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Public Art vs. Pollution
A giant storm drain fish now lives along the Truckee River walkway in downtown Reno. The fish is the first of many characters to be painted on storm drains to draw awareness to the dangers of pollutants in our water ways. The paintings are a part of a campaign that illustrates storm drains as the mouth of the River. As in, we wouldn't put radiator fluid, oil, or glass in our mouths, so we shouldn't put them in the River's mouth. For more information on keeping our river clean, please visit www.tmstormwater.com.
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City of Reno NV Windspires Go Up in Washoe Valley Neighborhood
Washoe Valley resident Fred Howell started talking up the windspires in his neighborhood. Now he and two of his other neighbors installed them. Windspires can go up in residential areas where other wind turbines may not fit because they are shorter and thinner.
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Public Art vs. Pollution: a Case Film
For locals, the Truckee River is viability. To keep it clean, we started to work on a pollution awareness effort. We recruited local artists to take their paint brushes to the pavement. The message: if we wouldn't put radiator fluid, oil, or glass in our mouths, we shouldn't put them in our river's mouth. The campaign was put together by: Paul Klein, Creative Director Deanna Gescheider, Department Director Lynell Garfield and Terri Svetich, Project Directors Bryce Chisholm and Pan Panjora, Artists Mike Henderson and Bryon Evans, Video Natalie Lumbo, Photography
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Adopt a Black Cat
Nikole Nichols, Nevada Humane Society, explains the value of adopting a black cat, although they are often passed over for a colorful cat.
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City of Reno, NV, After the Snow Storm
After the snow falls and the street maintenance workers clear the main streets, they have the rough job of clearing neighborhood streets. The snow removal on neighborhoods streets is difficult because it is often packed down by drivers and becomes icy. There are also a lot of obstacles like cars on the street and a lack of places to put the snow.
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Some drivers found out the hard way why it's important to stop for pedestrians.
http://youtube.com/cityofreno With the help of a grant, Reno police in the traffic division put on a sting operation to curb problems at dangerous crosswalks.
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Take a Tour of the Nevada Humane Society.
On this City Critters, host Kimberly Chandler shows us how the Humane Society cares for animals before they are adopted.
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Employees Making the City Work - Evidence Technicians at the Reno Police Department
The Evidence Technicians work behind the scenes, but play a very important role when it comes to criminal evidence. In this series, "Employees Making the City Work", we introduce you to employees who form the backbone of the City to make sure our infrastructure and core services operate effectively. Learn about the role the Evidence Technicians play and what they encounter day-to-day on the job. Subscribe to the City of Reno YouTube channel, http://youtube.com/user/cityofreno. Follow the City of Reno on Facebook and Twitter, #cityofreno.
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Mayor Hillary Schieve with Operation Downtown Working Group
Mayor Hillary Schieve takes a walk with Operation Downtown Working Group to find solutions and help our downtown corridor reach its full potential. This Working Group in collaboration with City Staff will outline goals and priorities and develop a comprehensive action plan to clean up downtown Reno. This Working Group is comprised of individuals in the community including business owners, developers, City of Reno staff and others who, like all Reno residents, want to see an improved downtown that is a beautiful place for people to work and recreate.
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Reno Police Department - New volunteer reserve program keeps police academy graduates in uniforms.
Eleven recent graduates of the police academy will begin their field training as volunteer reserve officers. The City laid off the graduates, so they will work for free to maintain their certification and protect our community.
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City of Reno NV Metro Pulse Saddlemaker Bill Maloy
This is a story about a Washoe Valley Saddlemaker who is keeping this traditional art alive and well. Bill Maloy makes beautiful one-of-a-kind saddles.
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Firefighters use confined space training to rescue worker from manhole.
http://youtube.com/cityofreno Reno firefighters, who are members of the Urban Search and Rescue Team, worked with Sierra Fire crews to get an injured man out of a manhole.
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Downtown Reno -  A Place to Live, Work and Play
The lastest renaissance in downtown Reno began in the late 90s when City leaders focused on revitalizing the Truckee River corridor. The vision was to create a downtown where residents would live, work and play. This video highlights residents who are living the new downtown experience everyday through their investment in a condominium, business or leisure activity. The redevelopment agency completed a number of projects, including retrac, century riverside theater, palladio, special events center, ballroom, city plaza, whitewater park , west street market and other attractions.
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Reno ready for snow fall.
The City is adding salt brine to its snow and ice control plan. The brine is more environmentally friendly than the salt/sand mixture that was used in the past to curb ice on the streets. It is a great tool for keeping the wet stuff from turning to ice and makes it easier for the snow plow operators to remove snow. About the only storm the brine won't be effective with is a rain storm that turns to snow.
