has been turned off. Ms. Murphy then suddenly takes off down a dark hallway towards what looks like the front door. This is that point in the scary movie where the music builds up and when she opens the door. That happens After watching this, I was amazed that maybe someone had finally caught real footage of a ghost or poltergeist in action. She has a lot of believers, but she also has people calling it fake and she doesn't respond or even deny the claims. So Is this a real ghost trying to reach out towards Ashley or a young woman trying to become famous on the internet making youtube videos like me. Well the skeptic in me picked up on some very questionable things. #1 Ms. Murphy in every video places herself in just one corner of the room and seemingly and rather easily follows the action as it moves in a pretty predictable pattern around her. Pretty much left to right, or even clockwise. This makes it seem a lot less random. Second there is always loud music playing the background. Could be just likes playing loud music late at night alone, or it could be an attempt to cover any possible noises made by accomplices moving about the room and helping her perpetuate this hoax. And then the thing I find the most strange. For someone who is fed up, scared and stressed out. During each recorded event Ms. Murphy never commented on anything that was happening around her. In fact, she seems to be pretty calm for someone all alone in the middle of nowhere as she claims. All I know is if this was happening to me, there is now way I could remain this calm. You wouldn't be able to shut me up, I would be cussing non-stop and this video would be just one 2 minute long beep. So I took a deeper look into the first video and that's when I saw some really fishy things. Specifically....fishing line! Fishing line is a staple in any magicians supply drawer, its how they make things fly. In video 1, right around the 1:40 mark you catch something glistening in the air. No its not ectoplasm, as you can clearly see, its fishing line. In Video 2 Around the :46 mark, right before the bread box opens and slides across the counter top if you pay close attention to the black bottle on the window sill, you can see it as well as dishes move just before. This is caused by the fishing line coming into contact with the other objects as its being tugged. And then that dramatic ending where the red laundry basket comes shooting across the room at her. Well if you look really closely, you can once again see the glistening of fishing line as it pulls the bucket across the room...and at the very end. Its as if they didn't go to much trouble to hide the line at all. No reason to go into video 3, once the first video was discredited integrity goes out the window on all 3. I just went through #2 to prove the point. Well will she become as internet famous as she hopes? Good luck Ashley! You have to try a little harder than that.
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Giant Animals - Jackalopes & The Thing Mysterious Creature In The Desert
Giant animals and mysterious creatures, folklore and urban legends like the thing and the Jackalope. We have a man holding a giant rooster The Easter bunny is back and he's all jacked...and a mystery thing in the desert..its time for another edition of WTF Is It Wednesday. Welcome back Hoax Factor Friends its Cary and today's episode is a personal one. I'm sitting here looking at images that have intrigued me since my childhood. I would even see reminders in my hometown of Fort Worth, Tx when Driving along Camp Bowie Blvd we would pass this, a giant jackalope, one of the creatures in today's episode. The first time I saw these images, they were on postcards in a roadside stop called Stuckey's. Stuckey's was one of those cool places the family stopped off to pee, buy souvenirs and a snack. It was in the souvenirs that I would see these postcards with photographs of weird wild creatures on them that had supposedly existed at one time. Like this man pulling a giant animal, this jacked up jackalope and The thing, mystery of the desert, First up we have a man pulling a giant animal. Now I have seen this image a 1,000 x's if I have seen it once. But strangely enough, I can't find any information about this particular image on the google. Is our government covering up information on giant animals. Is this evidence of the Illuminati? Has Russia hacked the Google giant animal images? One brief mention I did find was where it stated that during the great depression, midwestern farmers sending postcards of giant animals to friends and relatives back east was a thing. According to the post, it said that these precursors to photoshopped giant animal internet memes were usually captioned with the phrase, “They grow'em big here!” Next up we have the jackalope. Legend says that jackalopes are so dangerous that hunter should wear stovepipes on their legs to keep from being gored. And that Healthy corn fed looking children would be raised on jackalope milk, a rare like nectar of the gods who's procurement was wrought with peril. These ornery devious little critters are said to be able to mimic a human voice and only breed during lightning storms. But in reality, jackalopes are a creation of Doughlas Herrik and his brother, a couple of avid hunters and taxidermists. From Douglas Wyoming The two brothers created the Jackalope sometime in the 1930's and began selling them in local stores. The jackalope became so popular that their legend began to spread across the country, especially through postcard sales in places just like Stuckeys where as I stated, I would see them as a kid. Up next we have the infamous Mystery of the desert, the thing! As you drive down interstate 10 between El Paso, Texas and Tucson Arizona you are inundated with giant billboards that entice you with a simple question. The thing? On our cross country trip back from