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Use use cases to manage SW product development (Requirement, Test and  Error Management)
Many companies are saying they are customer oriented. Still from information perspective they are not. Trend is, that user interfaces (UI) are becoming more user friendly (simpler) and code bases more complex. Here is an example how your really could become more customer oriented in your SW product development by using use cases over implementation, testing and error correction. This solution allows you to become UI driven. This works the best for the devices, that have HW and SW as user interface. This use case approach might a bit heavy, if you products are purely HW or individual applications.
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Example reports of the SW product development
We are presenting here some examples of the reports, that have been successfully supporting the SW product development. The goal is to use same reports from the management to the teams. Also the lessons learned here has been, that if we help the Teams with their visibility and tool issues then the management can get any report they want with good data quality.
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Are you really customer driven in you SW Product Development?
Many companies are saying they are customer driven. Still from the SW product content managing perspective they are not. Are you really customer driven in you SW Product Development?
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Thoughts about the Process Modelling
We have seen many processes, that have been mainly for the management. It is good to have management understandable and tool independent process pictures, but we should also help the employees who need to fulfill them. Otherwise companies will never be able to execute the processes correctly. We have used SCRUM as an example how the processes should be described when IT systems are used to support your process. In order to really help your employees you would also provide role based user guides with the IT system specific process.
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To support your way of working with role based user guides?
The challenge is that we are overloaded by the information and use too far much time trying to figure out what is really mandatory to do in our role. Companies often have processes described, but those are not helping the end users how to use the IT systems. We will present to you a simple, but effective tool to support your ways of working. Role based user guides combines processes and the user interface of the IT systems and helps the end user to keep they content up-to-date. Less time to IT systems updating - more time to the actual work. This tool works best for guiding the IT systems usage, but it can also be used over any documentation, that need to be updated during workflows. The goal is to save time and money and minimize frustration in the company.
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How to manage SW Product Development (process and data model)?
Business is tough for companies making SW products. Products are getting more and more complex and still the user experience should become better. To manage the complexity the SW Product companies are doing two things: 1. Acquiring more or enhancing exciting IT systems 2. Hiring more middle management to manage the different areas. This video shows you a different approach were you minimize the number of IT systems and same time need less middle management for micro managing and reporting.
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