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Captain Jack Sparrow Interrupts News Reporter During TV Live Broadcast
More Videos at : www.FUNNYHOTNEWS.com When Los Angeles entertainment reporter Madison Brooks attempts to report live from Hollywood Boulevard to interview fans of "Breaking Bad," a special guest interrupts her live broadcast. A man dressed in costume as Captain Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean" makes the creepiest video-bomb ever. At first glance, you see him appear into the frame just to the right of the frame. Then, Captain Jack sneaks up behind the reporter and sniffs her hair. The reporter is in complete shock. He says, "Hey what's your name, who are you?" Captain Jack was pulled away from the reporter by someone standing just outside of the shot. After the terrifying moment was over, Brooks, shaken up but professional, ends her segment by saying, "This is Madison Brooks reporting live from Hollywood Boulevard, back to you." Go home Captain Jack, you're drunk.
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Tape of horrible police brutality released 110lb woman's face shattered   YouTube
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Submarine breaks the surface of a Milan STREET
MORE AT : HTTP://WWW.FUNNYHOTNEWS.COM Submarine breaks the surface of a Milan STREET... in a clever marketing stunt that left bystanders completely baffled The people of Milan awoke to find something a little strange yesterday morning. Just off of Via dei Mercanti, near the heart of the old city, a submarine had apparently pushed its way through the paving stones and damaged a nearby car. The road's shattered surface lay piled up around, with baffled firefighters looking on. Meanwhile, sailors clambered down from the lost submarine's tower to meet emergency crews at the scene.
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Woman In Jail Cell Pulls Drugs Out Of Her Vagina
For More Videos : http://www.FUNNYHOTNEWS.com Woman In Jail Cell Pulls Drugs Out Of Her Vagina: ALBANY — An inmate caused a bizarre scene at Albany County Correctional Facility Tuesday when a condom full of prescription drugs and heroin she was carrying inside her split open, spilling a cache of painkillers, anti-anxiety and sleeping pills onto the floor of a holding cell, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said. Before she was to begin a six-month sentence for a probation violation, Andrea Amanatides, 38, filled a condom with 256 prescription pills — 90 pills of Lyrica, 37 Adderall pills, 50 Valiums, 43 Trazadones, 10 Ambiens, 26 Oxycontins — and four bags of heroin and put the condom in her vagina, Apple said. As Amanatides waited in her holding cell, one of the pills fell out, Apple said. Amanatides then tried to "adjust herself," Apple said, but the 255 other pills and heroin simultaneously fell to the floor. The entire sequence was captured on video, Apple said. Amanatides, of 245 Manning Blvd., was charged with five misdemeanor counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance and felony promotion of prison contraband. She was arraigned in Colonie Town Court and sent back to county jail. Apple said the incident underscores the need for his jail to be able to strip search all inmates. In April, the Supreme Court ruled that jails may perform strip searches on inmates regardless of the gravity of their offenses. Jails had previously needed reasonable suspicion, a restriction Apple said made it hard to regulate drugs and weapons that came into his jail. Drugs smuggled into the jail not only promote drug use, but violence, Apple said. "If she's selling this stuff, people are going to find out who she is and beat her up for it," Apple said. "It leads to a whole cycle of serious problems."
