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M K Davis discusses the leaping Yeti video
A very interesting clip from the far north. Is it a hoax? Perhaps this can help you make up your mind.
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M K Davis discusses the Provo Canyon Bigfoot video
This clip contains several different ways of looking at the Provo Canyon video of an alleged Sasquatch. I hope that this helps with understanding what it is that is on the video.
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M.K. Davis talks about the return of the white Bigfoot with a brief vocalization.
A return of the white Bigfoot perhaps, seen in some of my earlier posts. I found this brief clip while looking through the archives of those tapes of a decade ago. What exactly are we hearing in this clip? It sounds like a language, but not one that I personally know about. Maybe one of you have heard this type of thing before?
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The Best of the Patterson Film part 2
This covers various methods of film stabilization.
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M.K. revisits the ABS release.mp4
M.K.Davis spends some more time with this now famous photograph.
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M.K.Davis discusses the Sasquatch destroys a tree video
An alleged Sasquatch destroys a Bois d' arc tree in order to attain a set of tires that were chained to the tree.
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M K Davis discusses a 40 year old photo of a Red Haired Giant skull from Nevada
The loss of these skulls is a national tragedy.
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M.K.Davis discusses the Mississippi Skunk Ape video with explanations
An incredible feat of strength propels this video to the top of the list when it comes to Bigfoot films and videos.
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Patterson Bigfoot Film with High Quality Inserts
This short clip highlights the true quality of the Patterson Bigfoot film. All the inserts are from the original "in camera" film and their quality is obvious. All filmwork is by M.K.Davis.
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M K Davis discusses the best images from the Patterson film
The very best and sharpest images from the Patterson Bigfoot film give the viewer the best chance to judge the film.
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M K Davis looks closely at Paul Freeman's video
With stabilization, subtle movements are visible in the Paul Freeman Bigfoot video, that make a person wonder if it could be real.
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Lovelock Skull Found. M.K.Davis discusses this sensational find.
A strange skull found over 50 years ago has surfaced in a scientific paper of that time period.
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M K Davis revisits the fence climber with more video
Another look at the fence climber and some added video and perspective.
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M K Davis discusses the Sasquatch messin with us videos
A compilation of video clips with alleged Sasquatch messing with the cameras.
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M.K.Davis discusses the camera in a stuffed toy video
A stuffed toy is loaded with a camera and left for the Sasquatch. Great vocals.
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M.K.Davis discusses the Fence Climber video
A shadowy figure exits the scene and in doing so, steps over a fence. A trip to the area produces a comparison photo, and perhaps a new perspective on size.
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M.K.Davis and Don Monroe discover a giant handprint in Lovelock cave Nevada in 2013.
Some people are using the photos and video that I took of this discovery and not crediting me or Don. I'm putting this short video up so that it might not happen again.
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M K Davis discusses the Night Runner video
A small figure runs in nearly total darkness. The camera barely records it, but with enhancement, perhaps we get a peek into little known world.
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M K Davis discusses the lips of the Patterson subject
This is what the lips of the Patterson film subject look like. Why is this important? Why should we care?
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Patterson film in slow motion with transition frames for smoother run.
This clip shows the famous film in the smoothest and most stable form. Much can be seen here.
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M K Davis talks about DNA and adaptation
Some observations DNA and what it means to all of us.
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M.K.Davis discusses the first look back in the Patterson film.mp4
Many people are familiar with the second look back in the Patterson Sasquatch footage, but what about the "FIRST" look back. Embedded in the violently shaky part of the footage is the first look back that Roger Patterson described in his interviews.
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Timbergiant "A Giant Revealed" rock steady stabilization by M.K.Davis
This video takes on a whole new life with intense stabilization and enhancement. The end of the video is extremely interesting.
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M K Davis stabilizes the hand of the Patterson Bigfoot
Here the hand of the Patterson Bigfoot is held steady for observation.
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Time to stop the lying.
Speaks for itself.
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M.K.Davis asks "What is Kukulkan doing in Mississippi?"
What is an ancient artifact with the Mayan feathered serpent god, doing in Mississippi?
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M K Davis discusses frames 61 and 72 of the Patterson film
The information contained in only two clear frames from the Patterson film, compels a person to ask "could this be real?"
