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Crypto )ew Spy Janine Pye Whores herself as government witness against Seventh Day Adventist Doctor
The following video is an expose of Israeli Military Intelligence operatives/super international spys infiltrating into the Seventh Day Adventist Church. These operatives of the church of Satan are pew warmers working against Evangelists preaching the Third Angels Message. Ellen White warned the Church Militant this prophecy would come to pass at the time of the close of probation. She warned that Seventh Day Adventist church members would show in court and testify against Gods people. Janine Pye, member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church testified against Dr Jeffrey Dummett (medical evangelist) which led to his medical licence to be revoked in the Federal States of Australia. This video will serve as a warning to Gods End time remnant that persecution is not the future but the present. Prepare people the plagues are soon to fall on the unfaithful. Dr Jeffrey Dummett WHO IS Dr. Jeffrey Hunter M.MT., M.Phyto., PhD., D.Sc., M.Chiro Dr Jeffrey Hunter is a Orthomoleculear Sports Medicine Doctor, Founder of Academy of Functional Medicine and Integrative Therapies He has been an State Examiner of Sports Medicine Practitioners New South Wales Australia. For over 27 years he has served as a certified Sports Medicine Doctor by the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) 1989 – 2019 Scientific Research DOCTOR OF NUTRITION AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE Dr Hunter is an Empirical Medical Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist specializing in Orthomolecular Medicine and Physical Medicine for Athletic Performance. http://orthomolecular.org/ As a practitioner of extraordinary talents para-medical studies has led him to work with renowned Surgeons from Loma Linda University California U.S.A. https://medicine.llu.edu/ California’s 2nd Largest Medical School in the western Hemisphere Dr Charles Thomas PHD Loma Linda University, School of Nursing Dr Merit Horning MD Health Lassen Research Foundation Dr Richard Hanson MD Poland Springs Health Institute, Maine Dr Walter Deil MD Loma Linda University California, School of Medicine Dr Agatha Thrash MD Ucheee Pines Health Retreat Dr Russell Standish MD Herald Health Ministries Dr Colin Standish PHD Hartland Institute Strategic Relationships Formed Health Lassen Foundation, San Diego USA Protein & Amino Acid Research http://www.lassenfoundation.org/index.html Loma Linda University USA Department of Public Health and Nutrition Food elements and disease Poland Springs Health Institute, Maine USA Lifestyle medicine, Cancer and Intravenous Vitamin C Loma Linda University, Mayo Clinic USA Department of Physical Medicine – Thermotherapy in Hydropathic Medicine https://www.mayoclinic.org/about-mayo-clinic/quality/top-ranked Adelaide Biologics Research Centre Live Blood Analysis & heitan-LeGarde- Blood Test Hemalogical Research Institute of studies Hemaveiw Analysis Research Institute of Diet, Disease & Prevention Fluorescence Blood Microscopy & Biological Terrain Analysis Advanced Institute For Naturopathic Medicine Qld Founder of Education Curriculum - Fluorescence Blood Microscopy Colonial War Memorial Hospital Fiji Department of Pathology Mycoplasma Bacteria and disease cycles Arizona Academy of Osteopathic Medicine Deep Muscle Ligament & Tendon Therapy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arizona_College_of_Osteopathic_Medicine Advanced Institute For Naturopathic Medicine Qld – 1996-2005 Educated students in the field of Sports Medicine. A post graduate course was taught. Naturopaths and Naturopathic students are now using the research and diagnostic principles accomplished Dr J Hunters published research conducted at that time. Accredited Neuromuscular Medicine Ackermann Institutet Department Orthopaedic Surgery Orthopaedic Medicine Karolinska Institute Stockholm Sweden https://ki.se/en/education/startpage
A case of the LGBT spirit and the discovery of Noah's Ark
Beastly demon spirits that inhabit the family home are real. A rash discussion that unveils the laboratory engineered AIDS virus produced by military bio-engineering.
Seventh Day Adventist Doctor Dummett Exposes Secret Eugenics Plot
Dr Jeffrey Dummett an intellectual giant of medical research became a targeted individual by Jewish Talmudic agents within the Federal Australian Government and Big Pharma (pharmaceutical corporations) due to his diagnostic discovery of cancer organisms. The new technology he pioneered exposed deliberate government propaganda and secret communist programs using Eugenics
Making the Cross of Calvary our Purpose; Message to Chris Dorsey
Militia America is the only stay which hinders the Man of Sin. Eventually the agents of Satan will have their evil way but only for a short period, it is then that God will rise and a supernatural slaughter against those who put harm to Gods remnant saints. Often dubbed “America’s first spy,” Nathan Hale was a Yale graduate who served in Knowlton’s Rangers, a short-lived Continental reconnaissance unit. When General George Washington’s forces became bottled up on Manhattan Island in September 1776, Hale volunteered for a mission to gather much-needed intelligence behind enemy lines. He was ferried across the Long Island Sound on September 16, slipped into the occupied town of Huntington and began surveying British fortifications and encampments while posing as a schoolmaster. Hale was undoubtedly courageous, but according to most historians, he wasn’t a very skilled intelligence officer. It only took a few days before his suspicious questions drew attention from loyalist locals, and he later blew his cover after a British agent approached him in a tavern and pretended to be a fellow Patriot spy. Hale was arrested the next day and discovered to have incriminating documents concealed beneath the soles of his shoes. Charged as an illegal combatant, he was executed by hanging on the morning of September 22. According to legend, the 21-year-old patriot faced the gallows with “gentle dignity” before uttering the famous words, “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”
Zionist Talmudic Spy Network linked to Seventh Day Adventist Pastors
We have come to a serious period of time in which the bloodline of Edom is pressing inside Gods END time movement where prophetic inspiration is fulfilled as directed by the Lord Himself. Is the Catholic Church a Christian organization or a Jewish contrived conspiracy in which all the money of the world will be distributed to only those who support the Nation of modern Israel? Was Ellen White wrong when she revealed the vision of those bearing a cross and rosary beads attacking her were in fact evil Talmudic Jews?
JFK - Secret Societies Enacting Communist Marxist government activity
A detailed discussion on the speech from U.S. President John F Kennedy in relation to the hidden dangers every world citizen should be aware of. Every suburb, Church, school, law enforcement agency is infiltrated by the deadly element of communism.
The Hour of His Judgement has come Be ye also ready
A timely warning to the sloths that pull the enlightened ones into their web of lies and darkness. Death comes to those who mock the watchmen.
Thomas Müntzer 1660 - Putting God in the wrong light
Thomas Muntzer was an associate of Martin Luthers protestant opposition to the Roman catholic Church. Müntzer was a German preacher and radical theologian of the early Reformation whose opposition to both Martin Luther and the Roman Catholic Church led to his open defiance of late-feudal authority in central Germany. His movement was not helpful in advancing the reformation against Papal supremacy.
Zionist Newsprint advocating that its okay to go kill yourself
Our communities are under attack. Government agents disguised as company men beef up public opinion on self made suicide. Go read up on the 70 Million white Christian men women and children the Bolsheviks slaughtered in their revolution 1916.

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