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Jacen Solo   The Hated Hero
I made this video back in 2009....i made a mistake and deleted my account, but luckily still have all my videos. I did this about Jacen Solo, my favorite character of the EU. I think Fate of the Jedi, which started out with us finding out so much more about Jacen just led to Luke being borderline invincible and the Jedi becoming as arrogant as the people they brought down. Still i think the video looks pretty good. Hope you enjoy.
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Winona State University Intramural Battleship Promotion
Cool Promo huh? Made it with no IT experience whatsoever for a school program i helped throw together. Loved that job... Enjoy
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House of Flying Daggers -  What Have You Done
It is video i made a while back and never got around to posting. I own nothing and just did this for fun. I am a sucker for endings such as this... Hope you enjoy it.
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Peace Corps Mongolia M20 Movie Project
My previous account got deleted so i have uploaded my old videos again. This one i did personally about my two years living and serving in the Peace Corps. I loved making it...I miss the Peace Corps
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12 Days of Mongolian Christmas - A Peace Corps Project
A project i did with my students while serving in the Peace Corps. Lots of fun. It was up before but i accidently deleted my account. Glad for this to be back though!
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The Dark Trump Rising
Donald Trump. I remember this speech Alfred gave to Batman back in 2008....and it was a little creepy how close this metaphor lines up. This video was thrown together in less than 15 minutes so i know it has half-style editing and not the best videos but i just wanted to throw it out there. Have fun.....
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