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How to Set a Custom Thank You Page in MailChimp
This is an essential way to making your email signup process smoother and more professional (plus it comes with some added side benefits as well). I made this video to answer a frequently asked question about how to use our Thrive Landing Pages together with MailChimp.
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Quick Tutorial: How to Crop & Resize an Image in WordPress
This one is unrelated to our products, but useful if you're following this awesome homepage building tutorial: https://thrivethemes.com/no-photoshop-homepage/
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How to Connect MailChimp to Thrive Leads & Set a Custom Thank You Page
A quick tutorial video demonstrating how you can integrate the MailChimp email marketing system with the Thrive Leads plugin for WordPress. This is also the easiest way to set a custom thank you page URL for your MailChimp opt-in forms.
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What Is a Landing Page? Do You Need One?
Learn how to create great landing pages as quickly as possible : https://thrivethemes.com/free-video-course/
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First Look at the Upcoming Thrive Theme Builder
Check out the post and signup link: https://thrivethemes.com/theme-first-look/ This video is a first look at the upcoming, fully visual theme builder by Thrive Themes. For the firs time, we're brining the advanced customization capabilities from Thrive Architect to the level of a WordPress theme. That means you'll be able to visually edit and customize every aspect of your WordPress website, including editing page templates, archive pages and pages containing dynamic content like blog post lists. This goes much further than a bit of header and footer customization. This is true, full featured theme editing.
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How to Build Your List With Thrive Architect
When looking at all the cool designs you can create with Thrive Architect, it's easy to forget that the plugin also has advanced list building features included. Create exit-intent and timed lightboxes, horizontal opt-in forms, 2-step opt-in forms and more with ONLY Thrive Architect. Full blog post: https://thrivethemes.com/list-building-thrive-architect/
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JPEG or PNG? Why the Right Image Format Makes Your Site FASTER
Blog post: https://thrivethemes.com/jpeg-vs-png/ Yes, this is a whole video about the difference between JPEG (or .jpg) and PNG (or .png) images. Why? Because choosing the right format is an important step in building any high performing, fast loading, optimized website or landing page. If you do this wrong, your images can look fuzzy and weird AND make your website load too slowly for any visitors to stick around. Check out the video to learn which image format to choose when and see side-by-side comparisons of what happens when you choose (and compress) the right or wrong image format. For any website containing photographs, graphics and screenshots (and really, which website doesn't?), this is something you need to consider. Also, send this video to your designer! Many designers don't know how to pick the right image formats, either.
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How to A/B Test Thrive Landing Pages Using Google Analytics
Full post: https://thrivethemes.com/split-test-landing-pages/ We don't have split testing built into our WordPress plugin yet (we will, in the future). In the meantime, this is the recommended, free method you can use.
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New Feature: Landing Page Script Manager for Thrive Architect
Full post: https://thrivethemes.com/landing-page-script-manager/ Quick look at a new feature that makes it easier to add retargeting pixels and other tracking scripts to landing pages you create in Thrive Architect for WordPress.
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How to Make Your Website Look Professional in Easy 3 Steps
Full article and tools here: https://thrivethemes.com/three-step-designer-makeover/ Image source for the funnel image: https://spiralmarketing.com/services/funnelmanagement/
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Old vs. New Marketing and What it Means for GDPR
Let's talk about Old Marketing vs New Marketing. What are the main differences? With the old marketing, we've all experienced that moment when someone starts sending us lots of emails through which they want us to buy their product. That simply doesn't work, probably because it kinda gives us a car salesman vibe, through which they want to sell us something as fast as possible. On the other hand, the new marketing consists in creating content that serves both as simple content and as an advertisment, as well. This is one of the most important secrets that you need to know in order to get email marketing right. And it doesn't apply only in email marketing. Blending your advertisments with your content works perfectly in any type of online marketing. Check out the video to find out how you can put this into practice. Also, don't forget to check out the full blog post: https://thrivethemes.com/gdpr-for-email-marketing/
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Answer Based Tagging in Thrive Quiz Builder
Create your own quiz today: https://thrivethemes.com/quizbuilder
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Content Patterns: Write Better Blog Posts, Faster
Check out the example content patterns here: https://thrivethemes.com/content-pattern/ If you're a blogger or content marketer and you've ever struggled with writer's block or with delivering enough content on a deadline, this video is for you.
