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Introducing LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
An easy way to collect quality leads for your business.
LinkedIn Conversion Tracking
Ever wonder exactly how many leads you’re getting from your LinkedIn ads? Now you can know with LinkedIn conversion tracking, which let’s you easily understand and improve the business impact of your LinkedIn advertising. Whether someone converts on mobile or desktop, or whether that person becomes a lead after clicking on -- or even after just viewing -- your ads, you’ll be able to see who’s converting based on their professional profile -- their seniority, industry, job function, company size, and more. And by knowing which ads are converting the right people into leads, you can refine your campaign targeting, creative, and offers to increase their effectiveness. It’s easy to get started with conversion tracking. When logged into LinkedIn Campaign Manager, simply click on the “Conversion Tracking” option at the top of the page. First, decide where you’d like to track conversions. This is usually a page on your company’s website. Next, add the LinkedIn Insight Tag to your site. The Insight Tag is a lightweight piece of code that makes conversion tracking work. Installing it is as easy as adding a normal analytics tag to your pages, and you only need to do it once. Finally, create a “conversion action” and add it to a campaign. An action is a rule that tells LinkedIn when to count a conversion for your business, like when someone completes a form on your website, or downloads your ebook. Save your action, select the actions you want to add to your campaign, then click "Apply" to start tracking conversions on your ads. Now you’ll easily be able to tell how effective each of your ads is, using conversion analytics right inside your Campaign Manager dashboard. And you’ll be able to optimize your campaign to increase conversions and grow your business. Visit linkedin.com/ads to get started right away.
Send Personalized Messages with LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
One of the biggest challenges B2B marketers face is delivering a relevant and engaging ad experience to the right person, at scale. That’s why today we’re excited to announce that Sponsored InMail is joining the growing suite of self-serve LinkedIn products available through LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager. With Sponsored InMail you can engage your target audiences in a personalized, direct and meaningful way. Now you can create and manage your Sponsored InMail campaigns along with other self-serve products, including Sponsored Content and Text Ads, directly through Campaign Manager using your advertising account with LinkedIn.
HSBC Uses LinkedIn Sponsored Updates to Establish Key Global Connections
"The big win for us with the Sponsored Update program is being able to engage those customers and prospects that we really want to engage and we really believe is our heartland target audience," says Amanda Rendle, HSBC's Global Head of Marketing for Commercial Banking and Global Banking & Markets. Hear more from Rendle in this video case study from LinkedIn. Learn more about LinkedIn Sponsored Updates: http://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/content-marketing/sponsored-updates.html?src=s-yt
LinkedIn Sponsored Content Auction
Learn the basics of how the LinkedIn Sponsored Updates auction works. Learn more: http://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/content-marketing/sponsored-updates.html
Tips for Promoting Your Company Page
One of the first steps to success with your LinkedIn Company Page is building your community of followers and driving traffic to your page. Expand your follower base by putting these three tips to use.
McKinsey: How The Digital Age is Disrupting the Marketing Framework
David Edelman, Partner and Global Co-Leader of McKinsey Digital, Marketing & Sales The digital age is disrupting every area of business, including the way marketing engages and interacts with prospective clients and existing ones. Successfully adapting requires more than new strategies – it requires a complete restructuring of the marketing organization and its operations and processes.
How to Optimize Your Page for SEO
Your LinkedIn Company Page is designed to be SEO friendly to help your page rank in search results both on and off LinkedIn. To make sure you’ve optimized your page, follow these 3 tips.
Getting Started with LinkedIn Text Ads
Once you're ready to begin with LinkedIn Text Ads, log in or create an account at www.linkedin.com/ads. After pressing Get Started you'll need to choose what kind of campaign you'd like to create, either a Text Ads campaign or a Sponsored Updates campaign. Text Ads show up on desktop — Sponsored Updates are show in the LinkedIn feed across desktop, smartphone, and tablet.
