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Marilyn Manson - The Rise Of [FULL DOCUMENTARY]
Documentary about Manson Life. TV - VHS (M)
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Bikini Kill - Revolution Grrrl Style Now [FULL TAPE  1991] - REISSUE 2015
Revolution Girl Style Now (1991) - REISSUE 2015 --with 3 NEW SONGS-- Tracklist: 01 Candy 0:00 02 Daddy's Li'l Girl 3:27 03 Feels Blind 5:56 04 Suck My Left One 9:32 05 Carnival 12:01 06 This Is Not a Test 13:31 07 Double Dare Ya 15:20 08 Liar 17:47 09 Ocean Song 20:32 10 Just Once 24:02 11 Playground 27:38 Dia 22 de setembro a Bikini Kill Records vai relançar a demo tape de 1991, "Revolution Grrrl Style Now", primeiro álbum de Bikini Kill. O lançamento será em vinil, cd, e edição limitada em cassete. Contém três músicas que não foram lançadas, gravadas algures em 1990, são "Ocean Song", "Just Once" e "Playground". A edição limitada da cassete será disponibilizada em pre order e as primeiras 500 pré-vendas do LP trazem uma edição limitada de posters. Já as 300 primeiras pré-vendas do CD vem com pin e patch. pre order: bikinikill.com
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Sangre De Muerdago ‎– Sangre De Muerdago [FULL TAPE]
Sangre De Muerdago ‎– Sangre De Muerdago Year: 2012 Limited to 100 Copies Tracklist A1 O Ceo Beixo Os Meus Pes A2 Vellos Caminos De Vellas Arbones A3 Cara Terras Lonxanas A4 Sonos A5 Arrastrando As Cadeas B1 Onde As Almas Van A Morrer B2 Madeira De Teixo, Pedra De Castro B3 O Home Dos Cornos B4 Adeus Meus Amigos Sangre de Muerdago stands on the wild side, on top of the cliffs, at the depths of the woods.... Galician Folk songs to heal and roam, to dance and love.
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Cat Power "Metal Heart" @ München, Germany (1998/11/23) (ACOUSTIC)
CAT POWER 1998/11/23 "Nacht-Mix Lounge Concert" Bayerischer Rundfunk 2 München, Germany Source: German national radio FM-DAT-CDR 49 Minutes Tracklist: 01 introduction 02 He Was a Friend of Mine 03 Naked If I Want to 04 Werewolf 05 Say 06 Metal Heart 07 He Turns Down 08 Dreams 09 I Found a Reason 10 Let Sadness Not Be Attached to Your Name 11 Colors and the Kids 12 Indirect Sun Band line-up: Chan Marshall - vocals, guitar, piano Mark Moore - guitar Notes: 1) Some performance problems: Chan's laughing so she can't sing, sings out of tune, forgets how to play t11, has headphone trouble. 2) False start of "Sweet Home Alabama" (Lynyrd Skynyrd) at start of t06 and "Don't Fear the Reaper" (Blue Öyster Cult) before t12; Chan plays a snippet of "Keep on Runnin'" in t10.
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Marilyn Manson - The Rise Of [FULL SHOW]
Documentary about Manson Life. TV - VHS (M) Sound problem on 20:22 For some reason the YT messed up this video encoding so here is the fixed video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5QkZFVHAaQ
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Shruti Box Drone (C Note)
Shruti Box drone in C Note (Nota Dó) You can use these to do Mantras, Overtone Singing or just relax. Let your imagination flow and embrace your spiritual evolution.
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Veronica Lipgloss & the Evil Eyes - "Strip Mall Glass" (MUSIC VIDEO)
San Francisco based Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes are a female fronted abbrasive, dirgey punk band that bear slight resemblances to predecessor peers The Subtonix and The Phantom Limbs, with whom they have collaborated with to some degree. Currently the band is inactive after their previous release on GSL records.
