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Federal court of appeals ruled Hawaii's gun law violates constitutional rights
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the 2nd Amendment provides the right to openly carry a gun in public for self-defense.
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Want a career in the U.S. Coast Guard?
Want a career in the U.S. Coast Guard?
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Mariota apologizes for being 'rude and inappropriate' to the media
Saint Louis graduate Marcus Mariota admits he wasn't at his best when speaking to the media following the Tennessee Titans' loss to the Arizona Cardinals Sunday.
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Honolulu LLWS champions honored at Kamehameha Schools Kapalama
Wake Up 2Day Hawaii's Morning News
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It's not every day an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean gets snow!
Snow fell in Upcountry Maui over the weekend.
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Fans gather at Honolulu airport to welcome UFC’s Holloway, Medeiros
Hundreds of fans turned out in full force to welcome home UFC fighters Max Holloway and Yancy Medeiros fresh off their UFC 212 victories. Holloway defeated Jose Aldo in a third-round TKO to claim the featherweight championship outright and extend his winning streak to a legendary 11 fights dating back to 2014.
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Local Olympians Christenson and Shoji host packed volleyball camp at Kapalama
t's not often young athletes get to learn from an Olympian.
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Roll Tide! Tagovailoa commits to University of Alabama
The Saint Louis junior quarterback announced his college commitment to the University of Alabama, exclusively on KHON2.
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Why you might not recognize these emergency vehicles on Oahu
Most of them are owned and operated by volunteers with the Emergency Management Reserve Corps.
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Thieves pull off state's largest copper heist
It's being called the biggest copper theft in the state's history. Thieves made off with thousands of feet of copper wiring from right under the state Department of Transportation's nose.
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Robert Cazimero on his late brother, Roland
"Roland was always my orchestra. Roland's voice was amazing, and he would hit notes that I, until this day, I could never hit."
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High surf leads to dozens of rescues off Oahu's north, west shores
"This is amazing, the biggest waves I've ever seen in my life."
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EXTENDED INTERVIEW: UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway returns to Hawaii
"Christmas came on the 8th on Saturday, you know. I got to go out there, the 10th island, feel the mana, and it all showed. People were worried about a lot of stuff. That was all speculation. Like I said, I felt great, I look great, and I got the job done."
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Can Hawaii residents buy into growing 'tiny home' trend?
A new wave of entrepreneurs is looking to provide alternatives in a housing market that has left many on the outside looking in.
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Demonstration of sonic fire extinguisher
Courtesy CNN/George Mason University
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Tonga Sisters riding wave of national attention
Wake Up 2Day Hawaii's Morning News
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Jo Koy on why he chose Hawaii for his next Netflix special
Jo Koy stops by the KHON2 studios to talk about his love for the islands and what to expect at his upcoming shows.
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Sam Choy co-hosts and shares poke recipe on Living808
Taizo is on vacation so we’ve got special guests filling in as cohost all week long. Today’s guest is award-winning chef and poke master, Sam Choy! This morning, Chef Choy treats the Living808 crew to one of his poke recipes. These days, Sam is busy traveling and working with a variety of charities. He’s also got his Kai Lanai restaurant in Kona, where he lives. He’s also excited about his new show on YouTube called Sam Choy’s IN THE KITCHEN. See below for more information on the show: Chef Sam Choy
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U.S. Rep. Gabbard meets with President-elect Trump, but not for job
She says they discussed U.S.-Syria policies and America’s fight against terrorist groups.
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Hokulea: How to navigate without instruments
In less than three weeks, Hokulea and Hikinalia will set sail on the international portion of their voyage around the world, navigated without instruments.
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On the verge of homelessness: A Kailua woman's struggle highlights rising elderly homeless populatio
She says she's made dozens of phone calls to various agencies for help.
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'We probably will not ever return.' Park official reflects on Kilauea's past, present, and future
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has now been closed for six weeks, and the popular Jaggar Museum is all but deserted.
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'We probably will not ever return.' Park official reflects on Kilauea's past, present, and future
The park has now been closed for six weeks, and the popular Jaggar Museum is all but deserted.
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Hawaiian Airlines implements check-in changes at Honolulu airport
Changes are on the way for travelers flying out of Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.
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Sudden cliff collapse highlights danger of Kilauea’s volatile lava flow
Cascading sheets of lava creating explosions where the molten rock hits the sea.
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Kilauea's Halemaumau Crater grows exponentially as theory behind explosions shifts
Scientists say with no lava to provide resistance, along with dozens of earthquakes every day at the summit, the walls of the crater are caving in.
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3 year old dies after dentist visit
3 year old dies after dentist visit
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Clyde Aikau dedicates final 'Eddie' ride to late brother, next generation
Thursday marked the last time the 66-year-old would compete in the prestigious contest.
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Couple abandons surrogate special needs baby
(CNN/Seven Network) -- An Australian couple accused of abandoning the baby in Thailand has denied the claim from the surrogate mother.
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Homes consumed by lava in Leilani Estates eruption, but most residents remain optimistic.
Madame Pele is continuing to steam-roll through Leilani Estates, but evacuated residents remain optimistic.
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Drone footage gives rare look inside Halemaumau Crater
A rare flyover using a drone provides a glimpse into dramatic changes happening inside Halema'uma'u Crater on the Big Island.
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Parade of Champions for Max Holloway
KHON2 News
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Federal judge declares mistrial after police chief's testimony
Testimony that rocked a federal courtroom on Thursday forced a judge to delay a criminal trial, all because of a statement on the witness stand from Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha.
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Catching up with Camile Velasco
Catching up with Camile Velasco
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Learn more about the unique Siamese cat breed
They come in different shades, but have unique points.
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Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant soothes crying child on late-night flight
Gina Reyes has four children of her own and was also a surrogate mother. You can say she has that special touch.
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Chain of Craters Road scheduled to open Saturday
KHON2 News at 6
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Unexplained ghostly encounters haunt officers at training facility
The Honolulu Police Department's Ke Kula Maka'i Training Facility in Waipahu opened in 1988 and has been the sight of many unexplained ghostly encounters.
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Caught on camera: Strange lights spotted floating over Oahu
Mash Hatae says he woke up at around 2:30 a.m. to get some water, and bright lights in the sky caught his eye.
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State alters woman's name on driver's license
Full Story: http://www.khon2.com/2013/09/10/action-line-state-alters-womans-name-after-it-fails-to-fit-on-drivers-license/ Can the state change your name if it doesn't fit on your ID? A Big Island woman says it happened to her and getting it fixed hasn't been easy. So she reached out to KHON2's Action Line for help.
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Hawaii Strong: Ah You proud to carry on family's football legacy
Sophomore linebacker Miki Ah You proves Hawaii Strong bloodlines are still feeding the big Red machine.
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Marcus Mariota, Manti Te'o meet for the first time
Today, two of the biggest football stars in our state's history made an appearance at the Downtown Athletic Club's monthly get together.
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'I saw everything.' Cop killer's alleged accomplice reveals new details of deadly shootout
Three suspected accomplices who were in the SUV when Justin Waiki was shot returned to a Kona courtroom Tuesday for the start of their preliminary hearing.
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Man contracts leptospirosis after swim
A 24-year-old Pearl City man is battling a severe case of leptospirosis. Doctors believe he contracted the disease while swimming in waters off a popular hiking trail.
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So You Think You Can Dance? Hawaii Contestant
So You Think You Can Dance?
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