Introducing the LinkedIn Content Marketing Score and Trending Content
Get your Content Marketing Score today: http://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/c/14/3/content-marketing-score.html?src=s-yt Now, for the first time, you can quantify your content marketing strategy and gain insights for tailoring your content for maximum relevance. Presenting... The Dynamic Duo! LinkedIn's Content Marketing Score and Trending Content. The Content Marketing Score is a recommendation engine that quantifies your impact by measuring your audience's engagement with your content, benchmarking versus your peer set, and providing recommendations on how to improve. Trending Content ranks the topics that resonate most with specific audiences on LinkedIn, so you can tailor your content for maximum relevance. Together these two super-powered resources combine to create a super new quantifiable you: publisher of compelling, relevant content. Download our new eBook (http://linkd.in/1jM5qab) to learn even more about LinkedIn's Dynamic Duo. Then get ready to unleash your content marketing superpowers by contacting me to get your Content Marketing Score and Trending Content Analysis.
Business Advice from "The Profit", Marcus Lemonis
As part of our investment in the small business community, LinkedIn hosted a Small Business Boot Camp for the recipients of our 2015 Mission Main Street Grants®. Business Advice from "The Profit", Marcus Lemonis, featuring: Marcus Lemonis The Profit Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe Harlem Doggie Day Spa Scratch and Peck Feeds Tilit Chief Goods Global Disability Inclusion
CSV List Uploads: Using Account Targeting and Contact Targeting
In this video, I’m going to walk through how to create audience segments for your LinkedIn campaigns by uploading CSV files of either email addresses or company names. First, I’ll cover account targeting and how to upload a list of accounts to Campaign Manager. Next, I’ll show you how to utilize contact targeting by uploading a list of email addresses. Let’s start with account targeting. With account targeting, you can run account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns by securely uploading a list of target companies to match against more than 8 million Company Pages on LinkedIn. Combined with LinkedIn’s demographic targeting, account targeting allows you to guide decision makers along their buying journey and ultimately drive sales and qualified leads. To start, navigate to the tools menu and select “Matched Audiences.” Next, select the “Uploaded list audiences” tab. Here you’ll find the button to “Upload a list.” Name your audience segment and select the “Match against a list of accounts” option. Before uploading your list, first check to ensure your list is correctly formatted. Ensure the first row of your lists says “companyname” with no spaces, all lowercase. Next, make sure you only have one company name per row. Check the spelling of each company name to ensure the matching process is as accurate as possible. Avoid using special characters or formatting in your file. Thirdly, use only company names in the first column of your spreadsheet. Finally, save your file as a CSV file. This is the only file format that is supported. To upload a list of email addresses, simply select the “Match against a list of email contacts” option instead. For emails lists, ensure the first row of your lists says “email”, all lowercase. Make sure you only have one email address per row. Avoid any formatting in your file. Thirdly, use only email addresses in the first column of your spreadsheet. Similar to account lists, save your file as a CSV file. Once you upload your file, LinkedIn will begin matching your list to LinkedIn members. It may take up to 48 hours to complete the matching process. LinkedIn is committed to customer privacy and implements security safeguards designed to protect your data. As such, your email lists are hashed on your browser before reaching and being stored in the LinkedIn data center. Account lists you’ve created will appear under the Uploaded list audiences tab. In this tab you can view or add additional account and contact lists. Once your list is uploaded and matches enough members, you can target this audience when creating a campaign like any other targeting facet.
