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Mystery Human Species Found in Philippines: Homo Luzonensis
Homo Luzonensis bones were found in a limestone cave.
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Front view of bigfoot walking through the brush. http://www.jurassicgorilla.com http://www.builtreport.com
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Bili Apes: Giant-sized Hybrid Chimps?
Bili apes are thought by some to be possible gorilla-chimp hybrids due to gorilla-like nesting habits as well as having slightly larger sagittal crests than most chimpanzees. Bili ape T-Shirts: https://jurassicgorilla.com/?s=bili&post_type=product Support my work via donation: http://paypal.me/JurassicGorilla My other platforms: https://www.builtreport.com/ JURASSIC GORILLA T-SHIRTS: https://jurassicgorilla.com https://markanderschannel.com/
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Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot face reconstruction
Why do most Bigfoot reconstructions ignore the facial features in the Patterson/Gimlin film? Support my work via donation: http://paypal.me/JurassicGorilla My other platforms: https://www.builtreport.com/ JURASSIC GORILLA T-SHIRTS: https://jurassicgorilla.com https://markanderschannel.com/
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THIS IS IT! The Beast from Massachusetts. Essex County Monster. The 1000 pound giant.
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Mystery Human Species With Huge Brain
Boskop Man from South Africa was alleged to have a brain 30% larger than average modern humans.
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Mexican Bigfoot and New Sasquatch Locating Technology
A dramatic image of the Mexican Bigfoot and a discussion on Lidar imaging, which revealed stunning new detail of an ancient city in Mexico called Angamuco, plus predicting future imaging that even Bigfoot could not evade.
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Giant "Lion" Hyaenodon discovered in Kenya
Simbakubwa kutokaafrika "Big Lion From Africa" was over 1000 lbs/453 kg heavier than the largest polar bear ever.
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Bigfoot Idaho FOOTAGE
Sasquatch walking in Idaho forest. Medium sized sasquatch, not as large as the Massachusetts monster bigfoot. Interesting.
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Side shot of Boise Idaho Sasquatch walking through a clearing. Idaho is Bigfoot country.
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Bigfoot Texas Sasquatch Human Like
Look at the footage-Does having ample hair make you no longer human?
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Brian Stelter Chimpanzee Morph
Brian Stelter imagery assists in understanding Bigfoot as it relates to the Patterson Gimlin film. Support my work via donation: http://paypal.me/JurassicGorilla My other platforms: https://www.builtreport.com/ JURASSIC GORILLA T-SHIRTS: https://jurassicgorilla.com https://markanderschannel.com/
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Scientists say Japanese Ashitaba Plant may slow Ageing
Japanese Ashitaba plant eaten by Samurai may slow down ageing
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Bigfoot UK, British Surge!
Why are British Bigfoot sightings are on the rise?
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Very tall creature right on the border with California. How does the border gang violence effect Sasquatch?
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Beto and Butthead Morph
Comparative anatomy analysis of Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke's facial structure versus cartoon caricature Butthead.
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Bigfoot Photo Oregon Sasquatch
Creepy Sasquatch lurking in the shadows. Crater Lake Oregon in America's North East.
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Zoo Gorilla Attracts Women
Shabani the Gorilla became world famous after increasing female zoo attendance at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya, Japan.
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Bigfoot Idaho Exists
Compelling photo from Boise County Idaho of bigfoot caught striding through wooded area.
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Bigfoot Texas Captured by Camera
Bigfoot Texas could not evade camera forever. http://www.jurassicgorilla.com http://www.builtreport.com
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BIGFOOT VIDEO Angeles National Forest
It is getting harder and harder for Bigfoots to stay hidden in California. Thanks, California drought. The devastating California drought is driving Sasquatch down from the mountains. Great for Bigfoot trackers, not so good for Bigfoot?
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Bigfoot 2012
Known as the "RANCHITA BIGFOOT" or the "WOOD APE". http://www.jurassicgorilla.com http://www.builtreport.com Possible Bigfoot or escaped gorilla or ape photographed in Ranchita, California.
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Bigfoot Montana Monster Photo
Stunning! A bigfoot in Montana so close to the camera it will scare the heck out of you. Photographer had guts!
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Humanzee: Human-Chimp Hybrid
New information suggests a human-chimp hybrid experiment took place in Florida,
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Bigfoot Sighting Santa Cruz
A new image is added for speculation regarding the Santa Cruz Sasquatch.
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Bigfoot Texas Sasquatch looks like Patterson Bigfoot
The Best Bigfoot sequence in Years is presented in this video.
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Bigfoot Sasquatch Found in TEXAS
The bigfoot community is pleased with the notoriety of Texas Bigfoot.
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Bigfoot Yellowstone Montana Giant Sasquatch
Recorded on camera is Montana Bigfoot up close and unsafe. The best photos trump footprints and scat as evidence.
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Bigger Muscles through Biohacking Myostatin
Blocking the Myostatin gene increases muscle mass. Biohacking will bring bio technology to the consumer level and increase the number of people working on solutions.
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Montana Bigfoot. Let experienced trackers do their job and you'll get more photos like this.
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Amazon Bigfoot
Amazon image of a prehistoric-looking man. What is bigfoot if not a prehistoric-looking man?
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Georgia Bigfoot
Does Georgia Bigfoot look Gigantopithic? http://www.jurassicgorilla.com http://www.builtreport.com
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Oklahoma Bigfoot
One of the several new apparent Oklahoma bigfoot images is analyzed.
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Photo of White County Georgia Sasquatch. Skunk Ape are in Georgia as well as Florida.
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Photo from the Santa Cruz mountains. Shrouded in legend but in plain sight. There have been Bigfoot sighting reports since the late nineteenth century.