Florida we pulled off the road to see the thing and pick up a few souvenirs for the boys. We paid our fare and passed through the door that would expose to us the mysteries of The Thing. The actual thing was purchased by Thomas Binkley Prince sometime in the mid 20th century and was maintained by his wife after he passed away in 1969. Today it's operated by a company called Bowlin Travel Centers When you walk through the doors you're treated to a series of exhibits that include vintage automobiles, a covered wagon, wood carvings and even a display of torture scenes from a bygone era. Eventually you are led to here. Enshrined behind brick and glass is purportedly the mummified bodies of a mother and child. Is it real? No. Like many roadside attractions in the early days of highway travel, the thing is actually what is called a gaff. Gaffs are manmade props used in sideshows to lure in the curious, and ultimately entertain them and make some money. One of the most infamous sideshow gaffs was the feeje mermaid body exhibited by P.T. Barnum, which like the jackalope, was just a creation by a taxidermist stitching together the head of a juvenile monkey onto the body of a fish. Other gaffs that you might run across and are still sold by propmakers to this day are shrunken heads, monkey paws and even the FeeJee Mermaid. The most interesting fact behind the thing is, that it was created by the king of gaffs Homer Tate. Let's Connect - Facebook: https://goo.gl/saUpHL - Twitter: https://goo.gl/Pxgdb7 - Instagram: https://goo.gl/MMCZOb -- Google + : https://goo.gl/cPlaVy Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: https://goo.gl/84pNcl - Serious Deliver: https://goo.gl/2SBw50 - Super Play Time: https://goo.gl/3DVl8L - The Worst:
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HUMAN-ANIMAL HYBRID - Woman Gives Birth To Half Human Half Goat Baby EXPLAINED
Breaking News Human-Animal Hybrids explained. Creepy stories of strange mysteries explained. Hey hoax factor fans, welcome back and for all you new visitors, welcome to the weird side of YouTube. It's Cary and today we're taking a look at a link sent to me by Hoax Factor friend Star Trek Database that claims this woman, gave birth to a half human half goat human-animal hybrid baby. This is Our last story of 2016 and it takes us to Alabama. Alabama, home of the Crimson Tide! The USS Alabama and apparently riding dirty with farm animals. The woman, a 22-year-old Janice Gilbert claimed this man, her then fiance and now husband was unable to have children...something tells me, looking at that mug this was a good thing. If there ever was evidence of god stepping into your life and stopping something bad from happening not just to you but to the world..it would be here keeping this mullet endorsing creature from having kids. So in Alabama, if you can't' have children and your cousin is too busy or your prospects of a surrogate father are so dim you do the next best thing. You find the best-looking goat on your daddy's farm. Well, the lucky goat in this case, was Nibbles. Gilbert claimed that Nibbles was her only hope of having a family and future. Way to set your standards high there Miss Alabama. The “kid”, I mean that literally a baby goat is called a kid. Nibbles Jr was born on May 30th. The article claims that scientists confirmed that Jr was an actual half human half goat hybrid baby, but couldn't quite understand how this happened. The story goes on to state that the child was still in NICU and undergoing testing and child protective services was investigating. CPS is still trying to determine whether or not to hand the baby over to the parents or scientists so they can continue to try to figure out just what happened. A defiant Gilbert stated, “we gonna fight for nibbles jr.” Yeah, isn't true at all. Let's break this down Hoax Factor style... first of all its pretty much biologically impossible for two different species to interbreed especially if they come from different genera. (genus) Some exceptions that have occurred due to manipulation by humans are mules which are created when you breed horses and donkeys. Or like Ligers, and Zonkeys. The difference is these animals are all in the same genus. But human's breeding with animals and having a human-animal hybrid mix, so far has not occurred. This image here that is claimed to be of gilbert and her fiance was lifted from collegehumor.com's list of 25 Best RedNeck weddings posted clear back in 2009. This image itself is a photoshop, combining multiple images to create the one. The website this story came from, Now8News is not a real news website, but is one of many fake news sites that have been created to lure people in under the guise that its humor or satire. But nowhere on the site does it state that humor is its purpose. Lastly, the original story comes to us from Malaysia where 63-year-old farmer Ibrahim Basir discovered the human-animal hybrid on his farm. The human-animal hybrid was handed over to authorities to investigate, similar human looking goat babies have been born in the past, as have piglets with human features. It's most likely caused by a deformity as a result of toxins, nutritional deficiencies, or hereditary defects. But here's the great thing, no matter what science says, or the logical conclusion draws us to, there will still be many who will close out this video believing that it's a real human-animal hybrid. And with that, we close out the last video of 2016. Let's Connect - Facebook: https://goo.gl/saUpHL - Twitter: https://goo.gl/Pxgdb7 - Instagram: https://goo.gl/MMCZOb -- Google + : https://goo.gl/cPlaVy Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: https://goo.gl/84pNcl - Serious Deliver: https://goo.gl/2SBw50 - Super Play Time: https://goo.gl/3DVl8L - The Worst:
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10 SCARY VIDEOS Of SCARY CREATURES Caught On Tape - Hoax Or Not?