5 Marketing Executives Predict the Future of B2B Marketing
What does the future of B2B Marketing look like to you? At this year’s B2B Connect, we asked some of the experts in attendance to give us their take on the future of B2B marketing. Our interviewees took inspiration from the current state of the field, as well as the trailblazing being done in B2C, to formulate their answers. Watch the video below for predictions from these B2B marketing experts: Alicia Dietsch, Vice President of Marketing Communications & Operations at AT&T Bryan Burdick, Global Head of B2B at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Mike Ward, VP of Demand Generation, Marketing at Workfront Monu Kalsi, VP, Head of Digital Marketing at Zurich North America Russell Glass, Head of Products at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
Personalize and test your content to improve performance with Direct Sponsored Content
With Direct Sponsored Content on LinkedIn, you can reach your target audience directly in the feed without publishing on your Company Page. - Personalize your message to specific audiences - Test variations of your content - Control what gets published on your Company Page Learn more: http://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/content-marketing/sponsored-updates.html
LinkedIn Presents the Future: B2B Marketing Edition
Michael Brenner, Heidi Cohen, Bernie Borges and other thought leaders share their vision of the B2B marketing future.
HSBC Content Marketing Success Story with LinkedIn Groups
HSBC partners with LinkedIn to deliver relevant content to professionals with an international business and trade group.
LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
Raise greater brand awareness, generate more quality leads, and promote deeper relationships with your audience. Reach LinkedIn members wherever they connect simply by sharing your Sponsored Updates in the world's only professional feed. It's where our members go for relevant insights to help them be great at what they do. Want to keep your content on target? Put it in the feed. Learn more at http://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/content-marketing/sponsored-updates.html
Leadership: From Vision to Reality
A conversation between LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner and Naomi Simson, Founding Director, RedBalloon at ConnectIn Sydney, September 11 2014.
Getting and Providing Access to Direct Sponsored Content
Watch this quick video to learn how to request and grant access to Direct Sponsored Content. Learn more about Direct Sponsored Content on LinkedIn and how it can help you improve your Sponsored Update campaigns here: lnkd.in/sponsoredupdates.
LinkedIn Presents the Future of Employee Advocacy
We interviewed B2B marketing professionals and asked them about the future of employee advocacy. Here's what they had to say.
How to set up retargeting for your LinkedIn ads
Learn more on setting up and installing an Insight Tag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDj5SLxmFzE&feature=youtu.be&t=30s Learn more about permissioning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOJAPGp01Io&list=PLOiWp3quz2WXk-VN8_NnMfK-7v4DhSr03&index=5 In this video, I’m going to walk through the basics of setting up website retargeting for your campaign. Website retargeting is the only way to market to members who’ve visited your website. For example, if you want to re-engage people who visited a specific product page on your website, then you can do so with retargeting by sending them a personalized Sponsored InMail message or engaging them in the feed with Sponsored Content when they visit LinkedIn. Let’s start by creating a new Sponsored Content campaign, let’s give it a name, and choose an update to sponsor. Here on the targeting page, you’ll see the ability to set up website retargeting. Here you can specify the websites from which you want to retarget. In this case, I want to re-engage people who visit our LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog. I’ll start by clicking on “Create an audience to retarget”. First, let’s name this segment “LinkedIn Marketing solutions blog.” This is just for your own reference and is not visible to members. I recommend giving this a specific name so you can easily identify your segments. Next, type in or paste the URL for the page or pages of your site that you would like to retarget people from. There are three ways you can define which pages users are retargeted from. First option is to select Exact, which will use the exact URL you will enter. Use this only if you have a static URL that doesn’t change, or if you never append anything to the end of your URL. LinkedIn will only retarget members who visit that exact URL, precisely as you type it in here. For example linkedin.com/blog/LMS would only retarget users from this page and would not retarget users from linkedin.com/blog or linkedin.com/blog/LMS/1133 Starts with will retarget any member who visits a landing page that begins with the URL you’ve entered. So in this case, if I choose starts with, it’ll retarget anyone that visits the main LinkedIn marketing solutions blog and anywhere on that site that begins with this specific URL– in this case, linkedin.com/blog/LMS. Contains will retarget members on URLs that contain a specific string of characters. So for example if I enter in the word “thank-you”, then it will retarget members who visit any page on the linkedin.com domain with the string “thank-you” anywhere in the URL. After you enter a URL and selected the appropriate rule for your URLs, you