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Amouage Interlude Man
Here's my take on a fragrance that has a bunch of false hype behind it. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment. I don't have the advanced equipment that most reviewers have so my reviews from here on out will just be one take. Hope you enjoy!
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Arab Tradition Nabeel Review (Tuscan Leather Clone)/Update Video
The Fragrance: https://www.al-rashad.com/Arab-Tradition-Spray-Perfume-100ml-by-Nabeel_p_4592.html Marc: www.youtube.com/robes08
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A*Men Pure Malt Review (Reformulated?)
Sorry for being inactive. I've been super busy with work and school and I'm always too tired to do more videos (as you can tell in here lol). I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know if any of you have noticed a difference in the older and newer versions of Pure Malt.
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Jeremy Review Contest | My Favorite/Most Complimented Fragrances
Hey guys welcome to my channel! This is my first video so be easy on me. Let me know if you'd like to see more videos. I'd also like to thank Jeremy for not only this amazing opportunity, but inspiring me to start posting videos. Please leave a like and comment letting me know what you think and if I should keep posting.
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