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M.K.Davis revisits the Bigfoot Destroys a Tree video
A shadowy figure destroys a bois d arc tree to get at a set of old tires chained together. A camera records some of the dimly lit figure as it violently attacks the tree and the vocals as well.
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M.K.Davis Discusses a Mysterious Object in the Patterson Bigfoot Film.
A mysterious object hangs suspended from Patty's left side. What is it? For a clearer look at it go to https://thedavisreport.wordpress.com/2015/04/16/the-patterson-bigfoot-film-all-clear-frames-from-the-second-walk-sequence/
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M.K.Davis discusses the crow caller video
Possible Bigfoot mimicry is the subject of this short clip.
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M K Davis Discusses Giants in America
Descriptions of Giants are found around the world. What about America? It seems that similar things are described here as well. Let's take a look at some of what I have personally seen here myself.
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M K Davis looks at the fence climber with new software
M.K.Davis applies new software to an old video and gets good results.
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M.K.Davis discusses the night screamer video
A pitch black night. Unseen footfalls. Faint barking of dogs in the distance. Then a forceful outcry. Yet again a sliding pitch moan and finishing with guttural sounds. Is this a Sasquatch?
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M.K.Davis has more on the leaping Yeti video.wmv
This is a complete "cycle" or leap of the video subject. It looks very natural.
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M.K.Davis shows why a Bigfoot weighs so much.
The Patterson film is still yielding data and insights into the mysterious subject of Bigfoot.
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M.K.Davis discusses the tall Sasquatch in the garden video.wmv
A tall figure enters a garden setting. It's unusual height makes it stand out against its surroundings.
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Expedition into northern California 2012 Bluff Creek part 1.wmv
M.K.Davis and Ken Iddings hike into the Patterson film site area of Bluff Creek to find that the roads have been plowed and washed so that there is no vehicle accessibility to the film site. This is part 1.
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M K Davis discusses the bulge on the leg of the Patterson subject
Is the bulge on the leg a film artifact, or is it part of the event?
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M K Davis discusses more about the mystery object at Patty's side
The Patterson Bigfoot film has proved to by a very enigmatic piece of cinema. Some of its secrets are beginning to come to a solution though. Through patience and technological improvements the film has become much clearer and better understood.
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The Mississippi Skunk Ape Video
This clip is zoomed, stabilized, audio enhanced, corrected for warmth, brightened. It is quite a visual experience. What you see may surprise you. M.K.Davis
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M K Davis discusses the tire talker video
Tires chained to a tree results in some outstanding vocals as the tires are liberated from the tree resulting in the tree's destruction.
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M K Davis discusses the Bike Stopper clip from the Orville Nix film.
A close look at the motorcycle policeman that is closest to the President in the Orville Nix assassination film.
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M.K.Davis discusses Bigfoot hair.
A mechanism for hiding possibly employed by Sasquatch.
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M K Davis discusses Bigfoot and dogs.
Why do bigfoot have a disdain for dogs? Why do they sometimes tolerate one dog and then kill others?
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M K Davis discusses the walk and talk video
A brief rain shower late in the evening provokes both visual and audio response in this clip of a light or white Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Is this Sasquatch language? Is the high leg kick of the subject significant?
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M K Davis presents the Abraham Zapruder film deblurred and stabilized.
Warning!!! This clip is from an assassination film and is very graphic. In what way does this film speak to you? The original gif file for this clip which is clearer than on here, can be viewed here: http://thedavisreport.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/from-sign-to-flowers.gif
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M.K.Davis takes a critical look at "The Making of Bigfoot" by Greg Long
Author Greg Long speaks at the Western Bigfoot Society in Portland Oregon. This is a point by point look at what the author has to say about Roger Patterson and his film.
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The Best of the Patterson Film 4
A look at the posterior and thumb motion of the film subject.
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M K Davis discusses the Patterson film illluminated
The Patterson film in unprecedented clarity. This enhancement shows the subtle surface details and provides some of the best contrast for the film ever. See what you can see in this short clip.
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M.K.Davis discusses "Cracking the Sasquatch code.
A follow up about the unusual nature of Sasquatch hair.
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