can add additional URLs to retarget website visitors from multiple pages. By entering multiple URLs you can retarget people who visited your blog for example, OR a specific product page on your site. At this time you cannot retarget users who visited multiple websites, for example Both the blog and products page. In this example, I want to retarget anyone who either visits anywhere on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog, or fills out a form and lands on the thank-you page. Once you’re done, this will bring up a window with your Insight Tag, confirming that your retargeting audience has started building. The next step is to install a LinkedIn Insight Tag. The Insight Tag is a lightweight piece of javascript code that needs to be placed on your website to be able to set up website retargeting and/or conversion tracking. If you’ve already set up a LinkedIn Insight Tag on your site, you can skip this step. However, if you haven’t yet set up the tag, please follow the directions in Campaign Manager. You can also click the link on the top right-hand side of the screen to learn how or check the link in the description below. You must set up an insight tag to retarget your website visitors. If you have one but it's associated to another account go to that account to manage permissions. If you need to learn how to gain access to an Insight Tag through permissioning, click the link in the top right-hand side of the screen, or check out the links in the description below. Pause and come back to this video when you’ve finished installing your tag. A couple things to remember: Make sure your domain appears as Verified. “Verified” means the tag has been correctly added to your site and is transmitting data back to LinkedIn. If your domain is not appearing as verified after 24 hours, then you may have incorrectly installed the tag. Campaign Manager will not be able to build retargeting audiences until your domain has been verified. Check out the video I linked to for more details. If your domain status appears as“Not working”, that means that the website where you added the tag either no longer exists or LinkedIn has not detected any data coming from this domain within the last 30 days.
Marketing is Not a Department
Marketing is not a department, Bernadette Jiwa, Bestselling Marketing Author, Brand Story & Marketing Strategist Every year we spend more to interrupt more people, more often, with messages they don't care about. What if the secret to your success was to get closer to your customers? How different would your business be then?
Elevator Pitch: LinkedIn Sponsored Content
Listen up (and listen fast) while we share why LinkedIn Sponsored Content is the bee's knees.
Microsoft reaches IT decision makers with LinkedIn Content Marketing Campaign
As an industry leader, Microsoft was seeking to engage with senior IT and business decision makers to consolidate it’s position as a thought leader in the field. To achieve this, Microsoft collaborated with LinkedIn and leveraged the breath of LinkedIn’s marketing solutions portfolio to build a sustained content marketing campaign. With an all-round approach encompassing Groups, organic as well as Sponsored Updates, Slideshare Content Ads and the Influencer Program, Microsoft benefitted greatly from the campaign and now has the highest reach and engagement metrics amongst it’s competitive set. Watch the video to learn more and view our business site to see how you can get started on your Content Marketing journey with LinkedIn: http://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/src=s-yt
Market to Who Matters on LinkedIn
Reach your ideal customers on the world's largest professional network. Build your brand, raise awareness, and generate leads with LinkedIn.
Get Insights with Company Page Analytics
Gain insights into how your updates are performing and your follower demographics. To learn more, visit: http://marketing.linkedin.com/company-pages/more-resources/
Search for Companies on LinkedIn
http://www.linkedin.com/csearch/results http://marketing.linkedin.com/company-pages/
Introducing LinkedIn Matched Audiences
Today, LinkedIn provides a unique and convenient way to target members by company, industry, skills, titles, and more. But what if you want to reach the people you already know? With LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences, you can now easily retarget your website visitors, or upload a list of accounts or email contacts to target with your LinkedIn ads. Here’s how it works. When setting up your targeting, click “Create an audience to retarget” to choose the website visitors you want to reach. Then simply add the LinkedIn Insight Tag on your website. This tag will unlock insights about the people visiting your website and will help you build your retargeting audience. You can also upload a list of accounts or email contacts by clicking on the “Uploaded list audiences” tab and choosing “Upload a list.” Upload a list of up to 300,000 companies or emails. Once LinkedIn matches enough accounts or contacts, you can begin delivering impressions to your target audience. LinkedIn also easily integrates with data integration platforms to seamlessly import email contact lists. Simply install a set of API keys on your data integration provider, and your lists are automatically imported within 24 hours and are kept in sync. Target the audiences that matter most to your business with LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences using website retargeting, account targeting, and contact targeting. Go to linkedin.com/ads to start now.