Scary Videos, strange and mysterious creatures. All caught on tape. Top 10 list of the scariest videos and strangest creatures. #10 Cthulu Under The Sea The footage was caught back in 2007 off the oil rig the shell perdido at a depth of almost 8,000 feet. This strange creature with its long legs dangling towards the ocean floor as if its waiting to snatch your babies up created all kinds of speculation. One being that this was the fictional Cthulu character mentioned in a series of books by writer H.P. Lovecraft. It is in fact a very rare squid known as a Big Fin Squid. #09 The Iceland Worm Monster Shot in 2012, a 67 year old farmer caught footage of the famous Lagarfljots worm, a creature that has been sighted in this body of water since 1345. This scary video of what looks like a mysterious creature that could be an alligator or snake. #08 Alien In Cemetery #1 2015 a report was made to MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network and Cryptozoology News that a man caught an alien on camera in a cemetery. #07 Alien Cemetery #2 Filmed in 2005 but uploaded to YouTube in 2011. A scary video showing a strange, mysterious creature that looks like an alien in a cemetery caught on tape. #06 Real Goblin Caught On Tape A duende or goblin was caught on tape running behind a toddler who is sitting on the kitchen floor. "A Goblin or Gnome was caught on tape in Santa Fe, Argentina while a mother was filming his child playing with his toys. Amazing footage! The small elemental creature was rushing trough the room and left a nauseating smell behind and created a strong interference in the electronic devises. According to the family, they will hear the kid talking by himself all the time, but they never paid much attention to this thinking it was a normal behavior for his age. " #05 Duendes En Argentina This scary video is from argentina. Caught on tape is a real duende or goblin coming down the street dancing. Is this a real duendes or goblin caught on camera? #04 Duendes Caught On Tape In Mexico duendes en mexico reales Duendes En mexico These boys in Mexico are playing futbol, or soccer when a goblin or duende comes running out from behind a door. These strange goblin like creatures are mysterious and scary. #03 Bigfoot Captured On GoPro By Dog 2015 a mysterious creature was caught in a scary video recorded by a dog wearing a gopro in the woods. What is this strange and mysterious creature? Is it the elusive bigfoot? And why is a dog wearing a gopro in the woods? #02 Monster Attacked me on Kuybishev Square Slenderman or alien? This mysterious creature was caught on camera chasing a man riding his bicycle through Kuybishev Square Russia. Is this strange creature real? #01 Strange Creature Climbing Building In Russia In 2015 this scary video of a strange and mysterious creature climbing a building in Russia was uploaded. Is this real evidence of an alien or Slenderman caught on camera? ORIGINAL VIDEOS: #10 Cthulu Under The Sea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAI8XiD-gQc #09 The Iceland Worm Monster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OmyyHyya64 #08 Alien In Cemetery #1 #07 Alien Cemetery #2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k90Sc8TrXaM #06 Real Goblin Caught On Tape https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1bcVGoSOoY #05 Duendes En Argentina https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlLgd8wjO78 #04 Duendes Caught On Tape In Mexico https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MziaZyjFOAM #03 Bigfoot Captured On GoPro By Dog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_Bq1xR2rmc #02 Monster Attacked me on Kuybishev Square https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XW5wpcZY_8 #01 Strange Creature Climbing Building In Russia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yzg7Lo5zZM8 CHECK OUT THE MAKING OF VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo1HoA8wcag Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Shark Tank Breaks In Mall
Sharks swimming in the mall or subway? Huge shark tank breaks leaving deadly sharks swimming in a mall lobby! We're gonna need a bigger boat! There is a reason this image went viral and its not because of people's fear of escalators. And yes, there is a real phobia of escalators its called Escalaphobia, google it, I can't make this kind of stuff up! This image hit all of the social media outlets. Like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter According to one of the stories accompanying the picture, a giant shark tank at the Scientific Center in Kuwait collapsed, causing panic and chaos among staff and visitors. Another claimed the collapse occurred flooding the lobby of Kuwaiti shopping mall. Upon being confronted with such an event occurring at the mall you have to ask yourself... #1 Is this within the realm of possibility? #2 What kind of sharks are they? And #3 How do I get to the food court and specifically Hot Dog On A Stick? #1 In my worst nightmares and apparently in China, that is a resounding yes. At the Shanghai Orient Shopping Center in China a tank holding 33 tons of water and three sharks shattered . The disaster was caught on video as acrylic glass almost 6 inches thick burst sending the water and deadly shards of glass onto visitors injuring 15 people. The 3 sharks inside were lemon sharks, and are safe to humans. The poor creatures however did not survive. #2 In our Kuwaiti shopping center picture the sharks appear to be Great Whites! There is absolutely no reason for any private citizen or business to own a great white unless you are an Evil Genius bent on taking over the world and have equipped them with lasers on their heads. Either way it doesn't matter, there are sharks at the bottom of the fricken escalators and I still need to get to Hot dog on a stick!!! Which leads me to #3 They're called corn dogs where I come from, they are delicious, but who's the perv that designed the uniforms and their method of making lemonade? So is the image real or a hoax? Well for starters the Kuwait Scientific Center is real, and has a shark tank, but no, it never collapsed. The image is actually a hoax combining a number of different images. The escalator is actually located at the basement of the Toronto Royal Bank Plaza when it was shut down due to flooding in 2012. The water is really only inches deep which is apparent by how high it is compared to the two men standing off in the corner of the original picture. This isn't the first time the great white on the left has been used in viral images, here it is again this time swimming in the flooded streets of Puerto Rico after a Hurricane. The crazy thing is the original image it has been lifted from is viral on its own merit, and get this... this is real!!! However, It is such a scary and imposing sight that photographer Thomas P. Peschak has had to write an entire article describing to the exact detail, how he took the picture to in order to prove it's authenticity. If you want more hoax factor videos and sharks with laser beams on their heads subscribe now.