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Create These 3 Landing Pages for More Leads, Higher Engagement and More Sales
See the full post here: https://thrivethemes.com/3-types-landing-pages/ A landing page has only one purpose: converting the visitors. That’s why landing pages are so efficient for growing your email list and your business. They do only one thing, but they are insanely good at it. In this video you’ll discover the 3 types of landing pages every serious online business should create on their website. The tool demonstrated in this video is Thrive Landing Pages you can find more information here: https://thrivethemes.com/landingpages/
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Symbols Feature in Thrive Architect
Check out the blog post: https://thrivethemes.com/symbols-feature/ What are Symbols? Think of them as anything that is synchronized across your whole website. Meaning: if you change it in one place, it updates everywhere. You can turn any element or any group of elements in Thrive Architect into a Symbol and then use it in your blog posts, on your pages, in landing pages, shop pages,... you name it. Symbols can be used in many ways and you can think of them like a "global widget" that you can insert anywhere on your site. In this video, you'll see how you can save, edit, load and manage Symbols in Thrive Architect. To start using these on your WordPress website, get your copy of Thrive Architect here: https://thrivethemes.com/architect/
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How to Use Categories & Tags in WordPress - The Masterclass
Blog post: https://thrivethemes.com/categories-tags-masterclass/ Everything you ever wanted to know about using WordPress categories and tags for maximum SEO, silo setup, user friendly navigation and more.
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Surprise Your Audience With These New Opt-in Form Templates
Get Thrive Leads: https://thrivethemes.com/leads Read the full post: https://thrivethemes.com/round-optin-template-set/ We're adding new opt-in form templates to Thrive Leads, the most advanced list building plugin for WordPress. Use these templates to make 2-step opt-in forms, ribbons, scroll mats, screenfillers and much more. The full opt-in form is customizable within the drag&drop editor, no Photoshop or other image editing tool needed. This template and hundreds more are included in the Thrive Leads plugin. This is a one-time investment that will help you to build your email list.
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New Improvements to Thrive Architect Text Editing
Blog post: https://thrivethemes.com/improved-text-editing/ Improved text editing in the Thrive Architect plugin for WordPress. Bring a Microsoft Word or Google Docs like editing experience to your WordPress posts and pages!
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The 3 Most Common Mistakes When Pricing Your Product
It is very important to know how to price your product properly. In this video we're talking about 3 common mistakes that you need to avoid when pricing your product: - Mistake #1 is trying to compete on price - It occurs when you don't know how much your product is worth... So you just take a look at your competitors and think "I'm going to price my products lower than they do, so their customers will choose me instead". - Mistake #2 is setting the price based on your type of product. So, you're thinking "Hmm, I guess this should cost THIS much...?". - And finally, mistake #3 is not giving people to oportunity to give you more money (even when they want to). Watch the video to find detailed answers for these questions, along with simple examples why you shouldn't price your product based on these factors. Also, check out the full blog post + 2 bonus tips here: https://thrivethemes.com/pricing-mistakes/
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How to Improve Your Bounce Rate
full post: https://thrivethemes.com/visitor-experience-mistakes/ Are you unknowingly repelling your visitors? We'll go through four common visitor experience mistakes that can see your visitor racing to click off your site.
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How to Modify Free Stock Photos to Use on Your Blog
Full post here: https://thrivethemes.com/stock-photos-hurting-conversions/ Free stock photos are a good way to add nice images to your website but they can also damage your conversions if you use them the wrong way.
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5 Types of Blog Posts You Need to Be Writing
Full post and examples: https://thrivethemes.com/5-types-of-content/ If you have a blog and you want that blog to bring in more traffic and better serve your business, make sure to create these five kinds of content.
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Why Flat Design Rules (Plus: New Templates!)
Blog post: https://thrivethemes.com/flat-2-landing-pages/ Flat design may not be the hottest trend in web design, but it sure is the most durable. Basically every web design trend from the last couple of years has followed at least some of the flat design principles. In this video, you'll discover the connection between flat design and website performance (a.k.a. speed) and the underlying reason why this design language is so important. Plus, we've added a new set of landing pages to Thrive Architect, that follow a flat design style with a modern (and conversion focused) twist. The set includes a homepage template as well as all the landing pages you need for a lead generation funnel. Learn more about how to add and edit landing pages on your WordPress site here: https://thrivethemes.com/landingpages/
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Easily Send Download Links to New Subscribers in Thrive Leads
See the full post here: https://thrivethemes.com/asset-delivery/ This is a quick demonstration of the Thrive Leads Asset Delivery feature, which lets you associate specific downloadable files with your opt-in forms and those will be sent instantly to new subscribers.
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Got a Homepage Slider? Get Rid of It!
