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Dreamcast "it's thinking" Commercial
sega's last console, has departed way to early. this commercial is just to let gamers remember this wonderfull console. and this commercial clip has it all, action, explosions, sonic ;-) and ofcourse the dreamcast itself.
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Roland HD-1 V-drums lite - review part 1 - drum brain
Welcome to the REVIEW of the Roland HD-1 V-drums lite. Here i will be handling the drumbrain, its connections, and hidden features. To be continued in part 2, where i will be handling the pads.
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guitar hero world tour working with roland hd-1 v-drums lite.
someone told me the HD-1 from roland would not work trough midi with the drumkit delivered with the game. so after finishing building my new HD-1, i hooked up the midi cable and tried it out in the studio mode. here you can see the result, truely working like a charm.
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Words - Boyzone - drumcover by musicmaniac1965.
Hello and welcome to my second drumcover. I have chosen words for serveral reasons, but the main reason is that i can't keep up with the faster songs yet as i still am a beginner at drumming :-) but i have fun, and i know i will get better in time. thanks for taking your time to watch this song, and i hope you liked it.
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new way of playing a flute
here a very talented lady who can play a melody on a kids toy flute. have fun watching !
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powerdrift - SEGA AGES - sega saturn - review
my third SEGA AGES review is about powerdrift. big sprites, bold graphics, speedy and smooth gameplay, and a ton of track. this game is, just like outrun, sega at what they do best: releasing blockbuster games for the arcade hall.
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american car meeting drag car reving
Here at the american car meeting at den haag (the hague) a stock car was pre heating the engine to work temperature, and then give some rev's :-) close to the end his foot slips of the clutch and the car jumped (a little) forwards, scaring off my nephews and their nephew :-D (to bad i did not taped their reaction ;-) ) if you only want to hear the reving and skip the pre heating, click at around 1:40
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galaxy force II - SEGA AGES - sega saturn - review
here the forth sega ages review. this time the honour goes to galaxy force II. the arcade hall version was huge, round, and could move in all directions exept for upside down. even bigger sprites than in powerdrift, but the saturn handles them on the fly. this game shows the great power of the sprite scaling chip inside the saturn. to bad gale racer (rad mobile) did not had it's arcade perfect conversion, as that game was a totall letdown exept for gameplay.
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Roland HD-1 V-drums lite - review part 2 - The pads and pedals.
Here i will continue the REVIEW of the Roland HD-1 V-drums lite. This part is dedicated to the pads and pedals of the drumkit. To be continued in the final part, part 3, where i will be handling the drumkit sounds.
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outrun - SEGA AGES - sega saturn - review
here the first review from a game on the SEGA AGES lable. i started off with outrun, as this game made me a gamer at heart and soul :-)
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afterburner - SEGA AGES - sega saturn review
as prommissed the second SEGA AGES review. this time the honour goes to afterburner on the sega saturn. this game uses the same sprite scaling technology as outrun did, and gave the speed a high boost. it may lack in long time appeal, but for short round's, it's still a rather fun game to play once in a while.
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Talented dog dancing on Grease music.
here a talented dog in a dogshow who can dance to a grease tune.
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crockett's theme - miami vice. by musicmaniac1965
the people from my generation will get a smile on their face, as i am bringing the mood back from miami vice. this time i will play crockett's theme on my general music wk4.
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Rosanna - Toto - Played by musicmaniac1965.
Here i'm having so much fun playing one of my most favorite songs. It's Rosanna from Toto. I hope you like it, so tell me what you think if you feel like it :-) have a nice day, and keep on rocking !
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OutRun online arcade with my new sony cam !
i'm so happy :-) first yesterday my favorite game went online, and now i get to try out my new camera to bring you this OutRun online arcade video. at the end you get to see my world ranking on the 15 stages time trial with the normal car settings. i hope you like it, and hopefully this new video quallity shows how much the game improved on OutRun 2006 coast to coast.
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Michael Jackson - Beat it. drumcover on Roland HD-1
R.I.P. Michael Jackson. You may have gone, but your music will be in my heart forever ! So, after giving it a try for a few times, i thought the time was right to record it and send this tribute to the king of pop up to youtube. I can use some tips on how to keep the hi hat going smooth and on the beat :-) i notice i'm not consistent enough to keep up with the beat. but i played along with guitar hero world tour in the practice mode, so the drumtrack dissapears because i'm not playing the game, but drum along with the song, so the game removes the drumtrack :-) so i hope you like it, and if you have tips for this noob drummer, please say so :-)
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eigen schuld kicke bult collection of videos
collection of humor videos from funny moments. this is recorded from a dutch tv/radio show.
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Xbox360 - DiRT2 review. Part 1 of 2
here you will see part one of the review for collin mcrae DiRT 2. in the review, i did not mentioned the online modus, but there is ofcourse a online mode, where you can choose between ranked or player match. then you get to pick one of the 3 diciplines to race (no collisions time trial based races, collision races where you start at the same time, and more different things like gate crasher). ofcourse you can also choose to do them all. this is the first collin mcrae game where you can actually see your opponents, but codemasters have done a great job. everything works well, finding a match is fast and easy, and so far, i have yet to come across problems.
