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Why did Jesus Say "My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me" from the Cross?
It comes up in almost every debate...why did Jesus say "Eloi, Eloi, Lama sabachthani"? Christians need to be ready to use this question as a glorious grounds for the proclamation of God's truth of what was happening on the cross!
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Constantine and Nicea...Again
Quick response to Dr. Yasir Qadhi on the topic of the canon and the Council of Nicea. BTW, in haste I said "Barker" rather than "Brown" re: the DaVinci Code. Everyone knows who wrote the book, however. :-)
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How I Use Logos6
A discussion of how I arrived at my current computing set up and how Logos6 fits into my studies and work.
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Who is the Blessed Man?
More Intense Cross-Examination with Peter Stravinskas on the Topic of Purgatory
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Andy Stanley and the New Testament in the Early Church
Andy Stanley thinks the New Testament didn't exist for about 400 years after Christ. I beg to differ.
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Pay Me Now, Pay Me Later
One of the most amazing statements I have ever heard made in one of my debates.
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John MacArthur, Church Discipline, Huffington and Patheos
A quick discussion of a recent video by John MacArthur that got picked up on Huffington and, of course, attacked.
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Humor in Debates, or, James White is Human!
This is one of the videos that was deleted unceremoniously from GodTube. It proves that a little humor in a debate is perfectly acceptable.
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James White is Infallible
When the nastiness index is exceeded, you end up saying things that go over like lead balloons. Here's a great example.
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Open Theism Debate
One of the cross-examination periods of my debate with John Sanders on Open Theism at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida
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Wallace and White
I do not look anything like this anymore, but here's a brief clip of Dan Wallace and I pointing out the many circular arguments of Sam Gipp and Joseph Chambers on the Ankerberg Show twelve years ago. You can still obtain this program: http://www.johnankerberg.org/catalog/BBT.html
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Closing Statement: Debate on Calvinism
This is my closing statement from my debate against George Bryson held at the Anaheim Vineyard in Southern California. The full debate is available from www.aomin.org.
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London TV Programs: #3
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Geek 101 on the Dividing Line
Here I answer two of the most common questions asked in e-mail, one about critical editions of the Greek and Hebrew texts, the second about how I convert books to audio so I can listen to them while riding 8,000 miles a year on a bicycle. Here's how you do it!
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Our Pope, Rick Warren?
A response to comments by Rick Warren further documenting an utter capitulation to Rome in his thinking and ministry.
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When Your Opponent Gets Nasty #2
This is the continuation of the preceding exchange. Sungenis is supposed to be asking questions only. So much for rules, anyway. I continued to try to refocus the questions to the subject of the debate.
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What's the Big Deal with King James Onlyism?  Part 2
Continuation of our response to, and rebuttal of, Sam Gipp's KJV Only presentation.
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White vs. Malik Cross Examination
The Thesis of the debate was, "Does the New Testament Teach the Deity of Christ?" Malik here admits it does...but changes the focus to an accusation of contradiction.
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Why George Bryson Won't Debate Anymore
George Bryson seemingly did not enjoy this part of formal, scholarly debate. I think I know why.
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Cross Examination on 1 Cor. 3 and Purgatory
Sadly, it is very rare for this kind of interaction to take place. Peter Stravinskas has two earned doctorates and has written numerous books. Can he handle the text of 1 Cor. 3 under examination?
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What's the Big Deal with King James Onlyism?  Part 3
Continued review of, and refutation of, Sam Gipp's KJV Only video.
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Spong on Paul
Which side allows the Apostle Paul to speak for himself? You decide.
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The Divine Institution of Marriage
A Christian plea for all to recognize the Lordship of Christ, the divine nature of the institution of marriage, and the ethical and moral dimension of how we live our lives today. Remember the words of the Messiah, the Risen Son of God: He answered, "Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, 'Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh'? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate." (Matthew 19:4--6 ESV) Marriage was instituted, and hence defined, by God. This video is a collaborative effort between IV, Crown Rights Media, and Alpha and Omega Ministries.
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BHI and the Apocrypha
Quick comment on a recent Sicarii video.
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A People Who Call Evil Good, and Good Evil
Western culture as a whole, and the United States in particular, has had a tremendous amount of light from God, and experienced many blessings from His hand. Yet, this culture seems intent upon continuing on its path to self-destruction. A few thoughts from the Christian worldview (while we are still allowed, we would hope, to express them).