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Sinistro - Cidade (2013) [FULL EP ALBUM]
1. Cidade - Parte 1 2. Cidade - Parte 2 Sinistro & Patricia Andrade "Cidade" is a concept album about the city of Lisbon, Portugal a perfect collaboration between actress Patricia Andrade and Sinistro, the album is out now on Ragingplanet on a triangular shaped box order now at [email protected] Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Sinistro at The Pentagon AM Music by Sinistro, Lyrics by Patricia Andrade Y - Guitar F - Bass, Guitar, Keys P - Drums Guests Gaza - Keys Rui Guerra - Keys Gil Neto - Guitar Patricia Andrade - Vocals Cover Artwork - Pedro Carmo Executive Producer - Daniel Makosch
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Plus Ultra - Vol. 1 (FULL ALBUM)
released 11 April 2015 Plus Ultra is: Kino, Azevs and Gon Recorded by Manuel Reis and Mixed by Azevs in Porto.Portugal Nov. 2014 Format: Tape
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Sangre De Muerdago ‎– Deixademe Morrer No Bosque [FULL ALBUM]
Sangre De Muerdago ‎– Deixademe Morrer No Bosque CD, Limited Edition, White Mar 2013 Folk, World, & Country Tracklist 1 Deixademe Morrer No Bosque (Intro) 5:21 2 Longo Camiño De Desaprendizaxe 6:03 3 Soterrados Baixo As Pedras 5:20 4 Longas Noites De Choiva Incansable 3:22 5 O Nome Do Vento 4:30 6 Haunted Glow 4:58 7 Mencer 2:53 8 Botadas Dos Bosques 5:03 9 Desterro 2:41 10 The Paths Of Mannaz 7:29 11 Na Procura Das Fadas 2:47 12 Lume 7:09 13 Abrindo Sendeiros A Traves Das Silvas (Outro) 3:54 Comes inside and extra sleeve with an embossed blind print. All copies in white. Edition of 50. All handmade by the band itself. Includes Pro-CD, and booklet with credits, info and lyrics in Galician and English.
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The Butchies - Make Yr Life [FULL ALBUM]
The Butchies - Make Yr Life Yep Roc Records - 2004 Tracklist: 1 Send Me You 2:45 2 Trouble 3:19 3 Make Yr Life 2:49 4 Second Guess 3:00 5 She's So Lovely 3:22 6 Everything + Everywhere 2:30 7 17 3:23 8 Lydia 2:40 9 Tell The Others 2:42 10 Your Love 4:11 Bass, Vocals – Alison Martlew Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Melissa York Engineer [Assistant] – Jay Murphy Mastered By – Tom Hutten Mixed By – Ray Martin Producer, Recorded By – Greg Griffith Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards – Kaia Wilson
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Sinistro - Sinistro (2012) [FULL ALBUM]
Sinistro (2012) 1.Ruas Desertas 10:53 2.O Acidente E A Euforia 04:15 3.O Dia Depois Do Meu Funeral 07:37 4.Viagem Atribulada 07:51 5.Hóspede Inesperado 05:05 6.Fendas 02:10 7.A Saudade 04:30 8.A Ira 10:41 about Sinistro is the self titled album by the band SINISTRO, hailing from a far distant place, the trio combines deep and smooth harmonies with a Floydian touch, mixed with heavy density guitar work, dark yet beautiful, this is SINISTRO. 2012 the album was released on CD on Ragingplanet, orders : [email protected] Produced, Recorded and Mixed By Sinistro at The Pentagon AM All music written by Sinistro Y - Guitar, Vox P - Drums, Bass F - Bass, Keys, Programming Guests Tó Pica - Guitar Gabriel Coutinho - Guitar Cover Artwork - Pedro Carmo Executive Producer - Daniel Makosch
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Nirvana @ Rock City, England (1991/12/03) (Pro-Shot W/ Interview)
