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Let's Make A Deal
Me chilling with Wayne Brady on Let's Make A Deal
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Logan, Utah - Temple Fork Sawmill Trail
Logan, Utah Canyon Day hiking trip with Laura Rabehl Song "When the World Begins" - Kyle Andrews
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Michalski's ear piercing
Michalski was a baby about getting his ears pierced
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Hawaii - GOPRO Hero2
Family Hawaiian Vacation trip
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Utah State Fire Drill 2013
Our first fire drill in room 216 Richards Hall in the Fall of 2013
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Growth pill
If you want more stamina, girth, or just be larger.. get the 'Growth pill"
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Bear Lake Utah
My summer job for 2015 at North Beach at Bear Lake
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Northern California Road Trip 2014
10 days in 1 hour
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Scouts Ice Bucket Challenge (Snap Story)
Scout was nominated to do the Ice Bucket challenge and he nominated me as well
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DAY OF THE DEAD 2012 Diplo - Barely Standing & FIGURE x KanYe West
Day of the Day in Los Angeles 2012. Music is by Diplo Barely Standing and FIGURE x KanYe West - Mercy.
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End of the Sacramento trip
in the hotel rooms towards the end of the Sacramento trip
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Mt. Baldy "Hiking 101" - Ep 2
Continuing of the Mt. Baldy hike with Devin Hunter
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Actual black guy owned by Mexican
Mexican fucks with big ass black guy who is black
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Wet Willie to guy who pranks Black Asian
Guy who pranks black Asian gets owned then owns guy who owns him
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Black Asian facial
Black asain gets facialed in the face! Stay tuned to my videos to watch more of Black Asian getting pawned!
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Black Asian sad
Black asian gets Burped on then croutoned to the head
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Mt. Baldy "Driving to the Notch" - Ep. 1
December 23, 2014 This first episode "Driving to the Notch," is part of a short series that I'm doing with Devin Hunter of our day hike on Mt. Baldy in California. We got the idea a few days earlier when we hiked to the Hollywood sign trail and asked ourselves, "We have lived here in LA our whole lives, why haven't we seen the Hollywood sign up close before?" So, Devin and I decided that we would go see another piece of Southern California's beauties that we haven't hiked but is literally so big, we can see it from our houses, Mt. Baldy. So these Episodes are our mini documentary of our experience.
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Day 3 in the EAST
in annapolis roaming the streets with the Mt. Sac polo team. Went around the Navy campus and the bay. There were woman who looked like men playing rugby and some how navy girls who we walked in lines behind.
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Old Sacramento
In old Sacramento with the team. did some crazy stuff and messed with random people. ate candy and tried on costumes
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I have big lips
.. i have M lips
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Going to Sacramento
On the bus to Sacramento. if you haven't learned yet, don't fall asleep or go in the bathroom on the bus!!!
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one half of one night
One of the many epic nights at the Picard house hold.. was only there for a short period of time so if anything crazy happened after 11:30 :( wasn't there to capture it :) next time!
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Turner Falls Waterfall, OKC
Day at Turner Falls With Karl and Barbara Seethaler
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Butthole prank
Boy gets pranked through his butthole then attacks
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Movie plans
Chipotle night
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Catching a fade
Catching a fade with the homie Ruben at Mt. SAC
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Matt failing at dicks
Matt doing the Godzilla burger challenge at Dicks restaurant. Has 5 minutes to eat a 1 1/4 of a burger. If done, he gets the food for free. If not, it's a $25 freaking burger
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Day 1 in the EAST
The first day with the Mt.Sac team in Washington DC.. an all day affair condensed in 6 minutes. The crazy little boy in the video is our main character 'Lil Peto', the big guy is 'Big Daddy', and you can't forget the man in the striped shirt with the deadliest kick I've ever seen, 'RUDDY'! this video wouldn't be the same without RUDDY
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Shuffle sesh
Gas station shuffle
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Gshamisen in little tokyo
Gshamisen playing in Little Tokyo
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amazing Kick ups
Sac polo guys
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Shuffle sesh
shuffling maguffling
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Joshua Tree
Matt Morales and i went to Joshua Tree and spent the entire day climbing the mountains. at the end of the day we ended up with bumps, scratched, and bruises. our bodies were drained by the end of the trip but obviously worth it
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What makes you beautiful
Robi dancing to what makes him feel beautiful. Beautifully choreographed
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Black Asian pranked while sleeping with water
Asian sleeping while water is pored down his MOUTH!!!
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Last night in the EAST
Our last night in the east coast. No other way then to completely mess up the hotel! Mehalski was completely crazy and the pillow fight was off da chain!
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Bad ass finger shuffling
Fingers shuffling in the back seat of a hummer limo
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Mt. Baldy "The End" Ep 6
The end of our journey to attempt to get to the peak of Mt. Notch ends here
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Mt  Baldy "Learning our lesson" - Ep 4
Attempting to walk along the edge of the mountain, thinking it would be easier.. but it wasn't
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Mt. Baldy "The beginning of the end" - Ep. 5
After the trek up the steepest part of the hike
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Black Asian toilet
Black is on the toilet while gets a polo bag thrown at him. But doesn't set it on the floor because there is pee
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Studying hard
Kwang and i had time so we decided to go to the UCSD library. What better way to kill time other than go study
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Black Asian gets guy who pranks him back back
Guy who pranks black asians gets messed by the one and only black Asian
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These are bobble heads that my best friend brought back from hong kong for some other friends and i. Just a couple clips that i just threw together..
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Kissen cars on the road with cars
Driving safely with seatbelts
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Logan River Utah
Montage that I surprisingly got an A on
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Black asian gets pantsed
Asian gets pantsed
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Six Flags with the Gal
six flags short film
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Morales Bryan towel fight
Fags being fags
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