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Intelligent & Flexible Home Automation System
The increasing demand of energy has urged many researchers to closely work together in order to create technological solutions for optimal energy consumption. The paper describes an intelligent, flexible & low-cost solution for better energy management and conservation in the context of smart homes. The objective is to stipulate consumer a control to manage and reduce energy usage, while adapting to their everyday needs, preferences and schedules. The adaptive behaviour of the presented system is achieved by incorporating artificial intelligence algorithms i.e. Fuzzy Logic and support Vector Machine. Due to inadequate Electricity issues in Pakistan, there is a need to develop mechanism to utilize home appliances efficiently and to keep electricity cost to the minimum. The system focuses on making intelligent decisions to achieve load balancing among different categories of appliances as per user needs. A remotely administrable client server application is developed that provides front end to the user whereas control panel based on Seeheim Model is developed using PHP & MySQL. A Smart phone application is developed that control appliances over Wi-Fi. The System, automate appliances, creates schedules, keep track of sensors, make bill prediction and generate notification to user. The intelligent system is able to expand its knowledge; specific to user actions, over the period of time. Accuracy achieved during testing; fuzzy logic 79% and support vector machine 71%, based on the gathered data.
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