12/03/91 - Rock City, Nottingham, United Kingdom Set (incomplete) Six Pack • Drain You • Floyd The Barber • Smells Like Teen Spirit • Polly • Lithium • Sliver • Come As You Are • Been A Son • On A Plain • Blew • Territorial Pissings Notes The band opened up with a cover of Black Flag's "Six Pack," according to attendees. Kurt stopped the show when an over-zealous bouncer started to attack a fan. The band switched instruments for a "Sonic Youth-type" encore, during which Krist chanted a "hippy-dippy mantra about love," according to a review. Circulating Recordings PRO #1 - professional video (incomplete) Equipment: soundboard - unknown Lowest Audio Generation: TV - VHS(2) Lowest Video Generation: TV - VHS(2) Length / Sound Quality: 10 min / A- Includes only parts of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," "Drain You," "Sliver," "Been A Son," "Come As You Are," and "Lithium." Broadcast on the Japanese TV show Pure Rock. Other Performers Captain America • Shonen Knife
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Primitive Reason - Tips & Shortcuts [FULL ALBUM]
Primitive Reason ‎– Tips & Shortcuts 1999 Portugal Tracklist Glowing Man And The Mask Object Friend Or Foe In With The Old (Out With The New) Clocking The One Sumenem'say Fables El Otro 24 Pints Produced, recorded and mixed at Exito Estudios, Lisbon in October 1998. Mastered at Lúminaria Estudios. CD: made in Austria
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The Spells - "The Age of Backwards" (1999) [FULL ALBUM]
The Age of Backwards - 1999 Tracklist: 01. The Age of Backwards 02. Octaves Apart 03. Number One Fan 04. Can't Explain
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Frumpies - Frumpie One Piece [FULL ALBUM]
Riot Grrrl Will prevail!! The Frumpies ‎– Frumpie One-Piece (1998) Kill Rock Stars ‎– KRS 335 Tracklist: 1 Malice And Discontent 2 I Just Wanna Puke On The Stereo 3 Do You Wanna Donuts 4 Baby Plays For Pritty 5 Alien Summer 6 Fuck Kitty 7 Giveaway Pile 8 Weird Machine 9 Intertube Tomorrow 10 Be Good 11 Whatshisname Hearts The Frumpies 12 She's A Real Cutie Pie 13 Safety First 14 Weary Ingenues And Snotty Brats 15 Duvet Ta 16 Fake Antagonism Rules, Okay 17 Tommy Slich 18 Planet What 19 Fuck Yr. Frumpies 20 Deliberate Indifference 21 Eunuch Nights 22 Of Ever And Now On 23 You'll See 24 Wrong Way Round Drums – Molly Neuman Guitar – Bill Karren Guitar, Vocals – Kathi Wilcox, Tobi Vail
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The Dirty Coal Train - The Dirty Coal Train [FULL VINYL]
Dirty Coal Train, The ‎– Lp Portugal - 2013 Tracklist A1 Vs A2 All My Loving A3 Lupus Hell-oh-vee A4 Blood On The Dance Floor A5 Cabrona A6 Casket Of Blues A7 Mi Corazon De Plata A8 Warhol Syndrome A9 Planes A10 Redin B1 Red Eyes B2 Two Zombies B3 Sidewalking Blues B4 Lucy B5 Truth Don't Rhyme B6 Skull Tattoo B7 Coal Train B8 Zombie Bunny B9 Poison Darts Recorded & mixed at Estudio king axcept "Poison Darts". Self-Release with suport of Chaputa records.
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Brian L  Weiss "Meditação Paz e Tranquilidade" (PORTUGUES-COMPLETA)
A meditação é uma técnica que pode ser usada para alcançar a paz, a tranquilidade e o equilíbrio interior, levando-nos a refletir sobre nós mesmos e sobre tudo o que nos rodeia. Leva-nos a confiar na capacidade que temos de usar e gerir as nossas energias interiores para purificar o corpo e a mente, para que cada um de nós possa descobrir e desenvolver a sua espiritualidade. Meditação Com o Dr. Brian Weiss é um livro único do Dr. Brian L. Weiss, M.D., autor de O Passado Cura (Editora Pergaminho, 1999) e Muitas Vidas, Muitos Mestres (Editora Pergaminho, 1998), destinado a ensinar a prática da meditação e a divulgar os seus benefícios - a meditação ajuda a combater a hipertensão, a fortalecer o sistema imunológico e a reduzir os níveis de stresse. Os exercícios descritos no CD que acompanha este livro seguem as técnicas que o Dr. Weiss utiliza com os seus próprios pacientes para curar diversos problemas, tais como insónias, ansiedades, fobias e perturbações alimentares. Meditações Com o Dr. Brian Weiss fornece a chave para viver cada momento intensa e integralmente, libertando-nos de tudo o que impede que a vida seja uma jornada pacífica e cheia de riquezas espirituais.