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Mexican woman giving birth on a LAWN when nurses denied her treatment
FOR MORE VIDEOS VISIT : WWW.FUNNYHOTNEWS.COM A disturbing photograph of an indigenous woman from Mexico delivering a baby on a patch of grass outside a medical center has set off a firestorm online and sparked a national debate that led to the suspension of the head of the clinic that has turned the mother away. The shocking image, taken by a passerby, shows 29-year-old Irma Lopez , who is of Mazatec ethnicity, squatting after giving birth, her face contorted in pain and her tiny newborn son still bound by the umbilical cord and lying on the ground. The government of the southern state of Oaxaca announced Wednesday that it has suspended the health center's director, Dr. Adrian Cruz, while officials conduct state and federal investigations into the October 2 incident. Mrs Lopez, a married mother of three, said that she and her husband were turned away from the Rural Health Center of the village of San Felipe Jalapa de Diaz by a nurse who said she was only eight months pregnant and 'still not ready' to deliver, even though the woman was reportedly fully dilated. The couple, who are Mazatecs and do not speak Spanish, could not understand much of what the nurse was telling them beyond the word 'no,' so they went outside. Addressing the controversy later, the nurses blamed the incident on the language barrier and claimed that they did not have enough staff on hand to treat the woman due to a partial work stoppage. An hour and a half later, at 7.30am, the woman's water broke. Knowing that the time has come, Lopez kneeled on the grass outside the clinic and started pushing while grabbing the wall of a house. 'I didn't want to deliver like this. It was so ugly and with so much pain,' she said, adding she was alone for the birth because her husband was trying to persuade the nurse to call for help. Eloy Pacheco Lopez, who was among a number of people drawn to the site by the mother's screams, took the photo and gave it to a news reporter. It ran in several national newspapers, including the full front page of the tabloid La Razon de Mexico, and was widely circulated on the Internet. Pacheco López also shared the image on Facebook, writing that 'after waiting and demanding attention for two hours, she gave birth in the yard of the hospital after being ignored by personnel under the direction of the supposed doctor Adrian René Cruz Cabrera,' Latin Times reported. The case illustrated the shortcomings of maternal care in Mexico, where hundreds of women still die during or right after pregnancy. It also pointed to still persistent discrimination against Mexico's indigenous people persists. 'The photo is giving visibility to a wider structural problem that occurs within indigenous communities: Women are not receiving proper care. They are not being offered quality health services, not even a humane treatment,' said Mayra Morales, Oaxaca's representative for the national Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights. Lopez said she and her husband walked an hour in the dark to the clinic from the family's one-bedroom hut in the mountains of northern Oaxaca. It would have taken them longer to get to the nearest highway to catch a ride to a hospital. She said that from the births of her two previous children, she knew she didn't have time for that. Silvia Flores, the mayor of the town where then now-infamous medical center is located, told the site Clarin that it was the second time in a year that a woman in labor has given birth on the lawn: in July, another indigenous woman delivered a baby on the same grass patch. The Mexican federal Health Department said this week that it has sent staff to investigate what happened at the Rural Health Center of the village of San Felipe Jalapa de Diaz. The National Human Rights Commission also began an investigation after seeing news reports. Nearly one in five women in the state of Oaxaca gave birth in a place that is not a hospital or a clinic in 2011, according to Mexico's census. Health officials have urged women to go to clinics to deliver their babies, but many women say the operating hours of the rural centers are limited and staffs small.
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20 kilo tumor, removed from mans face, new world record
more info: http://FunnyHotNews.com/20-kg-tumor-on-the-mans-face
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Mystery Creature Found Dead   Alien Lands in Panama   www fbnews1 tk
More Info At : www.FUNNYHOTNEWS.com Pale and snub-nosed with long arms and curving claws, an "alien" discovered in September had five teenagers thinking they'd had a close encounter in a Panama creek. "I was in the river and I felt something grabbing my legs," one of the boys told the local television program Telemetro Reporta a few days after the sighting in the Cerro Azul region of Panama City. "We took it out of the water and started throwing rocks and sticks at it. We had never seen anything like that." After beating the creature until they thought it was dead, the teenagers threw it back into the water, returning later to snap photos of the body sprawled on a rock. Their pictures of the dead "alien" posted online quickly earned the creature the nickname "Panama ET." But an autopsy has now revealed that the purported alien was actually a species of sloth that had died and started to decay before the boys' discovery. "Most people know how a dead animal looks like in a dry environment," said André Sena Maia, a veterinarian at Niterói Zoo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. "The body must have got stuck under the water, and the movement of the currents gave [the boys] the false impression that it was alive." Alien Looks Due to Watery Grave Panamanian officials recovered the "alien" four days after the teenagers had thrown it back into the creek. A biopsy done at the National Environmental Authority of Panama (ANAM) concluded that the creature was a male Bradypus variegates, also known as athree-toed sloth, a common species in Central and South America. "The sloth had severe signs of trauma on its body, as shown in the necropsy," said Melquiades Ramos, a veterinarian at the ANAM Department of Protected Areas and Wild Lives. "From the state it is shown in the pictures, we can estimate it had been in the water for about two days before being found." The body's unearthly appearance is the normal state for a putrefying animal immersed in water, said Maia, of the Niterói Zoo. That's because water accelerates the loss of fur and gives the dead animal smooth and almost glowing skin, he said. In addition, bacteria decomposing the body created gases that made the organs swell, adding to the creature's extraordinary appearance. After identifying the body, ANAM staff buried the sloth.
