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Selena Gomez on Hotel Transylvania + behind the scenes.
Selena Gomez talking about HT + behind the scenes of recording!! Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/xXTesicaXx Subscribe for more videos coming out soon :)
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Harlena - Love Will Remember ♡
Hii, I hope you liked my new Harlena crackship/manip :) If you did, please leave a like and subscribe, I post Selena videos and sometimes manips :) You can also follow me on tumblr - http://sm-gifs.tumblr.com Stay awesome! xx
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Trisha Paytas being drunk for 2 minutes straight
Hi everyone! This is just a funny little complilation of Trisha's videos. IT'S A JOKE, DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. if you like these kind of videos please subscribe, i'll be making more! like, share & comment! ♥
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How many times can Meesh LA say mmmm in a 2min video??
howdy!! another mukbang related video, i know.... NO HATE!! THIS IS FOR FUN ONLY, do not take this seriously. i love meesh ♥♥ if you like these kind of videos, subscribe for more!!! i post a lot of them lol like, share & comment if you're fOODIEEEEE luv y'all. ♥
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Veronica Wang being in love with her food for 1 minute straight
hi guys! this is just another compilation of veronica wang's videos, made for fun purposes only. JUST A JOKE, DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. if you'd like to see more of these videos, subscribe! like, share & comment. ♥ luv yah
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When your crush says he really likes panic! at the disco
Howdy just a fun little thing, not meant to be harmful!! like, comment & subscribe for mooore ♥
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