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Come Cacos - Punkada Vareira (Split - 2015) [FULL ALBUM]
Punkada Vareira (SPLIT) Come Cacos Tracklist 1 –Cabeça de Martelo Say Something 2 –Cabeça de Martelo The New Poors 3 –Cabeça de Martelo DH09 4 –Cabeça de Martelo Trust Nobody 5 –Cabeça de Martelo Incintement to Riot 6 –Cabeça de Martelo No Time To Waste 7 –Come Cacos Imundo 8 –Come Cacos Sociedade 9 –Come Cacos Coveiro 10 –Come Cacos Policia 11 –Come Cacos Podre Interior 12 –Come Cacos Saco Cortado 13 –Um Trinco No Mamilo Frustração ou Revolução 14 –Um Trinco No Mamilo Mirone 15 –Um Trinco No Mamilo A Vida Que Me Leva 16 –Um Trinco No Mamilo Poção Magica 17 –Um Trinco No Mamilo Soarestauro 18 –Um Trinco No Mamilo Vinho Filosofal Andre Bob Borges : Vocais Fabio Suiço Oliveira : Baixo, Vocais Secundários Mansou Mike D Anne : Guitarra, Vocais Secundários Kevin Shy Oliveira : Bateria Punk de Ovar, Portugal Split PUNKADA VAREIRA com 3 Agrupamentos Musicais Xungas de Ovar Cabeça de Martelo / Come Cacos / Um Trinco No Mamilo.
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Analena - Microdreams (Croatia)
Analena is Croatian-Slovenian post-hardcore band, founded in 1997 in Zagreb, Croatia. The name of the band comes from the ancient Sanskrit language, meaning "like/by the fire"
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Ballast - Sound Asleep (2005) [FULL TAPE]
Ballast ‎– Sound Asleep Montereal - 2005 Hardcore, Punk, Female Angry Grrrl Tracklist A1 Louder Than Words A2 Lorena Bobbit A3 Unnoticed By Time A4 Day By Day A5 Bridge B1 Imagine B2 Tomorrow B3 But After The Gig (Reprise) B4 Bad Thoughts B5 Resign Yourself Recorded November 2004 at Hotel 2 Tango.
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Manic Street Preachers @ Alive Festival, Lisboa (2010-07-09) [FULL SHOW]
Manic Street Preachers Festival Optimus Alive Lisboa, Portugal 2010-07-09 01. Motorcycle Emptiness 02. Everything Must Go 03. Your Love Alone Is Not Enough 04. Suicide is Painless (Theme from MASH) 05. From Despair To Where 06. Tsunami 07. Autumnsong 08. Ocean Spray 09. La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh) 10. You Stole The Sun From My Heart 11. Jackie Collins Existential Question Time 12. A Design For Life 13. The Everlasting (Acoustic) 14. The Masses Against the Classes 15. Little Baby Nothing 16. Kevin Carter 17. You Love Us 18. If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next Taper from TV: TT
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SANGRE DE MUERDAGO - Lembranzas dende o Lado Salvaxe (2015) [FULL ALBUM]
Sangre De Muerdago ‎– Lembranzas Dende O Lado Salvaxe Rock, Folk, World, & Country Tracklist 1 A Xustiza Pola Man 7:14 2 Saudades 4:10 3 Unha Ofrenta De Ósos 6:31 4 53º 40,6 N 008º 06,3 E 4:09 5 O Cabalo Negro 5:27 6 As Sendas De Monfero 5:17 7 Adeus Ós Dias Dourados 7:06 8 O Canto Dos Busgosos 3:50 300 copies released. Tracks 1-4 originally released on Sangre De Muerdago / Novemthree - Braided Paths. Tracks 5 and 6 originally released as Sangre De Muerdago - Nas Fragas Do Río Eume. Track 7 originally released on Various - Places. Track 8 arranged from traditional songs from Galicia and Scotland. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All rights and copyrights to the respective owners. If you are the band or its official representative and you do not want this material to be here on youtube, please get in touch with me "[email protected]" the video will be removed. The purpose is to share the beautiful and talented artists, so please support them. Thank you
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The Parkinsons - Back To Life (2012) [FULL ALBUM]
The Parkinsons ‎– Back To Life Tracklist 1 Too Late 2 In The Wee Hours 3 Back To Life 4 So Lonely 5 Nothing To Complain 6 Little Toys 7 City 8 Girl From Another World 9 Good Reality 10 New Big Thing
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Löbo - Nöite (2010) [FULL EP]
Löbo– Nöite Portugal - 2010 Tracklist 1 Nöite 8:16 Recorded and mixed between August 2008 and January 2009.