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Giant Insects!  Mysterious Creatures Invade Georgia Home (Hoax or Not)
Giant insects invades Georgia Home. Mysterious creature caught what is this monster bug? Giant insects? Or freakish product of Fukushima radiation? Its time for another episode of WTF is it Wednesday Welcome back Hoax Factor Friends its Cary and this article claims that a homeowner in Georgia found a giant insect that looked like a “spiky, cylinder shaped monster skulking in their garage.” First of all sounds like a girl I dated in high school. Second of all, if this is what you found in there, you're gonna need an industrial sized roach motel. This giant monster roach like creature was said to be about 2 feet long which is twice the length of a footlong sandwich from subway...no seriously do the math. Its also claimed that it has no eyes. More of these mysterious giant insect creatures were found in other homes in Georgia, experts were called in and being that it was apparently an unknown creature, they took to calling it the Georgian Speekle. Their diets consist of nacho cheese flavored Doritos, Iphones and the hopes and dreams of children. They make great pets. Floral arrangements and keychains. So is this creepy crawler really a giant roach living in the garage of some hillbilly in Georgia? What is this mysterious creature? Is it a Giant insect? And now Its time for the truth. No this isn't some giant nacho cheese doritos eating cockroach but is in fact a giant Isopod and yes it is quite large with some adult isopods growing up to 20 inches long...that's almost as long as something as long as 20 inches. Much like their cousins the woodlice, they have an exoskeleton composed of overlapping segments that you can apparently hide shit in. And like a giant doodle bug, they can apparently roll up into a ball. The key takeaway in all of this is fact check everyone, including me. This article was written by Anne Marie Helmenstine PHD who stated incorrectly that the Georgian Speekle is the name given to a giant Isopod that was found in the state of Georgia in the United States. These creatures live at the bottom of the ocean, and the image that had been circulating with varous articles of the Georgian speekle is a still shot from this video here While yes the critter is real, it is not from Georgia doesn't eat Doritos and wasn't found in a garage. Giant Isopod Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeSInrF_bo0 ****INSTAGRAM T-SHIRT CONTEST GIVEAWAY*** https://www.instagram.com/p/BR3mZ7xger-/ Let's Connect - Facebook: https://goo.gl/saUpHL - Twitter: https://goo.gl/Pxgdb7 - Instagram: https://goo.gl/MMCZOb -- Google + : https://goo.gl/cPlaVy Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: https://goo.gl/84pNcl - Serious Deliver: https://goo.gl/2SBw50 - Super Play Time: https://goo.gl/3DVl8L - The Worst: https://goo.gl/Nfuygq
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World's Biggest Animal Hoaxes - Hogzilla Monster Hunting
Hogzilla Pig, world's biggest dog Hercules. Giant cat, world's biggest snake. The World's Biggest Animal Hoaxes These are the world's biggest animal hoaxes...EVER 28 Foot Alligator Charles and Anita Rogers of Winterhaven Florida happened upon this giant beast that measured an astounding 28 feet from tip of its snout to its tail. One of the Game wardens who shot and killed the monster is Joe Goff, who is 6'5” tall can be seen in the photograph walking behind the animal and the animal is at least twice as large. But he's not. Most of the story is real with a few minor changes and one very important factual error. The Gator wasn't 28 feet long, but a measly 13 feet long. Giant Cats The picture shows a Canadian man by the name of Rodger Degagne holding his 89 pound, 69 inch cat Snowball. Hauglie with the help of his son, daughter and of course Jumper the cat composited two photos together in photoshop to make it look as if Jumper was much bigger than he really was. The photograph was meant as a joke to be sent to his daughter's friend, but as you can tell even after 10 years, its still thought to be real. But this photograph that was floating around about the same time as the one of Jumper is actually real: At the time of the picture Riley a Maine Coon one of the larger breeds of cats was just 2 years old and weighed 24 lbs. What makes the cat look larger is how Martha, Riley's owner is holding him in a stretched out manner. That and Riley's fluffed out fur , gives you the impression he's much heavier. World's Biggest Dog Hercules The Claim with this photo is its of Hercules: The World's Biggest Dog Ever According to Guinness World Records The truth is that an English Mastiff named Hercules was at one time the world's heaviest dog, but that's not him or his owners in the pictures above. This is the real Hercules who at 284 pounds was at one time the world's heaviest living dog. Living being the operative word. Hogzilla vs Monster Pig This image is of Chris Griffin, and what he claims is a 12 foot long wild hog that he killed. Forever known on the interwebs as Hogzilla, the beast was said to have weighed over 1,000 pounds and had 9 inch tusks. The only proof of this incident is the picture. Griffin also claimed that he and the owner of the property the feral hog was killed on buried it because they didn't want to go through the hassle of cutting it up for meat. Some of the issues people have of the image is that Griffin is seen standing in a dug out ditch next to the dead hog. This of course gives the added impression of making the hog look much larger than it maybe actually is. Also the claims of the 1,000 pound weight is a red flag. You would need a special scale that only a few kinds of companies would have in order to weigh such a large