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Through the Eyes of Generation Z HD
Is your company prepared for the next wave of consumers? Learn 6 keys to understanding your next generation of customers. Knowing the user is critical to the design process which begins with a thorough understanding of the user. Innovative design meets people on their terms - not where we think they should be.
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Design Thinking Video from MIT & Altitude
MIT partnered with Altitude to create a video to explain what Design Thinking is, it’s value to companies who want to innovate and the process behind it. Design Thinking is growing in popularity and yet acceptance is still shrouded in mystery. MIT recognizes the need for a video that brings the process to light. The “Mobilizer” is used as an example here to help assist the elderly to walk. The next iteration could be an IoT solution outfitted with sensors and more, but this depends on what the consumer needs. Design Thinking is about putting the consumer (or user) at the hub to uncover what the consumer truly needs – and not what a company wants a consumer to need.
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The Connected Cocktail   An Altitude Concept Project HD
View the video to see ideas to ignite the home cocktail market. It includes an innovative design and strategic concept project that Altitude, a design and innovation consultancy firm, undertook to understand in detail the cocktail occasion. By following our approach of understanding people and relaxing constraints, Altitude believes the home cocktail space can be fruitful ground for disruptive innovation and growth. View the video to see what you think.
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The First Ever Handheld Z Backscatter Imaging System HD
We took the same technology that made the ZBV, the #1 mobile screening system in the world, and miniaturized it.
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Altitude's Daniel Ostrower on Driving Constant Innovation HD
Because of his first-hand experience bringing new products to market, Dan Ostrower, CEO of Altitude, understands that fostering innovation is the most difficult challenge for most organizations. Being successful requires an innovation process tuned not just to the needs of customers, but to the people and the organization that will make that innovation a reality.
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Understanding How Design Thinkers Think
As Harvard Business Review recently stated, Design Thinking is coming of age. But to effectively adopt Design Thinking for innovation, you need to understand it as a mindset, not just a process. This hangout with GE Healthcare, Bose and Eastman Innovation Lab, will explore the fundamental principles of Design Thinking, giving you the frameworks you need to discuss, integrate, and to embrace it within your organization.
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Workplace Wellness Systems   Altitude's Cortney Cowan HD
Altitude Senior Strategist Cortney Rowan recently spoke at TEDx about designing healthy workplace wellness systems.
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Being Smart About Product Design with IoT and AI
Join IoT design experts and influencers from Nielsen, Thulium, and First Advantage in our hangout "Being Smart about Product Design with IoT and AI" as we explore the design implications and hidden potential you can expect when AI and IoT combine, and how to prepare for its arrival.
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How to Create a Culture of Innovation in Your Company
You have Design Thinkers and Innovators at your firm, though you may not have identified them yet. Once you do, channeling their unique abilities will inspire change and a culture of innovation company-wide. Here's how to find them and inspire them to accept this challenge.
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Smart Connected Product Design: What Works & Why
Join our IoT and innovation experts from Allegion and Salesforce on our hangout "Smart Connected Product Design: What Works & Why" as they discuss the merits of smart connect product designs that work.
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Let's Talk About Innovation Strategies
There are a lot of strategies out there. Marketing strategies. E-mail strategies. Even Design Thinking Strategies. But the one that’s often overlooked, is Innovation Strategies. That’s right, innovation doesn’t happen overnight and having a roadmap towards your innovation vision can help to ensure it materializes (and is successful). In this hangout, we’ll chat with experts from Stanley Black & Decker, Nielsen and Altitude about how companies can develop their vision, create an innovation strategy and execute its implementation. Innovation is hard, but we’ve all got to do it if we’re going to stay relevant in this tough marketplace.
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Transforming Experiences: Designing with the Customer in Mind
In this hangout, innovation and design experts from UnitedHealth Group and Bose explore the challenges and benefits that come with creating transformational customer experiences and how companies can design for them.
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How Will Innovation & Design Thinking Evolve in 2017?
As innovation and design leaders begin to look at 2017, hear LPL Financial, Uriji Jami and Altitude discuss what to expect, trends to watch, and how you may optimize success with innovative design in 2017.
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How to Accelerate Your IoT Journey With Design
On this hangout, innovation and IoT design experts from MIT and Accenture explore how companies can leverage design to accelerate their momentum into the smart connect world of meaningful products and services.
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Lean Startup & Innovation: Is it Working?
In 2016 Lean Start Up and Agile were all the rage as big companies turned to the little guy to learn how to innovate. But adopting these methods is easier said than done. How has it played out? What have we learned? What are the keys to success? We'll explore how Lean Start Up and Agile have changed the face of innovation and how it will continue to do so in 2017.
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Designing Smart Connected Products in the Age of Augmented Reality
What do you get when combining IoT and AR? The potential to transform how businesses operate, and how consumers interact with their environment and each other. Join IoT design experts and influencers from GE, IBM and Stanley Black & Decker as they discuss ways businesses are incorporating AR into smart connected designs and how you can – and must – too!