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Arizona Bigfoot captured on Camera. A two camera setup captures a Bigfoot image unbeknownst to a nearby hiker. This is one of a series of shots of hikers AND Bigfoot caught by the motion sensor cameras. This camera setup seems like an ideal way to guarantee better Bigfoot images. Arizona Bigfoot, The Mark Anders Channel BEGIN TRANSCRIPT Paul Kersey: There's a lot of sightings in Arizona, not just Flagstaff, but all over Arizona. Harry Callahan: There's a video camera set up that's hidden so people don't notice it. Paul Kersey: These are cameras that are triggered by movement. Harry Callahan: Both of them are. Both the video camera and a still camera on the hill. Paul Kersey: So nothing moves through here without being captured on video or with still photography. Harry Callahan: We know people come to and fro on this path here but what is surprising is that on the hill, to the right of your screen, looking down, there's a still camera that looks down at the person. You're catching the person two ways. They're hoping to find a Bigfoot on this very trail. Paul Kersey: These cameras have been put into place because of all the sightings that have been happening in this area. Harry Callahan: The camera on the hill, to the right, pointing down, not only captured the picture of the person walking the path but in the background of this still picture you can see a Bigfoot in the background. That would be to the left of the screen, out of the range of the video camera but within the range of the still. The person in the foreground that's walking on this path had no clue --- Paul Kersey: You'd imagine that they'd be running scared. They'd be running for their lives. Harry Callahan: That's how hidden Bigfoot, or anything, can be. Bigfoot was a mere 50 feet from people. Paul Kersey: So, Bigfoot lives in harmony with nature and humans. There's no such thing as an angry Bigfoot? There's not a bloodthirsty Bigfoot? He's not coming to tear people apart? Harry Callahan: No, There are those types as well. There are different types of Bigfoot. Paul Kersey: Maybe this Bigfoot has just had three or four cows and is just relaxing. END TRANSCRIPT Mark Anders Channel
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Georgia, White County Sasquatch. Clearly, one of the weirder and taller Bigfoot spotted in the United States.
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Bigfoot Walking Texas Sasquatch Video
Bigfoot of Texas commentary and talk about the bounty on bigfoot.
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Gifford Pinchot National Forest Bigfoot. Also, planning Bigfoot expeditions by satellite.
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Washington Bigfoot Ape Canyon HD ★★★★
A MUST WATCH VIDEO!!!!!!!!! Washington Bigfoot Video PLUS Ape Canyon dramatization. This is video of the Washington State Bigfoot in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, not far from Ape Canyon, so named after a famous 1924 Bigfoot incident. What precipitated the whole Ape Canyon attack in 1924? Well, you have five prospectors and they have their claim. They're searching for gold and they come across large footprints and they're spooked. They can't make out what these are. These are not human prints. At night they hear these shrill peculiar whistles and what sounds like a gorilla chest thumping. So they're spooked by this thing and when Fred Beck, who related this story, and another miner were gathering water from a nearby spring, they see one, shoot at it, and it gets away. That evening they go back to their cabin and talk to the rest of the group about what had happened and they end up getting attacked that night. The first time they come upon a Bigfoot, they shoot at it and that very evening they get attacked by a bunch of Bigfoot. Now, they're in a very sturdy log cabin and there's ridges and mountains above them. Above them they're being attacked by Bigfoot throwing down boulders at their cabin. Some are down on the ground at cabin level trying to attack them. When the Bigfoot attack they fire back. Bigfoot are at the door, on the roof, one was even thwarted from reaching in the cabin and pulling out an ax. The attack ended just before daylight. At first light they come out of the cabin because they want to get out of there. Not long, Fred Beck spots one about eighty yards away from the edge of Ape Canyon, shoots three times, the creature falls 400 feet below down into the gorge. They want to get of there with their lives. They left most everything behind, just what they could carry with them. They didn't have time to track it down and actually find out what they killed, but they said it was a Bigfoot. All that history went down not far from this very Bigfoot. In fact, this could very well be a descendant. Mark Anders Channel
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Joe Rogan and Alex Jones Sculpture
Quick sculpture sketches done in ZBrush with pre-reconciliation Jones show audio. Speed sculpt, quickly getting a basic likenesses and then rendering in Blender. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCukN9dhtQTpmhN9e02ulPAA Support my work via donation: http://paypal.me/JurassicGorilla My other platforms: https://www.builtreport.com/ JURASSIC GORILLA T-SHIRTS: https://jurassicgorilla.com https://markanderschannel.com/
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Bigfoot Yellowstone
Evidence of Montana Bigfoot shows the creature walking in Montana woods. Video forthcoming.
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Oklahoma Bigfoot vs Georgia Bigfoot
Comparison of the stunning Georgia Bigfoot and new Oklahoma Bigfoot photo.
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Idaho Bigfoot and Neanderthal Art
Close-up imagery of Idaho Bigfoot and new dating technology reveals neanderthals were responsible for cave paintings 68,000 years ago in Cueva de los Aviones, a cave in southeastern Spain.
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Did Homo naledi Mix with Humans?
H. naledi was discovered recently to be only 200,000 years old.
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Bigfoot Santa Cruz Amazing Image
An unexpected and rare glimpse Santa Cruz Sasquatch.
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Bigfoot California 2
Northern California bigfoot sighting. Humboldt County.
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BIGFOOT Montana Yellowstone FOOTAGE
The video footage of Yellowstone Bigfoot. Wolves reintroduced to the area. Sasquatch still thriving.
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Bigfoot Sasquatch California Justin Smeja
California Sasquatch image. Can these creatures be protected against hunters?
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Texas Bigfoot and Neanderthals
Closer shots of Texas Bigfoot and Neanderthal labeling.
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