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ROBLOX RoBeats: REMIXED- Where Are U Now (LIONE Cover) - Hard [20] | FC | 96.01%
the previous map of this was trash af so im happy they changed it and now i can fc it and be cool ;)
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osu some random attempt at slavik goblins
this song is almost like 5 stars or something idk i decided to replay bc it was like 12 am and i did not feel like recording just to end up choking" also shout out to CremeRebel for sharing this beatmap with me bye
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Roblox RoBeats: Tank! Sr J "Who Dat?" Remix [23] A+ 95.57% 1 depressing miss
hey guys im back from summer camp and i tried too hard on this song so everyones getting a 1 miss song and i might reupload idk ok bye
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ROBLOX RoBeats: ME!ME!ME! (Hard) [18] | 50+ NOTESPEED | FC | 95.79% | A+ |
whatever you do dont ever watch the music video to this song i warned you ok
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my brain is literally broken also voice reveal uh oh
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ROBLOX RoBeats: REMIXED- Splattack (NEET Cover) Hard [17] | FC | 96.63% | A+
ok i finally uploaded thats right im not dead ok
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RoBeats | Perfume Hard (18) | FC | A+ | 96.86% (read description ok)
hi this is my first video yes i know poopy video quality i will make it better in the next video
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Onegai! Cinderella! (Hard) [22] A+ BADACC
hi so like my computer was being very stupid and was lagging so yall gonna have to deal with this 100+ greats gameplay atleast i got no okays
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ROBLOX Robeats: Endless Starlight (Hard) [22] | FC | A+ | 96.42%
hi this is another video please enjoy
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ROBLOX RoBeats:: Future Style (Hard) [17] | FC | A+ | 95.77%
this is a song i like too much
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just read the description
the video is random, but let me get to the news: so today an exchange student is coming and staying with us for a month, and i cannot have the computer in my room, which means i will be recording a lot less frequently, (probably 1-2 videos during the entire time) and if I do record, I will not be using my handcam because it will be in a different place with not as much space as i had on my desk. Please understand that i may not even record at all and might have to take a break from robeats. when i return ill probably be super bad so please understand and let me take the time i need to recover from that long period of time. Thank you. Zellers
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ROBLOX Robeats: Space Battle (Normal) [19] | A | Not FC | 50 notespeed | READ DESCRIPTION
i fc'ed this off screen, but when i recorded, i just couldn't do it again, those 3 note staircases hit me off, even after like 50 tries. so this is what everyone's getting, and once i can start doing this with more ease, ill make a new video.
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im back bitches
hi im back so enjoy this terrible gameplay also sorry for the lag idk why its laggy
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ROBLOX Robeats: Marionette Hard Tech FC A+ lane cover
1 okay im so sad also my video quality is a meme
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