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Bikini Kill - The CD Version of the First Two Records (1994) [FULL ALBUM]
Bikini Kill ‎– The C.D. Version Of The First Two Records Riot Grrrl !!! Tracklist: 1 Double Dare Ya 2:40 2 Liar 2:35 3 Carnival 1:30 4 Suck My Left One 2:24 5 Feels Blind 3:21 6 Thurston Hearts The Who 7 White Boy 2:26 8 This Is Not A Test 1:59 9 Don't Need You 1:27 10 Jigsaw Youth 1:55 11 Resist Psychic Death 1:40 12 Rebel Girl 2:47 13 Outta Me Notes Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5 recorded at Inner Ear, Summer 1991 Track 3 recorded at Yo-Yo Studios, Spring 1991 Track 6 was done live at The Sanctuary Theater in D.C., April 4th, 1992 Tracks 7 to 13 recorded in the basement of the Embassy, 1992
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Babes in Toyland @ Festival “Imperial ao Vivo”, Gaia (1996/05/31)
Cassette "Babes in Toyland - Imperial" First performance in Portugal! Recorded live at: 1996/05/31 Festival “Imperial ao Vivo” Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal Total Runtime: 54 Minutes Limited to 30 numbered copies. https://www.discogs.com/Babes-In-Toyland-Imperial/release/8477452
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Tanpura drone (C Note)
Tanpura drone in C Note (Nota Dó) You can use these to do Mantras, Overtone Singing or just relax. Let your imagination flow and embrace your spiritual evolution.
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The Parkinsons - A Reason To Resist (2004) [FULL ALBUM]
Tracklist: 1 No Choice 2 A Night On The Council Estate 3 Heroes And Charmers 4 Sound Of The Town 5 Mr Happy Man 6 New Wave 7 Kill Today 8 Goodnight My Baby 9 Body And Soul 10 Underclass 11 She Prefers Girls 12 Reason To Resist 13 Needs Of Flesh
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Soulfly @ Rock In Rio, Lisboa (2010/05/30) [FULL SHOW]
Soulfly Rock In Rio, Lisboa (2010/05/30) PRO-SHOT DVD Setlist: Blood Fire War Hate Prophecy Back to the Primitive Seek 'N' Strike Bleed / Tree of Pain (with Richie Cavalera) Refuse/Resist (Sepultura cover) Bloodbath & Beyond L.O.T.M. (With Pantera's 'Walk' intro) Porrada Troops of Doom (Sepultura cover with Igor Cavalera Jr. on the drums) Unleash Attitude (Sepultura cover) Roots Bloody Roots (Sepultura cover) Jumpdafuckup / Eye for an Eye enjoy!!
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Kill Sybil ‎– Kill Sybil Empty Records ‎- Vinyl - LP - 1993 Tracklist A1 Deep Sleep A2 Dumb A3 Broken Back A4 Lucky A5 Die Tomorrow A6 Lemans B1 Dead B2 Something To Tell B3 Kevin B4 Olympia B5 Dream B6 Best Bass – Simon E. Bornine Design – John Kenny Drums – Eric Akre Engineer, Producer – Phil Ek Guitar – Larry Schemel Guitar, Vocals – Dale Balensiefen Photography By – Charles Peterson Producer – Kill Sybil Vocals – Tammy Watson
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Human Bell (2006) [FULL DEMO]
Human Bell - ST First Release of the band! Self-Released hb001 - 2006 Nathan Bell (Lungfish) and Dave Heumann (Arbouretum) first started playing music together sometime after the start of '99 and definitely before the end of '01. It was soon apparent that they'd hit upon a winning combination - they found an unusual synergy of writing styles that has enabled them, at times, to compose a whole album's worth of songs together in the course of a leisurely afternoon. The style of music that they found themselves playing defies categorization, but has been described by listeners as containing aspects of minimalism, pre-war american blues/folk, and middle eastern and african music. This is their debut self-released EP. The CDR comes in a chipboard CD folder and is silk screened on the front and back. Please note there are variations in the color of ink used, so each one is different. Human Bell will release their debut full length album on Thrill Jockey on January 29th, 2008.