and heavy item, and there is no evidence of Griffin making any effort to carry the carcass somewhere to be weighed. And then on On May 1st 2007, an 11 year old Delta Alabama boy by the name of Jamison Stone shot and killed this monster pig with a pistol. This jumbo slice of bacon from heaven purportedly weighed 1,051 pounds and measured over 9 feet and 4 inches. Some of the controversies surrounding this pig kill is that the kill occurred on a commercial hunting preserve Callled Lost Creek Plantation. Information came out that the boy's father paid $1,500 to Eddy Borden the owner of the plantation so that his son could bag the massive beast. The size of the pig was still cannot be proven. The images used forced perspective techniques to make it look much larger than it probably was. By placing the pig in the foreground and much closer to the camera, while the people in the picture arranged themselves not just behind it, but a few feet behind it., it once again, gives the impression of a much larger animal. Accusations of animal cruelty and charges were brought against the owner of the plantation, due to the fact that in order to kill something that large while hogzilla hunting, it would have taken numerous shots with a pistol. Information that it was also a big publicity stunt began to surface as well. But the boy's father continued to assert that it wasn't a canned hunt and the pig was as large as claimed and extremely aggressive. Now A feral hog or pig topping the 1,000 pound mark was unheard of until August of 2004, Larry Early of Florida shot and killed this boar Hogzilla Hunting that weighed over 1,100 pounds. But here's the difference between Chris Griffin and Jamison Stone's father, Larry had the hog weighed at the Smokin' Oak Sausage co in Branford Florida. So while its possible Hogzilla Hunting and Monster pig could have been real, unlike Larry Early, they have no independent sources to verify the authenticity of their stories. So what do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.
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GIANT SNAKE Caught In Toilet - Caught On Camera
Giant Snake Attack On Toilet Bites Man Caught On Camera. Snake attacks man while sitting on toilet. Bend over and kiss your butt goodbye because a snake just crawled out of that toilet! Welcome back Hoax Factor Friends its Cary and Happy New Year! Before we get started and checking out this video of a giant snake caught crawling out a toilet, let me know down in the comments what your new year's resolution will be. My own New Year's resolution is to lose 50 pounds, I only have 66 to go. This first video of 2017 was submitted by TJ on our Facebook Fan Page along with a message asking for me to check it out and see if this was real. Thx TJ, I definitely wanted to check this out...and remember if you have a weird story, image, video or idea for an upcoming video hit me up on FB. Now back to this snake video. For most people, the bathroom is where you get your business done, for others like me its a sacred place that offers me a bit of seclusion away from the boys and a chance to read, catch up on FB or answer YouTube comments. But let's get back to this giant snake in the toilet thing. Is this real and has anything like it occurred before? In May of 2016 a man in Thailand had a python crawl up the drain into his toilet and “latch its fangs onto a man's penis.” Those screams must have been something only a dog could hear. On a high note..sorry for the pun, the snake wasn't venomous. The man lost a lot of blood, but he survived as did the snake which could only be extracted by busting up the toilet. Just a heads up Hoax Factor friends, if we're hanging out and a snake latches itself onto the tip of your dong, you're on your own. Now don't' get me wrong, I'll call 911 for you, but there's no way in I'm touching a snake, whether that's the actual snake or your trouser snake. Another snake in the toilet incident occurred in November of 2016 at an apartment building in South Africa. But this time, it was an 8 foot long venomous snouted cobra. Yes, I said that correctly, a cobra. Barry Greenshields a snake handler was called out to remove the cobra but failed to do so. The giant snake escaped back down the drain and hasn't been seen since. The residents of the apartment building have been and I quote, freaking out. Some of you might be wondering how a giant snake would find its way to the holy water of your most sacred of thrones. Apparently, it's not that difficult for critters and varmints to get into your toilet..and snakes aren't the only thing you might find. Take a look at this giant rat that got stuck in a toilet drain as well. This is apparently such a huge problem in the North West, that King County, where my dad lives, their health department actually posted instructions on how to deal with rats in your toilet. So to get back to our video. Yes TJ, this is all too real and all too disturbing. I can deal with trypophobia videos all day long, but this, this ruined my secret meditation time where I go to think..think really, really hard. There's the old question of does a bear go in the woods? Yes, but now so does Hoax Factor Cary. Well that wraps up our first video of 2017. I wanna thank you guys for sticking around and helping me to keep alive the weirdest hoax debunking channel on the YouTube Let's Connect - Facebook: https://goo.gl/saUpHL - Twitter: https://goo.gl/Pxgdb7 - Instagram: https://goo.gl/MMCZOb -- Google + : https://goo.gl/cPlaVy Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: https://goo.gl/84pNcl - Serious Deliver: https://goo.gl/2SBw50 - Super Play Time: https://goo.gl/3DVl8L - The Worst:
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Human Dog Hybrid DNA Mistake? Science Experiment Gone Wrong
