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Farmhouse bathroom! Decorate with me!
Join me in decorating our bathroom!
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Shabby chic hallway gallery wall and shelf love
Tour of our upstairs hallway
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French farmhouse kitchen tour
Farmhouse vintage kitchen remodel
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Farmhouse shabby chic! Let's Paint & whitewash!
This is a quick overview of us in action painting and white washing items around our home to create a fresh, airy, farmhouse, shabby chic look as well as a brief collage of items that I've painted in the past that add freshness, whimsy, and character to our collection of decor, furniture, etc! Most of these items were thrifted, yard sale finds, or simply super inexpensive!
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Farmhouse living room tour
French, farmhouse, vintage, grey, black, white living room!
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Farmhouse dining room tour
Tour of our dining room, with Clara enjoying her cheerios!
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Farmhouse Cottage Big Girl Room Tour
Welcome to Clara’s farmhouse big girl room in progress!! Let’s take a little tour shall we?!
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Farmhouse kitchen Part 2 - a few small additions to the kitchen
I’ve added a couple little things to the kitchen tour!
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Farmhouse kitchen in new house, updates!
Join us for a quick tour of our farmhouse kitchen in our new house!
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Farmhouse Entryway Bench
Check out our new farmhouse entryway bench from Kirklands!
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Farmhouse Gallery Wall!
Join me as I create 2 farmhouse gallery walls in our new house!
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Farmhouse pillow covers from Amazon!
Love these pillow cases we just purchased from Amazon!
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Christmas farmhouse tour!
Welcome to our farmhouse! Here’s a little tour of our house decorated (very minimally) for the Christmas holidays! Our tree isn’t up yet, but that’s to come; I kept things super simple with a couple vintage rustic decorative accents! Thanks for stopping by and have an inspiring day - God bless! Happy Holidays!
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New farmhouse! Moving day vlog - Part 1
We’ve moved!! Come join us as we pack, plan, and prepare for moving day...shall we say several consecutive exciting (strenuous) moving days?
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Aqua and white shabby powder room tour
Tiny Powder room tour!
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Carson's Barnyard Birthday Bash - Part 1 - Goody Bags, Centerpieces, details & decor!
Preparing for Carson's 3rd Birthday, a super fun Barnyard Bash at a swim club! These are our decorations, goody bags, centerpieces, etc. Enjoy!
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Farmhouse Kitchen Island
Let’s put together this beautiful kitchen island!
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Bold happy playroom tour
Red and teal vintage playroom tour!
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Storage and Organization farmhouse style in our new home!! Come organize with us!!
These are some of my favorite farmhouse style organizers/storage ideas!
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Clever farmhouse DIY and kiddie organization ideas!
Just a couple of cute rustic farmhouse ideas!! Enjoy!
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Farmhouse Dreams - Empty House Tour - Moving vlog part 2
Come join us for a little empty house tour and move-in day! Doesn’t look too farmhousy yet...
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Carsons vintage transportation themed big boy room tour
Big big boy room with vintage cars, trains, tractors, and much more!
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New Disney Princess Bike! New Hot Wheels Bike! Ride With Us!
Clara and Carson just got new bikes! Come along as they ride their new bikes for the first time!! Carson got a Hot Wheels bike and Clara got a Disney Princess bike.
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Clara's Big girl room tour! French shabby chic glam! (in progress...)
Come join us for a tour of Clara's Big girl room! This is pre-new bed; We recently purchased a daybed, which we positioned along the wall to create more floor space. That will be in the next video!
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Vintage Train Birthday Party!
Join us for a super fun vintage train birthday!! Tips for creating a fun budget-friendly bday party!
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Day at the pool! Come swim with us! (Reminiscing summer!)
Let's swim! This video is from early August, but I thought I'd post it as soon as I could, which happens to be now!
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Old farmhouse tour! Last visit to our old house before closing!
Please come along with us on an empty house tour of our farmhouse before we officially closed on it.
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New monthly planner from Ross!
I love Monthly planners & found this adorably chic planner at Ross! Please leave a comment below if you've come across great planners, brands, system etc! I'd love to hear what planner you guys use & where you've purchased them! I know some people prefer electronic, but I'm an old fashioned type of gal & function best when I'm writing everything down rather than following a phone calendar although Jon & I do post everything to our phones as well so that we are able to follow each other's schedule, keep up on appointments, & have an easy go-to calendar for reference. Thanks for visiting & have an inspiring day!
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Toddler hairstyles! Super quick easy hairstyles for your sassy little one!
I put together a quick montage of cute & easy hairstyles for toddlers! It can be extremely difficult keeping up on long tangly toddler hair! Please leave me a comment below with any quick adorable hairstyle ideas - I would deeply appreciate that! I'm willing to try anything & am always on the look for some original easy-to-perform hairstyles especially for pre-school mornings! We definitely do a lot of buns & bun variations with our "bun thingy"! You can also you a sock or a boot cuff, which we recently discovered! Have a fabulous inspiring day!
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Farmhouse Fall Decor Haul
Come visit us for a little fall decor haul! Happy Fall~
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Farmhousing In The Morning!
Farmhouse vlogging
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Farmhouse Christmas Tour...ish
Come join us for a festive Christmas Home Tour and preparations for Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas!!
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Clean with me!
Come with me as I clean & tidy my house!
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Carson's Landing Trailer
Join us on our exciting journey!!
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Fall Part 1 - Fall Haul Fabulous!
We absolutely LOVE fall! Join us for fall shopping & seasonal prep! Super excited about the commencement of this incredibly magical & whimsical season!
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Homeschool For the summer - Routine, materials, set-up!
Join us for a little summer learning!!
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Hollar! What we bought & love for mommy, toddlers, & family!
You'll love these awesome items & deals from Hollar!
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Farmhouse family room!
Welcome to our shabby French family room in progress! This room started out extremely dark, dated, and dingy, with brown 70's paneling. We really hope to convey a light, airy, cottage feel in this family room by giving it a total makeover, & are still adding touches...but this is what it looks like right now.
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Swing set, closing day, Homegoods, and Kirkland’s!
Join me for a little vlog! This was taken several months ago but we are trying to catch up - the last couple of videos are out of order. Have a fabulous day!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!
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Back to school + Fun fall decorating!
Please join us for a little Back to school prep, and fabulous fall decorating!!
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Disney World Family Vacation
Family vacation to Disney world! Hope you enjoy our super fun slideshow!
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Halloween play-date and trick-or-treat!
Happy Halloween!! Join us for a fun festive play date and some exciting trick-or-treating! Hope you had a spooktacular Halloween everyone!!
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How to eat a hoagie! Scary Daddy!
How to...eat a hoagie & cut coupons like a pro!
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Summer day vlog! Breakfast, make-up, Five Below, Ocean city!
Super tremendous July day! Breakfast, preparing a birthday gift, Ocean City!
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Clean And Organize With Me!
Please join me for a little post holiday tidying! Let’s get ready for an exciting New year!
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Landscaping Update! Sod, seed, & play area!
Here’s where we are with our landscaping! Come join us!
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