When Disruption Works: How Big Companies Can Drive Innovation
Jeff Weiner, CEO, LinkedIn Dan Roth, Executive Editor, LinkedIn
LinkedIn Presents the Future of Advertising
We interviewed marketers about the future of advertising. Here's what they had to say.
Simon Fenwick, EVP of Global Talent Acquisition, IPG Mediabrands Interview
Talent is a key differentiator for agencies, and yet talent management remains a major challenge in the industry. We invited some of the most brilliant minds in the advertising world to share their perspective on this very important topic. What are top agencies worldwide doing to attract, develop and retain great talent in today's incredibly competitive landscape?
6 More Thought Leaders Share What's NOT on Your LinkedIn Profile (TechConnect:13 Edition)
We had the chance to sit down with 6 marketing thought leaders at our recent TechConnect:13 Silicon Valley event and ask them "What's NOT on your LinkedIn profile?" Check out the responses from Natalie Malaszenko, VP of Global Digital Marketing at Hewlett-Packard, Kimberley Brind, Senior Director of Global Social Marketing & EMEA Marketing at Oracle, Jason Bartlett, Vice President, Global Social Marketing at Xerox, Gunther Schumacher, Worldwide President & COO at OgilvyOne, Roslyn Ku, Vice President at comScore, and Esther Dyson, Chairman at HiCCup. Learn more about Content Marketing on LinkedIn at lnkd.in/ContentMarketing
9 Content Marketing Thought Leaders Share What's NOT on Their LinkedIn Profile
9 content marketing thought leaders share what's NOT on their LinkedIn profile. Check out the fun responses from CMI founder Joe Pulizzi, B2B Social Media Author Jeffrey Cohen, Marketing Prof's Ann Handley, Kinvey's Joe Chernov, OMI's Aaron Kahlow, Babcock & Jenkins Carmen Hill, SAP's Michael Brenner, and Social Media Examiner founder Michael Stelzner. Learn more about Content Marketing on LinkedIn at lnkd.in/ContentMarketing
LinkedIn Presents the Future of Sales
Gini Dietrich, Mario Martinez, Jr., David J.P. Fisher, and others share predictions of where B2B sales is headed in the future.
How to Share Video and SlideShare Content
Sharing video and SlideShare content from your Company Page is simple and can be shared by any Company Page administrator. Watch this video for a walk through of how to publish videos and SlideShare decks on your Company Page.
Les Enchères sur LinkedIn
Dans ce tutoriel, découvrez les bases du fonctionnement des enchères et les différents leviers afin de renforcer votre compétitivité
LinkedIn Presents the Future of Sales and Marketing Alignment
Doug Kessler, Ann Handley, Michael Brenner and others discuss why the feud between sales and marketing is over.