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Bikini Kill - Reject All American (1996) [FULL ALBUM]
Bikini Kill ‎– Reject All American Kill Rock Stars ‎– KRS-260 US - 05 Apr 1996 Tracklist: 1 Statement Of Vindication 2 Capri Pants 3 Jet Ski 4 Distinct Complicity 5 False Start 6 R.I.P. 7 No Backrub 8 Bloody Ice Cream 9 For Only 10 Tony Randall 11 Reject All American 12 Finale 1 Bass – Kathi Wilcox (tracks: 1 to 3, 5 to 8, 10 to 12) Drums – Tobi Vail (tracks: 1 to 3, 5 to 8, 10 to 12) Guitar – Bill Karren Producer, Recorded By – John Goodmanson Vocals – Kathleen Hanna (tracks: 1 to 3, 6 to 8, 10 to 12), Tobi*(tracks: 4, 5, 9) RIOT GRRRL enjoy!
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Shruti Box (A Note)
Shruti Box drone in A Note (Nota Lá) You can use these to do Mantras, Overtone Singing or just relax. Let your imagination flow and embrace your spiritual evolution.
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Signal Lost - Children of the Wasteland (2004) [FULL TAPE]
Signal Lost - Children Of The Wasteland Cassette - Poland Tracklist: A1 Le Progres De La Malade A2 Blackrain A3 Blueprint For Babylon A4 Deus Ex Machina A5 State Raised A6 Lost Causes B1 Innocent B2 To Whom It May Concern B3 Diatribe B4 Emergency Broadcast B5 Identity Crisis B6 Eulogy Engineer – Larry Crane Mastered By – John Golden Recorded March 8-12 2004 at Jackpot Studios, Portland, OR.
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Cat Power @ York Theatre Sydney (2004/06/16) [FULL SHOW]
Cat Power 16th June 2004 York Theatre Sydney, NSW Australia
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The Speels - Bat Vs Bird (2008) [FULL ALBUM]
01. Antartica 02. Bat vs Bird 03. Champion Vampire 04. Viola "In the late 1990s, my friend Mary Timony and I started a side project called The Spells. We put out one EP, played one show in Olympia and never did much else. Except that we had plans. We always talked about writing a full-length record, sending song ideas back and forth via computer and recording the album in chunks when we had time — when we weren't on tour with our other bands. But that never happened. We did, however, manage to start the process. In the summer of 2000, we recorded four songs in a couple of hours, the same amount of time in which we'd written them a few months earlier. If nothing else, making these songs available now is The Spells' way of finally acknowledging that we aren't going to get around to finishing the album." CARRIE BROWNSTEIN Recorded by Justin Trosper at MagRecOne. Olympia, WA. August 2000. Rachel Carns played drums. Artwork by Curtis Pachunka. Special thanks to Christina Files.