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A Little Greek is a Dangerous Thing
Kerrigan Skelly is a popular YouTube teacher and anti-Calvinist. But his handling of the biblical text, and in particular, his references to koine Greek, are riddled with errors. In this video I discuss some of these issues. (Update: at one point I made a few quick comments and seemingly identified an aorist participle as a present---I think, anyway, since that is what was on the screen. Tried to find the example I had put in some notes to which I was referring but didn't save the file. My fallibility proven once again! :0))
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Do Not Ignore the Full Spectrum of Divine Truth
This call allowed me to give a warning to Reformed folks: do not flatten out the gloriously rich fabric of God's divine decree, which includes the ends as well as the means of His own Triune self-glorification.
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Thoughts After the Profaning of Marriage Day
Quick Thoughts on the June 26th Debacle
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Ecclesiastical Text Issues
Discussion of the ET Claims
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The Early Textual Transmission of the NT
We had an interesting time in our chat channel today. If you would like to read the exchange noted in this video, see: http://files.aomin.org/JRW/DrOakleyvschat.pdf
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Mass Cross Examination
No one will accuse Sungenis of being nice, but they might accuse him of being petty at the start of this one. In any case, more interaction on the topic of the Mass from 1999.
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I'll Take Just One!
One of the most intense cross-ex segments of all of my debates from 1996 on Long Island with Gerry Matatics in The Great Debate I, which can be downloaded in video for iPod format here: http://www.aomin.org/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=808
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Two Very Diffferent Calls on the Dividing Line
Two interesting calls from the Dividing Line of April 8th, 2010. First is Corey, who throws everything but the kitchen sink as he spins in circles throwing out every kind of non-historical silliness known to man. Then a brother calls in and demonstrates the difference between zany and spiritual.
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London TV Programs: #6
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My Interview on Wretched Radio about Harold Camping
Todd Friel had me on Wretched Radio today to talk about Harold Camping and May 21, 2011.
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Open Theism and the Goodness of God
Bob Enyart misrepresents me regarding the goodness of God.
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Talking about Rome's Claims via ScreenFlow
Responding to common claims made by Roman Catholic apologists about primarily issues of authority.
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Cross Ex Four
Gerry Matatic's cross-ex of me. See www.aomin.org for discussion
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Why I *Am* A Calvinist---Brief Response to Michael Brown
Dr. Michael Brown put up an "Ask Dr. Brown" video about why he is not a Calvinist. I respond.
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Theology Matters: Hidden With Christ in God
Theology Matters #3, Colossians 3:1-4
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When Liberals Debate
Is it not odd that when both Barry Lynn and John Shelby Spong debated the topic, "Is Homosexuality Compatible with Biblical Christianity?" neither one showed up with...a Bible?
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1 John 5:1, Regeneration, Faith, and Tradition Driven Eisegesis
Is 1 John 5:1 relevant to the discussion of regeneration and faith? It surely is, even if many in evangelicalism today refuse to go deep enough into the text to discover that fact. A study of 1 John 5:1, 1 John 2:29 and 1 John 4:7, in light of Calvary Chapel's Brian Brodersen's comments.
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Gail Riplinger vs. James White, 1993, KRDS Radio Part V
The conclusion of the 1993 radio program with Gail Riplinger.
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A Brief Conversation with "Open Air Atheist"
I had never heard of "Open Air Atheist" before, but now that I've had a chance to look at his YouTube channel, I sure would have had a lot more questions to ask, esp. about his claims to knowledge of Greek, textual criticism, and the like. Perhaps in the future! :-)
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Scott Butler's Response: Melt Down
This goes with the preceding clip, and shows the response of Scott Butler, who later claimed to have, as I recall, "wiped you out." Let the viewer judge.
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The Gospel for Islam
This is the closing statement in a debate that took place in Southern California in 2008 against Sami Zaatari.
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Is Jesus Prophesied in the Old Testament?  Part 1
This debate took place in London in November of 2008. It is between Sheikh Shabir Ally and James White on the subject, "Is Jesus Prophesied in the Old Testament?" This was the first of two debates, the second was, "Is Mohammad Prophesied in the Bible?"
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The Priesthood Debate
Cross-examination from the Pacwa debate on the priesthood.
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The Gospel Explained in Christian/Muslim Dialogue
A small portion of my discussion with Dr. Yasir Qadhi at the Memphis Islamic Center on January 25, 2017.
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The Deity and Personality of the Holy Spirit
Wednesday evening study, Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church, July 7, 2010, on key texts relating to the Deity and personality of the Holy Spirit.
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