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Reno police continue to fight the crime and blight at downtown budget-weekly motels.
http://youtube.com/cityofreno The remnants of some of Reno's thriving casino industry before the popularity of Las Vegas are a continual source of calls for service at the Reno Police Department. The Department stepped up its efforts in a holistic approach to the quality of life issues from drug deals to bed bugs at downtown Reno budget motels..
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Nevada's 150th Birthday- The Townsell Family
https://www.youtube.com/CityofReno Reno's Family Tree series is created in honor of Nevada's 150th Anniversary to celebrate families rooted in Reno. These families- big or small- have all contributed in a unique way to make our wonderful community what it is today. The Townsell Family shares the rich, inspirational family history of preserverance through Northern Nevada's Civil Rights Era struggles in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Today, Helen Townsell has written a book on the historic community of Black Springs and is the founder of the Westbrook Foundation, an organization benefiting educational institutions in the areas of scholarships, student financial aid services and awards programs. JoJo Townsell, a former NFL wide receiver for the New York Jets, moved back to make Northern Nevada his home, and is a founding member of the MEFIYI (Me-For-Incredible-Youth Inc.) Foundation, supporting student-athletes in the areas of amateur athletics, recreation programs and physical fitness.
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Nevada's 150th Birthday- Model Dairy Family
https://www.youtube.com/CityofReno Reno's Family Tree series is created in honor of Nevada's 150th Anniversary to celebrate families rooted in Reno. These families- big or small- have all contributed in a unique way to make our wonderful community what it is today. Having grown up milking cows on his grandfather's dairy—Model Dairy— where the existing Reno/Tahoe Airport is, Neil Brooks has experienced more of Reno than most of us. Neil currently still lives in Reno with most of his children and grandchildren not far off in Incline Village. He collects and refurbishes Model Dairy collectable items and gives presentations on Model Dairy history. http://www.model-dairy.com/ http://www.nevada150.org/
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City of Reno, NV Police use state-of-the-art Bus to Transport Prisoners and Intoxicated Persons
The Reno Police Department has two Prisoner Transport Vehicles to put drunk people in to civil protective custody and to pick up prisoners, which frees up the police officers who would have to make numerous trips to the jail. It a modern efficient way to handle the job.
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A Visit to the Reno Emergency Dispatch Center for National Public Safety Telecommunications Week
The week of April 15th through the 20th is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. It's a time to thank our public safety men and women who respond to emergency calls and dispatch emergency personnel and equipment. To start off the celebration, we took a trip down to the local dispatch center to ask about their thoughts on the job.
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City of Reno NV Housing Authority Rehabilitates Foreclosed Homes in Northeast Reno
The Executive Director of the Reno Housing Authority David Morton takes City of Reno staff on a tour of the first homes the agency bought and rehabilitated as part of a plan to revitalize an area of northeast Reno. Reno Council Member Jessica Sferrazza spearheaded the move to obtain a grant from U.S. Senator Harry Reid to purchase foreclosed homes and fix them up, so residents with low incomes can live there. The facade and interior improvements are helping to spur private investment in the neighborhood.
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Reno Artist Amelia Currier's art with found objects.
Reno artist Amelia Currier uses all sorts of objects to express herself in her printmaking and hot wax paintings.
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Behind the Badge - Lori Fralick
In this series on the men and women who work for the Reno Police Department, we introduce you to Victim Advocate Lori Fralick. Lori supervises a team that works to ease the pain of victims of crime in our community.
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Reno's first hackathon nets new citizen friendly apps.
Reno partnered with the Reno Collection, a space sharing group, to put on the Hack4Reno event. It drew about 60 programmers and others who competed to win for best applications.
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Recycling to Get A Lot Easier for Reno Residents with Waste Management's New Program.
http://youtube.com/cityofreno The City of Reno has been working with Waste Management for about six years to come up with a new single-stream recycling plan. . Now the plan is just weeks away. Waste Management is trucking in and delivering about 62,000 cans to residents so they can dispose of glass, plastic, aluminum, cardboard and other stuff into one trash can. Workers are placing the new cans at residents' homes during January and residents can start using the new single-stream recycling program on their first recycle day in February. The single-stream recycling is expected to increase the number of residents recycling to 50%. Waste Management is also adding compressed natural gas trucks, solar compactors and a new ecocenter. The project is creating 200 temporary jobs. For more information on the program, go to reno.wm.com.
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Reno firefighters reopen Skyline Station.