Another human animal hybrid? DNA mixing of human and dog. Hybrid creature explained. Is this a science experiment gone wrong, or the best kept secret of human animal hybrids existing? Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Alligator Turns Orange Caught On Camera TRUMPGATOR EXPLAINED
Giant Alligator turns orange. Evolution or Donald Trump? Holy crap am I seeing this correctly, did an orange giant alligator caught on camera just pop up on the shore in South Carolina? Welcome back HOAX FACTOR friends, this one's a quick and dirty story because it just happened and the video I had planned on uploading will now be next weeks video. The reason being is this This image popped up in my feed and friends immediately started to ask if this was real. I'm going to assume yes, but am wondering why. Did this giant alligator eat a bunch of Cheetos and forever change its pigmentation? Or is it the offspring of Donald Trump and gator doing the nasty. There's definitely a resemblance. Or is it something else like maybe its just a fan of nearby Clemson University, home of the Tigers.!!!! But first, the question of the day and a little business. Are you a dog person or a cat person. Click like and let me know your answer in the comments below. Also if you're feeling a bit tired or even constipated because you're not getting enough Hoax Factor in your daily diet. Be sure to check me out on Instagram and FB, I'm constantly posting and interacting with the community links are in the description below...now back to our story. Dubbed “Trumpgator” this 4-5 foot long gator showed up swimming in the retention ponds at Tanner Plantation in Hanahan. South Carolina. The one liberal in the community has been protesting the gator's presence ever since #notmyalligator Some have hypothesized that the strange coloration could be due to environmental factors like algae or a pollutant. Others postulate it could be rust. Now, this isn't the first time this has happened. This occurred before with another alligator in Venice, Florida in 2011. Described as rare and nearly albino, some have even asked if this is just a part of evolution. David Steen an assistant research professor at Auburn University Museum of Natural History in Alabama wrote in his blog post that he had come across ponds stained by the surrounding sediment, and turtles who lived in these ponds were colored differently and this is what's most likely happening here. So the story is real, but the cause is unknown. One thing is certain, being orange puts the animal in danger due to its lack of natural camouflage. I warned you this one would be quick and dirty, but See you later alligators. Let's Connect - Facebook: https://goo.gl/saUpHL - Twitter: https://goo.gl/Pxgdb7 - Instagram: https://goo.gl/MMCZOb -- Google + : https://goo.gl/cPlaVy Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: https://goo.gl/84pNcl - Serious Deliver: https://goo.gl/2SBw50 - Super Play Time: https://goo.gl/3DVl8L - The Worst:
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Giant Snake Caught On Camera In XRay SHOCKING! Inside Woman's Body (Hoax Or Not)
Shocking Giant snake found in woman's abdomen. Caught on camera in x-ray. This X-Ray of a giant snake living inside a woman's abdomen is unreal. We need to fact check this stat! Welcome back Hoax Factor Friends its Cary and today I'm looking at a shocking x-ray image of a giant snake caught on camera living inside this woman's body. I just..I can't... Is this real? Is it a hoax? Can a giant snake even survive inside your body? Shocking! Those answers coming right up but first the question of the day. Have you ever eaten snake? I have eaten rattlesnake. If yes, let me know in the comment section below. IF not, tell me what is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten and I'll respond to you personally. Now if true, I don't know what would possess someone to eat a live giant snake. I can't imagine any health benefits from it. Some other claims associated with this image are that the snake crawled up the woman's cooter and at her appendix. Now There have been reports of people in the past who have swallowed live tapeworms in order to lose weight. In 2013 a woman in Iowa admitted to her doctor that she went online and bought a tapeworm to ingest in order to lose weight. The woman was put on a special medication to kill the parasite. Having a tapeworm running loose inside your intestines can be very dangerous. So much so Dr. Patricia Quinlisk, medical director of the Iowa Department of Health sent out an email to public-health workers informing them that... “Ingesting tapeworms is extremely risky and can cause a wide range of undesirable side effects .: And went to suggest that people should stick to proven weight loss methods like dieting and exercise. Now a tapeworm is much different than ingesting a live snake. But in another report, a man in China had to go to the ER after getting a life eel stuck inside him. No wait. The story gets much better. The man took a 20 inch long Asian swamp eel and stuck it up his butt. Why? Because he saw it on the internet. The eel, apparently not wanting to be stuck up this guys crack did the only thing he knew to do and that was starting to chew his way out. The eel was somewhat successful, it chewed through the man's colon, perforated his large intestine and became stuck in the man's body cavity. In 2010, another Chinese man died from a similar incident after friends put the eel up his butt as a joke. Three things I am hoping to avoid in life. #1 Becoming an internet meme #2 Getting involved with a flash mob and #3 It being reported in the news that I died from something getting shoved up my butt. http://www.nytimes.com/1864/07/10/news/snake-in-a-woman-s-stomach.html