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How to enable or disable Hibernation mood on windows 10 PC Bangla tutorial 2017
This video is made for the hibernation mode on and off guideline specially for windows 10 user. If this video is helpful to you or you like our video please like comment and subscribe.
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3 -  Importing HR DMP File TO HR User in Oracle Database 11g
HR.DMP file download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KbuV4XRqpHS2hN-EHjp9icbFCngviuni/view?usp=sharing
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2 - User Creation And Grant Permission on Oracle Database 11g
This is about the user creation and permission granting from oracle database. Stay tuned. Happy DBA career.
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How to hide or Unhide a drive or a partition on windows 10 PC Bangla tutorial 2017
In this video I have shown how to hide a partition from hard disk without any software.
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4  - Select Statement in Oracle database 11 g
In this tutorial I have described Select Statement in Oracle database 11 g and describing Tables and Columns
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02 How to write C Language
How to start writing C language
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04 Compilation and Execution detail
Compilation and Execution process in C program
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How to Create Verify and Enroll in Moodle Classroom Bangla
"THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR ANY BUSINESS PURPOSE" # First watch this video by Rumel Sir https://youtu.be/_v_I1ckc9HI # Now go here for MY COURSES option https://elearn.daffodil.university/course/ if you feel problem to get courses. # Or you can install moodle app on your android its easy! Thank you.
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1 Install windows 10 on vmware
Click for download vmware and license: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kh3e_UaS5683YzPbcgEQbSe2TrszjgFM?usp=sharing Better when installing vmware disconnect internet, after activation you can connect internet. Enjoy. Stay watching for learning SQL (ORACLE)
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3 How to Install Oracle Database 11G on Windows 10
Oracle database installation tutorial full video. If you feel any problem or any suggestion please comment down. And if it is helpful don't forget to like and subscribe. Happy DBA career :)
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01 Start Programming with C Language
Learn C programming language
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2. how to transfer files between vmware and main pc
Here you will learn how to transfer file between vmware and main pc
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03 Starting Hello Programmer
Writing First Program and Compiling and Executing..
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Which Programming Language should I learn first to start programming easily in 2017
Beginner Programmer's Most Common Question Which Language Should I Learn First!!! Here is the answer of this question. I Hope they will be benefited. Thank you. If it helps then don't forget to like and subscribe.
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