With the deconsolidation between the Reno Fire Department and Truckee Meadows Fire Protection, the City reopened the Skyline Fire Station No. 7. With the downturn in the economy the Reno Fire Department had to close the station, in part to honor the contract with Washoe County that disallowed closing a Truckee Meadows fire station.
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Tent city reopens with new rules and cleaner look.
The City pulled several dumpsters of debris from the tent city area before allowing residents to move back in. Staff is also enforcing rules, including requiring residents to meet with social workers.
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BELIEVE in Parks & Rec
July is Parks and Recreation Month. Parks, Recreation, and Community Services is one of our important departments here at the City of Reno that contributes greatly to the quality of life we all enjoy in Reno.
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Reno Arts & Culture Commission
The purpose of the Reno Arts & Culture Commission (also known as the RACC) is to serve as the official advisor to the City of Reno on matters related to the cultural life of the community. Learn more about the Reno Arts & Culture Commission at: https://www.reno.gov/government/boards-commissions/a-c/arts-culture-commission Also visit: RenoCulture.com
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City of Reno, New Stretch of Bikeway is a Hardy Adventure near Town.
Big Bikeway, Little Bridge. http://youtube.com/user/cityofreno Supporters of the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway project recently partnered with the Truckee Meadows Water Authority to complete a new Fleish Bridge and connect about 3.5 miles of the Bikeway to Verdi. You can bike or hike to the new section from Crystal Peak Park in Verdi and Winnemucca Ranch Road. Although part of the trail is along the Truckee River, there are some steep hills to climb. It is so worth the effort. The trail, which also serves as a utility road for TMWA, is beautiful. The project is a major hurdle in the plan to create a bike trail from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake. It is the only bridge that needed to be completed for the project and connects Nevada to California. Funding for the bridge was a combination of public and private donations, including TMWA, State Question One, Recreation Trails Program in Nevada, Fred Ilfred, and Phil and Jennifer Satre and Bikeway volunteers. The City of Reno is very supportive of the Bikeway project. The City partnered with the Bikeway group to build a path in Verdi, so bikers don't have to travel on I-80. The City also repaired part of the path in Reno behind the National Automobile Museum with funds donated by the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway. https://youtube.com/user/cityofreno Follow the City of Reno on Facebook and Twitter. https://reno.gov.
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Reno Police Department - Downtown enforcement team uses variety of skills to help keep area safe.
In this series "Your Police, Our Community", we show you how the Reno Police Department's Downtown Enforcement Team works to curb crime and make downtown better for visitors.
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Police aid individuals with mental health disorders
The Reno Police Department established the Mobile Outreach Safety unit to address the needs of a specific demographic. MOST handles calls that have a mental health component to them. The program partners an officer with a mental health clinician to help people during a mental health crisis and follow up with individuals that have been referred to them by other police officers or organizations such as Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services, Mental health court, Veteran's Resource Center and WestCare Triage Center. The team can offer to take the individuals home, to a store to pick up or request prescription, or counseling or medical services if necessary. MOST currently covers Reno and Sparks, but will soon be covering all of Washoe County.
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Learn how to start a business in the Biggest Little City
Check out Assess-License-Launch, a series on how-to start a business in the Biggest Little City, hosted on the second Fridays of each month at City Hall from 7:15 am - 9:00 am. The sessions are free and brought to you by the City's Business License division, SBDC, and the Ozmen Center. Find more information at reno.gov/business
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ReEnergize Reno Takes You Back to School with Efficiency Tips
ReEnergize Reno is a program launched by Reno Resilience, the City of Reno's Sustainability & Climate Program. Learn more about joining ReEnergize Reno, who has signed up, and how local building owners can save money through energy and water efficiency measures in their buildings. Visit: https://www.reno.gov/community/sustainability/reenergize-reno/
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Residents Find New Meters Easy to Use
http:.//youtube.com/cityofreno With the help of City of Reno Public Works staff, IPS Group, Inc. workers installed 898 new single-space meters in less than a week. Many of the meters were retrofitted into current meters downtown. The new system has the added advantage of being solar powered and residents can pay to park with coins or a credit card. Residents have found the meters to be much easier to use than a former kiosk system that the city terminated. The Reno City Council also voted to designate a staff person in Public Works as a program manager to oversee all aspects of the parking meter program, including enforcement, maintenance and collections. http://ipsgroupinc.com/city/cityofreno/more/more.html
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City of Reno, McQueen Choir - Budget Cuts
City of Reno Intern Kelsey Kloss interviews the McQueen High School choir teacher and students about the importance of choir in their high school education at a time when administrators are considering cuts in arts programs to balance the budget.