So this story may have some validty to it, it could be real. If an eel could survive, what about a snake? I did find a story in the NYT going back to July 10 of 1864 wher it was reported that the wife of a Mr. WM Evers had been experiencing stomach pain for 4 years which turned out to be a snake living inside the woman. But even stranger yet, the article claims that after getting so large, if you touched the woman's stomach you could feel the snake move. And if fish or meet were being cooked within her proximity, the snake would rise up in her throat strangling her. http://www.nytimes.com/1864/07/10/news/snake-in-a-woman-s-stomach.html My bullshit detector is off the charts on that story, but its interesting nonetheless So can a snake live inside a human? That answer coming right up but first don't forget to find me on Instagram where you can get even more of your fill of HF. And make sure you don't just hit the subscribe button, but dong that bell and accept notifications so you don't miss a single HF update...and now for the answer. Can a snake live inside a human? Most likely no. Snakes aren't like parasites that have a protective covering that would keep it from being dissolved by enzymes in the digestive tract and acids in the stomach. A snake would most likely not survive this journey. So then, Is this x-ray image of a giant snake living inside a woman's body real? No. It's a piece of artwork titled Original Sin that was posted on the now defunct website cyberium.net sometime around 2002. The artist only identified as “guido,” stated he used a variety of digital art tools like photoshop to create the image. Here is the original image of the snake x-ray, that you can still find in google images. Giant Snake caught on camera? Shocking video of snake inside woman's abdomen. Let's Connect - Facebook: https://goo.gl/saUpHL - Twitter: https://goo.gl/Pxgdb7 - Instagram: https://goo.gl/MMCZOb -- Google + : https://goo.gl/cPlaVy Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: https://goo.gl/84pNcl - Serious Deliver: https://goo.gl/2SBw50 - Super Play Time: https://goo.gl/3DVl8L - The Worst:
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Giant Anaconda Found In Amazon River - World's Largest Snake (Hoax Or Not?)
Giant Anaconda, the world's largest snake found in the Amazon River. Giant snake, world's biggest ever? Anaconda a maior cobra do mundo Hoax Factor tackles the case of the claim that a giant anaconda, the world's largest snake was found in the Amazon river. Giant snakes exist, but is this real or a hoax? We take a deeper look into the stories. Let's Connect -- http://www.facebook.com/hoaxfactor -- http://www.twitter.com/hoaxfactor -- https://plus.google.com/+HoaxFactor Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: http://www.youtube.com/AlwaysAngela
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Mysterious Green Slime Creature What Is it? - Spores From Outer Space
Mysterious green slime spore creature caught on camera covering a man's hand. What is this mysterious green slime creature that covers this man's hand? Is it alien spores from outer space? Is it trypophobia inducing holes? Or is it The world's smallest flower wolffia globosa? Let's Connect - Facebook: https://goo.gl/saUpHL - Twitter: https://goo.gl/Pxgdb7 - Instagram: https://goo.gl/MMCZOb -- Google + : https://goo.gl/cPlaVy Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: https://goo.gl/84pNcl - Serious Deliver: https://goo.gl/2SBw50 - Super Play Time: https://goo.gl/3DVl8L - The Worst:
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Is this baby a human cat hybrid? What is this mysterious creature found in Malaysia? What is this mysterious creature with human like qualities found in Pahang Malaysia? Its time for another episode of WTF is it Wednesday! What's up Hoax Factor Nation? Its Cary and I'm back with another bizarre creature making this image go viral like its a weapons grade cold spread by toddlers at a daycare Whatever it is, its almost completely hairless, its about as small as a newborn pup or kitten and looks to be just weeks old itself. The accompanying stories that surround the image and video are of course chocked full of tinfoil hat type tales such as whatever it is its being held in a secret laboratory somewhere. Could it be a secret laboratory like Hawkin's laboratory in the Netflix series Stranger Things where atrocities like shaving little girl's heads are committed. Rumor has it that Hawkin's laboratory was inpsired by real life scary secret places like Camp Hero or The Montauk Air Force Station located on Montauk Island where creepy science guys (its alive) purportedly researched pyschological warfare techniques, time travel and crazy pizza dishes like Canadian Bacon and Pineapple...oh the humanity!!! And then.there's building 257 at  Plum Island Animal Disease Center where for decades the United States Government researched biological warfare on animals. Research and I'm using air quotes here continued up until 1969. The United States department of Homeland Security maintains that building 257 was shut down in 1995 and poses no health danger. Tell that to the Montauk Monster. The scary creature that washed up on the beaches near the city of Montauk in 2008. Its either a victim of Plum Island Animal Disease center or a dead raccoon going through the stages of decomposition affected by the sea water. It depends upon whether you ask this guy, or this guy. Its not like any of this is 100% completely out of the realm of possibility. A combination of errors leading to leaky pipes from a laboratory in the UK is responsible for a 2007 Hoof and Mouth disease outbreak. So yeah, maybe we could have some kind of viral outbreak that could lead to montauk monsters, crazy looking kitty