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The Parkinsons @ New Years Eve - GARAGE (2001)
The most wild band ever!!! London - garage New years eve
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Löbo - Dânaca (2008) [FULL EP]
Löbo – Dânaca Portugal - 2008 Tracklist 1 Dânaca
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Cat Power @ The Opera House, Seattle (1999-09-06) [FULL SHOW]
Cat Power 1999-09-06 The Opera House Seattle, WA, USA 01 in this hole 02 i found a reason 03 red apples 04 paths of victory 05 travelin' song 06 to be a good woman 07 satisfaction 08 naked if i want to 09 leopard and the lamb 10 kingsport town 11 devil's daughter 12 swee dee dee 13 like spiders 14 sea of love 15 freebird 16 nude as the news
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Toranja @ Herman Sic, Lisboa "Fogo e Noite" (09-12-2004)  [FULL SHOW]
09-12-2004 Estudios Herman Sic Lisboa Toranja "Fogo e Noite" VHS (M)
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The Black Zebra - The Worst Shit Demo (EP - 2015) [FULL ALBUM]
The Black Zebra - The Worst Shit Demo - EP Produced and recorded by Ricardo Oliveira @ Stone Sound Studio Mastered by Miguel Pinheiro Marques @ SDB Mastering Artwork by Sara Feio 1.Atram (pulso) 04:05 2.Chain 04:25 3.Eco 02:46 4.Lupiter 03:57 released September 6, 2015 alternative rock instrumental post-punk stoner Porto
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Silla Electrica - Cloaca [FULL VINLY - 7 inch]
Silla Eléctrica ‎– Cloaca Release: 2008 - Spain Garage Rock, Punk Tracklist: A1 Cloaca A2 Niños A3 ¿¿?? B1 Nada B2 Crisis B3 Policía Solo Para Punks ‎– PUNKS 001 Limited repress of 150 copies, released in 2009. There are about 60 copies on transparent green vinyl because of a pressing plant mistake. "2nd press" is hand stamped on the back cover.
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The Sunflowers -  2 EP's [FULL ALBUM]
S/T - EP (2014) 01. UFO, Please Take Me Home 02. I'm A Woman, I'm A Man 03. Scumbag 04. Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones) 05. Suburban Home (Descendents) Ghosts, Witches and PB&Js - EP (2015) 06. Mama Kim 07. The Witch 08. I Saw a Ghost 09. PB&J 10. Scream Witchcrafted by João Brandão at Estúdios Sá da Bandeira, Porto in 2014. Mastered at SDB Mastering, Porto. thesunflowersmusic.bandcamp.com
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Cat Power @ Bellingham, WA (1999/05/14) [FULL SHOW]
Cat Power Western Washington University, Viking Union Hall Bellingham WA May 14, 1999 SDB - ? - CDR 01 Good Woman 02 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 03 Kingsport Town 04 Naked If I Want To 05 The Leopard & The Lamb 06 ? 07 Sweedeedee (cut) 08 Keep On Running 09 Sea Of Love 10 King Rides By 11 In This Hole 12 Wild Is The Wind 13 I Found A Reason 14 Let Sadness Not Be Attached To Your Name 15 Instrumental 16 Paths Of Victory 17 Red Apples 18 Never Doubting
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Bikini Kill - Peel Sessions [ FULL VINYL]
Bikini Kill Peel Sessions bootleg 7" 1. Star Bellied Boy (1:36) 2. Demirep (2:02) 3. New Radio (1:29) 4. Not Right Now (2:05) "Ripped from vinyl Christmas morning 2013"
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Cat Power  "Metal Heart" (Orchestral Version)
Live somewhere 2008
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Mão Morta - Ventos Animais (Live) [FULL ALBUM]
Mão Morta ‎– Ventos Animais Portugal 1 Ventos Animais 2 Budapeste (Sempre A Rock & Rollar) 3 As Tetas Da Alienação 4 É Um Jogo 5 Penso Que Penso 6 Quero Morder-te As Mãos 7 Anjos De Pureza 8 Oub'lá 9 Bófia 10 Chabala Recorded live on tour "Ventos Animais", at: 1, 4 – Cineteatro João Mota, Sesimbra, December 19, 2008 2, 5 – Auditório do Parque de Exposições, Braga, April 18, 2009 3, 8 – Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Porto, March 6, 2009 6 – CAE São Mamede, Guimarães, March 27, 2009 7 – Teatro Cine, Torres Vedras, March 21, 2009 9, 10 – Cinema S. Jorge, Lisboa, April 1, 2009 Mixed and mastered at Estúdio Meifumado in Vila Nova de Famalicão, October 2014
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Sub Pop 7 [FULL TAPE]
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Vaee Solis ‎– Adversarial Light (2015) [FULL ALBUM]
Vaee Solis ‎– Adversarial Light Doom Metal, Avantgarde from Portugal Tracklist: Saturn´s Storm Adversarial Light Ennoia Feral Isolation Ω Cosmocraft
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