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cinnamon and honey For weight loss "best foods for weight loss"
"Losing Weight using Honey and Cinnamon" More info : http://best-of-health-fitness.blogspot.com/2013/09/losing-weight-using-honey-and-cinnamon.html . . . . .http://best-of-health-fitness.blogspot.com/2013/09/losing-weight-using-honey-and-cinnamon.html . . . . . http://best-of-health-fitness.blogspot.com/2013/09/losing-weight-using-honey-and-cinnamon.html Tags: cinnamon and honey weight loss,best foods for weight loss,Losing weight using honey and cinnamon,weight loss calculator,yoga for weight loss,foods to help weight loss,healthy weight loss help,ways to lose weight fast,fast diet,liquid diet,beginner weight loss program,how to lose weight by eating healthy,fitness ebook,books on fitness and nutrition,method lafay
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شعالة خطيرة بمناسبة عاشوراء
شعالة خطيرة بمناسبة عاشوراء أكتر من 30 عجلة (pneu) للمزيد من المعلومات زورو صفحتنا الرسمية https://www.facebook.com/zham3arassek
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Man gets Slapped for Touching Girl's Butt on Subway
For More Videos Visit : http://www.bit.ly/1QOAd9x New York is a leader in the legislative fight against sexual harassment in the subways, and its newest proposition is a law that aims to upgrade unwanted sexual contact from a misdemeanor to a felony. The escalation also turns "sexually motivated touching" into a sex crime with the possibility of jail time. I applaud lawmakers' effort to address this critical issue, but I am not convinced that harsher punishments for sexual harassment on the subway will yield the desired effect. The most lamentable aspect of taking public transportation as a woman is enduring the unsavory boys and men who exploit the shared space and put our safety in jeopardy. Masturbation, sexual assault, rape andwhatever you call what this guy was doing are the more invasive (not to mention illegal) behaviors that disrupt our journeys. Women understand that most men don't engage in this brand of sexual violence, and we applaud the many men who take action to disrupt this injustice when it occurs. But the number of guys who are doing these things is sizable enough to make most women suspicious and uneasy during our commutes. Subway harassment isn't only a problem for women in New York City: Boston, Chicago and, recently, Washington, DC have all implemented ad campaigns to raise awareness about the issue and encourage riders to report incidents. And across the globe in Beijing, a furious debate erupted in August after the Shanghai No 2 Metro Operation Company issued a public statement blaming harassment on women who wear sexy clothing. Transportation in cities in Egypt, Japan and India have women-only sections, where the hope is that separation might actually equal increased public safety. Still, the problem persists across cultures and national borders.
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The truth about giant anaconda in the Amazon
More Videos : www.FUNNYHOTNEWS.com Reports of giant anacondas date back as far as the discovery of South America, when sightings of anacondas upwards of 50 metres (150 feet) began to circulate amongst colonists, and the topic has been a subject of debate ever since among cryptozoologists and zoologists. Anacondas can grow to sizes of 6 metres (20 ft) and beyond, and 150 kilograms (330 lbs.) in weight. Although some python species can grow longer, the anaconda, particularly the green or common anaconda, is the heaviest and largest in terms of diameter of all snakes, and it is the second-longest extant snake in the world behind the reticulated python. The longest reputably-measured and confirmed anacondas are about 7.5 metres (25 feet) long.[3] Lengths of 50--60 feet have been reported for this species, but such extremes lack verification. The only real reliable claims that can be found describe measured anacondas ranging from 26 to 39 feet, although these remain unverified.
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Neymar Amazing Skill x De Guzman _ FC Barcelona 3 vs 1 Real Sociedad
Neymar Amazing Skill x De Guzman _ FC Barcelona 3 vs 1 Real Sociedad more videos: www.funnyhotnews.com
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Supernatural indian boy with tail
Supernatural indian boy with tail for more info : http://funnyhotnews.com/2013/08/indian-boy-born-with-an-animal-tail/
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Funny and Hot News " the news bus is in the bilding "
Funny and Hot News " the news bus is in the bilding " more info : http://funnyhotnews.com/2013/07/i-would-never-consider-doing-it-in-a-million-years-woman-with-two-vaginas-rejects-1million-offer-to-make-adult-film/
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Baby Survives Miracle Fall from Skyscraper in China
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