We need to talk about website sliders... If you're running out of ideas, a slider seems to be the best option you can use on your WordPress website, because... well, they look cool. And also everyone seems to be using sliders on their homepages! But does that mean that they're the best way to go? We analyzed how sliders are doing on WordPress websites and what we found is really something you should think about if you REALLY want to use a slider on your website. And that is that... A slider can seriously slow down your website AND lower your conversion rate, as well. Check out the video to see what we found while we analyzed how WordPress sliders are doing. Also, check out the full post: https://thrivethemes.com/why-sliders-suck/
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New Content Locking Feature in Thrive Leads
We've added a new way to build your mailing list with the "content lock" short code feature in our Thrive Leads plugin (WordPress plugin). Check out the video to see how it works. More details here: https://thrivethemes.com/thrive-leads-content-lock/
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New Contact Form Element in Thrive Architect
Check out the full blog post, notes and links here: https://thrivethemes.com/contact-form-tips/ In this video, we're looking at the new contact form element in Thrive Architect. Before, you might have been stuck with Contact Form 7 or some other plugin that creates functional forms for you, but those form are usually rather ugly. And then you have to dive into CSS and all sorts of complicated stuff if you want to make them look nicer. In typical Thrive Architect fashion, this new element is instantly editable on the front end. No messing with code, nothing complicated or overwhelming. Simply style each element in the form any way you like, with an instantly updating preview. Or, even easier, use one of our many pre-designed templates. Check out Thrive Architect, to use this feature on your own website: https://thrivethemes.com/architect/
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Persistent Headers & Footers for Your Landing Pages
Vote for your preferred features: https://thrivethemes.com/landing-page-headers/ This is the first look at our new headers & footers feature. Watch the video to see how you can help us make it better!
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How to Create a Complete List Building Funnel with Thrive Architect
Get Thrive Architect here: https://thrivethemes.com/architect/ Having a lead generation funnel in place is one of the most important assets for any online business. In this video you'll discover how to set up such a funnel using Thrive Architect. All the landing pages you see are included in the Thrive Architect plugin. For more resources, check out the blog post: https://thrivethemes.com/list-building-funnel/
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How to Add a Click-to-Call Phone Number in WordPress
Full post: https://thrivethemes.com/click-to-call-phone-numbers/ This is a quick tutorial, showing how you can add a click to call number or button to your posts or pages in WordPress, using the Thrive Architect plugin.
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Everything you need on your blog's homepage - Website Review
Full article and recipe here: https://thrivethemes.com/blog-homepage-recipe/
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How to Track Goal Conversions in Google Analytics (Quick Guide)
http://thrivethemes.com/conversion-tracking-google-analytics/ Quick look at how to track conversion goals in Google Analytics. Do this to start getting more useful data in your analytics reports, such as seeing where your most valuable traffic really comes from.
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Build a Homepage Like Marie Forleo, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ramit Sethi & Co.
Check out the full post and get the bonus template here: https://thrivethemes.com/homepage-history-personal-branding/ We did a detailed analysis of the homepages on the web's most successful personal brands including Tim Ferriss, Celestine Chua, Gary Vaynerchuk, Marie Forleo and James Clear. What do they do, that helps them build such a strong brand for themselves? And what did they do in the past, that got them here? You can learn all this in the post linked above. In this video, you'll see a quick tour of what the "perfect" homepage, based on everything we learnt from these masters, looks like.
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3 New Elements in Thrive Architect for Faster Page Building
Thrive Architect: https://thrivethemes.com/architect With Thrive Architect, our drag and drop visual editor for WordPress you can create elements such as content boxes and customize every detail. But sometimes you just want something that look professional right out of the box without having to spend time to make it look good. That's where these new elements come into play. We've added styled boxes, call to action and guarantee boxes as new elements in Thrive Architect.
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Make Your Website Smarter, Build Your List Faster: SmartLinks by Thrive Leads
Full blog post here: https://thrivethemes.com/smartlinks/ A revolutionary new feature in Thrive Leads makes it easy for you to show different offers to different visitors on your website, depending on whether they are existing subscribers or not.
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Thrive Leads: Demo of this WordPress List-Building Plugin
http://thrivethemes.com/leads/ A look at the first version of Thrive Leads: a new mailing list building plugin for WordPress. Check out how this plugin can replace multiple other plugins and how features are built in that make it easy for you to grow you list faster than ever before. For those familiar, this plugin is the new and improved replacement for the previously available Hybrid Connect plugin.
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GDPR & Thrive Themes: May Update
All the feature notes are here: https://thrivethemes.com/gdpr-features/ The May 25 deadline for EU GDPR privacy regulations is coming closer. In this video, you'll discover where we currently stand in making all Thrive Themes products GDPR compliant. We've already shipped a series of features and "under the hood" updates that help keep your Wordpress website compliant, without having to do anything different. We also have 2 major changes still in progress, including our integration with the official WordPress GDPR data export and removal tool.
Views: 4826 Thrive Themes
Import and Export Landing Pages in Thrive Architect
All links can be found here: https://thrivethemes.com/import-export-landing-pages/ Not using Thrive Architect yet? Buy your copy here: https://thrivethemes.com/architect/
Views: 6297 Thrive Themes
How the "Remove Theme CSS" Feature Makes Your Landing Pages Faster
Blog post: https://thrivethemes.com/remove-theme-css/ In Thrive Architect for WordPress, you now have the option to remove theme styles from your landing pages. That means: less code is loaded and your pages are faster. Learn more about the best way to create landing pages in WordPress (without paying monthly fees) here: https://thrivethemes.com/architect/
Views: 5710 Thrive Themes
If You Want to Do A/B Testing, You Need to Know This...