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Kory Kolligian On The Importance of Company Culture
Altitude COO, Kory Kolligian shares insights on creating a work culture that supports, honors, and empowers people. Altitude's commitment to bringing out the best in each individual allows our people to succeed both professionally and personally, and ensures that we bring the very best to addressing our client's innovation challenges.
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Innovation Identity Webinar with Innovation Leader HD
Jointly presented with Innovation Leader, this webinar from our CEO, Dan Ostrower, shows how to make innovation more effective in the organization you have today through the use of our Innovation Identity framework.
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How to Design With New Technologies in Mind
AR, AI, IoT and more. There are lots of emerging technologies that designers need to consider today to capture the audience of tomorrow. In this hangout, innovation experts from Jet.com and Schneider Electric will explore how designers leverage new technologies when designing great products and services for tomorrow’s consumers.
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Organizational Innovation: Is Your Company Prepared to Pivot?
IoT, digital disruption, AR, IR, drones are causing a shift in skillsets today in businesses. With this comes a growing need to have a culture open to innovation and change. This can be hard to achieve. In this hangout we will discuss why an innovative culture needs to be at the heart of companies today and share examples of companies who have shifted the culture through “organizational innovation”.
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How to Build Your Innovation Provider Ecosystem
There are as many options as there are ideas out there to help your company innovate, so it's important to understand what those options are and which fit with your goals and company culture. Your choices range from software products to innovation partners and consultants, and all offer value - just not all are valuable to YOU. Learn how to evaluate the options that meet your needs.
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The Next Generation of IoT: Designing with Data in Mind
Smart technologies are everywhere. You probably got several over the holidays. You’ve used them, they’ve helped you turn on the lights. But now what can they do? In this webinar, innovation and design experts from AARP and UnitedHealth Group will take a look at how big data has the ability to transform the next generation of IoT products through design.
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Designing to Solve Consumer-driven Problems
Being sure you are solving for the right problem is critical to delivering a successful product or service. This can often mean revisiting your strategy. During this hangout you will hear from innovation and design experts from Symmons, UnitedHealth Group, and Capital Factory how they have successfully challenged corporate mindsets and placed the consumer front and center of their strategy and product design.
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What’s Your Company's Innovation Identity
Altitude CEO Dan Ostrower discusses goals and expectations for innovation, and how to establish your company's own unique innovation identity. Do you know your innovation identity? Learn how to uncover your company's innovation identity with our 3 white paper series found here: altitudeinc.com/whitepaper/uncover-your-innovation-identity-3-paper-series/
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The Fusion of Digital & Physical
Innovation isn't all about the mobile app, website and the cloud. Physical objects, interactions, user experiences and the digital space all matter. This discussion will focus on how these work in harmony to create top notch innovation success. To register, click on “Save my spot” to the right. You will need to share your information with Crowdcast one time to be able to access our “Innovation by Design” webinar series. Crowdcast will not share your information for any other purposes.
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Food Technology Innovating Beyond the Package
Altitude CEO Dan Ostrower speaking at the Food Technology & Innovation Summit in Chicago on experience design.
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Designing Experiences in the IoT Age
The Internet of Things (IoT) offers product companies the chance to reinvent themselves with deeper customer engagement and new business models. But leveraging smart, connected products requires focusing on people first. Hear our panel of innovation and design thinking experts from Stanley Black & Decker, Department of State and Altitude share how to create IoT offerings that customers truly love and that will deliver the business success you are looking for.
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Wellness Innovation   Altitude Webinar Excerpt HD
Senior Design Strategist Cortney Rowan discusses how human-centered design can be used to improve innovation in wellness by inspiring large-scale behavior change
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Selling Innovation and Design Thinking Internally
Innovation and Design Thinking leaders struggle to gain acceptance and understanding internally, but they don’t have to. Hear best practices and tips on our webinar panel from GE and LPL Financial around ways to effectively “sell” Innovation and Design Thinking inside your company.
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How Much Design Iteration Is Enough?
Endless iterations are the enemy, but iterations can feel endless regardless - so how do you know when to say, "enough!" Join our panel of experts from Gerber Technology, Education First, Accenture Labs as we explore precisely that and offer best practices to guide your efforts.
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Altitude's Brian Matt on Executing Entrepreneurial Vision HD
Altitude Founder and Chairman Brian Matt discusses his inpsiration to create Altitude. Brian's guiding principles of "leaving things better" and "trust, love and respect" help create an environment that nurtures talent and inspires creativity, design and innovation.
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What Does Experience Design Mean to Product Companies?
Experience Design should be the beginning, middle, and end of a successful product campaign. If it isn't, your success is less predictable and you should be rethinking your business model. Hear tips and best practices from our panel of innovation and design experts from United Health Group/Optum, Addeation and Altitude (an Accenture company).
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Finding Ideas That Are Meaningful
Ideas are easy. Great ideas are not. Brainstorming and ideation needs to be focused and purposeful to produce ideas that take you beyond a wall of post-its. Join us for a discussion around ways to ensure you are getting the most from your brainstorming and idea generation.
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