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musicmaniac1965 drum jam session (tryout)
i've come up with a nice basic beat, and wanted to see what i could come up with if there's no music to play along to. so this still is a "work in progress" project, but i wanted to show the basic's to see how you like it. feel free to give tips, comments (well constructed, as "you suck" does not give me a idea how i can improve) and even rate :-P thanks for taking time to listen.
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Drumcover: Charls and Eddie - Would i lie.
i never had this before, but at the end, where i wanted to inserd a "ending fill", i just froze ! hahahaha. for the rest, the run went rather well. but with this song, you can see my left hand having trouble to keep up sometimes. still, i found it quite a laugh, so enjoy the song, and the fight between the drummer and his sticks ;-)
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susanne - v.o.f. de kunst. played by musicmaniac1965
welcome to my new video. this time my trusty keyboard gets to show off it's magical sound on the song "susanne" from the dutch band called v.o.f. de kunst (that would translate to v.o.f. the art ;-) ) i hope you like this version, but i noticed the sound quallity is really bad. to bad i have no equipment to do a decent recording, but you get the idea how the song goes.
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Roland HD-1 V-drums lite - review part 3 - The drumkits and conclusion.
Welcome to the final part of the REVIEW, where i show off the Roland HD-1 V-drums lite drumkits that are built in (and NOT my drumskills, as at that time, i had the kit not even for a week...). Also i will be giving a final conclusion. But i forgot to mention that also for advanced drummers, this is a exelent kit, as this really is a neighbour friendly quiet kit and all the basic drum elements are all in there. --- edit --- at the end i said "it's very nice for beginners", but i ment to say "it's very easy to use for beginners". with other drumkits, you can adjust the volume of each pad, and even create own drumkits with the avaiable samples, but this would only confuse beginners. this kit is adjusted right out of the box, so it really IS plug and play. --- end edit ---
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Virtua Racing: Big Forest. On PS2
the first track from virtua racing called big forest, this trackname is also used in outrun online arcade. this golden oldie VR can be found on sega's classics collection (european release). this is still a highly playable game, and a wonderfull trip down memory lane to see how quick 3D race games have progressed. to bad the AI can be a pain in the *ss sometimes :-P
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GTA IV - how to steal a Ferrari.
Here my nephew shows me how to get a Ferrari without to much hassle, and we both did the comments to keep things more enjoyable.
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jammen Drums V/S Gitaar humor
Hier jammen mijn neef en zijn gitaar leraar van het HPC (haags pop centrum), en na de jam sessie nog wat humor doordat de gitaar leraar besloot grappige reclame riffs te doen !
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GTA IV - kill isaac - mission
Here were are going to kill isaac, a dude who has a penthouse.
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i just called - stevie wonder on a general music wk 4
here i am playing the song "i just called" from stevie wonder on my general music wk 4. i usually don't use the internal rythems, as i'd prefere to pgrogram the song myself, but i wanted to show how exelent those internal rythem's are with the 4 variations they have on each rythem. have fun listening just as much as i had playing !
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Never alone - Drums: Martijn, Zang: Tyscha, Gitaar: Gaby, Keyboard: Ronald.
Hallo muziekliefhebbers. Hier mijn eerste oefensessie met mijn neef zijn band. Het is niet de bedoeling dat ik echt bij de band kom, daar heb ik gewoon te weinig tijd voor, maar in mijn vakantie heb ik wel even de tijd genomen om gezellig met zijn allen muziek te maken. Het nummer wat we spelen is geschreven door Martijn, en de text is geschreven door Tyscha.
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Viva forever - Spice girls. Played by musicmaniac1965. dedicated to my nice Danielle.
hello everyone. this time i am going to dedicate the song to my wonderfull nice Danielle. when she was a little kid, she loved the spice girls. so here's "viva forever", a song by the spice girls.
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humor with painting
just a inocent funny video about people having fun with painting.
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RUN DMC & Aerosmith - Walk this way. Drum Cover.
This is the first time i did this song, but i've got a new video online now where i am much more satisfied about :-D (see video response)
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GH WT drumming imagine beatles
After playing guitar hero world tour for a while, i desided to practise drumming in the studio recording mode, where you can drum free. on my general music WK4 keyboard i have plenty songs, where i picked "the beetles - imagine" to drum to. after turning the drum sounds off on my keyboard, i played the guitar hero drumkit. not a bad run for a amature who has never played the drums in his life, if i do say so myself. still, i hope you like this one too !
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Marco Borsato - de bestemming - gespeeld door Ronald Kattevilder
eindelijk weer eens een video van mijn muziek. helaas besloot mijn keyboard een toets zo af en toe geen geluid te geven (toch maar eens contact spray er in spuiten) maar hij is ook al 9 a 10 jaar oud :-) toch kon ik het niet laten deze versie van de bestemming te uploaden. Marco Borsato en John Ewbank zijn een gouden duo als het om muziek gaat, en de bestemming vind ik een van de moeilijkste, maar mooiste songs die ik van hun hebt gehoord.