creatures or this (Trump or something) Is that what this creature is? Is it a by product of a man violating nature's laws and creating a human cat hybrid baby? Is this creature the result of some kind of viral outbreak at an animal research lab? What is this thing? That answer and more coming right up but first. Dong it! Dong that bell!!! No longer can you just subscribe and get the latest in Hoax Factor videos, you have to dong that notifications bell so you can be just like all your cool friends with your cool fidget spinners, and cool flat billed hats, doing cool things like jumping over invisible boxes, dumping ice buckets on your head and the coolest of them all... planking on a bathroom sink while watching my videos! I swear to all that is holy, and unholy if necessary. Go to my facebook page and send me an image of your planking on a sink while watching my videos and I'll put you in my next video, feature you on my fb and instagram pages. And now for the answer... what is this thing? Well according to some reports, police had to finally respond to quell fears. This creepy creature is actually not that creepy at all. It is in my opinion pretty dang awesome piece of art. Yeah, in our family we celebrate strange things like this, especially strange art. This little item is titled baby lycanthrope, or baby werewolf. It is a silicone doll made by Italian artist Laira maganuco. Ms Maganuco describes herself as a self-taught artist who creates hyperrealistic creatures and faces out of silicone. You can actually purchase baby lycanthrope and a number of other amazing creations on her etsy page. TIN FOIL MAN: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ardenswayoflife/3195323446 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ Let's Connect - Facebook: https://goo.gl/saUpHL - Twitter: https://goo.gl/Pxgdb7 - Instagram: https://goo.gl/MMCZOb -- Google + : https://goo.gl/cPlaVy Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: https://goo.gl/84pNcl - Serious Deliver: https://goo.gl/2SBw50 - Super Play Time: https://goo.gl/3DVl8L - The Worst:
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Mermaid was found and caught on tape in India, is this a real mermaid or a hoax? Did someone actually capture a real life mermaid in India? Its time for another episode of What the is it Wednesday. Welcome back hoax factor friends, its Cary and I'm sitting here deep in the woods of Florida looking at this image of what looks to be a half fish, half woman and 100% creepy. Look at it...look at it!!! What is it? Yes folks I'm back, hopefully to stay. If you wanna know where I've been click on the link below for a vlog explaining it all in detail. This image of a purported mermaid lying handcuffed on a crate began to make its rounds on the internet just before Christmas way back in 2017. Soon after a video was released showing this poor shackled creature gasping for air. Kinda Looks like me after trying to run up a flight of stairs. Is it real, or is it really fake. For centuries now, mermaids have fascinated mankind. Legends and stories of mermaid sightings go back as far as the 25th century BC where in the story of an ancient Assyrian goddess named Atargatis turned herself into a mermaid after accidentally killing her lover. Mermaid folklore was most likely inspired by the Sirens in Greek Mythology. Tales of mermaids exist in many cultures, even Christopher Columbus during his exploration of the caribbean claimed to have seen mermaids. They were most likely big ol' fat grey manatees, so it makes me wondering how lit that party boat was to think this, was this. What you smokin' Chris? Is this a real mermaid? Or how about a Merman? Merman also appear in folklore, but for some reason you don't hear as much about them. one reason may be because they were not depicted as attractive as a mermaids. (no way video) Mermen typically had seaweed like hair, a beard and carried a trident. Much like our modern day superhero Aqua Man. (fabulous audio) not this one, but more like this one (do I make you horny baby) The most famous of merman myths would be Triton, the son of Poseidon and amphitrite. Looking at the creature in the image, it has what looks like female breasts, so I think we can discount merman. We, of course have been down this road a few times and so far every mermaid story was a hoax. I've even created a video highlighting the top mermaid hoaxes throughout history. So is it real this time? Was this a real mermaid captured in India? That answer coming right up, but first... Want to know where I've been, check out my latest vlog for all the funny and not so funny details. Also be sure to click that subscribe button and hit the bell for notifications so you won't miss any of my newest Hoax Factor Updates. And now, the big reveal...is this image and video of a mermaid caught somewhere in India real? No, absolutely not. If you knew it wasn't real hit that like button right down there. According to the website Newsfact, this creation is an animitronic sculpture or puppet made of wood and fiber with a motor inside the creation to help simulate the breathing you see in the gills. Not much is known about who created it, or why. It looks to be a prop for a movie or maybe even an attraction at an amusement park. That closes out yet another episode of What Is It Wednesday, come back next week for an all new episode where I explain WTF this is. Let's Connect - Facebook: https://goo.gl/saUpHL - Twitter: https://goo.gl/Pxgdb7 - Instagram: https://goo.gl/MMCZOb -- Google + : https://goo.gl/cPlaVy Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: https://goo.gl/84pNcl - Serious Deliver: https://goo.gl/2SBw50 - Super Play Time: https://goo.gl/3DVl8L - The Worst:
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