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Multi-agency gang bust near Neil Road led to indictment on drug charges.
http://youtube.com/cityofreno Reno and Sparks S.W.A.T., along with several other law enforcement agencies, worked with the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to arrest five suspected gang members on drug allegations.
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Fire Department partners with school.
Reno's Fire Chief Michael Hernandez and his crew have adopted Bernice Mathews Elementary School. Hernandez and some of the firefighters attended an assembly to help reward the students for reading more than 34,000 books. The Chief was instrumental in getting Harlem Globetrotter Wun Verscher to the event - a big surprise for the students.
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Reno Police Department - A police led sweep closes lodge
The City closed down the Ponderosa Lodge for criminal nuisance and health and safety code violations. It took a team effort to find and document the problems and place tenants into new homes.
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Reno Works Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary
The Reno Works program provides homeless shelter residents with 10-week sessions to address temporary employment, including safety and work training, skills training, long-term employment support, wrap-around case management and mentoring. To donate, please visit: http://Reno.gov/RenoWorks
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Reno Police Department - Four-Legged Partners a Major Crime Deterrent
http://youtube.com/cityofreno When Reno police officers arrive at the scene of a violent crime or burglary in process, they often get some pretty serious help from the Department's Canine Unit to nab criminals. The four-legged members of the Unit are fast and ferocious. In fact they are so good at their jobs that a lot of criminals just give up to avoid them.
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Reno Police Department - Police sweep of downtown motel nets criminal and code violations.
Http://youtube.com/cityofreno Reno Police partnered with code enforcement officers and inspectors from the Reno Fire Department, OSHA, the Washoe County Health Department and others, including Washoe County School District personnel to conduct a major sweep of the Crest Inn motel in downtown Reno. The sweep followed a six-month surveillance of the Crest Inn, which resulted in a major drug and prostitution bust.
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City of Reno NV Kid's Court
Every month fifth graders from one of the Washoe County Schools take a field trip to Reno Municipal Court Judge Ken Howard's Courtroom. There the students learn about how bad decisions - like smoking marijuana or doing other drugs, dropping out of school and hanging out with the wrong crowd can affect their lives. The students participate in a mock trial. Then they interview an inmate from the Washoe County Detention Center.
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City of Reno, NV OSHA Recognizes Extraordinary Measures at Stead Facility
City employees who work at the Stead Water Reclamation Facility have something to be proud of. The plant they run is the only public entity in Nevada to receive an OSHA recognition called SHARP. It stands for Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program.
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City of Reno NV 911 Dispatch
This video highlights the professionalism of today's dispatchers. The Reno dispatchers handle calls for numerous public safety agencies in Northern Nevada. The group achieved accreditation and continues to train with the latest technologies for 911 emergencies.
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Reno Police Department - Team makes surprise arrests for domestic violence warrants.
In observance of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Reno Police Department organized a multi-agency sweep to nab men and women with domestic violence warrants for not fulfilling court-ordered sentences.
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City of Reno NV Metro Pulse A.V.A. Ballet Practices for Annual Nutcracker
A group of amazing Reno ballerinas have been training for the annual Nutcracker performance before the event takes place at the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts. We spoke to Artistic Director Alexander Van Alstyne about the A.V.A. Dance Theatre and the upcoming performance.
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Learn How One Motel Owner is Making a Difference in Downtown Reno
http://youtube.com/cityofreno Helen Laub stepped out of her role as homemaker and mom to clean up two motels she obtained in a divorce. The motels, In Town and Lido, once had a horrible reputation for calls-for-service to the Reno Police Department. Helen worked with the Police Department and Code Enforcement through a program that required her to take a class and complete a number of improvements to make the property crime free and up-to-code. Helen and her staff have a no tolerance policy towards drugs, prostitution, drinking in public and disorderly conduct. The Reno Police Department recently honored Helen with a "crime free" status at the motels. Now there are very few calls to the Reno Police Department. Her efforts are attracting tourists, as well as residents who prefer to live in a clean and safe weekly rental downtown. See story on another property owner who is improving downtown with renovations of older motels. http://youtu.be/qn6jvsR6IQ8
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Reno Playa Art Project
Art from the playa at Burning Man is viewable in downtown Reno as part of an effort to mitigate blight. Sculptures were placed in the area once occupied by two vacant motels near the 500 block of Virginia Street. The Reno Playa Art Project, presented by The Gateway Project, will adorn the downtown corridor for about a year and the public will be able to walk among the sculptures to experience the art. http://RenoCulture.Com
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