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Virtua Racing: Bay Bridge. On PS2
the secnd arcade version track from the game virtua racing bay bridge. on the 3D ages version there are others, but these 3 posted tracks have made more of a impact on me because of the exelent arcade version of this game. this version that can be found in the sega classics collection is just as good, but now you don't need money to get the game going. have fun with this trip down memory lane. only the AI could have been a bit better, but what do you expect from such a classic game :-D
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Crazy taxi - dreamcast - gameplay footage
Crazy taxi. THE reason for me, to get me a dreamcast. this game has got all the arcade ingredients i need, and one more: orginal ! so, the game is fun, fast, happy mood, and above all, its orginal ! so far, i have never ever played a game where you have to transport passengers ! and they are verry funny, as they will comment on your driving, be it good, or bad. they just keep on talking. my favorite cabby gus act like he is the god of cabbies. i always pick him as he and his cab are heavy, so easy to plough trough traffic. the speed i get from the special move called crazy boost. other moves are "crazy dash", crazy back dash", and the "crazy drift". the drift gives you also more score as the passenger loves you showing off your driving skills, like passing close to car's, jumping, and drifting trough courners, or driftstop on their destination. in short, this game never gets boring. at least not for me.
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TMF game awards best wii game @ first look event 2009
curious who won ? check this live video out from the TMF best wii game award. this is taped in "nederland" @ first look event 2009
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audi R8 engine hood open @ first look event 2009
the final video from the wonderfull audi R8, this time i took the engine bay to see the marvelous powerhouse. to bad they did not fired the engine up :-) this is taped in "nederland" @ first look event 2009
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forza 3 3 screen setup race @ first look event 2009
here someone is showing off the 3 screen setup from forza motorsport 3. this is taped in "nederland" @ first look event 2009
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DiRT 2 bonnetview malasya race
here i am racing the last race that was held in honour to collin cmrae in the game (unlocked after played the last Xgames match). just to show off the exelent reflections in the bonnet, and this wonderfull track. ps: the fogging effect that you see near the end of the road is not in the game. somehow i can't record it at such high details, so the game looks even more amazing than i can show you here.
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GH WT hotel callifornia drums (expert)
here i'm playing the drum part of hotel callifornia in the game guitar hero world tour. it's not a perfect run, but i never have drummed in my life, so for a beginner player donig the hardest setting without being thrown off stage is not bad et all if i do say so myself :-) i hope you have fun watching, and if you like it, you get my permission to rate my video and leave a comment. bear in mind i game for fun, and not to be a proffessional, so i know i'm not the best out there :-)
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OutRun Online Arcade super replay with microsoft wheel
segaspence and F40 are the pinacle of outrunners, and i saw some clips how they drive with the wheel. they told me how they set up the options, and here they are: - play the wheel with a battery, so you don't get resistance from the wheel when flicking the car quickly into the other direction. - set the sensetivity at 4 (middle) the rest is just practice. at first my driving was really bad with the wheel, but after some plays went better. i still can't improve my totall times i did with the controller, but i AM getting better, and playing with the wheel is much more fun. this is my first real "super replay", as this race finaly went smooth, only one time really bad on the grass at the last stage :-) but i will keep on practising.
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Xbox360 - DiRT2 review. Part 2 of 2
like i told at part one of the review, i forgot to do the online part, but it works brilliant, and i have yet to come across problems. so codemasters have done a great job!
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GTA IV - picking up a car for brucie
Here we (me and my nephew M4RT1JN) show a car stealing mission for brucie. We even had to evade the police at the end before we could put the car in brucie's car lock up.
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outrun online arcade online match
here me and my nephew are both recording this gaming session, as sometimes we both say to be in first place. now you can see on stage 2, on the red bridge, when his car goes trough mine, my nose is still in front, but on his console, he sees him being in first position. this is just to have fun and show you some minor glithes, but mostly we just fool around and have fun :-)
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outrun online arcade review part 2 of 2 english
heres part 2 of my video review from outrun online arcade. i hope you had fun and hope to see you on my next review.
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hotel california GH-WT drum 5 star rating expert setting
my new run on hotel california with my new cam :-) this sounds much better (you can now actually HEAR the high hat and cymbals) and most of the run went better than my first video. i hope you have just as much fun watching as i had playing it :-)
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Project Gotham Racing 4 - snow drifting for stars
here i'm having fun in a ferrari testarossa drifting trough the snow ! i just love the in car view, but wonder if a real testarossa has such small windscreen whipers :-D
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david hasselhoff into gaming commercial ?
i thought he only talked to his car, but he seems to pop up in a comercial as well ! have fun seeing the hoffmeister making himself rdiculous ;-).
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DiRT gameplay footage Xbox360
here i am running trough a forest with my citroën. i had finished the game before, but i lost my savegame and so i have to do it again. so i thought i'd let everyone in to the fun :-)
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trialsHD glitch, driver stuck in floor.
i was doing a test for a friend who created a track, but that was not done yet. i jumped down, and the drop was to high, so the bike exploded, and the driver got stuck with his feet in the ground. it looked rather silly :-)
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