Full post: https://thrivethemes.com/ab-test-disappointment/ Most marketers who start split testing to optimize conversions on their website go in with completely unrealistic expectations. In this video, you'll discover why that is and what to do about it.
Views: 3528 Thrive Themes
New UI in the Thrive Architect Page Builder Plugin for WordPress
Blog post here: https://thrivethemes.com/new-ui-architect/ Want a full, written tour of the new interface? We've got you covered: https://thrivethemes.com/tkb_item/new-user-interface-what-changed-and-why/ Thrive Architect is one of the most popular live page builders for WordPress. We've released a new version with an updated user interface. You will now find a clearer separation between styling options and other settings in the UI. Plus, we've made optimizations and speed improvements, so everything will be smoother and even faster to work with than before. Learn more about Thrive Architect here: https://thrivethemes.com/architect/
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The Best Landing Pages to Sell & Deliver an Online Course
Read the full post: https://thrivethemes.com/landing-pages-online-courses/ Get Thrive Landing Pages: https://thrivethemes.com/landingpages/ You've build an online course and now you want to sell it (or give it away to build your list). You will need to build landing pages such as a sales page, a lead generation page or signup page, a course overview page, a course delivery page and much more. All of this can be very time consuming especially if you're not a designer or a developer. That's why we created the Know How Landing Page set. These landing pages will give you everything you need to sell & deliver your ecourse in minutes instead of hours.
Views: 20323 Thrive Themes
Hide Your Opt-In Forms from Visitors Who've Already Subscribed - Thrive Leads Feature
This is a new option in Thrive Leads that gives you even more control over what your existing subscribers see vs. what new visitors see. We've expanded a feature that was already applied to most opt-in form types and let you apply them to in-line forms, widgets and more. Check out the Thrive Leads plugin for WordPress to get access to all these features, including the popular SmartLinks feature.
Views: 2460 Thrive Themes
GDPR: How Thrive Themes Products Will Help
Post and links to learn more: https://thrivethemes.com/gdpr-features/ GDPR is a set of EU laws that are coming into action on May 25, 2018. Even if you don't operate in the EU, these regulations will affect your online business. It's complicated and lawyery. In this video, you'll learn what Thrive Themes is doing to make it a bit less complicated and annoying for you.
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Animation & Action Options in Thrive Architect (Tutorial Video)
Discover how the animation and action settings in Thrive Architect give you control over many aspects click actions, animations, opening videos and images in overlays and much more. Learn more here: https://thrivethemes.com/cta-ribbon/ This video is made using the Thrive Architect plugin for WordPress.
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How to Create a Sales Page (if you really don't want to create a sales page)
Creating a sales page can be a scary proposition. How do you know what to write? What order should the different bits and pieces of the page be in? How can you create a convincing sales message when you aren't a copywriter? Those are exactly the problems our new Thrive Landing Pages template for WordPress addresses. Check out this simple way for anyone to build a highly effective sales page with zero copywriting experience. Get the full post here: http://thrivethemes.com/no-copywriting-sales-page/
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Custom Fonts in Thrive Architect
Check out the blog post: https://thrivethemes.com/custom-fonts-plugin/ Check out how the latest version of the Thrive Architect page builder plugin for WordPress integrates with the Custom Fonts plugin for WordPress (https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-fonts/) to bring you the ability to add any custom font to your content and landing pages. This is in addition to the already existing integration with Google Fonts which gives you access to hundreds of fonts already. Get Thrive Architect for your website here: https://thrivethemes.com/architect/
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How to Create a Webinar Funnel on Your WordPress Website
Learn how to create a live webinar funnel on your WordPress website without the need for expensive webinar software. All you need is Thrive Landing Pages, YouTube and your email service provider. The full guide can be found here: https://thrivethemes.com/create-a-webinar-funnel/
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How to Add a WooCommerce Button on a Pricing Table
Check out Thrive Architect: https://thrivethemes.com/architect In this article you can discover what's the easiest and fastest way to add a WooCommerce button on your pricing table in WordPress. See full post here: https://thrivethemes.com/woocommerce-button-pricing-table/
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Quick Way to Create Links & 2-Step Opt-ins in Thrive Content Builder
Full post here: https://thrivethemes.com/improved-hyperlinks/ With a new update to our visual editor for WordPress, you can now insert hyperlinks (to internal or external pages) much more quickly than ever before. Plus, you can use this same feature to quickly create links that open opt-in lightboxes (also known as popups or 2-step opt-ins).
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