Get Started with LinkedIn Conversion Tracking
Conversion Tracking is an easy and accurate way to measure the business impact of your LinkedIn advertising. Using conversion tracking, you can measure valuable actions that members take after engaging with your ads, like signing up for a webinar, downloading an eBook, or making a purchase on your website. With LinkedIn’s analytics, you can track how many conversions, or leads, you’re getting from your ads, as well as the ROI of your ad spend.. In the process, you canunderstand and optimize the value you’re getting from your LinkedIn campaigns. To get started, click on “Conversion Tracking” at the top of LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Before you can start tracking conversions, you’ll need to install the LinkedIn Insight Tag on your website. The Insight Tag is a piece of lightweight javascript code that helps Linkedin unlock valuable insights about visitors to your website, including who’s converting. First, enter the domain where you want to track conversions. This might be “MyBusiness.com”, or a subdomain like “info.MyBusiness.com”. You can enter more domains later on. Once you’ve entered your domain, Campaign Manager will generate an Insight Tag. This is the only tag that your account will ever need to track conversions on all of your LinkedIn campaigns. In fact, if you already have an Insight Tag on your website, you can use that same tag for your upcoming campaigns. There’s no need to create a new one in this step. Add the Insight Tag to your website’s global footer. Add the tag to the same domain that you specified in the previous step. Once you’ve added the Insight Tag to your site, your domain’s status should appear as Verified. This means the Insight Tag is working properly and is ready to track conversions. Below your domain status, you’ll see an option to enter more domains. You should enter any domain where you plan to track conversions. Make sure you’ve properly added the Insight Tag to these domains. Now that you’ve set up your domains and the LinkedIn Insight Tag, it’s time to create your conversion actions. A conversion action is a rule. It tells LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager platform how and when to record a member action as a conversion. For example, you may want to create an action that defines a webinar signup as a conversion. Conversion actions are permanently saved in your account so you can use them on any campaigns you’re running—now or in the future. First, enter a name for your conversion action. This is not visible to your audience; it’s simply an internal way for you to keep track of the action in Campaign Manager. Next, select the conversion type. Think of this as a label that makes it easier to manage this and other conversion actions you’ll create in Campaign Manager. Then, enter your conversion value. Choose a number that reflects how much a conversion is worth to your business. Next, enter the URL of the page where you plan to track conversions. For example, you may want to track conversions whenever someone arrives at a “Thank You” page after submitting a form or downloading a whitepaper. In that case, you should enter the URL of your “Thank Your” page. For example, “info.MyBusiness.com/thank-you”. You can add as many URLs as you want to a conversion action. Finally, select the domain or website where you plan to track conversions. Choose the domain that matches the URLs you entered below. For example, we entered a URL of “info.mybusiness.com/thank-you”. In this case, the domain we choose should be “info.mybusiness.com”. We’re almost ready to add our conversion actions to a LinkedIn campaign. But before we do that, let’s make sure the conversion actions that we plan to use on that campaign are showing up as “Active”. Usually, it takes about 60 minutes for your conversion status to register as Active. You can get help with your action status by visiting our Help Center at help.linkedin.com. Now it’s time to add your conversion actions to a LinkedIn campaign. You can add as many conversion actions as you like to a single campaign. You could add them to a new campaign, or you could add them to a campaign that’s already running. You can add a conversion to an ongoing campaign in you campaign Settings.
HP Software drives 3x engagement with their content using Sponsored Updates and Sponsored InMail
This campaign was a huge win for HP Software internally, especially when people started to see the business value,” says Ted Sclavos from HP Software.
InSide Voices: Data is the new Oil
Launching our new video series: InSide Voices. In this series, we talk to LinkedIn employees that have an interesting point of view on the big issues for marketing. Take a look at our first edition: LinkedIn’s Ben Weeden on the future of data and creativity.
Introducing LinkedIn Audience Network
As a marketer on LinkedIn, you can reach over 500 Million professionals with your content. But what if you wanted to reach those same professionals even when they're using apps and websites beyond LinkedIn? This is where the LinkedIn Audience network comes in. The LinkedIn Audience Network can help you reach even more of the people you care about with your ads. When you run your ads in the Audience Network, your content is eligible to appear in the LinkedIn news feed, plus on thousands of premium partner apps and websites where LinkedIn members spend their time. Use the Audience Network to get your ads in front of more people in your target audience, or deliver your campaign budget faster. All apps and sites in the Audience Network are carefully vetted, giving you confidence that you're reaching your audience in high-quality places. With LinkedIn Audience Network, you’ll get complete transparency and control over your spend. You can measure your campaign performance on the Audience Network using downloadable reports, and even choose the categories of publishers where you want your content to appear. Join the thousands of advertisers already using the LinkedIn Audience Network. Find it on the targeting page when you create your Sponsored Content campaign. Visit LinkedIn.com/Ads to get started right away.